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  • £2125 GBP
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    Jul 5, 2012

    Great Experience, very professional and happy to change certains elements during the project. Will definitely be hiring again

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  • $250 USD In Progress

    Project Overview:What we would be trying to accomplish is to import current financial client portfolio data from our client database (PortfolioCenter) and have the ability to automatically create new buy and sell orders based on signals received from a separate software package. The software would need to be able to identify, based on models we create and that is updated on a weekly basis – what new buy orders to place and what current securities to sell for all of our clients. Some clients have a single account; however the majority of them have multiple accounts that are combined into a single household group. It is critical to be able to run all households that were in similar models simultaneously. It would be of no value if each household needed to be run individually. The final result would need to export a CSV file that we could then upload to our broker for execution of the trades.In more detail:Clients currently hold a variety of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. All of these clients are currently in models that allocate how much they should hold in each of these securities. Each week there is the possibility that we will be including new securities to buy and/or sell. Unlike rebalancing portfolios, unless we want to sell a security or buy one – we would not want to “rebalance” the portfolio each time we run the software. For example, if a stock has done very well – we do not want to trim the position, even though a model may call for a less percentage (and vice-versa).Buy orders: When placing a new buy order, each client will need to purchase that security at a value that is based on a certain percentage of their portfolio (based on which model they are in). Each client has a different market value and so the total number of shares purchased would need to change for each client. Also, since the market is constantly moving – the stock pricing would need to be based on some sort of real time stock feed. One caveat with this procedure is for clients who have multiple accounts assigned to a single model. If there is a buy signal, we would not want to buy the same security in each account – what we would want to accomplish is to have the software identify the group of accounts, determine the total market value of them all and base the shares of stock to buy based on the total value of all of their accounts. The software would then need to identify the best account to purchase the stock in (based on cash available, sizes of the accounts and keeping a balanced ratio of securities between them all)Sell Orders:Sell orders would need the ability to choose to either sell the entire amount in all client’s accounts or reduce all accounts by a certain percentage. Sell orders will not need to determine which account to pull it out of – as it is more of a global decision. Ideally, when sell orders are generated – we would want to create a way to alert us if there are any short term redemptions (mutual fund sold within 90 days of purchasing).Exceptions:There would need to be a way to lock certain accounts or securities within the software to avoid generating trade orders for certain clients. When a security is listed as an exception, it should be ignored from trading and when calculating percentages for buys.Models:There would need to be a way to modify/add/delete models and then link them up to clients, groups and households.It is important this is free of errors and works everytime. The more simple it is to run and the more automated, the better. We are looking to get something up and running quickly.Thanks!

  • $50 USD/hr In Progress

    I need to make a marketing software platform that enables users to increase the number of visitors to their websites and convert more of those visitors to leads and customers. Applications include website management, lead management, marketing analytics, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, landing pages, and social media monitoring. It requires that you have extreme high skills on marketing over internet and programming.- Tools to Get Found (Put quality, search-friendly content at the heart of marketing campaigns.) - Tools to Convert (Understand the unique needs of your customers. Use real visitor activity to trigger campaigns across channels and nurture your leads throughout the marketing funnel.)- Tools to Analyze(Evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing across channels. Determine the true ROI of the social media and search campaigns.)

  • [Sealed] In Progress

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  • $1000 USD Jan 31, 2014

    I need a API to places trades automatically from Amibroker charts to my Odin Trading platform. I need a programmer to develop a plugin sort of a thing that can automatically trigger buy/sell orders from Amibroker charts The programmer should suggest any coding language..and .code the same. The software should run on Operating system(s) Microsoft Windows -- version(s): XP, Vista, Windows 7 ,Win 7 Prof.verInstallation Program: Yes AND the program will be installed on multiple computers and needs to work on all of them.The software should act as GUI or API and fulfill these conditions ..As and when signals are generated in the Amibroker charts.. these signaks should place a order on my above mentioned trading platform..- Fully automatic trading or user can manually approve all orders. - Automatic auto-login if broker connection goes offline and back online. - Error check to report if broker goes offline.- Handles any symbols from all data feeds. - Fast and easy manual order entry. - Positions in all symbols is updated automatically. - Profit in all symbols is updated automatically. - Fast access allows user to Cancel All open orders with one click. - Fast access allows user to flatten all positions with one click. - Constant updates of order status: Filled, Cancelled, Placed - Automatic trailing stop loss when the order will be filled.- All position should be squared off at a specified time ( user input).Apart from the above features u can also chip in ur ideas..

