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  • $293 USD
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    Nov 7, 2013

    completed all the user requirements , nice coding skills.

    Project Description:A software is needed for crew management of a human resources agency. The agency need to add, edit, delete, search some crew data(name, surname, position ) and their qualifications (certificates , availability) The agency need to add, delete, edit firm data ...
  • $480 USD
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    Jun 18, 2013

    Nouman does excellent work and is very professional.

    Project Description:Mobile Apps for Green Solution
  • $170 USD
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    Jun 11, 2013

    Great guys to work with! :)

    Project Description:Hi, We have an application that tracks projects/time. It does this by talking to a web service. Other features that need to be added is TASKS and Appointments. These exist in the webservice allready...
  • $970 USD
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    Apr 4, 2013

    As usual, Super Professional Freelancer!2nd time to work with and always at my expectations!

    Project Description:Hello Experts, I need to develop a web based Application using ASP.Net/VB.Net/MS Access to achieve the following: 1- Import/Edit or Delete objects in the Database "Object ID, Object Name, Object...
  • $3253 USD
    Profile image for Seller trpuser


    Oct 10, 2012

    He is a good programmer, but needs a little bit of professionalism. I wish we could have worked better together. I may have been me who miscommunicated, so I will give 3 stars.

  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller kopisusudev


    Sep 27, 2012

    good communication and team work

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $265 USD
    Profile image for Seller adel980


    Jul 16, 2012

    Great A++++++ freelancer.. highly skilled, professional and delivered within budget and time.will hire him again for future..

    Project Description:Hello Experts, I need to develop a Desk Top Application using VB.Net/MS Access or MS SQL Server to achieve the following: 1- Add/Edit or Delete objects in the Database "Object ID, Object Name, Object...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller reddeer


    Jul 11, 2012

    Polite and helpful. Good communication skills. Patient. All things important for a professional in the start of a new relationship. I will use again.

    Project Description: $50 to configure your environment to the code, provide code review (send in email), and let us know if you are open to fixing defects or building enhancements.
  • $380 USD
    Profile image for Seller mediumwell


    Jul 11, 2012

    This was a very difficult project that turned out taking much longer than expected. H3solutions showed much patience and professionalism through out the entire project. I would work with them again.

    Project Description:This how it will work: • Person selects a card • Comes to page for that individual card with a form to fill out • Types in: o Recipient name o Recipient address o Senders name o Senders...
  • $65 USD
    Profile image for Seller minipuff


    Jul 11, 2012

    Good & Fast!

    Project Description:Add Dealer detail mgmt page to all 3 websites
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  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    The next development phase for RAB (budget planning system), enhancement of current feature

  • $1789 USD In Progress

    Dears:I have VPN solution company and i need a software with the following requirements:1-The ability to control VPN user bandwidth2-The ability set download and upload limits3-The ability to set restrictions based on OS (android, iOS, windows, Linux, etc…)4-The ability to set restrictions based on protocol type (SSTP, PPTP, L2TP)5-Reporting must be detailed as much as possible and customizable as much as possible and exportable6-Log analyzing tools (rule based)7-The ability to set restrictions based source IP or country8-Backup and restore for your application (settings and data)9-Grant roles to users for customized administration ie: admin, auditor, account manager that can add and remove restriction to users without accessing reportsAlso i need all the features that available at the following software: this application should be registered for our company and must not be given to any other company or person thanks

  • ₹200 INR/hr In Progress

    Experienced in .NET Projects and willing to have more project experience

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    Develop Mobile Apps

  • $332 USD In Progress

    Hi...I need 250 New freelancer for this job.Let me know your interest by bidding.Must have:Typing skills at a minimum of 40 wpm - Excellent organizational skills - Attention to detail and accuracy .Thanks

  • $315 USD In Progress

    Hi...I need 250 New freelancer for this job.Let me know your interest by bidding.Must have:Typing skills at a minimum of 40 wpm - Excellent organizational skills - Attention to detail and accuracy .Thanks

  • $54 USD In Progress

    We will pay you $5 I need about 100 people"s team for work this project.Weekly payments. Fresh candidates can also apply, but they need to work at least 3-5 hours daily, weekly bonus to top data entry team and Individual.**Only hard workers people should apply, you will earn more than what are you thinking,***No need to bid If you cannot Work every day*** please write here for work details.Thanks.hi i had work data entry operator in data entry international since 2001 to 2008.i can work at 5-6 hours daliy.i can type 39 word per minite.i like join your project.i do my best.

