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  • $1200 USD
    Profile image for Seller clonebuyer


    27 days ago

    Joy is a fantastic writer with great professionalism and patience. I look forward to working with her again on other projects.

    Project Description:We are in need of someone that understands human behaviors and psychology to write creative summaries for us. We have about 128 different personality traits already written but need them to be edited and matched to a behavioral grid breakdown...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller wyK1NG


    Feb 4, 2014

    Great Job, did deliver as requested. Reliable & Motivated. Can recommend.

    Project Description:Time & Place: settled in modern day (1990-2014) Eastern Europe, including: (big bald) body builders, hooligans, some drug abuse, prostitution, violence, crime in general, russian mafia, big money Needs...
  • $110 USD
    Profile image for Seller hekainc2480


    Jan 15, 2014

    very good job, will use again in the future for sure.

    Project Description:blogs content needed for male lifestyle blog.
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller jpettersson


    Dec 30, 2013

    This freelancer always seem to deliver! Fantastic to work with and I am sure she could take on almost any project and achieve great things.

    Project Description:Hi Joy! Here's an assignment for my project If you look at for example, you can see a "description of site". I would like a quote for writing similar descriptions for some other dating sites...
  • $277 USD
    Profile image for Seller applysearch


    Dec 17, 2013

    Top Notch, Brilliant writer produced a great piece.

    Project Description:This will be a re-write of an article. We want in in a new voice, to appear to be written in your writing style vs the original authors. Will require you to rewrite, shorten and simplify the points as well as input your writing style...
  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller Aggz1985


    Nov 20, 2013

    Did a great job! Will hire again!!

    Project Description:This paper is due Wednesday October 9,2013. Research Paper MUST be 2 pages long with a Reference page. There must be citation if information is taken from internet or book. Most important written in APA FORMAT...
  • $22 USD
    Profile image for Seller JPPF


    Nov 18, 2013

    Joy is always very responsive and seem very competent. She is dedicated and has a ability to quickly understand what you want. I get the feeling she can handle any project and we will use her again definately.

    Project Description:More info will follow.
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller rahazabat


    Nov 12, 2013

    Hello2u is an excellent communicator and dedicated professional who delivered within scope and on time.

    Project Description:Custom Hello2u
  • £555 GBP
    Profile image for Seller sujansen2009ujan


    Nov 11, 2013

    Very competent and professional

    Project Description:I am looking for someone who can ghost write a guidance book for me to help international medical graduates find all relevant, upto-date and authentic information in one place rather than surfing from one website to another and another spending lots of time...
  • $112 USD
    Profile image for Seller nniesen


    Oct 23, 2013


    Project Description:We need 50 detailed product descriptions completed. The descriptions are on a varying subject of items so no two will be exactly alike. Each description should be 100-500 words and include a complete list...
    Hello2u has not completed any projects.
  • $250 USD In Progress

    History of pastas ebook designed to help further understand the origins and how pasta is made

  • $500 USD In Progress

    Write a 180 to 200 pages of book on Numerology and Understanding Your Child. I will be providing a Numerology book that was previously written so that the writer can understand what it is all about. The writer can extract the information from the book. Plus additional articles that I had written to add into the book.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    We"re looking for a writer who wants to be part of a movement and who wants to feel that his/her writing counts.• You need to be passionate about survival & preparedness. You need to really believe in it. • You need to be an avid reader of Infowars, Wnd, Shftplan or similar patriots sites.• This is not your first time writing in survival and preparedness. (portfolio needed)What exactly are you going to do?• You"ll research and write high quality articles on for SURVIVOPEDIA.COM on SURVIVAL/PREPAREDNESS that people will feel compelled to share with their friends.What do we offer? • The chance of writing in a topic that you love• The possibility to be read by tens of thousands of Americans every single day. • Fair payment • Long term collaboration with a team of professionals who share the same beliefs/aspirations/ideas.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Hi I have several projects in the pipeline but I"m limited for time. I am looking for a ghost writer that I can work with in the next 6 months to bring as many of these projects to life as possible. The priority is a semi biographical piece, I have completed the notes and just need someone with imagination and creativity, plus amazing writing skills to bring to life. There will be a test piece, something which can be completed quickly. Once this has been submitted and approved the main project will commence. The timeframe is 6 to 8 weeks for this project, and payment will be made after work is submitted and final copy is approved.

  • £18 GBP/hr In Progress

    We would like an experienced web copy writer to review and enhance our web copy.The key requirements are 1) strong web content writing skills, 2) persuasive copy, conveying credibility 3) able to implement SEO keywords in copy, title and meta tags 4) Call to action will be to get readers to obtain a quote or contact us for further information.Previous experience writing web copy for a translation service company would be a plus.

  • $155 USD In Progress

    we are a fur factory from Russia, we sell fur accessories online, we are top rated on ebay, we are on facebook, have a branch in USA CT, registered trademarks ® ARKTIKA, ® arctic-store, bla bla bla.. Now we need good trusted online google SEO friendly reviews about our business. We prefer to start from small packet to be sure that we get what we need. Ask for more details please.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    We want to write a proposal for a vehicle portal with the following features: Vehicle database, Automated online vehicle registration etcour company website more features attached:we have a proposal template attached:

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    1. Summary of the International Telecommunications Union conference in Dec 2012. A summery of the new treaty to be ratified on 2015. How will this impact internet usage world wide. Countries that refuse to sign the treaty need to know why/ 2. The murky world of E-waste: What really happens to your computer when you dispose of it.

  • $611 USD 14 days ago

    I was trying to write a book that is romantically tells a life of a girl with her long time boyfriend then suddenly turns into a broken pieces, it must narrate how t the girl move on and find her ways to know the true meaning of love. I need a writer who can attract all the readers and would make my book famous. You should have the skills to make the book.

