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Quality software development in the European Union.

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Location: Tallinn, Estonia

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  • $5674.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller j0b0123


    Feb 19, 2014

    Great job - was difficult coding. Took the time to get it done right rather than rush it with a lot of bugs. Would use again any time. Very good communication back and forth.

    Project Description:I have an existing code base for SEO link building software that needs to be improved and expanded. The code base is written in .Net and connects with a server. It uses MySQL on a local PC and on a server and there is interaction between the two...
  • $375 USD
    Profile image for Seller iPonic


    Jul 3, 2013

    Karl did a great job. Looking forward to working with him again!<br/>

    Project Description:We have just posted a software development project. However, it&#039;s obvious that there&#039;s not enough information there to properly assess the work require esp. given the tight dead-line. Also, the project...
  • $330 USD
    Profile image for Seller j0b0123


    Jun 13, 2013

    Excellent work - really knows what they are doing with code. Would highly recommend.<br/>

    Project Description:I have existing code base in .NET for some SEO linkbuilding software. There are a few bugs that are causing issues that need to be fixed. The project makes use of MySQL and there are several issues with database indexing causing crashes...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller earlogic


    May 1, 2012

    A Class Developer. Supers experience and delivers a flawless product. I would love to work with him on my other projects.

    Project Description:Hey, As discussed, for most skillful programer on freelencer. Addon to existing project. Project is desktop based application with cool user interface. Thanks
  • $800 USD
    Profile image for Seller earlogic


    Apr 14, 2012

    Amazing developer, a quality product created by skilful developer. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:Hey, For this project you need to have good knowledge of working mechanism. Second part of this project involves recapcther decoding. If you do not understand any of the ABOVE lines, then please DO NOT bid and PM me for clarification...
  • $602 USD
    Profile image for Seller yoLK


    Apr 5, 2012

    FlashSoftware did a phenomenal job and delivered quality work on time. Would not hesitate to hire again.

    Project Description:Essentially looking for a clone of the GIFPAL flash converter that takes one/or several snapshots at a time and then interlaces them into a moving animated GIF file. Other features that are needed...
  • $2000 AUD
    Profile image for Seller smcbiz


    Jun 28, 2011

    Karl has done an excellent job in completing this project to a high standard and worked patiently with myself and my business partner in developing our first app. He has been flexible in solving unforeseen issues that arose as a result of the loose initial specification and delivered a solution full of innovation. Communicated very well throughout as he is fluent in English. I hope to work with Karl in the future.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller Danny007


    Oct 6, 2010

    One of the best Flash/PHP developers we've worked with. Very quick turn around as well. We were looking for a Flash developer long term, and will continue working with him. Hope that it turns out well, since we have been disappointed in the past (with other developers). So far, very good experience! Highly recommended!

    Project Description:Review of code structure... 2-hours worth. Thanks!
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller technosystem


    Sep 23, 2010

    Again a very good work done for me. Looking to work with him again in future.

    Project Description:As per our discussion.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller designerblue


    Sep 1, 2010

    Very professional work, I HIGHLY recommend. Also, excellent communication and all work was completed in a very timely manner. Very accommodating and had great solutions to my questions. Great Job!!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
    FlashSoftware has not completed any projects.
  • $16500 USD In Progress

    Need to develop a front end GUI and a middle/service database layer for our software. Reference my other bid documents from previous projects for this bid.

  • $700 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $500 USD In Progress

    We are looking for a professionally-designed flash interactive banner/ad that will appear on the Google Content Network and also on 3rd party websites. The ad should be of VERY HIGH quality. We show an example of such an ad and go over a bit on what we want in this video: ad doesn&quot;t necessarily need to be similar to that one but I think that it is a good starting point and gives an idea of what level of design we want. The ad should have a small intro with our website logo and some text (just like the one shown in the example) and afterwards should go into the &quot;main menu&quot; of the ad. The ad should be catchy while emphasizing the discounts provided by the deals/coupons. * We need the ad template in 4 different sizes, Leaderboard: 728x79Inline Rectangle: 300 x 250Large Rectangle: 336 x 280Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600your bid is for all 4 ads.* The ad should read content remotely from an xml file hosted in our server, and from there it would get the headers such a title, thumb image, savings, etc. You can choose the structure of the xml since we can generate it accordingly. * The flash ad should adhere to all adwords requirements, and be fully Adwords compliant/ready to be uploaded. The requirements are listed here: should presumably have the following skills:* Adobe Flash 10* ActionScript 2/3* Familiar with Google Adwords flash requirements and coding.Important:1. We will only consider people with some type of portfolio to show us.2. We will need ALL source PSD files, uncompiled Flash, and basically all the original files so that we could edit the template ourselves in case we need small changes (for big changes we will still need you).3. Payments can be made via PayPal. We can arrange some sort of payment after for example the first banner is finished and accepted as an upload in the adwords system (first time user here so I don&quot;t know exactly the protocol for this but I&quot;m open to suggestions). Note: If the results are satisfactory we have other projects available to work on too so we can develop a working relationship.

