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Username: Fitzgeraldz

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Location: Cusco, Peru

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My projects:

  • $494.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bmillertbs


    Dec 7, 2013

    Worst experience ever. I can't believe he robbed me out of my money. I asked for a POS app to be created (POS = Point of Sales, not Piece of Shit). Beware of this guy...He demanded to be paid prior to giving me the app, opened a case on me for not paying him up front, then failed to deliver the app. I attempted to contact him for weeks without reply.

    Project Description:Program Summary There are 2 types of users: Administrator/Supervisor, Ordinary Employee. There are 3 main functions: creating a ticket, maintaining a ticket and finalizing a ticket. Admins/Supervisors will have a bit more functionality as mentioned above...
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller skyfish


    Dec 4, 2013

    Very Good Freelancer,

    Project Description:I Need to install OpenGTS on my VPS to make it run completely. There project require only uploading OpenGTS and configure it accordingly.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller aymanfekri


    Nov 15, 2013

    Great job,

    Project Description:hello , I need someone conver HTML/CSS template to an master page. the project already has template with master pages , we need to convert new desing to ASP .net masterpages. total file's : 4 html pages ...
  • $1473.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller georgeman

    georgeman [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 5, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Hi, I'm looking for a talented developer that can create an app that captures the face from the camera and adds another face from a predefined mask over it, showing the face in realtime. Video recording and saving should also be included (no more than 30 second videos though)...
  • $126.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Nobynator

    Nobynator [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 2, 2013

    Accepted my URGENT project, said he will start immediately but after 24h nothing happend and zero communication, online but does not reply, lost 24h for nothing!

    Fitzgeraldz's reply:

    The worst employer in the world, this is the website as you can see this working. have appropriated my work. the first day the employer disappeared we communicate via Skype, send message you send will work. made this ridiculous criticism. I demanded that eliminate, and it has been working like a slave for 4 days, I"ve been scammed once again by a con artist this employer after 4 days of scam now insults me write me bad words and I do not want to pay . says my work is bad, but it is currently used on the website.with all the changes I have made.has appropriated my work. freelancer not allow me to write this employer"s profile I would like to warn more people about the criminal conduct of the offender.

    Project Description:I need ajax side menu with drop down for the sub categories to drop down and roll up as using without the whole site reloads like the original menu do. And a friendly colorizing theme for the menu. I need this job done asap, someone that knows its stuff and can start right away...
  • $386.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Suzanabdulla


    Sep 14, 2013

    Good job, I'll work with you again.

    Project Description:The project start with detect the face and the eye using front camera, then detect the eye blink to make a call. I'm using Java Eclipse with android opencv 2.4. And i did the detection part(face and eye)...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Sneakerman0303


    Sep 10, 2013

    Was Super Great And Fast On Time Ahead of Time Worked With Me. If You Are Looking For A SKILLED FREELANCER LOOK RIGHT HERE

    Project Description:I have an app that I need to get reversed it currently check for activation online and I want it not to and I want to be able to use my own password. This needs to be done by Thursday please if you can...
  • $600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller baurzhanaisin


    Sep 8, 2013

    unbelievable work!! magic work!! totally beyond my expectations!! Fitzgerald has completed his work in time and software is awesome! definetely will hire him again. I advice this freelancer to everyone who wants to get his software fast and well done. bravo!

    Project Description:the project name is recognizing emotions from facial expressions through the webcamera. there are 6 basic emotions that program must identify from user's face through the webcam. (angry,happy,sad,neutral,surprised,disgusted)...
  • $190.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kpetzold


    Aug 31, 2013

    Everything was perfect and fast! Thanks alot!