  • $750 USD Jan 24, 2014

    1) only certified trader with track record can provide the signal.( for the time being our in house group of trader will provide the signal)2) instead of trader list there will be followers info.3) followers mt4 account will run on our VPS directly where our trader will run there EA or trade manually4) all account will be verified my etc. there is one issue which I couldn"t sort it out yet, that is for now there is only one trader with a strategy whose trade will be executed to all the followers account,and that is through a EA on followers mt4 platform in VPS, for every followers a separate mt4 instance with EA will run on VPS. there is no interference of the follower.but when a trader with certified track record wants to join then how will it work?in that case I believe I have to go like as they have couple of trader account who are trading and followers can copy any of them.the business logic of Zulu is they have taken IB of all the listed broker and they only generate revenue from the spread of currency pair(by increasing the spread) from the broker and give a percentage of there pips to the trader. nothing from the follower and trader.but in my case we charge a nominal value only for VPS (monthly) and 20 % percentage of profit earn on there account by the end of every month.Zulu"s concept is one master trader MT4 A/C to multiple copier account over the net.what is the plan you have for the back office?

  • ₹5000 INR Jan 3, 2014

    Hi,Kindly go through the below mentioned link. My requirement is almost same. want to get data into my NT 7 in such a way that it captures each and every volume tick and price tick and also Time and Sales to be working. Backfilling is also important.RegardsManish Sharma

  • $100 USD Nov 19, 2013

    Hello,Earlier this year you bid for the below described project. I have similar needs and would like your assistance.Thank you.Khalid IqbalI am looking for a way to place order from Multicharts to MT4 , then the order will be sent to broker from MT4 provided by broker.I guess there are several ways to do it. If you have better idea, please let me know.Below is two ways I thought of:1)I found the attached mq4 on line, written and maybe someone is doing it already, but I don"t know how it works. I f this way works, I need someone can teach step by step how to do this way.2)It seems Multicharts has some API already working with (like FXorder2Go?..), if a bridge can be written between MT4 and this API provided, then it might work as well.If you have other better idea, welcome to let me know your proposal.

  • $30 USD/hr Aug 14, 2013

    I am looking for someone who is:dnn- Skilled in Amibrokern- Perhaps know Metatrader aswelln- Can help me write AFLs for Amibroker + maybe convert from Metatrader to Amibrokern- Can tutor/help me with my own programmingn- Would be a long term thing.

  • $450 USD Aug 2, 2013

    Hi, I need a trader software not a broker software.May I have a chat with you?

  • $147 USD Aug 1, 2013

    I want to replicate PROFT.LY site that allows traders to become members and upload their traders from various brokerage accounts such as Scottrade, Fidelity, ETrade, etc. and post their profit onto their dashboard. From the data via trades, many statistical tools can be used to create charts, tables, and leadership/winners etc. Before bidding please have the ability to have the feature that allows users to upload their trades from their brokerage account.Currently I have two sites: and which were created by myself. I am looking for something more advanced for this project. A template that brings creativity and art into the boring world of numbers and financial profit. 3-D designs, portals, flash, Java, chatroom, are items that would be ideal to embed. I am currently an IT consultant and my time is limited therefore I am outsourcing. I also want to outsource to someone with more skill level than me so I too can learn. Another piece of the site will be the SEO and optimization. It will be competing with many well known sites that have year over year customer loyalty. The idea for the project is to standout from the pack of sheep and be the wolf. @myTraderGang Trading brings people together so don"t miss out on a great opportunity!

  • $250 USD Jul 27, 2013

    I am looking for somebody to code some indicators for my TOS - think or swim platform.Please check the attached TOS setup that I found from an experienced coder that sells his online trading signal services.Notice the momentum bars that you can see (the black squares with red lines) and arrows+yellow dots that indicate arrow or double arrow etc and the yellow dots.Again, the system is reversal system signals for 60 seconds binary options trading.please see the attached image

  • ₹5000 INR Jul 14, 2013

  • $50 USD Jun 12, 2013

    Hi, I am a professional poker player in need of an auto seating script for Fulltiltpoker. This is what I want it to do:- automatically sit me to the left of a player almost INSTANTLY based on certain criteria (colour code I have given to a player previously on the poker client and perhaps stacksize/amount of money they are sat with)- constantly scan tables for the above but ONLY tables with between 2 and 5 players- Allow me to choose which stakes I want it to be scanning. ie it would help a lot if I could turn on and off certain stakes - say small and middle stakes one day and middle and high stakes another day (ignoring small stakes tables that day) If the project goes well, works as I want and is finished at a good price there will be repeat business as I have numerous poker friends who are looking for someone to complete a script for them.Is this something you could do?PS I have not given a realistic budget but if you tell me what price you would be prepared to complete this for I will compare that to other freelancers and make a decision from there.RegardsBen

  • $34 USD May 28, 2013

    Create or provide an exiting Forex trading indicator for use within Metatrader platform.This can be an existing indicator you already have or a new one you will build.Must be willing to rebrand any existing indicators to a name i choose.Also MUST include a how to setup, install, and recommendations for how to use for trading PDF.