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    1. Need a flash/flex type component that can take a recording or soundbyte from user on webpage(length of recording can be adjusted), convert the audio into wav or some small audio format. There should be an option for input audio as (actual audio) or (sung, hummed, tapped, etc audio).2. The converted/recorded audio would then need to be compared to similar formats recognizing samples, by pitch, tempo variation, speech content and/or location of pauses(by melody) either in a database on the server or just the server itself. The actual audio would require more of an exact match.3. The closest matches would then be returned to the user.The component would be similar to that of,, or I know searching for music like this is complex to the programmer so fine details can be worked out. Thanks.-Xavier

  • $8947 AUD 26 days ago

    We need to make a web app to customise our garment orders. Something similar to this: initial project will include 3 vector jacket designs. 2.Every garment will have front, back and lining graphics (the link above has only the front graphics).3.Completed garment design will be recorded in a database.4.Completed garment design can be saved as a pdf file and be emailed to both the customer and us.There needs to be a backend interface which will have these features:1.We can add more designs by ourselves or by other designers. 2.Customer details and orders can be viewed and exported as pdf file for printing.This project can be produced with Java, HTML 5 or Flash. We will need to have a complete copy of the software including all source code. The web app will be added to our existing web site We will provide graphics from the web site so the app can match our overall theme. After the initial project is finished, we will eventually add more designs and we will need someone to make them for us. So we will be looking at a quote for extra design as well.

  • $1111 USD Mar 18, 2014

    we have router with cpu inforamtion:cat /proc/cpuinfosystem type : 96328angprocessor : 0cpu model : Broadcom4350 V7.5BogoMIPS : 319.48wait instruction : yesmicrosecond timers : yestlb_entries : 32extra interrupt vector : nohardware watchpoint : noASEs implemented :shadow register sets : 1core : 0VCED exceptions : not availableVCEI exceptions : not availableunaligned exceptions : 15224[10:43:42] ZeroIce123: We need tutorial for making hello world driver for it, that would printk(&quot;Hello world&quot;); message. Router has insmod command to load drivers.

  • $30 USD Aug 1, 2012

    HiI read you made before karaoke software. If you possible please send more information about your software to marketing@karaoke.mnTnx

  • $30 USD Jul 15, 2012

    Hello please dont accept this projectI want to talk with you related to this project is very big problem if you will help me I am very thank ful to you...

  • $200 USD Jun 13, 2012

    A probability game of finding treasures in 100 cells, with a networking element on Facebook is being created currently. The current developer of game has exhausted his ability and will to complete the game. Main functions of game have been completed already, I would just like a clean-up job.Game is built on AS3. Main tasks required for this project:- Investigate + implement quicker booting speed for Yap! function (include photos)- Post on own Facebook wall requesting other player help (Request a Yap)- Game appears on Facebook News Feed- Compatibility with Apple products (AIR conversion)Here is the link to the game: for the source, I will send once interest has been expressedI have attached the original document for the game. More specific details of changes and task will be given. The time to complete this project is an important consideration, I would like work to start asap. Please express interest by 15th.Kind Regards,Enzo

  • $1500 AUD May 5, 2012

    Hi, I would like to hire you to complete my project unaccomplished by other bidder, my budget AUD1500 to 2000, will send you details after having your feedback.

  • $750 USD Apr 17, 2012

    I am looking for someone who can create a windows application that will work with the app to send mass SMS. This will need to be multi threaded, support proxies, spoof headers, etc. Only bid if you know exactly how to do this, and have done it before.I am also interested in anyone who has a bot like this made already.