    Project Description:I have Ninjatrader strategy and it is complied and protected. I need to decompile it, unprotect it, remove the dll and requirement of machine code, and want the source code so I can make my own modifcations to it...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lp723n


    Aug 22, 2013

    Delivered as promised. Will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:De-compile Web MVC 4 EDM pre-compiled (dll) to source codennWe have all the view parts and static contents, its just the model and controller .. C sharp source code needs to decompiled from the DLL, maintain relationship and use EDM framework to establish mapping with the data source...
    Fitzgeraldz has not completed any projects.
  • €166 EUR In Progress

    Hello,I"m looking for a freelancer to write me a specific tool.1. It should scan to a specific folder and extract the .inf files.2. The inf files should be checked if they are for the user specified Windows version. For example, specify Windows 7 64 bit. It should extract only the inf files that can be used for that Windows version and/or the inf files that are universal for Windows version.Need it for all the Windows versions.Thanks.Roy

  • $750 USD In Progress

    *** READ ENTIRE POSTING BEFORE BIDUSA Based: If you are unfamiliar with music sites, studio session recording, digital audio, and music, this is the job for youView example at: http://traxmonster.comComputers and all mobile devicesProcess• Users join free as buyer or provider• Provider creates profile... music track/video. This could be links to vid share sites• User creates info, pics, genres & subgenres of music they record • Buyers can search genre of music, such as country, hip hop, rock, etc. and by instruments, such as acoustic guitar, piano, mandolin, drums, etc.Buyers receive customized tracks in 1 of 2 ways:1. Peruse providers; make an inquiry, give information to provider on production, price & timeframe2. Create posting, provider can place bid, similar to freelncrBuyer requests 1 or more of these services:- Session charting- Producer- Session musician- several other categories provided as we build site togetherBuyer orders the service, monies placed in escrow using PayPal, with admin commission of 10%. Example: buyer orders customized piano track for $50.00, 10% or $5 is taken by site admin $45 goes to provider. Variable in admin panel. Site will also have a paid advertisers section but it will not appear on default pageBuyer provides:- recordings done to date or work demo recording for reference- click track with count down- instruction/suggestions on instrument workProvider:- provider will record the individual track- track will be consolidated so that it is perfectly lined up for buyers other session work- track will be in a wav format or mp3 at 320kbps or session recommendations- will merge the preview track(the preview track is embedded into the music track so that a buyer cannot take the track and skip payment) upon approval escrow monies move to provider and buyer downloads track minus preview track- since wav files are large we could use Dropbox or similar service for this featureProvider is essentially uploading 2 tracks upon work completion... original track merged with the preview track and original trackListen to an example of a track: a preview track: of preview track embedded into music track: a provider creates profile it"s placed in queue (like Kickstarter) and admin will approve, disapprove, or make suggestions. Filters for potential violators will be implementedWe must have a "Report Violation" button on the main pages and educate users that it is a violation to make direct contact with providers or they will be purged from the system, lose all privileges, and potentially monies in escrowOther FeaturesSEO Friendly, integration to social networksAdmin PanelPayPal integrationHelp section with FAQ input thru Admin panelContact page only after FAQ. We will not use live chat feature at the start but must be integrated and readyWe need bid/timeframe. Expect alterations so bid accordingly because whatever you bid is what we"ll pay if we accept youI was in the top 20 of all Scriptlance buyers for many years and when FL bought and merged my profile did not go with that, which is quite upsetting, but I pay promptly but I pay one way... done rightWe will not award to zero rating for this project. You can expect good bonuses with success. But I expect continual updates with google hangoutSee gig bucks, due to its direct payment/Paypal features. Kickstarter, for its queue & social media features. I am not a programmer so take the liberty to come up with ideas, design, suggestions, and communicate what we need as a team. Need best platform to minimize reverse engineering and have stability. I provide basic design and will gather the images needed by either photographing them myself or purchasing images. Further, I am no social media expert and will need your assistance for that.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    I need the lighting for this open source program to be enhanced. I have provided the source files and a few pictures of before and after shots to give an idea of what Im talking about.The program is written in C# and you will have access to all files within the game. The game is directx 9 and is lacking in lighting features.

