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  • $66.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller davidcaines


    Mar 25, 2014

    Clearly a professional academic writer, and very nice to work with. I will definitely hire again.

    Project Description:I considering hiring someone to write a political philosophy paper. 1500 words I think. The paper has to answer a question based on the book 'The Sexual Contract' and reference 2 other sources of which I will provide...
  • $150.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller billybala


    Apr 24, 2013

    Alexia was great to work with. Highly professional and always kept me up to date. Thanks!

    Project Description:I have a 15,000 word document which summarizes a law course at university. I need this re-written with meaning INTACT. You will need to avoid changing/re-writing technical phrases, legal phrases and definitions used...
  • $145.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artree


    Jan 29, 2013

    Very professional and timely. Defintely going to work with him on a long term basis.

    Project Description:2000 + 2000 + 1000 edit. Discussed.
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artree


    Jan 19, 2013

    excellent as usual!! very professional! thank you!

    Project Description:project just for flexbible pen!!
  • $330.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artree


    Jan 18, 2013

    Excellent!!!!!!!!!! A+++++++++++++++++++

    Project Description:Project for Flexible Pen only.
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artree


    Jan 5, 2013

    Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to work with her =)

    Project Description:1500 words + 1800 words, due on 28th.
  • $55.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artree


    Dec 19, 2012

    very polite and professional writer!! A++ highly recommanded!!

    Project Description:As Discussed, thank you.
  • $77.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arn1356


    Dec 13, 2012

    it was a pleasure to work with her, very reliable

    Project Description:there are 3 very basic and farily short assignments on PTTLS course (teaching qualification course) please have a look at the detales of assigments in the attched file. if we are happy with the quality of work then there are numbers of similar assigments for next year as well...
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller artree


    Dec 10, 2012

    Very nice freelancer, handles the work professionally, definitely will hire agian.

    Project Description:As discussed, you are required to write a 1000 words report after reading one of the articles. Details will be provided.
  • £20.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller powerapple


    Dec 9, 2012

    the multi-choice answer most of them were wrong

    Flexiblepen's reply:

    Amazingly unprofessional. Made me believe he was happy with the work so I provided feedback. Then he gets back to me with instructions on the project that he himself forgot to give me.I agreed to do this at no cost whatsoever, taking pity. We left on good terms. This feedback is about a project he imposed on me as a cox to do the revision for free. Employer changed from polite to rude overnight. Sent him emails to confirm the use of certain files. He confirmed. His conformation was erroneous the second time round and he did not even notice. I was compliant first time round and on time. Sorry I am not a charity institution. You have no right to use the language you have used with me on chat. All the work I did was not even worth the money and this.

    Project Description:Open-book exam questions to answer i will give you the lecture slides and previous exam paper, Reference to the previous topic and guess ,then answer more info please PM 1000words in 2days Budget:20GBP...
    Flexiblepen has not completed any projects.
  • €250 EUR In Progress

    Hello,I am looking for a ghost writer among the medicine and health domain, who has the time and ability to write a big assignment (around 60 pages, 40 000 words). The content will be posted on a blog but could be posted as articles too. -A list of keywords will be given to the chosen candidate(s) from which they will be required to write around. -I will require at minimum 10 pages per week, which means at least 1-2 page per day with proper and quantitative references, more pages would be beneficial. You must adhere to deadlines without any failure.And payment will be done after you submit the writing every sunday. -The first 10 pages should be sent within one week.-The writing must be unique and will be checked. Content must not be plagiarized. This is really important, and I will check it.-Content must have proper grammar and spelling. -All your reference must follow one official system -Communication between me and the candidate must be open, you need to be available on skype.In order to be chosen, please attach a sample of your work (it would be to your benefit if you would send a link to show where it was used). This is a long term project which last for one and a half months. I expect the right person to start as soon as possible with the ability to finish on time. Once you have accepted the task, I will give you more specific requirement about this article. Write " Content must not be plagiarized " in your bid, so that I know you"ve read the requirements.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Looking for individuals to join our team and become a part of our essay writing and research team.Us$10 per 1000 words. Topics are mostly business management.You must have a degree. Preference will be given to people with a Masters.You must have the required level of academic english skills (no grammatical/lexical errors) and the necessary skills to conduct formal research, write and edit. Plagiarism is not tolerated, writing must be 100% original and properly cited in harvard/apa system.If interested, send us your cv and academic writing samples.Steady work available.