  • $787 USD Apr 24, 2013

    Acme has been assigned the task of creating a Cloud-based CRM for a client that is suited their specific requirements. The CRM is platform for managing financial trade info and communication with the Client as well as reporting and task assignment. Accounts will be loaded and assigned to a specific Account Manager from the Administrator view. Account Managers using this platform deal with assigned Clients and generate Deals which represent individual stock trades. These are tracked until concluded and maintained in the Client record for reference. The platform requires the ability to send email communication from the hosted server using templates that should be updatable and loadable from the Administrator view. These should come from a generic email account and post as a note to the CRM. Replies should do likewise. Project will be hosted on Git Hub. Screen Mock-ups to follow.

  • $250 USD Apr 9, 2013

    Hello,I am a day trader seeking API software. I am aware that a lot of you may have worked on other projects in the completive financial world, and that is Great!. I just need a basic Stock trading Application. The difference in my Application is I would like one that is just specialized in about 25 or less stocks and their options....basically if stock does this the Algorithm buys 20 XTY call options if market conditions are correct...etc.. I also would like the program to be self learning…which it learns from historical data of the 25 or less stocks, and the trades it makes for MAX gains. Needs to have alert/recommendation windows for said stocks as well. I need this program to be small but powerful. This will lead to bigger programs and pay if your program yields the correct results. I am a starting programming major and understand some code, but doesn’t want to wait till I grad. to get in the markets. This must be written and complies in C++ or VC++.Must have basic knowledge of stock trading programs and API.

  • $30 USD Apr 5, 2013

    I need someone can help me build system where this system can connect to mt4 server from website, example like this sites user only add account trading and password investor, then website connecting to mt4 server broker.. after all history account,open trade,pending order can fetch and show to website..i know this use com class php and dll maybe run on they webserver..please if someone can build this me or [The Administrator removed the contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]

  • $37 USD/hr Mar 25, 2013

    Employment opportunity We are seeking the following position to be filled: ·Web designers (Strong imagination) ·Web front/back end-programmers ·Software/application developers/engineers ·IT Consultant (Maintenance in-house web security, connectivity & for clients) ·IT & Business Consultant (General knowledge of the industry)-Start-up/Existing Bus. ·Prototype developer & Robotics developer ·Freehand artist/CAD/Civil drafting ·Mechanical/Industrial/Transportation engineer & designer ·Paralegal (in house handling copyright filing and Hb-1 filing & import/export industry) ·Consultant/Computer engineers that are license/certified to teach/educate in the Software engineering & web design field. Bilingual: English to- Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, French, Korean, Italian, Company Focus: ·Telecommunications ·Radio ·Satellite( Orbit & Internet) ·Finance & Banking Software ·VOIP & Network systems ·Security (Software)(Hackers) ·CAD/Civil drafting ·E-commerce ·Data tracking & Reporting ·Advertising, Promotion & email marketing Required: ·Strong written and verbal communication skills ·Ability to work in a dynamic & fast pace work environment and handling multi projects/task ·Traveling (Will assist in obtaining passport) ·Team Player Benefits: ·Salary- $60k-$75k (5-7 yr. Exp.) ·$76k-$100k (8-10 yr. Exp.) ·Pain internship $35k - $39K ·Medical, Dental, Vision, Prescription, 401(k), Vacation, Sick days, Continuing education (Tuition support) Supporter of: ·HB-1 (long Term Contract) ·EB-5 We are seeking individual for this new division to show their skills and the feel at home with our company and express there hidden imagination. We are willing to give the chance to those we hire. First impression counts and sample work you have done is very helpful. Program: High school student/seniors opportunity to work with us can be tested by developing a website with front & back end programming skills for a project provided receiving payment of $500-$1000 and the opportunity to work part-time in our company and receive full paid college tuition by us on a contracted basis.