  • $350 USD In Progress

    work and redesign the our website and clean the backend. Skills required aspx, web design, web development.

  • $88 USD In Progress

    I have a video server set up, with XFileSharing Pro (a video software). It uses JW Player 5 (Pro) and a video mod to display videos. The problem I"m having, is that it won"t display thumbnails for the videos.Here is an example of the same player, but owned by someone else: is mine:"m guessing it"s something to do with my server, and I need it fixed. Preferably today. Hopefully it shouldn"t take very long. Maybe an hour or less.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a website: I have a piece of script to put on the home page that show tickets available form a third party provider. But it"s not connecting to the data feed. Requiring someone to look at it, tell me if it"s broken, and if not fix and install on site. This is NOT a major project. I will not consider any time allocation above 2 hours (some people previously stated 40 hours!!!!!) Thanks!

  • $160 AUD In Progress

    Simple Bird watcher site assignmentThe site sits on an SQL database which holds info on its members, info about various birds and record of sightings by its members. The site contains three tables to implement the many to many relationship between members and birds:*tblBird(birdID, maoriName, englishName, scientificName)*tblMember(,e,berID,LName,fName, suburb)*tblBirdMember(birdID,memberID)Initial data is supplied in text fileSite should support the following functionality:•Home welcome screen•Users can view list of birds sightings currently in database showing the member who sighted it , the maori and English names of the birds.(built dynamically by querying database).•New users can register for the club.•Registered users can add new sightings (member name plus bird sighted) to the database. Must cope with a case when the sighted bird is not yet in the database.Must:•Create and populate SQL database (we are using our own Iss Server I have my own log in details)•Must be entirely in no using ssms.•Bird watcher text file is to be used to populate databaseI’ve started master page/and cpntent pages which are registration form/login/welcome pages but don’t have time to carry on

  • $120 USD In Progress

    I need a bookmarklet, created totally in javascript which allows a user to store information gained from the page the user is viewing.So, when the bookmarklet button is pressed within the browser, I need a seperate window to appear and within that window the user will see:Images from the page, the page title, the page URL and the price of a product in that page if there is one.I have attached an image of a similar functionality at - I need almost an exact replica of that, although for completely different reasons.Important issue is speed, if you try the Amazon button, or one from Pinterest you will notice that they are almost instant.Quite a simple project and can probably be reverse engineered to an extent.Many thanks for looking.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    I need to install worpress, template, videoplayer. Please submit examples of work done as soon as possible. Experience required:Blog Website layout design skillsExpert with WordPress and Plug-in installationBe able to quickly get up to speed with how current site is installedWebsite content upload

  • $22 USD/hr 3 days ago

    please listen this video carefully : problem is : we are an airlines company that have 5 aircrafts and till know the persons here work by excel sheet and papers so I want to implement a small system that control all process ( roster - safety and quality - payrol - operations control ) and dynamic and automatic alertsBut when I think on thatI said why we don"t develop this system for all companies that work by the same concept of my company ( any company that has number of vehicles and do trips or flights by : aircraft - cars - ships )all of those work by the same conceptwith different rules and titlesIf we talk about roster modulewe will see that all of those should have roster system to organize the flights/trips and their timewe can develop the application with free rules and restrictions and during setup, the customer will insert his own dataas each company has different restrictions and rulesand work by different waySo, we want to implement the same module in this video by the same restrictions and the same structure but " ONLINE " application not a desktop one..

