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  • $390.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller trpuser


    Dec 5, 2013

    Very excellent work... excellent communication and perfect design.<br/>

    Project Description:I have ongoing work related to our previous project &#039;Google Map my records, then filter using data fields&#039;
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jose2250


    Nov 18, 2013

    Developer has the expertise and experience, he was able to fix PHP code quickly. Initial project cost negotiation took some time and discussion even though after bid was placed. Some lack of communication but this was time zone related. In overall I will hire developer again.

    Project Description:The following website PHP code needs to be updated to be compatible with PHP 5.3: You&#039;ll have to navigate through the entire system files to find out what functions, code, etc need to be upgraded...
  • $126.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller trpuser


    Sep 24, 2013

    EXCELLENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY HAPPY =)

    Project Description:I have these fields in my database: Address Longitude Latitude and a lot more..... I want you to 1st populate the map based on the users location if user does not allow us to use his location then center map on Houston Texas...
  • $115.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller raez21

    raez21 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 30, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:N/A
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abraraleisa

    abraraleisa [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 13, 2013

    Eliteprog did not understand our requirements..the submition due to one and a half months ago . He was late and the work is incomplete. His behavior is bad as well.

    Project Description:we are a group that have a programing project due in the end of may Our idea is about using smart card technology to serve pilgrims or let’s say group of people.We need to use it for security purposes...
  • $1242.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller festivalchannel


    Jan 22, 2013

    I am continuing to work with Elite Prog. I find in him that I can trust his professional ethics, and professional skills. A million thanks for bringing my project to life!

    Project Description:I need an unlimited shopping cart e commerce solution for a social network at I would like to give my &quot;Members&quot; the ability to sell there products, and manage buyers, payments, taxes, and shipping independent of
  • $0.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alem3122

    alem3122 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 8, 2012

    Alem3122 (the employer) alleged that insufficient progress had been made by eliteProgrammer (the worker) prior to the deadline arrival. EliteProgrammer alleged this was not the case and sufficient progress for the timeframe had been achieved. Testing of the deliverables by showed that alem3122's allegations were correct and that sufficient progress had not been made. All funds in escrow were returned to alem3122.

    Project Description:We need about 5 pages (2 of them already completed) in total; 3 new ones to handle some simple SQL database and minor user interface.? It does require file loads and also, it requires Godaddy site understanding...
  • $26.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller rezahell


    Sep 7, 2012

    Great Attitude and great knowledge on the subject matter.

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller shamri


    Aug 12, 2012

    Done the job perfectly :)

    Project Description:I have a community website and i want to to modify the visitors online status. here is the part of the code that need modification: &lt;xen:if is=&quot;{$onlineUsers.recordsUnseen}&quot;&gt; &lt;li class=&quot;moreLink&quot;&gt;.....
  • $453.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller planneruk


    Jul 30, 2012

    Rating: 4.5/5.0<br/>

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    EliteProgrammer has not completed any projects.
  • $115 USD In Progress

    Hi,Bulk SMS Sender website including user control panel and admin control panel.Thanks and best regards,

  • $747 USD In Progress

    many many task, have a website and need many things done. Will be ongoing project. Thank you very much.

  • $322 USD In Progress

    I need a software that i will put a list of urls and it will navigate to each url and check if contains some mysql error message.* Software must be multithreaded* Software must run in socket based* Software must show what error message exists on the pageDeadline for this project is short. I can provide a url list sample.

