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  • $150.00 USD
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    Apr 3, 2013

    great work, great communication, great results. will be working in future projects definitely. recommended again!

    Project Description:Special project for GT1002, the details are already discussed over chat. This is the second part of the previous work done by GT1002.
  • $170.00 USD
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    Mar 14, 2013

    10* developer. Very good in communication, highly skilled in his field, helpful, quick in understanding the details and providing responses, he was the hero of my urgent project. I'll definitely work with him in my future .NET projects. Recommended!

    Project Description:Requirement : A configurable background service application to run on a SQL Server (on Windows) What I need is, - This background service application will watch certain tables in certain databases...
  • $87.50 USD
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    Jul 17, 2006

    Excellent work. Will post another project for you shortly.

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    GT1002 has not completed any projects.
  • $120 USD In Progress

    Threre is a SQL database (I"m interested in only one table in that database). I need to generate reports monthly by filtering various parameters (columns in that table (database)). Output of reports is to be in excel, there can be more than 100,000 entries for some of the reports, so the excess entries should be automatically split into separate sheets in same excel file. My end output of the query will be some 30+ excel files. Now, I use MS Access to do the job. I manually created queries that I run every month by changing date field in the query design. I want to automate the process by using a SQL server code or some thing else by which i get reports generated automatically every month with minimum manual intervention. The database is a service call database. It has fields like: service call date, time, technician details, product type, model no., etc. I will need 30 different reports generated every month on a single button click.? Each report will vary based on small change in query like date, product type. I will disclose more details once i get a approximate bid amount and time to complete. I look for prompt response. Thanks, Ramana.

  • [Sealed] 9 days ago

    READ PROJECT DESCRIPTION FULLY AND DOWNLOAD FILES I UPLOADED BEFORE BIDDING!!!Hello coders I previously had another coder do the first part of this project but he has been unreachable for the last month so I am on the lookout for another coder for this project and if you do a good job some additional work that is in the pipeline could float your way. I will do my best to explain and if you have downloaded the files and can follow along I think it should be pretty clear.Currently I have a few databases in my sql server that are stored on my PC. They databases are different sports (basketball, football, baseball, etc). Each day I am able to run a report for the days schedule of games. You can see an example of this report in the file titled OLD REPORT THAT NEEDS TO BE UPDATED. There were some things I wanted added to the report and the last coder did that work on one of the databases and the new report now has those things added and you can see the changes titled in file NEW REPORT FORMAT. These new sections were accomplished through adding 4 new stored procedures. The code for those 4 stored procedures have also been uploaded into the folder list of added stored procedures. The final files in the zip file are the c# source files. One with the updated code and the other with the code from the database that needs to be updated so that the new Stored procedures will work. I have provided the one for the current database as well as the one that the coder edited for the other database.The job is to add the 4 new sections to the report for the other database which are as follows.1) schedule:2) Head to Head History:3) coaching trends:4) team trends:STEPS TO DO THIS1) edit the c# file and add the code needed so that it works on the other sport database.2) Write/copy/edit the code of the 4 stored procedures (I think most should be able to just be copied changing which database it goes into and executed but I am not a coder so I dont know for sure if its that easy)I can zip up a copy of the database and send it to the winning bidder although it is really big and if this job is as easy as I think it might be I am open to you editing the C file on your pc and connecting to my computer and working together to get it installed.I paid around $1000 for this to get to get done from scratch and with me providing you guys the code for the other database I dont anticipate this being that difficult of a job and would expect bids to be well under $1000.Any questions feel free to let me know.

  • $50 CAD 9 days ago

    Backup Restore SQL server database in VB.NET with progress bar.- create a form with progress bar, backup, Cancel and Restore buttons.- software must be in VB.NET 2005. and must work with SQL server 2005 and SQL server 2012.- Use native VB.NET code. No reference to dll libraries.