  • $2222 USD 16 days ago

    I need a program that can follow and monitor a specific twitter account of my choosing (must be editable), and look for certain tweets. As soon as the tweet is detected, it needs to be able to open the tweet up and read the image finding the circled word (example pictures are and and then respond to the twitter account and send it a Direct Message (DM for short) containing information such as the following.NameShoe SizeCircled Word An example picture is such as the following: The example direct message that would be sent to the twitter account that tweeted that image would read as the following:#WTKOBE John Smith 12 If you need anymore clarification on the project, read Nike"s RSVP process here ( THE SPEED IS IMPORTANT. IT NEEDS TO BE SENT IN REAL TIME AND NO HIGHLY PREFERABLY UNDER A SECOND.This software needs to be have licensing which mean you also need make a serial# generate from the machine number of each computer.PLEASE READ: I HAVE ATTACHED 2 IMAGES OF WHAT IT WILL LOOK LIKE, IF YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CREATED THE ONES IN IMAGES PLEASE SUBMIT PROPOSAL, Add me on Skype Also: Gcjlsg17

  • $177 USD 16 days ago

    You need to write tool on C# which will make pc screenshotsIt must be

  • $333 USD 17 days ago

    I bought an English language program. I would like to have changed in the German and a little bit.Here is the link to the English-language product: product is called Social Lead Freak and reads the IDs of Facebook users from groups, events, pages, sites and posts from. To switch so that targeted Facebook advertising.The program must run on both Windows and Apple computers. The English used in Apple computers Adobe AirCould you implement this project and what would it will cost and how long it need to finish? Could you make a suggestion to me for the project improvement ,if yes what are the improvements you are suggesting for me?

  • $1666 USD 17 days ago

    I need an already done software :1) Decoding magnetic stripe binary data (5-bit, 7-bit-8bit) recorded in waveform (PCM uncompressed)2) Supporting interrupted swipe recordings, in other words, WAV recordings with gaps/silenceSoftware must be able to decode a WAV and mp3 file. The sound in the wav file is magnetic stripe. So basicly I need a tool that will decode magnetic stripe audio track2 sound into a text (numbers ) . The tool must be able to clear the noise in the sound and support interrupted data signal inside of sound file !! . THE sound contains large file of intrerrupted swipe data from track2... which will look like this:1: 1234567890123456789=1234567890123456789?2: 1234567890123456789=1234567890123456789?3: 1234567890123456789=1234567890123456789?4: 1234567890123456789=1234567890123456789?5: 1234567890123456789=1234567890123456789?.....""Have a look at an existing open source project to as a starting point. Note this existing project lacks basic signal processing and editing such as remove dc offset, remove section on silence, high-pass filter or filtering to enhance F2F signal, auto amplification level control (dynamic AGC), and any other signal processing techniques commonly used for signal enhancement. Note also he the existing projects does not provide intermdiate raw binary output, in case parity and/or LRC or LUHM errors need to be corrected manually, due to missing/incorrect bit or characters.THIS IS NOT a project suitable for anyone that does NOT have extensive previous experince with wav file manipulations concerning signal processing methodologies operating on sequencial PCM data points. You should electronics engineering expertise yourself, or be working with somesone in highly knowledgeable in digital signal processing. Be prepared to demonstrate these capabilities vis previous project examples and references, or don"t bother to quote.If you already have this software and can demo it"s use, that would be ideal.Please post ONLY if you have the program already made!

  • [Sealed] /hr 17 days ago

    I"m looking for an expert with Win32 API who can write C++ code. I have a model application I want to reproduce. Only contact if you have at least 5-8 years experience and are excellent with Win32 API

  • $222 USD 18 days ago

    We are looking to hire someone on an hourly basis to write scripts and macros for the Linnworks product management software. We will also require this person to work with us on integrating Linnworks with third party soft ...

  • £1666 GBP 19 days ago

    Upgrade and refine system written in C# back end, front end Flash.Improve functionality, upscale features and work on the aesthetics

  • €222 EUR 23 days ago

    Buscamos una persona que tenga amplios conocimientos de software de empresas. Queremos un software de licencia libre (gratuito) y que sea Online, es decir, conectarnos desde cualquier ordenador.Necesitamos que contenga CRM para los clientes, gestión de stock y almacén, presupuestos, albaranes, contablidad, pedidos, ventas, facturas, tpv e integración con la tienda online de prestashop.Necesitamos que ademas de instalarlo y dejarlo preparado, nos de unas nociones para poder trabajar con él. Por este motivo uno de los requisitos es que el freelance sea Español.Hemos mirado por ejemplo Open ERP. ¿que implantarías tu?

