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  • $1855 USD In Progress

    The Game is divided into the 3 following stages :A) CREATE AVATARB) DUB MIXC) GAME PLAYA) CREATE AVATAR :1) Capture image using camera or take image from the phone gallery.2) After capturing image, create DUB FACE (functionality) : DUB MIX (functionality) : GAME PLAY :Now that the Avatar and Music is ready...its time for GAME PLAY.Game screen : Icons will be moving on the top portion of the screen.Below it is the Avatar that the user created.Icons : whatever icon that appears within the white box, user has to press on that particular facial feature on the image.Please find the attached Word file so that it makes more sence.There are 3 Stages : RED, BLUE and GREENEach Stage will have 3 LEVELS.ICONS:RED STAGE:LEVEL 1 : 1) LEFT EYE2) RIGHT EYE3) LEFT LIP4) RIGHT LIPLEVEL 2 : +5) LEFT EAR6) RIGHT EAR LEVEL 3 : +7) FOREHEAD8) CHINBLUE STAGE:LEVEL 1 : +9) BONUS 10)GAME OVER LEVEL 2 : +11) PRESS AT THE SAME TIMELEVEL 3 : +12) PRESS AND HOLDGREEN STAGELEVEL 1 :+13) X2LEVEL 2 :ALL ICON WITH MEDIUM SPEED!LEVEL 3 :ALL ICON WITH MAXIMUM SPEED!The 4th STAGE/ icon is the FREE MERCHANDISE page.The page will have email input box.NOTE : There will be a default AVATAR (with only 3 STAGES) in the home screen (along with the Create avatar + icon).Adding AVATAR is an IN-APP purchase.User can add upto maximum 5 AVATARS.There are NO Score order to unlock the next stage, user has to get "ALL THE ICON RIGHT!"The budget is fixed...i.e $1800 for both iOS ($900) and Android ($900) development.I will send the complete doc details to the selected compant.

  • $20000 HKD Jan 31, 2014

    We are event management company. I would like to develop a intranet system to store all the venue and entertainment datas.Entertainment system reference: need to have a membership system to access and update all the datas. Each "artist" or entry will come be attached with different file format, eg: jpeg, mov, excel, word and etc. Preview on the files should be allowed in the interface. And we need to give batch download into a zip file for the selected "artists".I also need to have tag system / category system for searching. Would be nice if the system can help to search for related entry by the meaning of the tag. Targeted development time: 30- 60 days

  • $515 USD Dec 11, 2013

    We have a COREDATA based iOS Universal application for which we would like to implement the following. - iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox feature for backup - Per project settings- Import and Export CSV file(The app currently consists of a "settings" functionality which is now common for all internal projects, we now need the ability to apply different settings for different projects. Here, project means, the project inside the application)Developers who have very good knowledge in Coredata and have done previous works in coredata with iCloud should only bid. Existing users data should remain consistent after updating to the new version.

  • $979 AUD Dec 10, 2013

    I need an application built that allows customers to order their coffee in advance of picking it up at the café. The concept of the app is very simple - customers order their coffee and when they arrive at the café it is ready for collection. The app needs the ability to record the time taken to get from A to B in order to tell the café when to make the coffee. For example, if I am leaving home and it takes 5 minutes to get to the café then the app needs to record this the first time a customer uses the app and then save this for the next time. The app also needs to record peoples coffee preference - e.g. Strong, Slim, Capichino, 1 sugar. including the ability to add in other preferences (e.g. Husband, Mum, etc.). The app also needs to record the customers payment preference and have the ability for the customer to enter he or she"s credit card for automatic payment. I also need an iPad app developed for the use of the café. This app needs to advise the café staff of the following key things: + when the order is made+what sort coffee is it + how long it will be before the customer will be at the café+ How they are paying for it. I need both the iPhone app and the iPad app to be very simple and easy to use. I also need the app for Android (depending on the cost to duplicate) for both phone and tablet use.

  • $1159 USD Nov 27, 2013

    We are a law firm in Australia. We have an existing website, however, we need to make major changes to it, such that we are probably looking at a new website. There will be about 15 - 20 pages. We need the ability to be easily able to upload our newsletter to it (i.e. we want to be able to do this ourselves). We will also be looking for SEO. We have most of our own photos. We seek a supplier who can speak good English and is prepared to skype as this can help with communication. We would like to finish the project in 7 - 10 days, as we have a major marketing push about to start.

  • $515 AUD Nov 26, 2013

    I need to manufacture an iphone application so that the user can take a photo of any painted wall and have the device produce the colour so that it can be copied and reproduced I.e matching a painted wall and being able to have your local paint store make it for you.

  • $927 USD Nov 26, 2013

    i want a e-commerce website like as gateway i want CC Avenues

  • $185 USD Nov 21, 2013

    I need a quick fix to a WooCommerce website with YooDrive theme. There"s something in theme blocking Suomen Verkkomaksut Gateway proceeding to proper payment site.I"m using yoodrive theme for Wordpress: is working fine otherwise but this certain payment gateway called Suomen Verkkomaksut ( is causing a little problems. When I select this payment method and send order, the plugin doesn"t forward user to the site it is supposed to. Everything works fine with default Twenty Thirteen theme as I tested it out. I also tried disabling all addons with no luck, so I"m thinking it"s a theme related issue.I need the files that has been fixed mailed, and documentation of what code was changed in the different files. I will provide you with a copy of the website using Wordpress duplicator. If you would like to look at the site first to be sure that you understand what I need please let us know and I will provide you the website link.Please do not overbid, this should be a simple project for someone with experience. I am in a hurry! If you cannot complete this project ASAP please do not bid.

  • $1030 USD Nov 19, 2013

    Application for iPhone use for detecting faces or car plate the Application connect with external WiFi camera or Bluetooth camera.