  • $30 USD Mar 19, 2013

    I have an indicator for trade station : MarketForecaster. Trade station is writen in Easy Language. I need to convert it to "SDK" so it would work on FXCM marketskope. the indicator is open. here it is:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[LegacyColorValue = true]; inputs:PriceActionFilter(1),TransColor1or2or3(1),UseZeroLag(False),CCIAvgLen( 20 ),CCISmooth1( 3 ),CCISmooth2( 5 ), StochLength1(5), StochLength2(3), StochLength3(3), UpColor(Green), DwnColor(Red),PlotWidth(2);{****************************************}variables:Price(0),First(0),Second(0),Curve1( 0 ),Curve2( 0 ),Zscore( 0 ),OverBought(80), OverSold(20),Switch(0),KFast(0), KFull(0), DFull(0), LL(O), HH(0), Dira(0), Dira1(0),Dirb(0),Dirb1(0),ZL1(0);{****************************************}Price = SmoothedAverage(Close,PriceActionFilter);First = (Price-Average(Price,CCIAvgLen));Second = (StdDev(Price,CCIAvgLen));If Second = 0 then Second = .001;ZScore = (First/Second);Curve1 = Average( ZScore, CCISmooth1 ) ;Curve2 = Average( Curve1, CCISmooth2 ) ;{****************************************}LL = Lowest((High+Low)/2, StochLength1);HH = Highest((High+Low)/2, StochLength1);KFast = 100 * IFF(HH-LL=0,0,(((High+Low)/2) - LL)/(HH- LL));KFull = Average(KFast, StochLength2);DFull = Average(KFull, StochLength3);ZL1 = Zero_Lag(Average(Kfast, StochLength2), StochLength1);{****************************************}SetPlotWidth(1,PlotWidth);SetPlotWidth(3,PlotWidth);{****************************************}Plot1( 1,"CCISmoothBar");Plot2(-2,"Spacer");Plot3(-1,"StocasticBar");Plot4( 2,"Spacer");{****************************************}If Curve1>Curve1[1] Then Dira=1;If Curve10 Then SetPlotcolor(1,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 2 and Dira0 Then SetPlotcolor[1](1,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 1 and Dira0 Then SetPlotcolor(1,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 3 and Dira0 Then SetPlotcolor[1](1,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 3 and DiraKFull[1] Then Dirb=1;If KFullZL1[1] Then Dirb=1;If ZL10 Then SetPlotcolor(3,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 2 and Dirb0 Then SetPlotcolor[1](3,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 1 and Dirb0 Then SetPlotcolor(3,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 3 and Dirb0 Then SetPlotcolor[1](3,UpColor);If TransColor1or2or3 = 3 and Dirb<0 Then Setplotcolor[1](3,DwnColor);{****************************************}

  • €30 EUR Mar 18, 2013

    We need a trading platform for current trading business. Large customer and supplier database which are buying and selling items for very specific market. Customers are using specific software for trading which is generating data visible on the web site. What is needed:1. Complete user interface with customer or supplier details (user details, address, credit, invoice history, interests) 2. Import of purchase and sales lists with item details (mostly XLS sheets with pre-defined (standard) items)3. Connection/sync to data base and displaying of individual results for each customer/supplier (bought/sold items, price per item, total cost per period)4. Submission of imported XLS price list to the database (two different type of customers = two different data bases)5. Activation or deactivation of the items by using web gui6. Posting of comments to each item7. Query of items and displaying them according to predefined criteria on web guiPlease post your requests on PM. Thank you.

  • $250 USD Mar 13, 2013

    I would like an app designed for either apple or android that would involve trading goods online. I wan to be able to use it on either apple or android

  • $30 USD Feb 25, 2013


  • $250 USD Feb 13, 2013

    This project requires knowledge of the FIX protocol (financial information exchange): The following link might be useful as well: quickfix.orgThe objective is to develop Visual Basic code (VBA for Microsoft Excel) that would do the following:1) establish a connection to FIX server of a financial trading broker;2) get a list of open positions from the server. Select a particular stock (TICKER) from the list.3) read value of a particular cell in Excel spreadsheet. Positive value denotes BUY order, negative value denotes SELL order4) If the open position for TICKER stock is BUY and the order identified in step 3 is BUY then do nothing. If the open position of stick TICKER is SELL and the order is BUY then submit 2 orders to the server: Order 1. Close Position, Order 2: BUY. Similar process if theopen position is SELL.5) Orders to the server / trading should be started at a given particular time.Deliverables of the project are:1) VBA code2) Instructions on installation of FIX library on a Windows PC. FIX library as available from

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Utilizing its extensive expertise in capital markets, ETNA Software implemented a state-of-the-art platform for options trading. It enables users to trade complex options strategies and monitor their portfolio in real time.



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