  • $250 USD Apr 15, 2012

    Simple assignment C++. Linked list and struct ,I need complete in 2 hours. Will big payment. PmB more details

  • $25 USD/hr Dec 8, 2011

    Hi Karl,you did a project for us last year - a custom skin for Articulate. The client now wants to change the logo. Are you able to do this for us? I think it should be a quick job. Please let us know if you can, and what charge?Thanks, Sue Stubley

  • $50 USD Dec 4, 2011

    Hi Karl,you did a project for us last year - a custom skin for Articulate. The client now wants to change the logo. Are you able to do this for us? I think it should be a quick job. Please let us know if you can, and what charge?Thanks, Sue Stubley

  • $2500 USD Nov 16, 2011

    i need Game Zuma P2P version, so player can play against player, the backend is SmartfoxServer

  • $1500 USD Jun 14, 2011

    Conversion of existing small iPhone app to Android (2.x) using Titanium. Secondary task of reformatting for iPad also open for discussion. Current application involves basic graphics and limited charting functionality. All necessary components and source files available. Successful completion of similar projects essential. Project to be assessed and paid according to agreed milestones. Example (video capture) of current app attached.

  • $2500 USD Apr 26, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $900 USD Mar 10, 2011

    Need Facebook New Graph API Developer with Flex4 and Flash CS5 experience. For updates to Menus and interactive Flash Game Play. Swap out of some images which all images will be provided. This is a isometric 2D Game. Game is 75% done. Would like Facebook Credits API integrated into Flash game Images and documentation will be provided. In addition, will need to swap out background music file, with sound effects added to mouse over features. Some New Features added. All music, sound effects and Images will be provided in MP3 and .png form. Also create javascript timers for popup flash items like many flash games on facebook. (example flash images pops up over object, click that item...then music sounds.... new flash image pops out and javascript timer starts for next image to appear.)Basically finish this game to get to test mode. requires Facebook API auth 2.0 knowledge and a creative flair. Suggestions for game play are welcome. ONLY those with current Facebook experience should apply. Will need to friend and add you as developer for game, as it is in sandbox mode currently. More details will be provided for selected developer.

  • $250 USD Mar 3, 2011

    DUE NOW – TEMP WORK PLUS POSSIBLE ONGOINGMarch 14 is National Pi Day. The government chose to have this day to play with pi (3.14 – the way you figure out the circumference of a circle). PiZone is making a public outreach site that schools and individuals can access for activities, lessons, games, jokes, art, and several YouTube videos. What we need is someone to create some animations (this might not be the proper word but we want movement and morphing on the site) for the site’s logo using HTML5 and/or Flash. There’s no art required; all images and content will be provided. This is an assembly job. PiZone will provide the slides and script. Candidate should know the most efficient way for this to run without being delayed. Due ASAP.Must be able to talk with Creative Director of PiZone (9 – 9 PST), for 15 minutes to understand program scope and review assignment. Strong English a must, and availability now. Other projects available upon conclusion of this The project could be 1-2 weeks, possible ongoing part-time work. Project starts now. We need someone hired ASAP. Please respond with examples of your work using HTML5, your availability, and your rate.

  • $1700 USD Mar 1, 2011

    I need 3 flash games:1) Crazy Words: There are falling words and the user has to type them before they reach the ground. Each key the user press should write it on the screen. If it matches any of the falling words, it must paint the letters that matches the ones the user pressed. The keys the user press must be deletable by pressing &quot;backspace&quot;. When the user press &quot;Enter&quot; it sends the word written. Each correct word entered by the user before it reaches the ground adds to the score.There&quot;s a time limit of 40 seconds and there&quot;s a score.2)Atrapa el enjuague: There are 5 upside down bottles of mouthwash that occasionally drop mouthwash and the user controls a cap of the bottle with the mouse and has to catch the falling liquid. The cap only moves horizontally. Each effective catch adds to the score.There&quot;s a time limit of 40 seconds and there&quot;s a score.3)Sigue al experto: It&quot;s a Simon Says type of game. There are 9 mouthwash bottles on the screen. The game starts with empty bottles and they start to fill in a random order() until every bottle is full. Then the user has to repeat the order, if the user get every bottle right theres a win screen, and if he makes any mistake he gets a lose screen. The score is a function of the time lapsed and the number of correct bottles.General:Each game has instructions before it starts and a loading screen.Each game has a ranking. The data for the ranking is in a database. The flash program has to call a ASP function that returns the data in XML format and then the program display the data retrieved.Each game has a Share on facebook and twitter button.

  • $150 USD Feb 9, 2011

    We need a logo for a flash game. The logo have to be made in flash!If you bid on this project then please add samples of your past work that you have done!We need also full time flash designer, so if you are talented then everything is possible.About the logo:We need this logo for this game: www.playgamemm.comThe new name of the game is Machines Land And the sub name is The Zombies curse. The sub name will be presented like in the current logo Mad machines sub: Zombie smasher.I added a sample also and in the end the logo should look something like that. (the style is the same) Basically there is colorful planet with trees and towers and on top of it will be the words Machines Land. The sub name will be on the bottom of the planet (it will be separated, not on top of the planet).The logo have to be colorful, clean style and good to read. It should be readable in small scale also. It is more likely to win this offer if you have a good portfolio and/or you will make a good sketch of the logo.Have a good bidding.