  • $600 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $550 USD In Progress

    A workflow application to manage finacial transactions for a small finance house. The application is to be developed in VB.Net and SQL Server 2005.The application is to manage customer"s transaction in a small finance house; it should track customer details, investments such as fixed deposit and loan.please find the requirements below. Kindly provide me with a detail proposal, system requirements and deliverables to deliver.Note: For customers to caryyout any transaction with the finance house, his or her details must have been captured and stored in the company database. Such information are:*Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Dr, etc), *Gender (Male or Female), *Branch Office, *FirstName, Middle Name, *Surname, Date of Birth, Marital Status (Single, Married, Divorced, Separated, Window), Residential Address (street, city, state) Mailing / Postal Address (street, city, state), Telephone Numbers (office Telephone-1, Home Telephone-2), fax number, mobile number, email, nationality, preferred means of contact (post, email, phone/sms) next of kin (title, gender, relationship, first name, middle name, surname, date of birth, email, office telephone, home telephone, mobile number.Application ProcessCustomers can either apply online or fill and submit paper application to open an account with the finance house. If online, customers fill application from the company secure site online, attached all the necessary forms (such as customer reference form, signatory form and passport photograph), and submit application. If application is filled on a paper form and submitted to customer care officer, who inturn fill all the details into the application and attach scan copies of necessary forms into the application and submit.Once submitted, application details are automatically stored on company database (on internal network), and alert the administrative officer via SMS and email of applications awaiting his or her review.The administrative officer logon to the application, and he or she is automatically taken to his or her inbox. Once the administrative officer clicks on a particular customer"s application, the details of the application is open up to the administrative officer for her/his review. The administrative staff can either accept the application by clicking the accept checkbox or put the application onhold. If acepted, an SMS and email is automatically sent to the applicant that application is under review, If on-hold, administrative officer shall enter a comment into the application to alert applicant of action to be taken for his/her application to be processed.Once the application is accepted, the administrative staff shall assign a routing code to the application for review of the applicant application. The application is then routed to the next reviewer (Account Officer).Account officer reviews the application and the application is routed to the next reviewer (supervisor or manager).Upon the manager or supervisor"s approval, the application automatically generate account number for the applicant and an SMS and email is automatically sent to the applicant for collection of his/her account number.Note: Routing code should be configured and generated in a central location by the administrator, and assign to application by administrative staff. By default, after submission of application by applicant or customer care officer, it should go straight to administrative officer inbox.When application is routed for review, it should notify reviewers via SMS and email of application awaiting their review. Reviewer should have the capability to delegate to other personnel for review and should be able to add or attach commentsApplicant should have the capability to check status of application online, an application code is generated online or assigned by customer care if paper application is submitted. The code shall be used to track status online.The application should store customer forms in a folder structure like window explorer, and all form should be associated to the customer accounts. Attached forms should have reference title and numbers assigned to each form and arranged alpabetically.User"s should have the capability to search for customer details through account number, or last name and first name. But only authorized users should be allow to view customers details and attached forms.Loan Process.Customers can apply for loan, once he/she has an account with the finance house. Application can either be submitted online or through customer care officer by submitting a paper application.The application should carry the following:Loan details:Customer Type of Account (Joint or Individual)Account Number & Account Name Type of loan (Individual, Corporate, Others)Amount requestedInterest Rate (this is base on type of loan, it is automatically display after selecting type of loan).Number of months (periods)Payment frequency (Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly)Payment month (start month for repayment)Payment month duePurpose of loanEquity ContributionManagement FeeArrangement FeeMaximum Monthly debt burdenAge at expiration of loanDocumentation to be supplied by applicant are: Proof of Income, Employeer"s confirmation letter, bank account statements, register title of property, proof of date of birth.Applicant details:The application will move to the next page for applicant to fill his/her details as follows:i.employer/self employed.ii.position.iii.years employed.iv.employer"s address.employer"s contact.v.salary per employer.vii.Position.viii.years employed.ix.previous employer"s addressCollateral details:The application will move to the next page for applicant to fill collateral details as follows:i.addressii.year purchasediv.present valuev.balance owingvi.title in names ofvii.address of title and address of insurance carrier.5. ASSET & DEBT INFORMATIONThe application will move to the next page for applicant to fill ASSET & DEBT INFORMATION details as follows:ASSETS OWNEDDESCRIPTION OF ASSETSNAME IN WHICH THE ACCOUNT IS CARRIEDVALUECHECKING ACCOUNT NUMBER(S)SAVINGS ACCOUNT NUMBER(S)CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT(S)MARKETABLE SECURITIES( issuer, type, no. of shares)REAL ESTATE(location, date acquired)LIFE INSURANCE(issuer, face value)AUTOMOBILES(make, model, year)OTHERTOTAL ASSETSOnce the application is completed online, and applicant have attached all the necessary documents and click ok, The application should calculate amortization base on these parameters: Amount, Interest, periods, and payment frequency. once the applicant click submit, this detail should be stored in the company database.The credit unit staff assigned to receive applications, automatically receive alert via SMS or email of application awaiting his or her review.The review process is same as above.Report shall be in portrat and landscape.The application should be developed with Visual studio 2008 ( and SQL Server 2005. Please note that client does not have the resources for sharepoint.The application shall interface with other applications.Kindly provide a detail proposal to capture your deliverables and system specification including sample screen shot.I would appreciate your prompt response so as to agree on the cost and proceed to executing the project.