  • $533 USD In Progress

    Looking for a to re design my site www d s g di st dot comneed a cleaner tigher look.1) create a mock of the site using the same colors.2) slice code the site using template and css3) enhancements to the product page layout if possible

  • $4500 HKD In Progress

    I need to build a new coroperate training company &quot;s website1. The structure will be like this one: Besides trainer login, I would like to have a student login area3. Logo will be provided and the color tone should be similar to the logo4. Website will be in 3 languages: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese

  • £500 GBP 4 days ago

    I am looking for a competent JS developer to build a bespoke JS gallery which I will then integrate with Perch CMS. ( gallery should be:* Responsive - the main gallery item (and each item right/left) width should respond accordingly* Performant - the gallery should lazy load gallery items if and when* Can rely on jQuery if needed* Can use angularJS or similar if suitableIt&quot;s difficult to describe the gallery so I have mocked up a video of how it shoudl work. As they say, a (moving) picture shows a thousand words.Here&quot;s a video explaining the transitions - on each thumb on the homepage will open the gallery which contains a collection of related images to the thumb. Uers can then browse to the next thumb collection without leaving the gallery.If that is unclear, please ask and I can clarify.You must be able to push your code in a demo page to a Bitbucket repo.You should be able to complete the project within 10-14 days.

  • $611 USD 4 days ago

    I need someone help me customize my website which already installed a premium wordpress theme. I need change some functions, and also change the website language to Chinese . In addition, I hope to build a long run relationship with you when you finish this job successfully. When you bid this project, please also consider if it is acceptable for you help me maintaining my website on regular basis. Would like to talk with you in detail about this project and budget via PM. (1) Expert for wordpress and database (2) Chinese speaking (3) Consider taking long time website maintain work on regular basis.

  • $2000 SGD 4 days ago

    Info CMS siteMobile Responsive StructuredSearch Engine Friendly + Google Rich Snippets + Keyword URLUnlimited Categories/Group and Information pages via CMS Self uploadingLayout Propose 1+1 with provided design preferenceAbility to Change the layout Able to do minor adjust on colour, font and alignment.Web Administrator Access for Self Content Management(CMS)Modules Include:Sliding Banner, Banner Display, Social Media Plug-in and Gallery Module with Automatic Image Resizing and Multiple Images UploadingTestimonial and NewsHTML Editor WYSIWYG Text Editor with Automatic Image ResizingFlexible Filter and Category/grouping function2 Online Enquiry Forms (Customized fields, Send to email Database creation with CRM moduleCreate and manage clients bio dataCreate client history and updates Fixing appointment and sending calendar invites via gmail

  • $1055 USD 4 days ago

    I want a site that runs similar functions to - Able to interact with coding languages. Run tutorials just like codecademy. - Ability to add tutorials as in the &quot;teach&quot; feature like codeacademy.Basically everything the site has but obviously changing it up a bit so it&quot;s not an outright copy.

  • $12 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Hello,we are looking for experienced webdesigner to redesign our site http://www.nugoal.comYou have to be able to make extraordinary design, with fresh look and high usability with clean, fast and reliable HTML5 + CSS3 code, jQuery is advantage.If you think that you are enough good, POST YOUR PORTFOLIO LINK IN BID DESCRIPTION!

  • $2111 USD 4 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1000 CAD 4 days ago at the File.

  • $1044 USD 4 days ago

    Technology used: PHP , MysqlTask: Membership portalUser panel: Admin Panel for Data (text, videos, ) for our clientsWe have some items to list in left side as category +subcategoryAdmin Panel Features:1.List users, Edit, delete user registrations2.Session security so a one id passwd can be access from 1 location at a time with only 10 different IP in a life .3.Create,edit,delete category , subcategory for left side -10% portion4.Can post data in Category, subcategory that come in Right side (90%)5.Post is on this manner:a.Post titleb.Basic Detailsc.Target /Affected systemd.Details Text box e.Attachment: Browse box Demo –Links of PDF as we upload matter from admin panel show in User panelf.Video Area size fixed: we Embedded any video youtube or Vimeoo g.Price :text box6.Each user see :: Upper top right side matter:a.Need a background option like wallpaper or color also user can change thisb.Request for More info > contact form so we can get mailsc.Logout button (sign out)User panel:1.Request for Access type all details, request come to our Admin panel we activate2.Then he Type Id/Pass to Access his panel3.Can see Logout, Change background color, wallpaper4.In panel user can see Need support in future…

  • $500 USD 4 days ago

    I need a Website that includes all summer programs all over the world, a filter for age, price, size, location and etc. And space for Advertisement.