  • [Sealed] Nov 8, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $7731 USD Nov 4, 2013

    Project will be for a website design and build using PHP with dynamic E-services and virtual character I want a virtual character to answer users questions with predefined messages

  • $8 USD/hr Oct 31, 2013

    I have some software which needs completing as the current developers are unable to finish the project.I am looking for a skilled PHP programmer who has experience of taking over from abandoned projects and has the ability to familiarise themselves with others code. You should be able to solve problems and offer alternative solutions to issues we may encounter.This is a large project and I would expect completion to take around 3 months, with continuous work thereafter as we improve and add extra features to the software as well as site maintenance.The software has been developed on the symfony framework so developers with experience of symfony will be preferred but not essential.The software itself is a custom developed shopping mall/marketplace, where vendors each have an independent store and checkout with control over inventory, taxes, delivery SEO etc and all products and stores are aggregated in the mall/marketplace.Again, developers with experience of custom carts and marketplace software will be preferred.The first phase is to complete the store functionality, this is around 80% completed. I would anticipate this taking no longer than 1 month to complete. This would be the first milestone.The majority of this phase will be to complete the checkout and sales/invoicing. Other works include minor design changes and fixing the search functionality.More information is available and can be provided to bidders who I feel would be qualified to continue on with this project.For the obvious reasons, please do not bid on this project if you do not have consistent high level feedback from previous projects/work. Finally, the work would begin at the start of December, so please take into consideration your availability during public/religious holidays.Any questions, please PM or comment on the CB. To prevent recurring questions, I will comment on the CB so please check here for updates.Thanks

  • $721 USD Oct 29, 2013

    Develop a hunting app to Android, iOS, Windows phones and a flash file for ordinary computers.Basically the app shall work similar to game on the following link: First, the player has to choose between varoius scope sights. Categorized after manufactures where all scope types are listed. You have to inform me of which file type you need for the various crosses/sight. Next, the player can aim and shoot at the deer and after each shoot a short description of the damage from the bullet shall be visible for the player, 15 diffenrent possibilities. At the same time, the picture changes so all intestines are visible and the player can see which organs the bullet hits and what kind of damage the projectile did. I deliver the requiered pictures and texts for each hits.A section/function where the app explain how to aim correct on a roedeer.A function with time for sunrise and sunset estimated from a GPS location (current location + custom location chosen).At the bottom of the app, a news feed are running across the screen with the latest hunting news. I supply the RSS feed.Somewhere at the app, a button/function are required where the hunter can read all about the legislations regarding roedeer hunting. A section where Youtube and Vimeo movies can be streamed. We deliver the URLs.A function integrated with a drupal system, and as soon as the hunter log in and he take picture of the roedeer it will be visible at And every time a new picture are uploaded and tags with “roedeer” or similar tags. The hunter will get notified directly on the app. Firms who had worked for Western companies before will be prefered. A list of reference has to be submitted together with your offer. No upfront payment, or milestones. All payment will be transfered when the apps are finally approved.

  • $773 USD Oct 29, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] Oct 18, 2013

    Short description:Design and code for lead generation site. The purpose of this site is to generate leads for mobile app developers and deliver the leads to the developers/subscribers via email. Will need front-end (3-5 pages), subscriber (app developer) backend account management (8-10 pages), email design (2-3), and admin section to manage leads (accept/reject), manage subscribers, and manage email content. Everything needs to be mobile-friendly.This is a time-sensitive project that we need to deliver to a client, Project deadline: 30 days.Longer description to follow upon successful bid.Long Description for freelancer:We are looking for someone to build us a lead gen subscription site that will be used as a framework for subsequent sites. The purpose of this site is to generate leads for mobile app developers and deliver the leads to the developers/subscribers via email. We need a design for all front end pages as well as emails. Here are some design styles we like: We also need everything optimized for mobile.Flow of lead submission:Leads submit their requestsWe validate the emailLead information is submitted to subscribers via emailFlow of subscriber signup:Subscribers sign up to receive leads. The choose their package. Different subscription packages receive leads at different delayed intervals and at different pricesThey submit contact and payment information and immediately begin receiving leads via emailSubscriber Account management:Manage subscription – cancel or upgradeUpdate payment infoUpdate lead receipt infoEmails:We’ll be sending emails to both leads and subscribers. Some will be automatic upon taking an action, and others will be automatic based on timing of events (for example we want to send a feedback request after 30 days)We will be sending out all emails through sendgridAdmin:Will need to be able to tweak the following items, which will dynamically update the front end:1. number available, delay time for lead receipt, price and names of packages2. add/remove packages3. text in emails to both lead sources and buyersWill need to see accounts and edit detailsWill need to be able to send a message to an account from admin panelWill need reports showing Revenue Number and types of subscribers Number of leads Breakdown of leads based on information provided Some other interesting things based on data collected.A/B testing of multiple templates, showing results of eachThis is a time-sensitive project that we need to deliver to our clients, Project deadline: 30 days. We are very responsive and we will not be the cause for missing your deadline. To stress the importance of the deadline, we will need to reduce our payment to you by 2% each day the project is late.All code, design, etc. will be purchased and will remain our property.

  • $20 USD/hr Oct 18, 2013

    I am needing to create a POS system that will work on a tablet, ios device. The central server needs to be cloud based. 

The POS system will have many of the functions of other restaurant style POS systems and needs to have the ability to work with cash drawers, printers, barcode scanners and card swipe devices for credit card transactions. It will also need to have the ability to do online ordering that connects to these devices. 

The system will need to work with major credit card authorization companies, paypal and amazon payment systems. 

I will need to have a website that coordinates with the software for online ordering and backend management of the IOS system thru the cloud.reference :

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