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4 years Experienced iPhone App Developer. Also Skilled at Android, Java, PHP, Java Script, JSP, Mat

Username: FaisalBuet03

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Location: Memphis, United States

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  • $450 USD
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    Feb 19, 2012

    Program was completed early and on budget. I have very happy with the code and design. It was very well done, program looks and flows well.. JSON, Iphone skills are first rate. I would recommend this programmer again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller WillyTam

    WillyTam [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 30, 2010

    FaisalBuet03 does not complete this project.

    Project Description:I want a flash card application for IPad and IPhone.
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller itsalldoable

    itsalldoable [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 28, 2010

    Thie project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:This is a very simple ipad/iphone app OVERVIEW: Basically a Uiscroll app with popovers.  A large image is navigated by standard flick pinch zoom etc gestures.  Areas of the image are 'active', so when...
  • $230 USD
    Profile image for Seller peterhartwig


    Jun 25, 2010

    The project was delivered allright, but there were long delays in communication, and we had to take out a few features to make it on time. I understand he had a lot to do at the same time, but it is a bit annoying when it takes its toll on my project.

    Project Description:I need a very simple ipad app done. The thing is, when you do visual effects, such as inserting something onto a screen of a tv, phone, or even ipad, you need it to be a distinct color, and add what we call tracking markers on the corners...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller rekaquaka


    Jun 16, 2010

    This was my first time using a freelancer and I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed with all the bids I received, but I lucked out finding this developer. It was a real pleasure working with him. He was responsive and professional from pre-bid all the way through testing, debugging, and delivery of the app. We communicated on a daily basis and worked together as a team to create a really awesome app. His attention to detail and knowledge of iPhone development was just what I needed and helped me translate my idea and bring it alive in a way that fits the iPhone perfectly. Highly recommended to anyone looking to turn their idea into an app without much hassle. I have already started working on another project with this developer and plan to keep him as my "go to guy" for any apps I want to make in the future. Great job, Faisal!

    Project Description:Hi, I am a yoga instructor. I want to make an app with yoga poses. One app has approximately 25 images/poses. Each pose has an image on one side and can be flipped to read instructions on the other side...
  • $10 USD
    Profile image for Seller sagihirsh

    sagihirsh [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 1, 2010

    this project was canceled ...

    FaisalBuet03's reply:

    I have completed the project in 8 days.He said me to send him the full project to debug by his QA team.After sending him the project, He did not contact with me for 2 weeks, than he said he was sick and so he can not contact with me, after that he never contact with me and not do a payment for this project, also freelancer authority cut 40 USD as 10% of this bid value from my account.Now, I surprised that he report this project as incomplete.(?????)

    Project Description:Hi 2 application (same principle) one for iphone and one for ipad (only difference is the screen adujments). the application is a simple photo viewer. user should provide userid&password (for our service)...
  • $90 USD
    Profile image for Seller sagihirsh


    Feb 9, 2010

    Wow that was fast, After talking with many freelancers and spent many hours I found this guy, he said he is new here but can provide a proper solution in 1 day, I was supprised to see full working system after 1 day, everything is working, I'm planing to work with him more...

    Project Description:Application is only for my personal Iphone (demo application for now). Application shows buttons, "take a photo", "view my photos". take a photo button: When user tap this button,...
    FaisalBuet03 has not completed any projects.
  • $140 USD In Progress

    This app is used to send and receive scrambled text messages, video or photos.The platform may be Android or iPhone. I would like for it to be available on both at a future time.There will be 3 methods of scramble available (discussed later).The recipient will receive the scrambled message and must enter password to unscramble.Sender can set a time for the message to automatically delete.I would like someone with excellent design skills to create the graphics.I also need the developer to fix any bugs, minor changes/upgrades for an agreed upon amount of time.

