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Location: rU, United States

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  • $20 USD
    Profile image for Seller medchamp

    medchamp [ Incomplete Report ]

    4 days ago

    Highly unprofessional and irresponsible. Turn around time was 24 hours and despite providing him more than 50 hours he failed to deliver the work. He simply submitted some bullshit stating that his assistant submitted wrong file... !!! Even the previous work he had given to me had so many issues. I had paid and reviewed him in hurry which I should not have done!! Certainly not recommended, he will just keep pushing the days and make you end up in a big trouble eventually!! Such a waste of time!!!

    Project Description:hi As I already told, the requirements are the same but only thing is company is different. I have mailed u the requirement words: 1300 DUE: 24HOURS
  • €33 EUR
    Profile image for Seller RLevy


    5 days ago

    I received exactly what I requested, and much faster that I expected. Great job.

    Project Description:I need high quality articles describing types of companies in the UK. For example, an article about Private Limited Companies in the UK, with a description of what is a private limited company is, how it is incorporated, requirements, and taxation laws applied...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller Top10Rankings


    5 days ago

    Excellent writer 10 ++++

    Project Description:10-15 articles Deadline: 10-15 days
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller medchamp


    11 days ago

    Nice experience...But it is recommended to improve your academic style..

    Project Description:Hi, I need an academic writer to finish one case report of 1300 words Case study report Due : 2 days Budget : (13-20)USD Interested freelancers can apply here. Pay is fixed. dont bid above that More details will be given to selected bidder...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller porupp55


    11 days ago

    It was a very good job.Would like to hire again when my web site starts toprduce

    Project Description:I need a free report on dieting and weight loss A.S.A.P, For $100.00!
  • $64 USD
    Profile image for Seller WTrader


    13 days ago

    Although we had some miscommunications I can say the guy is a good writer and would higher again

    Project Description:Hi, I will provide a sample CV and I want you to make it look and sound great. Previous experience on this field required. Thanks
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller jkmaloha


    21 days ago

    very responsive and good customer service

    EverYouth's reply:

    I am sorry sir, I can understand your anger. I failed the deadline because of my family member"s death. I told you the truth but you didn"t believe me. However thank you for the money.

    Project Description:First time author wants help writing a customer service self-help ebook. I have about 9,500 words written. Need help writing and formatting.
  • $35 AUD
    Profile image for Seller aus1037


    21 days ago

    Great Job. I will definitely recommend this freelancer and will definitely hire again for more articles and blogs in the coming months.

    Project Description:I'm looking for a freelancer who can write 3 articles and 2 blogs for link building. I'm looking for a freelancer who's english is his/her first language. Experienced freelancer only. Requirement : Sample...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller zhkhan89

    zhkhan89 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 13, 2014

    The freelancer was asked to check all details/documents carefully before accepting the project. He confirmed but the next day came with an excuse that ''It is beyond of my skill. i have some assistant they do academic work as well but all of them are failed to work on your subject.''

    EverYouth's reply:

    This client sent his task details after accepting the job, but unfortunately his paper was beyond my skill. So I failed. But he rate incomplete though it was misunderstanding. I didn"t waste his time.

    Project Description:5000-6000 words research paper (Master level) to be written within a week. Topic and details will be provided.
  • $34 USD
    Profile image for Seller adiroth1313


    Feb 27, 2014

    For the most part, the questions were answered correctly although some answers were very short, like "yes" or "no". We would have liked more emphasis but for the most part it is what we expected for the money we paid. Will use again and I do recommend freelancer.

    Project Description:Hi, I'm looking for someone to answer 40 frequently asked questions to be posted on a website. The requirements are as follows: 1) Answers need to be written thoroughly and in grammatically correct English...
    ProWriterEverYouth has not completed any projects.
  • $64 USD In Progress

    MLA research paper on an objective, specific scientific topic. 6-10 pages.