  • $750 USD Sep 27, 2010

    This project involves revising the GUI of a Flash panoramic image viewer, as well as software involved with converting images so they can be displayed in the viewer. See attachment for details.

  • $5500 USD Aug 13, 2010

    Hello,Our company is looking to create a Facebook Game similar to Office Wars ( are wanting to create a game that is the next &quot;big&quot; viral application. We want our game to be fun, with clear monetization and viral appeal to the user. Wanted Game Features:-&quot;Clean&quot; Character and Game Animation- Up to 80+ game achievement levels- Up to 75+ game achievement items- Reward points system - Item Gifting to friends- Unlockable Items- Invite Friends to Game- OfferPal Integration for Monetization- Top Quality Graphic Design.Winning Bidder Must:- Be Very Creative- Be an effective communicator- Be willing to give quality suggestions to enhance game- Speak English- Have a good record- Have extensive experience creating Video Games and/or Applications.- Know Facebook Game Application Terms & Conditions.- Be able to meet all deadlines that are agreed upon.- Be able to communicate via AIM and E-MailPlease include in your PMB any relevant Game development you have completed along with links to those games.

  • $1500 USD Jul 26, 2010

    I am a speaker/hip hop artist/poet. I often present with the idea of &quot;entertainment and teaching.&quot; I specialize in working with at-risk youth populations, especially foster and adoptive youth. My own personal story of growing up in the system resonates well with these populations. I also occasionally share my stories at high schools and colleges. My current goal is to bring my stories and messages of succeeding against all odds to every alternative high school and foster care conference in the country (and hopefully pick up some more high schools and colleges along the way). So far, I&quot;ve managed to hit these populations in 6 different I need a web site that will help me reach my goal of every state.The cool thing about what I do is that along this path I have met some really awesome people. I&quot;ve invited some of them to join my quest and with a few added artists and presenters I have decided to start an agency called Changing Lives Entertainment (Change Lives At Your Event!). When I am working with high schools, colleges, conferences and event coordinators I want to be able to show off the great people I work with on my agency&quot;s web site. To do so, it seems like a great idea to have a profile of each person or group. Kind of like the the simplicity of a Facebook profile, but in a way that showcases each person&quot;s talents well. On each presenter&quot;s page I would like to include a section for photos, bio, testimonials, presentation topics, maybe some interesting facts, and a promo video if one is available for each person. To be cost effective, the presenter pages might not need to be too code-heavy or intricate. Although I have other artists/presenters that I work with, my personal presenter/artist page as Travis Lloyd will be the main page promoted on the site and will need a little more development. Once a structure is set for presenter pages it can be replicated for each person with updated info. There are only 3-5 people for this. My domain will forward to my profile page on the new web site.The site in general will need a blog that can be updated. My first thought is to have the blog stream be on the home page. This will allow updates from anyone to be easily posted on the page while enhancing SEO. I would like for the site to also be designed with a marketing focus similar to the Store section in iTunes...this has a banner that has a few other small banners to its right and the large one rotates through the smaller ones. An event calendar that is easily updated would be nice as well.My idea is to have a sleek professional design and keep it youth friendly and somewhat interactive with things like a YouTube gadget and Twitter feeds, etc. Although it will be a professional site, I want it to feel very approachable with marketing and selling in mind and not a &quot;corporate&quot; vibe. So, things like &quot;Share&quot; buttons should be available for facebook/twitter/linked in and I would like social networking sites made easily available with logo images that link directly to them. I also feel that it is important to have 2-3 spots that are chosen for smaller advertisements and at least one area should be an area where a quote can be displayed. I would like to have different quotes rotate each time a page is clicked.The main tabs that I have in mind are:HOME/ABOUT (presentation topics listed and info about the agency on home page..and possibly a welcome/promo video with a collaborative twitter or facebook stream from everyone in the agency and the blog that can double as news feed)MEDIA (videos, event photos, music, press)SPEAKERS/ARTISTS (with sub headings for each speaker/artist page)TESTIMONIES (list of testimony quotes and some testimony videosCONTACT - Contact form, but also a listed company number and email. Maybe the event calendar could go here to

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