  • ₹610 INR Feb 24, 2014

    I am planning on releasing 10 of my song recordings for free but bundled in an iphone app. They are not available on web or itunes or anywhere as of now.I am new to iphone sdk (latest) as you can imagine, so I have been going through the developer documentation, various forums and stackoverflow to learn.Apple"s avTouch sample application was a great start. But I want my app to play all the 10 tracks one by one. All the songs are added to resources folder and are named as track1, track2...track10.In the avTouch app code I can see the following 2 parts which is where I think I need to make changes to achieve what I am looking for. But I am lost.// Load the array with the sample fileNSURL *fileURL = [[NSURL alloc] initFileURLWithPath: [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@"sample" ofType:@"m4a"]];- (void)audioPlayerDidFinishPlaying:(AVAudioPlayer *)player successfully:(BOOL)flag{if (flag == NO) NSLog(@"Playback finished unsuccessfully");[player setCurrentTime:0.];[self updateViewForPlayerState];}can anyone please help me on1. how to load the array with all the 10 tracks which are added to resources folder2. and when I hit play, player should start the first track. when the 1st track ends 2nd track should start and so on for the remaining tracks.Thank You

  • $500 USD Mar 6, 2012

    This app will allow users to post items that they want to sell on listings divided into categories. The two main categories will be "Stuff" and "Books". There will be a load screen once the app is accessed (see mockup with the Rollins College emblem on it). After that, the home screen will load. The home screen is the mock up that has the two big buttons labelled "Stuff" and "Books". "R-Bay logo design" means that you can create a simple design for our name. As you can see, there will be a search bar that will match whatever is searched in both the "Stuff" and "Books" listings. Each page, besides the load up page, will have a scrolling advertisement at the bottom. The recent posts at the bottom of the home screen will be items that were most recently listed by time and date. It will only show the 4 most recent posts and will be able to scroll. The "Add Listing" buttons above the large category icons will take you to a screen that will allow you to post a listing. When you click:"Books" screen number:1. Will have a button that allows you to return home. The search bar will be at the top and will allow you to search all listings under the "Books" category. This page will also show instructions as to how to find your books. 2. Will have a button to return to the "Books 1" page. It will also show all results for your search. If there are no results, it will say "No matches found". 3. This is the screen that appears when you choose a listing. It will show a picture as well as all the book information and price, as well as a button "contact seller" that will show the seller"s contact information. The up and down arrows will allow you to scroll through the listings. See mockup pictures. "Stuff" screen number:1. Will have five buttons labeling different categories (appliances, electronics, supplies, furniture, and misc.)2. Choosing a category will bring you to a screen that has the name of that category at the top of the screen and a back button to return to the previous screen. It will contain a search bar to search through that category specifically. Underneath will be the 5 most recent posts, able to scroll up and down and click on. 3. This page will display the search results and postings that match your search. 4. This is the screen that appears when a listing is chosen. It will show a picture of the item as well as the information and price. There will be a button to "contact seller" which will show the sellers email and phone number. The up and down arrows will allow you to scroll through the listings."Add Listing" screens: see mockup screens labelled "Add Listing books" and "Add Listing stuff". They are different. You will be able to add a photo from your library or will be able to access your phone camera to take a picture. After 30 days of being posted, the listing will automatically be terminated. The information that you upload will be sent to a back-end-server, which we already have.Once again, scrolling advertisements will be on the bottom of every screen EXCEPT the load up page. We are leaving room for you to be artistic and make it look good yet SIMPLE. Preferred colors are blue and yellow, but nothing too bright and not too much of each color. **We will own all rights to the code that is made. No money will be released until the application is 100% finished and successfully uploaded to the app store. The developer is responsible for uploading the application onto my account.** We are looking to have an iPhone app made and will also need a simple backend server. It is a simple listing site like Craigslist. There are no logins. Users simply post information ..... And after 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Users don"t interact inside the app, they go to email and call each other outside of the appBackend admin to allow us to delete any listings.This will be a FREE app with scrolling ads at the bottom.