  • $12 USD/hr 12 days ago

    PHD level-substantial chapter on International Criminal law in Arab World and not human rights only briefly like the talk about creating hum right court which may open possibility to extend its jurisdiction to include int crimes. look at direct enforcment enforcment mechanism. indierct enfforcement mechanis i.e courts, conventions, cooperation. analyse different court modelsand suggest best moel. why arabs are ot members of ICC.please get in touch with me. only take the project if u are very competent in the area as my superviisor very disappointed by work. referncing style is OSCOLAmy supervisor comment on my work:Dear Dhari, I hope you are well. Now that I had clarification about the status of supervision, I went through the 48 pages you gave me a while ago. I attach a pdf scan of the paper with my hand-written comments. Generally, I am rather concerned about the level of progress you have made and the structure of the piece. Just a few major issues, but please see my detailed comments on the paper itself: 1. Please check the MS for issues of copying source text verbatim: some passage sounded like text was used as written by the author but not put in inverted commas. If that is the case, please familiarise yourself again with citation rules and plagiarism definitions.2. The work overall lacks depth and structure. I had to cross out a number of pages as irrelevant for the argument. I am unclear about where you are now going with this: human rights or ICL court or both? I feel that you are mixing things up by referring to human rights abuses as the basis for ICL jurisdiction; the history was always about humanitarian law, not human rights as such.3. Overall, I think you need to focus more on the ICL angle, since that is where it may become a problem with the ICC in the case that some states have joined/will join the ICC or there is an UNSC referral. Please remember that complementarity is only an issue directly if the state is a member of the ICC Statute.4. The paper is not up-to-date as far as the Libya situation before the ICC is concerned, a lot has happened there recently.5. Jus Cogens: I don’t know how this fits in your structure and how it relates to the research question. Jus cogens just means that it is inderogable in PIL, but not all ICL is jus cogens. I think you got side-tracked a bit there. Just because something is jus cogens on the international level does not mean a state has to implement it in its own domestic jurisdiction.6. Please also do not use the word “supranational” for the ICC, because it is not. The EU is supranational and that means something very different.7. Arab specifics: Your thesis should start with these after introducing the general research question and focus much more on that. The research question needs much more depth and clarity: The many sub-questions you list confuse the reader. In general, the work needs much more depth and I would have serious concerns whether this would pass the confirmation review which is not too far away.

  • $30 USD Jun 10, 2014

    1. Pick a philosophical view or issue that you understand better now than you did at the start of the course (such as a view you wrote a paper about).2. Find a discussion of that view online that makes a mistake about that view or issue. You may use anything on the internet, though I recommend avoiding the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (neither of which make many mistakes). I do recommend looking at Wikipedia, Spark Notes, and online student paper archives (such as In 1 page, give a quote with the mistake (citing your source, of course), and then say in one paragraph why you think it is a mistake.

  • $500 HKD Jun 10, 2014

    I would like a literature review written on an area of complementary and alternative medicine. The precise details and title of the project, including the main headings and subheadings will be provided to the person who is appointed to undertake the work. The literature review must be original in content and written at an academic level. It must also only include references from peer reviewed journals, (not newspapers and magazines). I will supply PDF documents of many relevant papers that can be cited, but a brief literature search should be conducted to check for any new and up-to-date literature on the topic.

  • $155 USD Jun 10, 2014

    Attached are additional directions for the paper and the competencies. One of the competencies has been completed and I am send the paper as an example of how the instructor is looking for the paper to be written. This paper is an accumulation of several sections papers. First we are doing the evaluation process and the second part to be written later is the analysis portion. So this paper we are completing the evaluation of the core competencies.

  • $111 USD Jun 10, 2014

    This Critical Thinking assignment is designed to provide you with experience in identifying and analyzing: •rhetorical devices used for persuasion, and •ambiguity in arguments.Please read or view the following media listed below concerning the topic of overseas outsourcing. Each makes various claims about workers outside of the United States:•Van Heerden, A. (2010, July). Auret van Heerden: Making global labor fair [Video file]. Retrieved from•Ballinger, J. (2001). Nike"s voice looms large. Social Policy, 32(1), 34-37. •Kripalani, M. (2004). Ban Outsourcing? Bad Idea. Businessweek, (3876), 64. •Kibbe, C. (2004). Outsourcing: the good, the bad and the inevitable. New Hampshire Business Review, 26(14), 1A. Analyze the effectiveness of the rhetorical devices used in at least two of the pieces that either challenge or support the use of overseas outsourcing by corporations. The goal is to connect these to what you might have seen, heard, or read in the media about the topic of outsourcing. For each analysis please do the following:•Identify two rhetorical device(s) in each item you are analyzing.•Explain how and whether each device is effective in persuasion.•State why or why not each is a valid argument or may be construed as ambiguous.•Analyze in detail the presentation for validity, logic, accuracy, misleading statements, ambiguity, and credibility.•State your position on the topic of outsourcing.•Use additional citations as necessary to support your reasoning.•Back up your claims with in-text citations using at least two credible sources beyond the textbook.Also:•Apply the concepts learned through the readings and the course lecture. Remember that critical thinking is based on objective information and premises (claims), not on opinions.•Your paper should be 4 to 5 pages in length, well written, and formatted according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.

