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Location: Curitiba, Brazil

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  • $70.4 USD
    Profile image for Seller phonegadgetaps


    Sep 4, 2013

    Super commitment. Exellent Job.

    Project Description:Hi I need to make a image with gd lib. My problem is that I need to make a base size image and add 2 layers to that image. The images has to preserve transparent or the last added layer has to, because its the template...
  • $315 USD
    Profile image for Seller rdg2001


    Sep 1, 2013

    100% RECOMENDO!

    Project Description:Gostaria de um projeto similar a outros que já existem tais como referências:, e Idéia é simples, o usuário podera cadastrar seu pacotes/rastreamentos dos correios no site para monitorar, ser avisado a cada mudança...
  • $20 USD
    Profile image for Seller pauloney

    pauloney [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 25, 2013

    Worker delivered part of the job, was paid the initial milestone and never came back for the rest of it.

    Project Description:I want to build a small authentication service that will rely on 3 tables: users publications users_publications to verify a login/passwd validity and to list the publications associated with a particular user...
  • $55 USD
    Profile image for Seller richimie


    Jul 21, 2013

    Very well done, recommended to All

    Project Description:Hi need a Flash Banner of a realistic ocean/sea with xml It needs to be the exact size and coloring as the Sky Banner seen here: The banner will be at the bottom of...
  • $66 USD
    Profile image for Seller ilyalibin


    Jul 18, 2013

    Best on Freelancer! This guyis hi professional programmer

    Project Description:Hi, I have a txt file with subtitles. I need a very simple javascript code wich can take the data from this txt file and show it on the screen according to the runing time. Just like subtitles do! ...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller tekit234


    Jul 2, 2013

    Great person to work with. Thank you - highly recommended

    Project Description:We require a php developer to allow a user to post a project on our site. To post a project a user will fill in a form then it will display on front end. User must be able to manage project in their admin section...
  • $77 USD
    Profile image for Seller orionpr

    orionpr [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 21, 2013

    I wanted this project finished in a specified time and I was very clear about it. Freelancer accepted my timeframe and then disappeared, sending messages telling me that he was traveling, that I would have it by 5 o'clock, then at 5 told me he couldn't do it, then told me he'd be back at 10 o'clock, but as of 3am, he hasn't contacted me yet. My work project is really comprmised because of this failed collaboration...

    Project Description:I have 7 surveys written in word (average of 15 questions for survey). I need them to be converted into html forms to be processed with php and inserted in mysql. Some of the questions have sub-questions,...
  • $34 USD
    Profile image for Seller IndigoMass


    May 30, 2013

    Great job and very fast and very hands on!

    Project Description:We need a fairly simple popup menu that is in the attached screen shot replicated on our website. The first file, Screen-Shot-before.png is what it looks like before you click and the file Screen-Shot-after.jpg is what it looks like after it is clicked...
  • €84 EUR
    Profile image for Seller timoosiewacz


    May 19, 2013

    Excellent work! Highly recommended! THX !

    Project Description:To manage mysql-db I need to extend the existing web content Management. By now one can add/remove tags.Generally: load datasets in textareas to allow insert/update-functions. Required extensions: 1...
  • $34 USD
    Profile image for Seller jasonaud


    May 3, 2013

    after 3 other programmers this guy finished this perfect. great guy to work with.

    Project Description:fix last step in image upload that 2 other programmers have failed to get finished. make images get pulled from 1 server to a 2nd server.
    Days has not completed any projects.
  • $80 USD/hr In Progress

    project for days as discussed. project for days as discussed. project for days as discussed

  • ₹2250 INR In Progress

    I need all same slider as per needed. please let me know if you are interested to do this.

  • $277 SGD In Progress

    I have two on line customer enquiry forms, one built in Java ( and one in wordpress ( , customer makes bus service enquiry by phone call or submitting the online forms, these online form will be sent to my email address, I then copy the info into my local machine MS Access Database ( Multi Users in local area network). ******** I would like to have those field data from a submitted form automatically transferred or updated into my local MS access database ( MS Access 2003 version, it will be upgraded to next or newer version by end of this year) without the need in re-entering such info into Access Database manually , at the same time I am still receiving the forms data through email.***********I am not in favor of using a script nor a window application to transfer data from local email to local MS Access database because my local email address also receiving other type of info./ emails.note1: The Java webhosting hosting for - Cpanel has got MySql database feature. - See attached note2: The fields in both forms not all the same as MS access database, may need to re-align them.note3: The MS access database will be upgraded to latest version, the linkage should be able to maintain its function.note4: The MS access database can be put online if needed for this project.