  • $30 USD Jan 14, 2012

    I need to get someone to set up Distribution and certificates in my Apple member centre ready for me to just upload app files and publish some apps

  • $800 USD Feb 9, 2011

    We need the development and Ui design of an Iphone app quiz game. We already have the complete questions database, and a very complete document about technical requirements, game play, game scheme etc.Tha main characteristics of the quiz game are:1- Two modality of playing (standard with level and life, and time based)2- We need facebook connect support3- We need twitter sharing feature4- We need gamecenter integration and achievements5- OpenFeint Integration6- Local Ranking (to be discussed)7- MultiSupport Language ( we can help in providing translation), we would glad automaticalanguage detection through geolocalization just for the first installationWe evaluate your portfolio and a timesheet with the expected deadline for at least these milestones:1- Demo2- Alfa version3- Beta version ready for testing4- Release Candidate5- Approved in the Apple StoreEnglish Communications is must, and we also need someone located nearby GMT+1You can ask for further details.

  • $550 USD Nov 3, 2010

    Need to create an iPhone app that will interface to a database. The final idea is to interface between a client and a service provider. The client can create a an account by entering personal information, and will be able to access data entered by the service provider. When the application launches at first, the user will be prompted to enter username and password or to if they would like to sign up.Under sign up page, the user enters e-mail address, which will be used as the username, and a password of 6-8 alpha-numeric characters.The user can also have the option to import their personal information if it already exists in the database. (Personal information may also be entered by the service provider).The information in the database is looked up by a 9 digit Social Security number.Once logged into the main screen, the client has the option to select from three options:The three options are:My XMy YMy ZIf the client selects "My X"A new screen will show up with:Age: Age of clientDate of Birth: Date of BirthHeight: HeightWeight: WeightCurrent Status: "List of current status"History: "List of history"Inquiry: "Send note to service provider"Similarly, I need the same screen to open if My Y, or My Z are selected, however, they will all be from different database records.I will also need a similar interface from the service provider side. The service provider can interface to the database through a website or through an iphone App.When the website is launched or iphone app is launched, the service provider will be prompted for username and password. The service provider will have a list of clients, or can search the clients based on last name, or 9 digit social security number.Once the the clients record is open, the service provider can update information such as weight, height, current status, or read messages from the client.

  • $800 USD Nov 1, 2010

    want to develop an application same as Phonecard at app store.

  • $200 USD Oct 28, 2010

    building a simple game. Must be able to produce "cute" graphics for a simple appThe game is simple, the logic of the game is this;You tap the screen to begin a countdown, the countdown starts. You tap a second time to start a separate, shorter countdown. If the first countdown finishes before the second you win, if not you lose. that is a simple logic of the idea.As has been stated we are looking at graphics and UI as a must.Must provide examples. Paying good for the right person.

  • [Sealed] Sep 21, 2010

    Hi everyone,I have a very simple app to build. I have my own developer account and would like to use it to publish through.iPhone version:- Splash screen- Main page is a simple list.- Each item on the list opens up to a simple page with text I will provide. Different text for each item on the main list of course. Plain text and 1 hyperlink that takes you to Safari to open the given page.- All items on the list behave exactly the same, no special exceptions.- App has a 3 button menu at the bottom - 1st button takes you back to the main page (list). 2nd takes you to "Helpful Links". 3rd button takes you to "Credits".- Helpful Links is just another simple page with links that connect to Safari if clicked.- Credits is a plain text page with 1 URL.iPad version:- Exact same functionality, no special iPad features, just a slightly different interface.- Want the list to appear on the left side of the screen and the detail page to display on the right, so that everything is accessible at once.As you can see, it"s almost entirely text based, so it should be a BREEZE for anyone who knows a little Objective C.Last note, although there is a Credits section, as your work is for hire, I would not be offering credit within the app itself. Winning bidder must be understanding of this note.Looking forward to getting started.LVWebGuy