  • $105 USD In Progress

    Hi, I"m looking for a UK or US based writer who can rewrite articles for me on a weekly basis.Each week I need 3 articles rewriting SEVEN times each.I will send you the links to each article (all owned by myself)The articles must be manually rewritten, strictly NO spinning software.Please bid your price for 3 x 7 rewrites.Thanks

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Looking for an eBook that will outline the steps a student must take in the first 90 days of college to make sure they get through them successfully. Milestone 1 = Created and Approved Outline, Milestone 2 = Created Rough Draft, and Milestone 3 = Final Copy received and Approved. I have included a copy of our first eBook for structure and writing style reference.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    We need to write an article for recruiting company who recently started new employment verification program.Article should have names and notes below. 1000-1200 words. Article title: We have recently introduced a SafeEmployment systemNOTES:Check Employers for Job EligibilityE-Verify is an Internet-based, free program run by the United States government that compares information from employee"s Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 to data from U.S. government records.Utilize eligibility verification software to verify an employer"s eligibility.Background check with Background check with TrustLinkBackground check with Business Consumer AllianceBackground check with USCISBackground check with IRSCheck Employees for Job EligibilityInclude background check forms in your initial response to applicants. A background check allows your HR department to receive a report about a candidate"s criminal record and credit.Request transcripts from applicants to determine their eligibility to work in technical positions.Contact an applicant"s most recent employer to verify eligibility and confirm your own work.Utilize eligibility verification software to verify an employee"s eligibility.

  • $6 USD/hr In Progress

    I need some articles about the current top current crypto coins. Must be familiar with the major virtual currencies and/or have an interest in learning about them.

  • $126 AUD In Progress

    Hi,We need someone to do all the content for our website. It is no larger than 20 pages and doesn"t require large amounts of text. To give you a guide our major competitors are and Our structure and tone is similar to these two. We have an existing business where you can take as much content as needed from here. We would love a great tagline; and if possible any ideas for graphics, infographics, icons, etc. that would enable the text you will create that would be awesome and something we would be willing to pay a bonus for. We require someone where ENGLISH is there first language. We need this completed in the next few days. We will be available 16 hours a day via skype and can work closely with you to answer any questions.If you impress us with your creativity and skill, there will be an option for ongoing work as a blog writer.

  • $64 USD In Progress

    We have a kitchen product need some reviews from customer/user. We need 50 short reviews which is 5-8 sentences for each review.And each review will focus on 1-2 features/ benefits.

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    7 Ways to Get Healthier in a Week ... - An Article Needed for a men"s site.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    You bid on a project I had and I wanted to offer it to you directly. Here is the overview again:I have purchased a domain that is going to be about Paleo Diet, fitness & General Health. I am going to use it to sell health affiliate products. I need you to create and possibly manage the content that goes on it. My first priority is to find somebody who can write articles for me. If it goes well, I will have you write more articles and possibly post/manage future articles for me on this domain and others I own. You may write about whatever health topic you feel the most comfortable with. I will need a few specific articles about the affiliate products but most of the topics just have to follow the health/fitness/paleo type theme. I don"t want the articles to be too general because I want to have several articles on the subject. I"m going after "long-tail" keywords if you"re familiar with that term. For example, an article titled, "Following a strict Paleo diet can give you a better night sleep" rather than just "Paleo Diet: An Overview". A few notes:This will be for one article only. If it goes well, I will hire you for more.I"d like the word count to be around 500 - 700 words. If you cannot do this in 1 hour, please let me know and we can discuss.Are you familiar with wordpress and basic html?Thank you.

  • $58 USD In Progress

    I am looking to hire someone to rewrite a few paragraphs for me with varying locations. I"ll provide more details of I think were a fit.

  • $60 USD Today

    We need an expert writer who have written online and live press release with correct formatfor a press releaseAround 500 WordsWe want 4 press releases in 2 milestonerange $15 per press releaseQuality writing we would give you subject and a rough DraftSo bid around $60Send us your live press release you have done and in correct formatThanks!

