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Location: Queens Village, United States

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  • $3395 USD
    Profile image for Seller kingbee


    Nov 3, 2013

    Nice freelance work was able to go above and beyond expectations

    Project Description:Need a an 3:40 animated video with black male and female character, lypsynching the singing and rap the parts in the attached track. The scene I don't have a preference but should be creative. The Track...
  • $1150 USD
    Profile image for Seller a13dworkneeded


    Nov 23, 2012

    He wasn't the cheapest from the group. I decided to see what if paying double from a normal bid would be worth the 100% extra. WELL IT WAS WORTH 500% Better. If his bid cost more, PAY IT!! This is not some hack that learned how to use a computer, He is a true artist that gets it done better than expected!!

    Project Description:I need the following animation: It will be a man driving a jeep ( I will provide photos to make look like) He will hit the gas and tires will start spinning. The camera will pan down to the tire spinning...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller jkrassman


    Sep 12, 2011

    A topnotch 3D animator! Its hard to find a real professional, good and high quality 3D animator on freelancer sites... this is really a golden freelancer! He has a great understanding and pinpointed my needs. I will definitely work with him again...thanks! Looking for a 3D animator? This is the guy to pick!

    Project Description:This is an "Indie" project and therefore my budget is moderat - have that in mind ;) I am looking for a talent animator that could deliver my first animation and one Visual art to be used in a mobilegame, to be followed by more animations if everything works out well...
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  • [Sealed] In Progress

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  • $624 USD In Progress

    I am inviting Dibia,Please bid on this project. Thanks,

  • $1700 AUD In Progress

    I need an animator to create/producer a video that goes for around 30 - 60 seconds.I have already made the music - its dark but uplifting.The style would sit in-between Marvel comics and Grand Theft Auto.Guns, car chasing, car crashes, girls, night clubs.Need in 5 WEEKS.

  • $2785 USD Yesterday

    I have a small project to design an cartoon educational shirt film 3D, contains three animated characters, the duration is one minute, I need someone to design simple 3 characters (father mother and baby) gulf style like this : in cartoon look with rig and animationand animation look like this: character modelling, rig and animation

  • $3000 CAD 2 days ago

    We have a story board for a corporate cartoon video that talks about how our device can detect drowsy driving. It will save thousands of lives.We don"t know what style of cartoon to go with so we need to see portfolios.

  • €3000 EUR 8 days ago

    Construction of an industrial machine in 3d modeling, animation and simulation of the interaction between man and machine.

  • $1500 USD 9 days ago

    Render an epic video showing the following:The camera starts at a close-up on some casettes of different types, and immediately begins to continously zoom out to reveal that the tapes are imperfectly ordered into a big pile. The background is deep space (out of focus) and for now, the pile just hovers. The zoom-out continues and suddenly the pile explodes for no reason so that the cassettes fly away in all directions (a couple of tapes fly right past the "camera" without colliding). Now the space is full of casettes (they are still moving from the explosion). The zoom-out continues and gradually starts to pan, which reveals a huge friendly planet (similar to Earth) with green vegetation nearby, which has our logotype painted on it. The zoom may come to a halt when we see the planet. It shall now appear to the viewer that most or all of the cassettes are in fact heading for this planet. The zoom now slowly zooms in until the logotype fills most of the view, and meanwhile it becomes more and more obvious that lots of cassettes fly past the camera and towards the planet, or actually towards the part of the planet where the logotype is painted. Instead of catching fire as they enter the atmosphere, like a meteor would, they transform beautifully and magically into Windows file icons as they hit the logotype. These icons come to a stop right next to the logotype.You need to provide:3D model of VHS casette, Video8 casette, MiniDV casette and audio cassette. The cassettes shall not have cases or sleeves. Each casette shall however have a hand-written label (ten different may be enough). Ask me and I will provide you with the texts.I will provide:Our logotypeDeliverables:HD resolution renderingAll files used for the ProjectI will provide the logo as a bitmap file.This will be a work for hire.Bidders, please write me with intelligent ideas and questions that will indicate to me that you have understood my idea and have the same high ambition for it as I do. I appreciate any input, questions and suggestions! Please also tell me if I can make this description clearer or better in any way.

  • $31173 HKD 9 days ago

    we are a design agency looking for a long term freelance animation designersthe current job is about a music animation on a stage backdrop for a song, request a demo of 20 secs before we confirm the package

  • $2795 USD 9 days ago

    Hello.. I want to create a 5 minute music video..The premise of the music video is to re-create a human into an animation and have him dance & rap along to the song in the video.I want it to be a punk/rock theme & very crazy & off the wall. The most important thing is being able to recreate this human into an animation & have him do creative crazy stuff in the video using various props, movements etc..