  • $250 USD Sep 20, 2010

    very small calculator:Need: A number pad 0-9, a Decimal ".", and a back button. This number pad to will need a title bar with a cancel button on it. This number pad should show up when user touches a field for numbers. a nice example is the number pad from the App "MedSolve"Two equations: Equations setup like the ones from the App "MedCalc 3000" - pulmonary. Calculations are at bottom of examples within the MedCalc 3000-pulmonary app....1.a/A ratio2.Oxygen Content of Venous Blood

  • $900 USD Jul 30, 2010

    Requirement for developers:- Must be creative in graphic design, UI design, to make the app look professional. There will be 10 themes (graphic) that developers will have to make, and they all will be entitled to me (I will have all the legal rights to them)- Developers will also make 10 shot 30 seconds theme music (no lyrics, also entitled to me with all the legal rights), appropriate to 10 themes/graphics stated above. (I will provide you the categories when you win the bid)- Developers MUST provide free bug fix for 30 days after the app is approved and listed on Apple"s AppStore.Requirement for the app:- The app"s graphic must be hi-res to compatible with iPhone 4. - The app must include function to record video on iPhone 2G and 3G. On iPhone 4, it must be able to use Front OR Back camera to record video. And the video is time limited.- Video will be sent to Email, or Twitter, or Facebook. There must be an option for user to either have the final video products optimized OR full quality (without compressing, and be able to send to any of the destinations above)- Autosave progress.- Porttrait and Landscape mode.I already have the work flow document ready.

  • $150 USD Jul 16, 2010

    We"re currently using the gallery on we require the users to pinch in/out to zoom in/out and move around to behave like the native image ui on the iphone.Your code should be a separate and not require modifying the jaipho code where possible.We use jquery elsewhere in our app, so your code should not do anything that might conflict with that.We encourage that your finished deliverable is sent to the maintainer so that other users can take benefit and you"re welcome to take all and any credit/kudos available for the works.This /may/ be a helpful starting point: you are welcome to develop or otherwise souce a solution from elsewhere that isn"t using jaipho, however it should maintain the same features present in jaipho, If you do want to go down this route, please discuss it fully first.

  • $240 USD Jul 1, 2010

    We are looking for the development of a free iPhone app. This app will read and store weekly “Thoughts” on the iPhone from an XML on our web site. The app must have the capability to emails these “thoughts” and alert the user whenever a new “Though” has been added to their phone. We will provide branding guidelines and a mainframe "look and feel". Complete support from our office will be available. Details once the project is assigned.

  • $5000 USD Jun 28, 2010

    004 Technologies USA is looking for full-time programmers with Objective C experience. The full-time hire will be working on developing mobile commerce and productivity applications for European and US clients. In addition, the selected applicants will see first-hand the growth and development of a burgeoning multi-national company with the opportunity to learn about the business side of Information Technology. 004 Technologies USA, Inc. is a R&D subsidiary of the 004 Group, a full-service e-commerce firm located in Aschaffenburg, Germany. We are located in the University of Illinois Research Park.004 Technologies USA"s two primary objectives are the development of mobile commerce applications for multiple operating systems and the identification of companies looking for the ideal partner to navigate the European Market.

  • $550 USD Jun 25, 2010

    just programming for Iphone App for cookbookFunctions like recipe categoryfavoritesshopping listcreate menuadd categoryadd menushare (email, mms/sms, facebook, twitter)I will deliver concept and graphics and I will add the content (recipes)Would be good if users could add own recipes via web interface.

  • $90 USD May 31, 2010

    HiMain View:Need plist to read into uitableview. plist is a list of baby names. layout: segmented control with 2 segments Boy and Girl. Table will only display Boys names if Boys is selected and Girl names if Girls is selected. Another Segment control will be able to sort by Alpha the other by Rank ( Baby names are ranked in plist).When user clicks a cell a actionsheet will give user choice to Add to Favorites or Cancel. Favorites are saved to a data.plist.This view will have a Bar Button Item that will push the Favorites View onto stack.Favorites View:Will display values from data.plist. The user will be able to select Boys or Girls to View in tableview. The user will have the option to Add and Delete Baby Names to Data.plist.That is All. This is more just for learning.

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