  • $1027 USD 4 days ago

    Hi,We have a working website to sell apparel products and we need to modify shipping procedure and stock management to make faster than now. All program made by PHP.Also We need to build a backup server for current server.Current Server isApache version: 2.2.24PHP version: 5.3.23MySQL version: 5.1.73-cllOperating System: LinuxKernel version: 2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.x86_64

  • $2111 USD 4 days ago

    Need a web-based mobile app that enables small groups of 6-10 users each (called tribes) to collaborate with each other; including sharing notes and a &quot;calendar&quot; where each member would commit to &quot;x&quot; within a 2-4 week span; and then the &quot;calendar would reset - but retain the history. To facilitate this strategy, SOFT provides a simple phone app for each tribe and its members. Disciples post their “serving” intention in the app, share before and after thoughts with each other, and at times, encourage each other to stay on track. The SOFT app also sends-out handy tips and friendly reminders. After completing a serving deed, a disciple simply updates his/her status in the app. The SOFT app can be programmed to reset at either 2 or 4 week time-frames; at which time tribe members make a new commitment to themselves and their tribe for the next time-frame.

  • $511 USD 4 days ago

    I need a taskrabbit similar site with my feature request. Please before you make a bid on project read it well down. And do not bid lowest price and later you change price. I say again read carefully the requests bellow. Bootstrap DesignUser can sign up as a TaskGenie or can login through Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn connect.TaskGenie can view tasks and bid for them.taskGenie must pay a small fee for making a bid for work. The fee must change from country to country admin must set price for country. Allows TaskGenie to view assigned tasksPayments must be trhough / Paypal / can provide reviews & star ratings to the poster and the opposite also. Share with Facebook and Twitter when user makes a bid auto share on fb and twitter and when a poster posts a work to be auto posted ont heir twitter and fb.Poster can decide on the payment amount and other spend limit for the TaskGenie, can select total payment or hourly payment. Poster can directly hire (instead of generically posting for open bidding) where he is familiar and comfortable with known TaskGenies.Ad-Banner ManagementTaskGenies can pay extra to advertise themself on right side of web.Social Security VerificationAfter signup user must Verify Their FB, Twt, And Google+ accounts. Geo-location Based Service ListingWeb must detect where user comes and must load the language according that country. And if user selects otehr language will stay for ever that language untill he or she changes it. Also Must load to the poster the taskGenies according to the area where poster comes from and The same to load tasks to the genie accoring to the city where task doer comes from. Categories ManagementFAQ ManagementServices RatingsSEO FriendlyGoogle Maps IntegrationStatic pages Management admin can add about us page or any pother page. E-mail Templates Sending emails on every activity in the language selected by user. E-mail Notification Alerts / like in facebook alert for updates or when he she receives the wor or when the task genie bids the poster to be informed and messaging notifications when they receive messages.Facebook Comments on posts.Invite Friends by email, facebook, twitter, using referral link. Exclusive Escrow System by the choice of poster and bidder. if payment made through our web the admin to get 15% or 20% of the payments out. Project Milestones if they make a choice escrow the poster must load money to the web before the post is finished other wise to inform poste rthe post is not published. Dispute Management SystemSkillset Management for task genies. Maintenance ModeEnhanced admin dashboardPrivate Projects / can hire directly the person. Fully ajax interfaceMullti currency and price according country.

  • $50 NZD/hr 4 days ago

    Looking for an experienced developer to assist with the creationof a user friendly Wordpress/WooCommerce checkout customisation plugin.Would also be looking at continued work for updates.- Clean code- User friendly- Visually appealing- Must speak fluent english