  • $750 AUD 10 days ago

    We are a small Mobile Phone Repair centre and have committed to cinema advertising. We need a catchy animated commercial of 15 seconds creating that promotes the company and its values. The values we want to promote are:Professional and experiencedCourteousAlways willing to helpOther inclusionsWe repair all brands but specialise in Apple and Samsungyour brief is to create a funky, professional animated commercial that covers all the above. It must clearly show our address, phone and logo and finish with a call to action. I am happy for your input in the words and voiceover, I will arrange for the voice over once the animation is almost complete. You will then edit the voice to the animation. We do 99% of jobs same dayWe sell cases, screen protectors and accessories at below market pricesThe most common repairs are broken screens and home buttons on iphones and broken screens on samsungs.We are the only accredited repair centre in the area.As it is cinema advertising we would like to have something about putting phone on silent or turning off at the endCall to action: For professional courteous same day phone repairs "The Phone Surgeon"

  • $6500 USD 12 days ago

    I will be creating a commercial that will be exactly one minute in length. The project is very discreet so there"s not much information I can give out before hiring one person. Must be able to provide past work.

  • £10000 GBP 17 days ago

    We will be looking for re-modelling of our existing design based on our FDS for 2 x industrial boiler systems and associated pipework along with 8 x Gasifiacation incinerators and 2 x secondary combustion chambers and possible changed to our turbine systems.

  • $250 CAD 21 days ago

    Create a 10 second video ( need price for 2D and for 3D) let me know your price; quality must be really awesome, we will pay accordingly to quality portfolio; send us thigsn youve done, will be our pleasure tu check them out!Story is: A commercial truck is on the road and goes toward the sun, we must see the side of it and then you have a happy birthday message (that is customizable afterwards)Or another idea similar need to put emphasis on trucks since we are a commercial truck company (see our logo on the truck) and also a happy birthday message/other congratulation message.Let me know your price will look at portfolio but a small sketchup of what you have in mind will probably make you win as we can show team tomorow and they will chose upon these elements.

  • $1450 USD 21 days ago

    Animate a crocodile speaking a tagline. 11 second intro to product. Laying down.

  • £1683 GBP 26 days ago

    I"m in need of a animation showing a child performing the Muslim prayer. I already have a previous animation, but it seems too flat and dull, and it needs updating.the current animation is a repeat of of several small clips, with a lot of audio explaining how to perform the prayer (link below) questions please feel free to ask.Thanks

  • $1677 USD 26 days ago

    it"s gonna be a series of 1.5 minutes aducational cartoons with one character. The goal is to make a model, rig and animate it (references provided). The example of expectations is here:, with character animation reel only!

  • $5000 USD 28 days ago

    I am a school teacher. I would like to make a short 3D animation movie of Smurfs characters to deliver the subject "obesity" to KG children in an easy way to digest. I already have written the script.

  • £1140 GBP Mar 19, 2014

    I would like the narrative to a 3:40sec folk song computer animated, in a very simplistic style, ie. no facial detail, just eyebrow expression & mouth movement etc. Similar in style to The Snowman or pencil sketch animation. It is a folk tale and is a beautiful story of a Lady who escapes a cruel Lord and takes a potion in the woods, transforming her into a beautiful bird who flies away.

  • $2700 USD Mar 17, 2014

    We need to animate the attached workflow chart for a 60-second video explaining our client"s workflow. Additional animation made be needed.

  • $1455 USD Mar 17, 2014

    I"m trying to show the technique for riding a standard bicycle up a hill, and compare it to a front wheel drive recumbent and a rear wheel drive recumbent bicycle. I can provide video footage that can be a source of the motion study.

  • $9500 USD Mar 16, 2014

    To do me modeling jobs for 17 types of fish, and rigging for them in Maya software. Then, I will be using those models in a movie.

  • $5000 USD Sep 14, 2013

    3D virtual fish tank with mermaids who appear to know they are in the tank flirtatious gestures and feed on the fish present in the tank and attack each other....maybe 4-5 looped scenes where they do different things with different backgrounds and looks for each scene optional fish like any other virtual aquarium

  • $4500 USD Sep 14, 2013

    I have written a commercial 30 sec commercial that needs to be animated.If this is something you can turn around then be in touch.Crystal

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