  • $210 USD In Progress

    As discussed, delivery due in 24 hours and you will show something in 12 hours, if not completed in 24 hours the project and milestone will be cancelled.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Pago 1000 dólares para desenvolver um projeto similar ao abaixo

  • $36 USD/hr In Progress

    Working on a small project that needs to be done within the next few hours. The project is already done-I just need someone to edit everything but keep the same functionally or add some functionality. Your job is to adjust everything so that it doesn"t look copied.

  • $46 USD In Progress

    Hi,I need a developer to make a function that will execute a paypal payment (without user interaction). That payment has to have a shipping address filled so the receiver have the address to ship the item. Also need to send a message to the receiver.I need just a function.The input parameter of that function will be something similar to :$inputArray = array("data" => date("h:i:s", strtotime($timeStamp)),"hora" => date("d/m/Y", strtotime($timeStamp)),"item" => $resArrayDetails["L_NAME0"],"unitats" => $resArrayDetails["L_QTY0"],"amount" => $resArrayDetails["AMT"],"currency" => $resArrayDetails["CURRENCYCODE"],"email" => $resArrayDetails["EMAIL"],"nom_envio" => $resArrayDetails["SHIPTONAME"],"direc1_envio" => $resArrayDetails["SHIPTOSTREET"],"direc2_envio" => $resArrayDetails["SHIPTOSTREET2"],"ciutat_envio" => $resArrayDetails["SHIPTOCITY"],"pais_envio" => $resArrayDetails["SHIPTOCOUNTRYNAME"],"cp_envio" => $resArrayDetails["SHIPTOZIP"]);so after calling MakePayment($inputArray), $email will have $amount $currency with the shipping address informed.Hope you undestand the requiremts.It"s a very simple project so I will pay maximum $30.

  • $262 USD In Progress

    1.Write a basic calculator using Java programming. The program should be able to add, subtract, divide and multiply using the following super class:Calculatora, b:intresult=0: Intcalc (a: int, b: int): int

  • $35 USD In Progress

    Hello,I am looking for someone can write this specific code Here an example for it : you open the previous link you will find 3 adsense ads but at the page source there is not adsense code there is the following code : it shows adsense code from the site : other page also show adsense ads : one can do this for me and write a code to show adsense ads with same mentioned process

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Fix iframe css issue

  • [Sealed] Nov 18, 2013

    New look for my web site\r\n\r\nHave had the current web site up for a number of years, and want a more updated, inviting look for the site.\r\nWe offer integrated database services to our clients, so need a catchy, techie look for the audience first landing on our site.\r\n\r\nSo, basically, it would be redesigning the first page, and then use the existing links to other pages.\r\nAnd then, a second first page for the folder for\r\n\r\nThe \"copy text\" is correct, and can be used in the new site. Also, the many of the current graphics could \r\nbe used in the new site. AND, the current LINKS are correct. \r\n\r\nALSO, the attached PDF SALES flyer has some additional information about our services.\r\n\r\nNeed a Contact form with captcha in the form....and this basic contact information:\r\n Name:\r\n City, State, Country:\r\n\r\n Rotary Club Name: \r\n Rotary District: \r\n Rotary Club Size:\r\n\r\n EMAIL:\r\n Best Phone Number:\r\n\r\n\r\nAnd, I want to be able to make on-going changes to the web site pages on my server, once they are \r\nfinalized, accepted and, simple is better.

  • $30 USD Nov 10, 2013

    Create 3 step form calculator.We would like something like this:!

  • $2 USD/hr Jul 2, 2013

    My website is not showing Images in Internet Explorer. I need correction for only one page and explanation about what is the problem basically.Current budget is $2 for only one page. There may be simple one line code required to fix the problem.But I need a proficient worker for onward projects, who will be co-operative and professional in his skills.Thanks.