  • $79 USD 6 days ago

    I have a current process which reads an Access table and loads the data into the appropriate row on the Online SQL server database.Maintaining the online SQL Server data for the website involves:(1) MS Access tables containing the prices and layout details for each product category.(2) The business owner maintains the product details within each category (including prices) using his laptop .(3) Replacing the appropriate online SQL Server table prices and product details with the details from the required Access table.One part of this is now failing because the vb code no longer runs.I have developed a process using MS Visual Basic 2010 code which reads the Access table and produces the rows which need to be loaded to the SQL Server database. I do not know how to program the code which does the actual load to the sql server database.What I would like you to do is to produce some code which reads the MS Access table data for the "Royal Mail Smilers" table and exports the data to a SQL Server database table.The website in question is

  • $947 USD 7 days ago

    We would like to have an web based HR management software. We prefer developers that already developed an HR software. Better hav a demo. Please find the base progress below;HR MANAGEMENT1.1.1.ORGANİZATION / EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Company, Workplaces, Departments , Job/Titles,Company: Code, Name, Type (constructioni medical etc.), Country, City, Town,Adress, Phone, E-Mail, Social Sec.No, WorkPlaces: Code, Name, Type (Office, Factory Etc.) Country, City, Town,Adress, Phone, E-Mail, Social Sec.No,Dpartmentens: Code, Name,Job/ Titles: Code, Name1.1.2.EMPLOYEESGeneral :Code, Name,Surname,Surname (before marriage), Date of birth, Gender,Marrital Status,Blood Group,Phone No,Mobile No,Passport No, Personel e-mail, Citizen ID, PhotoWork Info: Company, Workplace, Department, Job, Joining Date, Rights Begin Date, Employee type (permanent,on contract, trainee)Family: Name, Surname,Date of Bird, Cıtızen ID, Gender OF (Wife/ Husband and Children,)Experience: Ex Company Name, City, Job, Joining Date, Leaving Date, Reference, Location, Phone No, Reference (Can be ADD)Education: School Name, Degree (high school, university,etc), Passing Year, Success% (Can be Add)Financial: Wage, Wage Type (Monthly, Daily), Road Social Security No, Socail Sec Type, (Normal, Retired, Other), Bank, Bank Account No/ IBAN, Other Benefits: Food, Road, health insurance and other benefits, Payment Type(cash or benefit in kind),Payment Period (Monthly/Daily),NOT: Wages and other social benefits should be monitored with history. There must be start date and end date.Trainee:Trainee Types, Traine Planning to Employees.Attachments: Attach Types: Employment contract, Adress info, Diploma (Can be add), Reference, Identity Card,Health Report,Residence,Others1.2. TASK MANAGEMENT1.2.1. MAIN RECORDS :Tasks, Projects, Customers, Managers (Task given),1.2.2. FEATURES:a.Create Task: Employee, Customer, Task, Project (Optional), Day, Time.b.Dialogue:Add dialogue between Manager and Employee or Betwen employees, in chat screenc.Managers authorised to give task and follow that done or not. Managers will have admin authorised to system.d.Employees can see their tasks and define it finished or not.e.Calendar:All following screens will be in calendars. Like Outlook or google calendar.1.2.3.REPORTSa. Calendar Dashboard: All tasks can be shown in a calendar. Filtering: Status (unfinished, finished), Period (monthly,weekly, daily), customer,Project,Company,Worlplace,departments,Emloyeeb. Unfinished Tasks: Start Date, Employee, Task, Customer,Project (filters: Date, Company, Workplaces,Departments,Employee,Project)Start Date, Day, Time, Employee, Task, Customer,ProjectExplanation15.01.20141 Day4 HoursNick GeorgeSql ReportingABC Ltd.Nirvana………..15.01.20142 Day15 HoursAbdul SelamDesignScuba LtdSocial2dsadasdsab. Continued Tasks: Date, Employee, Task, Customer,Project (filters: Date, Company, Workplaces,Departments,Employee,Project)Abc Ltd.b.Given Tasks Time Total as Customers: Customer,Total Day, Total Time,(filters: Date Between, Company, Workplaces,Departments,Employee,Project)ABC Ltd.60 Day70,5 HoursScuba Ltd15 Day18 Hoursb.Given Tasks Time Total to Personnel: Personnel,Total Day, Total Time, (filters:Customers, Date Between, Company, Workplaces,Departments,Project)1.4. LEAVE MANAGEMENT1.4.1.MAIN RECORDS: Leave Types, Holiday TypesLeave Request: Date/ Date Between, or Hour, leave type, employee, reason,status (Waiting to aprrove ,Approved, denied,)Send E-mail: Leave request will send e-mail to manager. Manager can approve or not in the mail link.More than one manager can approve the tasks. This feature would be define in authorization in admin panel. It will arrange Which department, which employee will given the approving.1.5. SHIFT PLANNING / TIME AND ATTENDANCE1.6.PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT1.6.1.Performance Key indicators1.6.2. Goals 1.6.3. Given Scores1.6.4.Performance Reports

