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  • $30.00 USD
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    Nov 20, 2012

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  • $50 USD In Progress

    we are useing e-commerce software : CS-CART VERSION 1.3.5 - SP3Need to entegrate our e-commerce shiping page info to send shipping company...Shiping company have xml for this solve you can see on screen this is same shiping company xml screen this is a our e-commerce software shiping page screen

  • $200 USD In Progress

    App Mock-UpBlue and Green color scheme throughout app (ex: see our map)Start Screen:•Title at top ("Know the Globe" with the O as a small globe, subject to change)•Different tabs underneath These include “Single Player”, “Help”, “Leader Board”, and “Sources”•Once you click “Single Player”, a map of the world will appear**This map will include miniature famous places, for example, small leaning Tower of Pisa will be hovering over Italy/ Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty in appropriate places in the United States**This is purely for looks; you cannot click on these miniature famous placesThe zoom-in function will allow user to zoom in on country of choice (one of twelve provided in original purchase allotment)•Once a country is chosen, first question (out of 40 for each country) will appear with multiple-choice answers (A-D)Immediately after choosing answer, player will be told if their answer is “correct” or “incorrect”At the end of the 40 questions answered for selected country, user will be notified as to how many they got right out of 40- make sure this is randomized each time the user plays•If you click on “Help”, simple instructions will be provided on screen•If you click on “Leader Board”, the top fifteen player scores will appear Provided with various statistics- this should be interactive amongst players throughout the world (wifi)the first time you open app you create an account and can put what country you are playing from •The “Sources” tab will provide bibliography/works cited**** If user hits home button on iPhone, they have the ability to resume the game they were playing when they open the app again **** We will own all rights to the code that is made.No money will be released until the application is 100% finished and successfully uploaded to the app store. This also means that we will not pay a milestone.The developer is responsible for uploading the application onto my account.

  • $80 USD Dec 6, 2012

    **Read this description in its entirety. Spam applications wil be banned and reported.****No upfront payment unless we"ve worked with you before.**Our client is looking to have a print driver developed for Windows desktop environment. The print driver will function very similarly to the "Print to PDF" driver developed by Adobe, but this driver will print to PDF and TIFF.The functionality will be similar to this, but simpler and with the ability to only print to PDF or TIFF (no drag/drop): print driver needs to work on Vista at the earliest (Windows XP would be nice, but not necessary). Can be written in C, C++, or C# (.Net requirement is fine).You may use outside resources for reference, but you CANNOT use or submit any GPL code for this project.You may use BSD, MIT, X11, Apache licensed code. Basically, you may NOT use any resources that requires the release of source code.You will design the driver, the installation package, any necessary dialog boxes.You will provide all source code, graphics, and other components of the project upon completion.This is work-for-hire and all code and elements created for this project become the property of the client and may not be used again by you. Contractors may be required to sign a contract regarding intellectual property rights and non-disclosure.

  • $200 USD Nov 30, 2012

    Required:framework: .Net framework 2.0language: C#output file: CalcEnemy.dlloutput data: 1. strength value (int, value range 0 - 100 or -1 is null): public static int GetStrength(System.Drawing.Point myPosition, System.Drawing.Point enemyPosition, double windValue, int angleValue)2. bullet trajectory is one of an array of points (class Point (x,y)): public static System.Drawing.Point[] GetTrajectory(System.Drawing.Point myPosition, System.Drawing.Point enemyPosition, double windValue, int angleValue, int strengthValue)call them: DDTankAimTool.CalcEnemy.GetStrength(...), DDTankAimTool.CalcEnemy.GetTrajectory(...)Detail the game here:video a fight: to play game: need deep know this game to do this project.More information:you can create a windows form project in the same solution to test this dll, wind value is random from the game, angle value is drive by player in an allow range by weapon, point (0, 0) is top of the left game area (unit is pixel). In this windows form u can auto detect myPositon and enemyPosition by:[DllImport("gdi32.dll", CharSet = CharSet.Auto, SetLastError = true, ExactSpelling = true)] public static extern int BitBlt(IntPtr hDC, int x, int y, int nWidth, int nHeight, IntPtr hSrcDC, int xSrc, int ySrc, int dwRop); public static Bitmap GetColorArea(int destWidth, int destHeight, int srcX, int srcY) { Bitmap area = new Bitmap(destWidth, destHeight, PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb); using (Graphics gdest = Graphics.FromImage(area)) { using (Graphics gsrc = Graphics.FromHwnd(IntPtr.Zero)) { IntPtr hSrcDC = gsrc.GetHdc(); IntPtr hDC = gdest.GetHdc(); int retval = BitBlt(hDC, 0, 0, destWidth, destHeight, hSrcDC, srcX, srcY, (int)CopyPixelOperation.SourceCopy); gdest.ReleaseHdc(); gsrc.ReleaseHdc(); } } return area; }wind value and angle value u input manual maybe better.waiting u bid, until u can, no need fast.

  • $200 USD Nov 25, 2012

    Hello, i NEED somebody to help me come up with an idea of a game for the iphone and ipad.It needs to be addicting so that people will go on the App EVERY DAY!It must be an appropriate game.Once we come up with the addicting game idea, YOU MUST DESIGN IT for the IPAD AND IPHONE.THEN ONCE YOU HAVE COMPLETED IT, PUT IT ON THE APP STORE.Thanks!IT MUST SUPPORT THE NEW RETINA DISPLAY FOR THE NEW IPAD.

  • $150 USD Nov 23, 2012

    I need an auto vote program that runs through different proxies and votes on top 100 server websites.The main target is program MUST be able to get passed their captcha as well as use a different proxy per vote.Every IP can vote once every 12 hours, so the program has to run through proxies and vote each time as well as get passed the captcha.An example of the captcha: bot should be able to do atleast 200+ votes/12 hours-Multi-threaded if possible.-Decapchta Support (xtremetop100 uses reCaptcha)-I need Proxy Support and the bot should be able to switch between proxies. Proxy/Decaptcha support is a must. Xtremetop100 blocks many proxies so extra methods of anonymity is a plus. I need a good source of proxies, I will purchase them if needed AS LONG AS THEY WORK. -Dead proxy detection.-Votes failed/succeeded(if possible).If you can make it work on only xtremetop100, great, that"s the main target. However if it works on other top 100 sites than that would be even better.I must see the project in action before the payment is sent. I"ve had projects open like before only to yield crappy results. Therefore I will need to see the program in action, working, getting votes, etc. Thank you for reading, have a nice day.

  • £250 GBP Nov 6, 2012

    I am looking for C# code that can read a value (property) from a BACnet device (object).The solution hold use the BACnet address (e.g. B=BMSA41C3"ChpMeters"ChpElcPul"MeterR) and/or the IP address of the BACnet controller and should return the value of the object/propertyThe code should open the communication to the device, read the device and safely close the communication channel down.The C# code will need to compile (and work!) in a Visual Studio/.NET environment.More information about BACnet can be found at www.bacnet.orgAll IPR, including copyright, are part of the project deliverables.

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