  • $700 USD 14 days ago

    This project will involve converting core functionality (not all) of an existing web-based booking application to a windows program that will run in XP, Vista, 7 and 8. 1) The application involves FORMS to add data, update data and to delete2) The application displays LISTS of data in column-row format 3) The application makes use of TAB CONTROL in several forms to organize data4) The application uses CALENDARING not only in form field but also to display data5) The application has a DB Schema that MUST be followed6) The application has a login system and settings7) The application has several reports for printing*** DEVELOPER REQUIREMENTS *** :PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY before submitting your bid:1) Bid in the price range specified and not more2) Be realistic in how long it will take3) You must have at least 5 years experience programming in C#. 4) You must be an individual developer and not part of a team.5) You must have samples of your work readily available6) I will not choose any developer that has more than ONE other project IN PROGRESS.

  • $1500 USD 14 days ago

    We currently have a downloadable PDF on our web site. It"s a job application for insurance adjusters and has about a hundred items. We want it converted to a stand-alone application with an electronic signature, several areas for file attachments and the ability to add more entries for certain categories (eg: work history). An E-signature will be required. Please specify which electronic signature component you are proposing. The application will need to save all data and files into a SQL2005 database. An administrative back-end will be required where our HR person can log-in, view and download complete job applications in PDF format. When there are new applications available a notification will be required when the admin user logs into the back-end.Must run under IIS7.5 on Windows 2008r2 server. Prefer c# code but will consider others. If other than C# please specify which you are proposing.Source code will be required.Files attached: Our current downloadable PDF application.Note: This is an enhanced version of our "Online Employment Application for an Insurance Adjuster" job posting.

  • $60 USD 14 days ago

    you need to integrate pages into database is in SQL Server 2012. The Code is developed with Visual Studio Premium 2012. Need to start now. do not bid over my budget.need this done very quick.More details on PM.IN SHORT **** I have almost finished it and its all been developed and coded already. so you just need to implement left designs into same codes and structure********** you finish it first and then show me. I will check it and if it is done successfully. then I will award and pay you . so bid only if you agree with this condition********

  • $60 USD 14 days ago

    I need a (2010 express) front end app with an SQL Server database backend with one table, two columns titled "Name" and "Cost". The front end should have the following objects: Connect Button - Connect to the SQL Server database Update Button- Update the database based upon two of the text boxes Insert Button- Insert the database based upon two of the text boxes Select button - Populate third text box with all records in the table. Disconnect Button - Disconnect from the database. Need the source code of the project and a copy of the back end db. Database Name: "Tracking" Username and password should be "Master"

  • ₹30000 INR 14 days ago

    I have 3 exe files, I need a windows application or Installer by which i can install these three exe automatically on the user HDD and in the Start menu. Also it will create a desktop icon having the link of these three exe"s separately.

  • ₹200000 INR 15 days ago

    Furniture Management System Software should have Following Modules in Full-Sales Order Processing- Catalogue Management- Stock Control- Pricing Management- Sales Ledger- E-Connection (Import and Export)- Customer Relationship Management- Service Management- Purchase Order Processing- Delivery Scheduling and Route Planning- General Ledger- Business Intelligence and Reporting-Payroll/ Employee Management-Warehouse Management-Vendor Management-Inventory Management-Retail Accounting- Point of SaleOnce bid approved detailed sub modules will be sent in doc.Documents required along with product:Windows Application Help Setup, User Manual, Quality Manual, Detailed Module Description incl. schematic Diagrams, Source Code, Complete Project Patent.

  • $5000 USD 15 days ago

    1. Data process programmers or analysts who using SQL, ETL tools, script languages(like Perl and Python) for Business analytics and data process based on complex business event or procedures;2.Big data analysts who are using R, Hadoop or data warehouse/DB for small scale clustered big data analytics3. BI application or report project developers who are using SQL, high level languages(like Java) or database for complex data source computing and integration

  • ₹1300 INR 24 days ago

    I am looking for C# developer for my existing application to add more reports in it. (Reporting can be in any tool like :- crystal reports , Microsoft inbuild report, DevExpress we don"t mind whichever reporting tool get used ).