  • $315 USD 13 days ago

    I want desktop software + a small website for my college project. The desktop software will be built in C# and database connectivity will be Mysql. And, I need a website on code behind C#. i.e. "Web based: .NET framework 4.0 code behind C#". I want to get this project done within 7-8 days and I want the complete source code. The coder has to add comments for my understanding on every set of codes. This way I can study a bit and can submit my project in front of an external teacher. The coder will also have to explain me the software and source code. So I can perform well in my academics. He should be expert in C# and MySql. My budget is not more than $300. If you can"t comply with the above requirements then do not bid. I have also attached my synopsis. Here is what the software will do.I have purchased two things which will work with the software.1. Biometric device. (Students will record their attendance through this device)2. GSM dongle to send SMSes when a student fee us not paid or they are absent. Desktop Application:1. There will be a login screen. Admin and a user with distinct privileges.2. Once logged in, I need these functions.a) Enquiry Entry: If a new inquiry comes, we can save it. Fields required are full name, Date of Birth, Class, Total Fees, Age, Address, Mbl no, parent’s mbl no, email ID, Source/reference. b) After filling the details, we can save it. If needed, we must be able to export it. 3. Student Entry: If that enquiry is converted into paid students then we can ALSO add Roll No, upload his pic, and add fees installment details.4. Fees Entry: If any student wants to pay their fee, then we can open fees receipt form and pull the student’s details, add the amount, print fee receipt, .5. Fees Ledger or reportingWe can check the individual fees, daily wise collection, week wise, month wise and yearly wise for single as well as for whole batch or for a class.6. Students Performance.Here we can add their class test marks, any remarks, etc..The uniqueness which I have entered in my synopsis is, a) If a performance report is updated like, marks for a class test then an SMS should be sent automatically from the GSM box on mbl number which is saved in the system and an acknowledgement is generated.b) An SMS will be sent on next day if a student is absent. If a student is unable to record the attendance through biometric device then there must be a provision to add the attendance manually by the staff or admin.c) Parents will have a separate login on the net for every child. They can simply open our website and login into the site and can check their child’s performance report, attendance, fees details.Website Development:I need a simple site which will interact with the MySQL database. Parents will have a separate login on the net for every child. They can simply open our website and login into the site and can check their child’s performance report, attendance, fees details.If you have more questions, you can ask me in PM.

  • $15789 USD 15 days ago

    I need a large complex site with fast code. php might not be fast enough. Might need .net or c++. Minimum 6 month project, maybe longer. Complex portal that will interact with EDI, automatically scrape manufacturer websites, completely custom solution. I need a company with perfect feedback, great samples, references, portfolio and worked on similar projects before. Please list and explain such things in your tentative bid.