  • $210 USD Today

    Hellowe need an expert write for blogs that has great articles and posted articles on blogs and good sitesto write for us around 600-700 words for articles around fashion Shoes.The articles should be fairly specific and address the keywords for articlebut again should be natural writing and no keyword stuffing - look LSIwe want natural quality articles on themed keyword genre..Nice Ph breaks and good grammarWe want 2 articles per each KW genreAgain very natural and require some research on web to get idea on shoe style and feel free to throw us back ideas what you want to write about I want to get 40 subjects for each articles related to each KW or close in to what KE aboutNatural quality articlesMilestone release when you done and we got all articlesSend us subject ideas and also ideas if you have a hard time we can discuss on subjects and how to develop themed KW subjectSee attached list of KWyou only do stage 1 so 20 KW and 40 articles 2 on eachThanks!

  • $34 USD Today

    Hello, I need to 5 separate articles, each article is talking about is a common problem in Skype program , and provides solutions to this problem. You can get all the required information from the Skype forum on I do not want to copy and paste from the internet I want to rewrite the whole of the article and provide some pictures if possible.I can help in the selection of some titles of articles and provide some sources.Thanks,

  • $34 USD Today

    The assignment is to find content and write an essay about "China and Japan in Southeast Asia: competition vs cooperation".In total the essay has to contain 5 pages including introduction and conclusion. Guidelines: +-350 words per page, so 1750 words in total. Verdana 10, 1.15 spacing

  • £22 GBP Today

    Hi we need a few writers to create articles for a website based on a top ten theme. The articles titles will be provided daily we are looking for 15-20 articles to be added every day spread across a few writers. Each page of the articles only needs to be 2-3 sentences x 10 pages.

  • $2368 USD Today

    Need good writer/reviewer for a webbusiness

  • $50 USD Today

    I am looking for a copywriter / content writer that can create SEO focused content for a painting company website. I will provide the h1, h2, h3 tags and the keyword focus. Each article should pass the copyscape. Articles will be between 250 - 350 words. Articles will be focused on a location with a sales focus on why you should hire or want to hire the company. Must be a native English speaker.

  • $64 USD Today

    need a writer looking for someone with feedback must be professional very good writer will send details.

  • $84 USD Today

    I am having a WordPress website created. I will need written content in this website. I"m not sure how many pages just yet, but I imagine somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 pages. Not full pages, but you will see what I"m talking about. The content will need to be similar, BUT NOT EXACT, to: course... my site wont be as detailed as these, but just to give you an idea as to what you will be writing about and for.

  • $263 USD Today

    You are reaching a health history on a patient who does not look you in the eye and gives short uneven responses. What can you do to achieve a complete, comprehensive history on this patient? Defend your rationale with references (APA format).

  • $5 USD/hr Today

    Need 2 articles of 350-450 words of SEO keyword focused copywriting for a landing pages for painting company website. Keyword focus for the first page is "local painting company" and second is "local paint contractor". Must be from the perspective of the company and include keyword focused reasons to hire a local painting company like "Company Name Here." Article / Content can be broken into 3-4 sections, each with optimized H1, H2, H3, H4 tags respectively. Will provide company background and info. Bullet points are OK. Second article can be a rewrite of the first article as long as it passes through Copyscape. Key skills- Excellent command of the English language (correct grammar/spelling is a MUST)- Ability to identify relevant keywords for a particular company- Ability to incorporate keywords in a way that feels natural/unforced when read- Reliable with a consistent level of quality- Must pass Copyscape.

  • $105 AUD Today

    International Business• Format: Essay (You are encouraged to use headings and/or sub-headings to separate the sections/cases of your essay.)• Word limit: 2000 words Question: How does international business achieve its internationalization objectives in the contemporary context? Process: 1. Select one multinational corporation. 2. Write a brief overview of the organisation and its mission/objectives related to international business(maximum 500 words for this section) . 3. Select and then analyse the internationalization process of the organisation and its impacts on the international context. Please focus only ONE country in your essay (Approximately 1,000 words) (country has to be korea and organisation Tesco)• What did the organisation do to internationalize itself? • What was the impact of these actions on the organisation? • What was the impact of these actions on the broader community? 4. Experience/lessons Learned (Approximately 500 words)• What insights did you gain about international business in the contemporary context?