  • ₹12444 INR 23 days ago

    We are looking for an expert to develop windows application. Primarily, the requirement is to develop windows application in C# to communicate with attached USB device. Refer enclosed document for more details.We will prefer Pune, India based freelancers.

  • $277 USD 23 days ago

    Hey,I see you have auto seating script for pokerstars. Could you sell it to me? Is it working? ............

  • €555 EUR 25 days ago

    Applicação windows com ligação a SQL Desenvolver cockpit com gestão de utilizadores e perfis de autorização (Administradores e Supervisores)Preenchimento de formularios com dados do sistema e outros para inserção manualPermissão de regravar dias só permitido a AdministradoresGuardar informação diária de diferenças Barra de progressão das actividades

  • €555 EUR Jun 12, 2014

    turbo lister for include:1: Add one machine on site a number of (500) and always put the same cars all dayI have a similar program requirements above but manually.I use VPN to post free + want to include post new premium frames of the project (using BLZ payment)I can help with the following:1: list name2: list of cities3: list of streets with numbers4: list of zip code5: phone numbersfrom my old program that still workstheir mailing list once you introduces personal SayI can post a video program I use now ... to understand exactly what they want in addition to the new programwaiting for your offers have a limited budget

  • $888 USD Jun 11, 2014

    I need a dedicated programmer who has the will to turn out a successful project. You must have a qualified background with a confident approach to delivering the client"s needs. Job fulfillment gets the work. Looking to hire an expert wiz in C++.

  • $222 USD Jun 11, 2014

    Add facebook login to mobile site. Add photo upload to mobile site. Full site has both features already.

  • $244 USD Jun 11, 2014

    I am looking for a ASP.NET developer who can help me with a online schoolmanagement software with softphone/ call functionalityFor more details we will talk about that. But show me that you can do this !We are looking somebody for long period

  • €222 EUR Jun 11, 2014

    Uma plataforma web onde se registe informação em diversos pontos.

  • $222 USD Jun 11, 2014

    I am looking urgently for female proxy for the role of Mid to Jr level Dot Net developer. The interview process is phone interview which is going to be scheduled tomorrow. Interested reply me quickly.Will pay good.Thanks

  • $244 USD Jun 9, 2014

    Capturing data output data networking games in TCP and UDP, inject a DLL in the game that have listed with the name I choose (. Exe), indicate all traffic for a particular game to the server localhost .. So running my system for reducing latency in various games.Example games utilize UDP : League Of Legends, Dota2, Smite.One software already make it from a company its : Game Socks5 Client And Server Suite Softwarefrom negotiableI want develop one of this.

  • $195 AUD Dec 13, 2013

    Port C++ to C#.I would like to have an existing Windows C++ program ported to the open source .net framework in C#. Mono is an open source, cross-platform, implementation of C# and the CLR that is binary compatible with Microsoft.NET. There is a dedicated IDE available for the environment here . Requirements:* Final code must be in C# and all tests must succeed using the Mono .NET framework (* All functionality in the C++ version must be available in the C# version* Tests of the C# version must return the same results as the original Windows version.The original code lives here version of this code for Windows is here description of the program is under the BRIDGE heading on this page: let me know if you need further information.

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Expert in Information Technologies

Expert in Information Technologies

Expert in Computer Architecture

Expert in Computer Architecture

Gis Sanitation Enterprise

University Engineering

Specialist Geographic Information Systems to basic sanitation companies.<br />ArcGIS, AutoDesk Map.


Development of a router Domains


<br /><br />Development of a router Domains