  • $189 USD 15 days ago

    I need a way to automatically log time via start stop button. And then calculate the time spend on a working job.So, maybe you can write an application which should run web based. So, I can access it via pc or android or ….What I need is next:I now fill in on paper the starting time -> arrival time to client (this is driving time)Then I log departure time client -> arrival time at office (also driving time)I then write if I have worked all the time or had some kind of pause. And then I calculate the total time spend for my clientThis is start time and end arrival time minus the pause time. So, when I start at 10 o’ clock and drive 15min I arrive at 10h15.I start working at the client for 2h and 55 minutes. It is then 13h10 Then I drive back for 15 min. so end time is 13h25. I had lunch for 20min so pause is 20 min. Grand total is 10h -> 13h10 – 20min = 2h50min This is the time I will bill the client.The tricky part for writing the application is. I need to start time but sometimes I go to a second client on the same route.So I open a second time sheet and also press start so the time is logged and calculated for a second client or even a third and so on.Can you make it so multiple times can be calculated.When pressing the stop button. I needs to write these values into a database. Mysql??I also need a database to enter client details. And a search function to find these user info.Say I work for coca cola company. I can select search typ coc and it list all company"s starting with coc*I enter phone email cell address Then I need a field to write what I was doing.Fix coke bottle machine.Clean out machine.Used 2 wet towels and 1 pair of soap ….And then I need a way so, they can sign my document. (this code I found during surfing.)And email the document to me and/or the client.Now If all this can be made. It would be great to have all this info in a database so I can find the working ticket for client xSO when I was doing what. But I also want the ability to delete a record.Oh and 1 more thing. When the time is calculated it needs to be converted to decimal number. Like 30 minutes is 501 hour 32 minutes is 1.53333333333333324 hour 18 min is 4.3

  • $2368 USD 15 days ago

    AppUser login (manually) and Facebook (fb connect)Server side email to new usersUse default camera appUser able to take photo, post to server (text and photo)Listings displayedChat between usersMulti conversation supportedPosting to facebook fan page triggered on server sideMore detail specification will be provided. Looking for quality application with high usability and quick response time on GUI.Non-disclosure agreement will need to be signed.Full code of completed project need to be provided after the project.

  • $236 USD 15 days ago

    I need a design for a very simple website ( It is currently in wordpress and I don´t like it. I´d like to expand it in the future to contain video and frequent posts, but for now it should be elegant and simple.

  • $231 USD 15 days ago

    Build a website musr- registartion- dashboard - safe site

  • ₹42105 INR 15 days ago

    Hello Freelancers ,I want a replica of that website ( . It is a very small project . Technology should be used ASP.NET , MVC , SQL , WCF .kindly let me know how much you will take to complete this website . and i have created design sliced html. you just have to developed this website.& i have a Payment Gateway API.Happpy Bidding...!!!

  • ₹42105 INR 15 days ago

    A simple software is to be built in DotNet framework and MS access or MySQL. For educational institutes like schools etc. Features to be covered: 1. Students and Staff Database Management 2. Fee Management3. Timetable and scheduling4. SMS gateway5. Email communications etc.Genuine candidates may contact with in price range

  • $5 USD/hr 15 days ago

    I need a developer to work part time on small project. These usually involve integrations and connecting data sources for my business. Essential to doing this job well is a proficiency in a couple programming languages and an understanding of how apis interact with each other. Most of the work does revolve around connecting APIS, but that have already been connected and now just need specific data to be fetched and transferred.

  • $105 USD 15 days ago

    Our company needs to edit a small app! The developer has since not been in touch and we need to edit or make a replica of app! interested bidders should apply for urgent recruitment! Though we have lost the source code but we still have the app!

  • €4 EUR/hr 15 days ago

    I am looking for a web developer who can take care of my website (make changes and improvements for an unlimited time). The website in question is a social network with content management and online booking system. it is necessary to stay in contact for a long time, and support contunue changes. I need continuous care, punctuality and timeliness in the works (very important). Payment will be made in steps.