  • $74 USD Today

    Hi,I"m in information technology and i need someone to help me with resume. The person should be familiar resume with writing, in particular information technology and security roles.Thanks,Kevin

  • £57 GBP Today

    I need some articles written for my business.They should be professional and encouraging with some author"s opinion so readers will respond and leave comments. The articles should be about interesting ideas and be original content.Please message me if you have any questions,

  • $12 USD/hr Today

    Report requirementsThis is the report - please can you write this report using the same content, but in different words:Using this original report:- Titles need to be the same, but worded differently-Content/paragraphs of text need to be the same, but worded differently.- The layout of fonts and styles (Bold, Italic, underlined) need to be different.- The overall feel of each copy should be different, but contain the same content but (worded differently).Please can you make 1 different/ unique copy of the report.

  • £47 GBP Today

    I need some articles written for my business.They should be professional and encouraging with some author"s opinion so readers will respond and leave comments. The articles should be about interesting ideas and be original content.Please message me if you have any questions,

  • €30 EUR Today

    Hello,I need a skilled writer for some content I need to insert for my website. It is about the video games industry and a specific sector of it.I would prefer someone with experience in the mentioned industry.

  • $105 USD Today

    We are looking for article writers who are passionate about the subjects they cover. Pick a subject that is of interest to you: from Fashion Business News, Technology, Self-improvement, or finance.Requires some research. Articles should be digestible, interesting and understandable. You will work with our editor and your articles will be published in growing U.S. publications. Your byline and bio will accompany every article you write. 300-700 word articles. Ideally $10-20 per article. Please bid on 3-5 articles. Include portfolio links.

  • $94 USD Today

    We would like to hire an writer who is an experienced interviewer to interview and profile college and library technology efforts. The initial assignment will probably be in the area of social media or mobile device management/web access for colleges and libraries. We have a continuing need. Quote on the basis of three 1,200 word profiles which are generally based on one long interview with a college or library technology official. While a small amount of the information in these profiles can come from websites, this is mostly about interviewing and writing and not extensively using secondary sources.

  • $252 USD Today

    Task 1: - Look over 19 emails and write a response for each email. The email has to be geared to get a specific action from the recipient, but without implying it directly. It also has to maintain: - A highly professional, educational tone (a tone of a highly educated person, someone who is a scientist and has great respect for people. At the same time the person is very friendly). You will need to read the email conversation, look at the website of the person are writing the reply for, and create a custom response for each. The response, as mentioned before, has to get the person to do a specific action. Task 2:- Look over 5 various email scenarios. Each scenario is different. I need you to write a canned response I can use for those 5 different scenarios. The response has to be able to get a specific action from the recipient, or move them in that direction. As before the email has to be: - A highly professional, educational tone (a tone of a highly educated person, someone who is a scientist and has great respect for people. At the same time the person is very friendly). The job pays the following: task 1: $5 per email So $19 x 5 = $95task 2:$20 per email response template $20 x 5 = $100Total = 195. Please send real life samples of you experience in writing custom outreach messages. Only candidates with real experience will be considered for the job.

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Senior Copywriter

Sep 2008 - Present (5 years)

Roaster Marketing Agency

I have 6 years experience on online business and many more.<br /><br />I do the following duties for my clients:<br /><br />- Copy Writing<br />- Ghost Writing<br />- SEO Audit Content<br />- Erotic Story Writing<br />- eBook Writing<br />- Keyword Research<br />- Web Content Writing<br />- Rewriting<br />- Press Releases Writing, <br />- Reviews Writing<br />- Product Description Writing<br />- Proofreading<br />- ETC<br />My specialization is in SEO article and WEB content writing.


Master of Philosophy

Hamilton University