  • $488 USD 4 days ago Looking to build a social based technical deployment and knowledge base web site, that the main two sections of the web site will be blogs and for pay streaming video content.  I don’t mind if everything section is based on top of the line open source plugins to allow this project to be as low cost as I can make it but as full featured as possible. The site should have the following elements· Main page – should show what we do and who we are in as least amount of word as possiable and pictures are better than words. o on sides of main page should show Most recent and highest rated blogs and videos. Just the headline and picture and rating and link to go read the blog or see the info on the video and buy the video. (this should really be on every page)o newsletter signup form, name, email submito Place for full sign up to sight with full profile· Need user pages. Users sign up and fill in full profile and add pictures. Pictures need to be approved or rejected by staff. o Users can add friends and have wall for status updates like facebook or linked in. want the site to be social and have users be able to interacto users should be able to see basic profile page of other users till they are made a friend then they can see whole profile pageo Staff profile pages so users can read bios of staff members (staff are people blogging, and submitting tech videos)· Auto generated newsletter sent to all signed up users. takes highest rated and most recent blogs and videos and makes a newsletter and sends it. Maybe wordpress already does this.· Blogs – Word press plugin is fine. Need writers rights and readers rights. I will be hiring people to blog for me. Need categories to make searching for blogs easier. Uses have to be logged in to see full blog but can see teasers all over the site.o blogs need ratings, and comments by readers. auto email to person that wrote blog to come and respond to the comments· Video Streaming - Not sure if gong to stream from own servers or use paid service like Amazon, but staff need to be able to upload videos and have the info about the video go into the cart system and create a new item in the cart system, and upload the video to the place we stream from. o customers should be able to login to site and pay for videos one at a time or as bundles for cheaper price. Once they pay they have access to stream the video as often and as many times as they want for a predetermined number of days like 90 days. Once the 90day are up they can pay a lesser feel to have another 90 days. o videos needs rating and comments, auto emails to person that submitted the video so they can come back to the site and reply to the comment this is a good start of what I want the site to do. please see the attached word doc. I have started to outline more closely what I want the site to do.

  • $122 USD 4 days ago

    first you may see this Systems :https://demo.phppointofsale.comOr Stock Manager Advance (Invoice & Inventory System) maybe its using Bootstrap ; want to make POS Systems like that, i just wondering if i buy that systems and Modify that. but the problem is i dont know that system encrypted or not. if i buy that and the systems is encrypted i will frustate fot it T_T.and i though why i didn&quot;t Build from Free cms like Bootstrap,Wordpress, Drupal etc, if its possible i want to make this systems like and adding some Features, you can download Feature list bellow...Best Regards,Muhammad Akbar

  • $500 USD 4 days ago

    We bought a template in themeforest and we want to integrate the API in our Ruby on Rails code. We need a fast and great solution. If we have to start from zero, that´s ok, but we don´t have more than a week.

  • $1138 CAD 4 days ago

    I would like a design for a website that is similar to this : http://15notredame.comIt would basically include the same sections. Logo (branding), images and content would be provided.

  • $3888 USD 4 days ago

    Desarrollar un software para reservar pasajes por via telefonica ademas de obtener informacion

  • $1333 CAD 4 days ago

    We have a PSD design that we want converted into a response website, preferrably using either Bootstrap or Foundation.Our design is clean but also contains a number of elements on 3 different types of pages, so we are looking forward to someone who is very comfortable with responsive design coding and is able to make accurate representations of a PSD design.If you think you are capable of doing this job, let us know and we will send you an example of our design and see how comfortable you feel attempting this conversion. We will provide images of both desktop and mobile versions of the same design, which hopefully will look similar by the end. The PSD design was made by an experience designer who took into account a 960px grid for the desktop version and understands the nuances of programming designs, so you can expect a design that is manageable to code.

  • $1344 USD 4 days ago

    We are a publishing company with many eBooks which we want to sell as subscriptions. We want to be able to sell a subscription and then have viewers from a certain institution with a range of IP addresses access that content and we prefer not to use password access but ip authentication access. We are not interested in download capability as we already have this and need a site with a control panel specifically designed for IP authenticated access to specified content. Also we will sell many different licenses so we need to be able to host and then specify which books are available to which subscribers, as this will differ. We are especially interested in hearing from individuals who have done this kind of work before, specifically on IP authentication, particularly in some content-related industry, ideally book or report publishing.

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