  • $55 USD Jun 29, 2013

    I need a one webpage template building.I have the design in psd, and it"s actually very similar (but not completely) to another webpage on the net.I need someone who is very skilled with css to design the page. However I don"t consider there to be anything too complicated. The page will be a javascript tool, however you need no js knowledge at all, as I already have this built. I just need the webpage that will contain the tool to be created.The page includes a form for the javascript user input. The most complicated css component will be a slide down expander for the form settings. This will be a plus/minus button to show/hide further form inputs (not many).I"m not going to pay much for this project because for someone fluent with css html it should come easy, so please keep your bids to a minimum.Thanks.

  • $222 USD Jun 25, 2013

    Hi everyone i´m looking for someone who wants to build a java software related with the financial sector in order to valuate assets(companies) with ratios and financial accounts. This is very simple, we just need to input accounts numbers (for example: current assets , total debt , net income etc) in order to use a formula(comparative accounting ratios ) that will give us a particular value.We need a very simple software with not a complicated interface.If someone is interested ,just contact me and i will give you the formula to do it.

  • $105 USD Apr 25, 2013

    1. The photo album page for needs just 4 categories in this order (childhood, young adult, adult, senior) All photos & albums must be private by default with option to override.2. New user profiles default settings should be family & friends only.3. Would like to see the attached paper background on photo album pageThanks

  • $250 USD Apr 1, 2013

    I would like to have a simple website build. It only has one main page, and a second page for showing post.The front page contains:1) a colum with links2) a colum with posts teaser (where you should be able to use a checkbox, to click off which posts, you would like to see (which will take you to the second page))3) some google ads.The second page contains the same as above, but with full information about the posts.

  • ₹11000 INR Apr 1, 2013

    I need someone to modify the css to modernize the existing menu, make it look more modern and nice on an existing website.I also need to change the header pictures on every page except the home page. I need a designer who can make these changes in a timely fashion and professional.Contact me with any questions prior to bidding.Thank you.

  • $50 USD Mar 26, 2013

    I am struggling and this is a simple PHP/HTML task:The table below shows data retrieved from a MySQL Database. I need a way for the user to edit/delete data from the table inserted onto the web page. Maybe a HTML 5 script where they can hover over the text and edit it (updating the MySQL database and web page)? Also needed is a button/functionality at the end of each column of the table to at least delete the row selected from the web page?The web link below is: HTML/PHP script I current have is attached.

  • $30 USD Mar 22, 2013

    jquery coder need to create a slideshow similar to eleven madison park dott com please don"t bid unless you good in jquery.low budget.

  • $30 USD Feb 26, 2013

    I have a registration form in php but my database is mysql which was running under my web2py application so i have the table auth_user which has a password encryption , and my team cant manage to do the same encoding in php , i need someone to do me this encoding so i can use the same passwords in my new php website

  • $250 USD Jan 5, 2013

    looking for someone to rebuild a clean and simple main page for my site.the site has a forum, which i"ll need to be moved to the main page.I need someone with creativity and that also has experience in designing custom page work.I also need the site to be as user friendly as possible.Here"s the changes that i what done.i would like the forum to show up in the main page like in the picture sent.I would like for the main page look to somewhat blend into the current look of the site.i would like the forum and the main page to match in style as if you are in the same site, because the change over from the main page right now is a bit dramatic right now. to any and all new ideas that will help my site be more is the site you will be working on.DONT NOT BID MORE THEN 100USD OR your bid will be IGNORED !!!

  • €30 EUR Sep 25, 2012

    Hello EveryBody,i have a script when it run it show banners randomlyi want to auto click that script That script returns to my page the image of the banner and the link (href).The script I need has to show the banner image and click to the link after 5-10 sec.Thanks

  • £90 GBP Apr 26, 2012

    You will have to move the website to a different server and make a few upgrades like the footer and search page.

  • $45 USD Dec 22, 2010

    i want to get my session created in main domain, in subdomain.

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Microcamp Curitiba Centro

I'm a Web Development teacher and I'm responsible for the website maintenance and some content of the courses. You can see the Microcamp's website here



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