  • £13 GBP/hr Jun 10, 2014

    we write business plans and memorandums. We would require you to take 4 or 5 clients per month through the due diligence process outlines by our lawyers and request information from our clients for you to write the business plans and memorandums for our lawyers. please get in touch if you are available. thanks!

  • $72 USD Jun 10, 2014

    The job description is in the link below:

  • £23 GBP Jun 10, 2014

    HiI have 2000 words english teaching assignment which i need by one 4 days. Its very simple and can be on any case study. More details can be provided after i get quote from you.Thanks

  • $444 USD Feb 10, 2014

    I have a manuscript for a soon-to-be self-published book on nutrition and health that requires the attention of a freelance editor and proofreader. The book is about 160 pages, of which 10 are bibliography and about 70-80 are recipes. The ideal freelancer has a degree in English and an absolute mastery of proper written English. Hanging participles, extraneous commas, and run on sentences must be sought out and eliminated. The resulting work should impress any college professor as a shining example of the best in American literature. I will send a copy of the text in Word to be edited with changes tracked. Please specify your expected rate for this finished job as well as the expected timing.

  • $155 USD Feb 9, 2014

    Hi all,I"m looking for someone to do a business research report regarding the Global Financial Crisis.It needs to be between 2500-3000 words.Please contact for more details.Thank you

  • $50 USD/hr Apr 24, 2013

    Hey there,You should start answering questions on likeplum too. Questions there are simpler and worth more money, making it easy to earn thousands of dollars. Lots of projects are in the $30 to $100 range, and they will take you a fraction of the time to complete. likeplum is like freelancer in that it provides a platform for you to use your expertise to earn money, and you can earn from anywhere in the world! You can even transfer your reviews, so you don"t have to start all over. Give it a try and I am sure that you will love it.Sign up here:

  • $100 USD Dec 9, 2012

    Im A Data Entery Expert 50 world write per mint

  • $45 USD Dec 6, 2012

    In need of a writer to take an already existing Terms and Conditions page, Privacy Policies Page, and Health Disclaimer page, and re-write it for our current website. We are looking for someone that has preferably written these types of pages before so that we can add in any needed legal information that may be missing. To be considered, give us links to works you have done and why we should choose you.

  • $50 USD Nov 8, 2012

    answer one of following questions: 1 - Our vision is that the forces of the market are just that: they are forces, they are like the wizard the wind and tides. if you want to try to ignore them, you ignore them ar your peril. If you find a way of ordering your life which harnesses these forces to the benefit of society, that"s the way to go." (arnold harberger; Interviewied on Commanding Heights, PBS,2002, Episode one chapter 11. Discuss .2. Theory of perfect competition... has a little claim to be called "competition" at all, and its conclusions are of little use policy." Friedrich von Hayek (1996 [1948]), the meaning of competition", in Individualism and Economic order, Chicago:university of Chicago Press; also available at In December 2009, the National Audit office estimated that the scale of state support to UK"s financial institutions (the "Bailout") reached 850 billion pounds, an unprecedented level of support". Such support was warranted however: it is difficult to imagine the scale of the consequences for the economy and society if major banks had been allowed to collapse. the Treasury was justified in using taxpayers" money to safeguard savings and stabilise and restore confidence in the financial system.(see national Audit offices, Maintaining financial stability across the UK banking system, HC91, Session 2009-2010 4 december 2009; at http://bit/ly/7OMtKZ)Word limit should not exceed 200 words, not including titles or bibliography. The word count must be shown at the end of assignemtn. work that exceeds this world limit will receive a mark penalty.All works should be referenced by Harvard system method. If anyone is confident in writing this essay i would appreciate this, I will wait to select the best option

  • $60 USD Nov 8, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $45 USD Nov 5, 2012

    I need a report on international marketing 3000 words .The paper focuses on BWM.Please i need serious people who can deliver quality paper.Am willing to pay 45 dollars for the paper

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Academic writer

- Present (44 years)

Have tertiary level of education and a doctorate ( will provide evidence if client needs it).<br /><br />I specialize in academic writing, thesis, reports, etc. I have a very good track record with my clients so much so that they keep hiring me for other projects. <br />