  • $5000 USD Dec 28, 2013

    Only serious bidders having at least 4+years of B2B/ B2C high end portals needs to participate. The should support with their high end execution skills with at least showcasing 5 best projects under classified functional areas.The developers will be selected by out clients looking at the best presentation.The concept we are looking similar in nature of the website: at first preference & not as an simple as OLX or other way"s.Just with the classified is not an objective. We are interested to integrate additional platform, where citizens can bind and help each other in various ways. Considerations the social issues and causes which are or can be a threat to humanity and is making an effort to create awareness amongst citizens.This platform also need to help the users with the “Freebies” & a “conceptual barter like system”, where two people can exchange goods or any other things without paying money. It is a method where people can help by exchanging goods, products or any other food and basic essential requirements without expectation of any monitory gains like the core focus executed like G2N.Best understanding with the concept, will be helpful for us to reach our goal. US/ UK / India bidders will be given 1st preference.Funding is not an issue for the right developer(s) What"s the execution plan regards to the software development life cycle will be Vs. milestones?Let us know, how you will add. value to our concept, what features you things should be highlighted, how will the end-user will identify the our portal as the best regards to the any other existing model?List your features, innovative ideas, offerings & value addition that will can make us no. 1We request at least 6 points to support your functional expertise & which will convey us you can perform and achieve us to reach our goal.Thanks.Extended now, more days to close this bid!

  • $2200 AUD May 1, 2013

    Please read below. We will need: Noticeboard, Log in facilities, shopping card with paypal and credit card facilities, terms and conditions, fee structure, legals, FAQ etcNEW BUSINESS is a brand new website focusing on movie and media makers!We have 1000"s of songs and musical pieces at your fingertips ready to purchase and download for your work of art at a ridiculous one off payment.Work out what you want to spend and then your category of budget will present you with the music that"s allocated for you.The options of music can range from garage demo"s for the effect of a scene to full mastered productions by up and coming artists with amazing songs and sounds.Why pay $50000+ to a publisher, when the artist only gets half of that for their creation!Our prices are so reasonable that once you"ve seen how easy it is to purchase quality music and songs, you"ll never have to go through the "snail pace" red tape of a major publishing company again!

  • $1650 USD May 1, 2013

    I require a simple web form application. The details are in the .docx attached. To sum it up: There will be multiple users, who will fill in forms (orders). Each order will be saved in the database and there will be reports based on the existing information.

  • [Sealed] Apr 30, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $550 AUD Apr 4, 2013

    Create an ASP .Net application to accept supplier details and supplier product details.The work would be performed on a cloud development server The database is MS SQL. The tables will be created and a full explanation providedThe presentation would be the default .net presentation The pages required (and approximate layouts) will be providedThe forms involved are:-Supplier logonSupplier details page (name address, email,contact, phone etc) with some restrictions on which fields can be editedProduct listing pageProduct item edit page

  • $880 USD Mar 26, 2013

    PROJECT: CONVERSION OF SQL REQUESTS FOR MDB TO TSQL FOR DB (MS SQL SERVER)Converting Access database request to MS SQL server (TSQL) requests.About 120 database queries based on ACCESS (mdb) need to be converted to T-SQL queries for MSSQL Server 2008.Each request has plenty of parameters. Please bid only if you are professional in TSQL. The project is not difficult, but needs to be worked out 100% accurate.Results need to be tested based on 3 sample databases we provide. Each test database as mdb and db.Results need to be tested and documented.Please check out the queries provided in attached pdf.The Project has about 40 simple, 40 mid and 40 complex queries.Find examples attached. The complex query example is shown as SQL and translated TSQL version.

  • $300 USD Mar 1, 2013

    I need a developer who can review an existing website and make it production ready. The application is completed an in my estimation about 80 % complete. What is needed is some testing and the application of some required coding fixes. Some of which entail. from validation checks, layout adjustments and other cosmetic changes.Some addition feilds are needed but full details willl be provided.The application presents a form to the user and accepts the information in the data base, at the end of the process the system generates a PDF form through crystal reports . this form is to be tweaked and adjusted.Essentially the site needs to be tested and made production ready.The developer will work closely me me in the testing process.

  • ₹100000 INR Feb 13, 2013

    We are expert since last 6 years in customized application development on Microsoft technology.We developed customized project as per client requirement.We can give effort estimation & budget after getting complete understanding on the requirement.Do revert or call to Trupti - 9820415374, Mumbai, India

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