  • $552 USD 15 days ago

    Online Exam System V 1.0The system contains three types of users: admin, lecturer, student each one specific powers you through the system to add users and determine their gender and to add classes for students to choose students for each row and the work of exams and the addition of questions for the exam with determining the full mark and setting the time, with the possibility of Khzv and modify everything, after doing the exam, students can begin the examination with a specific time and show the result in the page to the student and display rates of the students in the classroom and the teacher pagedemo:

  • $252 USD 15 days ago

    we have built website to help students for showing there grades online , and help teacher to put the degrees in there class in specificperiod by admin , and admin level to control all off these ...there is admin,teachers, students data Entry sections ...i want to add one page for uploading students by XLS sheet or manually but you have to update three tables when you add a student ...Admin wants to see rank in his profile How many students registered and active ,how many teachers registered and active , how many teacher doesn"t put the degree in the current term , how many student doesn"t assign any degree ti him in the current term , online users .I want to check one page mapping teacher when i assign one class to specific subject after selected it should not showing in the list it was working .Give me access to update one field to move student from one class to other if there are a degree will moved also . There is a data export it will generate a file then you can downloaded its content all students id with subj id with degrees i want to make a new page like this page but with filter i can chose the grades and class then generateCreate one page for kg ..Term and year availability should be in the site when you activate term 2 it will create a fresh new term 2 to allow later the teachers to put the new degrees in the active term. the database and code available .

  • $9 USD/hr 15 days ago

    We are looking for a programmer for some projects which could develop into a full-time position. The project we have is big and will last several years so this would be a great opportunity to grow, if you"re interested.Must have:At least 1 year of experience in VB.NET (.NET Framework 4.0)Familiar with Visual Studio 2010 and SVN (version control)Familiar with MySQL database and FTP ProtocolBe able to read and fully understand sample codes in VB.NET or C#, then apply it into a VB.NET projectGood at following instructions and coding standards Be able to write simple document for a project or moduleExcellent in troubleshooting and bug fixing (could do Team Viewer on the user"s computer to troubleshoot)Very good written communication skillNice to have:Experience with one or more of the following technologies: Deployment project in Visual Studio, Telerik UI (Winforms), Telerik Reporting, iTextSharp, GMap.NET, Google APIs (Google Map, Email, Calendar)Advanced knowledge in MySQL database: indexing, query optimization, stored procedure, etc.

  • $236 USD 15 days ago

    The project is about building an application that should have the following features1.User groups and hierarchies (administrator,users etc)2.It will use a Microsoft access database.3.It will show some performance indicators regarding the user activity(how many phone calls utilized etc) when the users logs in.The figures should be displayed on a grid and on a graph or chart etc4.The administrator should be able to send messages to the users via an admin interface and when the user logs in he should see the message and verify that it was read.5.The administrator must be able to monitor the performance indicators by selecting a user The access schema is ready so no database design would be required.Also further analysis and more details will be provided as soon as the project is awarded

  • [Sealed] 16 days ago

    Hi i need a talented windows and website developer who has good skill set in ASP .NET and C#.

  • $526 USD 16 days ago

    We want to build a property website. It will not have individual property listing to buy or sell.It will only have Project level listings. It should have following Business entities: Builder, Agent, Project and Normal User.Users can leave review/rating for each of the business entities. There will be Q&A, Forum functionality. like Users point system, users earn points for each activity they do.Also Users can report corrections in the data, or add new data. All these user generated information will go through Admin workflow , Admin of the site will moderate everything before making it live.The performance and scalability should be good and framework created should be that it is very easy for new developers to add features.The tools used should be most optimal of the choice set.Technology to use: ASP.NET MVCIn summary we need like site with additonal features like user point system and correction suggestion system which is very easy.

  • ₹47368 INR 16 days ago

    Looking for .Net developer to develop a web application, person should have strong knowledge of .Net, MSSQL, HTML 5, CSS, jQuery.We are looking for a person who can work with us for long time.Developer based out of Delhi would have preference but this is not mandatory, we can work remotely as well.Application requirement : We need to build a system where admin can create users and assign roles privileges based on roles and privilege user can perform action in web app.We need a system where we can upload scanned papers and send that to other departments for their approval or for them to work on that, these document can be archived based on years.We need a system where a staff can create News by selecting some fields.these are basic requirement of the project, I"ll explain all other requirement once I"ll be satisfied with someone"s bid and past work.UX would be the key of the project.Thanks

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Project Director

Jun 2005 - Present (8 years)

H3 Solutions

Working as a project director and I have 8 years of experience in development and managing small, medium and large scale project and capability to achieve international standard quality in output which meets our valued customer need, wants and demand.



University of Central Punjab



University of Central Punjab



.Net Certification


Introduction of .net architecture, database connectivity, ADO.Net, Web application controls, Desktop Application <br />controls, Use of COM/dlls




This is my CV