  • $555 USD 14 days ago

    I need assistance on an ebook on chess: articulating the key learning points from the game of chess and illustrating its application to real life situations

  • $555 USD 22 days ago

    I"m looking for a creative writer who can help me in building content for my website . I"m NOT looking for an implementer, however looking for a creative person who has strong experience , creative in selecting appropriate words and business language, and has knowledge of marketing .it is very important to create attractive text that encourage the reader to continue reading , persuasive and influencing. my company provides marketing services, and the content is for this promote these services in an academic and attractive manner. For that reason, it is essential for the freelancer to have marketing background or experience.He/She will get from me the overall idea and direction however building the content will be her responsibility.if you are talented and have the necessary capabilities please apply and express your interest .the content to be development for my project only , copy writing rights is mine .

  • $4445 USD 22 days ago

    I need someone to write the story with my notes..I am sick and will not be here long. I want my story done so my daughter will have it always... and if it sells a million

  • $6684 USD 22 days ago

    I need on a longterm constant writing 2000 articles between 350-500 words. Topics are: LifestylePregnancyCareersFoodBabiesParenthoodFashionBeauty & Make up.And probably alot more, regarding family.I need a decent proposal first and pricing per article or for the whole package.You must understand, I have to be very selective. I need to have a proof of previous work.Name your deliveryrate (how much per week you can deliver or per month).All work that has to be delivered should pass copyscape. I have a list of 250 keywords to work on to get this writing done.

  • $1400 USD 22 days ago

    I am looking for a ghost writer to write on topics of Real Estate Sales and Property Management. The book is expected to be 300 pages. I have many materials and contents to guide the writer. However, the writer needs to give original work and the copyright belongs to me after the job is completed. The writer is expected to have good command of English as well as Real Estate experience. The job is expected to be completed in one month. Interested provider, please send samples of your writing and work.

  • $1250 USD 22 days ago

    Looking for someone to write my stories for Children"s Book for age 3-6

  • $677 USD 22 days ago

    Hi there. I have a client who has a web service which is geared towards business networking groups. The service allows these members to more efficiently interact and exchange and track referrals more efficiently.To start, he is looking to have the following things done:-clean up a pitch deck/presentation he has outlined which will be presented to the networking group members. [All the slides/flow are already made but we would need someone to professionally edit and give proper statistics relevant to the topic of referrals. ie: what percentage closings occur with referrals, how important it is to act on a referral as soon as it comes your way, percentage closing based on how long you sit on a referral, ect]-Extra plus to someone who understands conversions and how to systematically sell an audience.Assuming all goes well with this assignment, I would like to then begin working on an ebook, revamping the homepage content, and discuss ongoing blog posts.If interested, please answer the questions included with this post. Would also be great to see some samples of your work and an idea of how your rates work.I"ll be happy to share more details once I see your response (website url, ect).Thanks for your time and looking forward to the long-term relationship:)PS. I do have other clients who are looking for sales and landing pages for their sites too! Would be nice to have a go-to person for all of this.

  • $1250 USD 22 days ago

    I contested for elections in a very conservative part of Africa. Coming from London, I had a certain expectation of conducting a grass roots campaign and following due process.No woman had ever contested for a legislative seat in my constituency because it is a Muslim community. However, it was ironic that both myself and my other contestant were both women.Having been born into a political dynasty, I already knew the my primary strategy was to reach out to the grassroots and very poor. Therefore, I concentrated all my efforts on interacting with the people directly. For 11 months, I moved to my fathers farm in the village where my constituency was and I worked tirelessly to woe the people. Before I knew it, I gained so much popularity that hardly anyone could believe it. To my credit, I had hired a camera man to follow my 11 month campaign. We are at present putting the footage together to make a documentary.When it came time for the primary election, I beat my opponent by a very large gap.Due to the fact that there had been some other constituencies in my state (not mine) who didn"t conduct proper elections, the party called for a second election.Although I was frustrated and we were running out of funds, we participated in the second election. The second election was mindboggling and the support I got was beyond what I expected. In our second election, I got 26,520 votes while my opponent scored 4,109 votes. With a difference of 22,000, one would have thought it was obvious who the clear winner was. I couldn"t imagine anyway such a gap could be disputed, especially since everything had been video taped. I have video footage to prove all this.The biggest mistake I made during my election was not approach any of the political party executive members. I felt it was not correct to give the executive members gifts or try to manipulate them in any way.This was exactly what my opponent did. So while she was popular with the party executive, I was very popular with the voters.After the second election had been finalized and announced, I felt secure in my victory. At that point, I left my constituency and went back to the city to get some rest.The next day, as I woke up I was confronted with the news that my opponent had been declared winner. I was shocked and called people in my constituency to find out if a third election had been held in my constituency. I was told that there hadn"t been,Apparently, there had been few constituencies where elections still weren"t conclusive and the party ordered for elections to be included in only those constituencies who hadn"t had elections.Due to the fact that I was back in the city and had no idea what was happening, my opponent smuggled some election materials and went to fill in fake results in her car. Some of her associates who had helped forged the results recently approached me and pledged to testify he truth.I will be contesting for election again in 2015 in the same constituency and wanted to write a book on my experience in 2011.My idea would be a 11 chapter book with each chapter covering a month of the campaign I conducted and all the experiences I had.I want the book to be written in the first person, as if I were writing it myself and I want it to be w really emotional piece.I am a writer myself and would have loved to write the book myself, but I just don"t have the time to write the book at the moment.I need the book to be written as soon as possible. I would expect each chapter to have about 7,000 words. I would be willing to record on tape everything that happened and that I want written in each chapter to make it easier for the writer to include everything that I envisage in the chapter. This can be transferred via mail.Below is a link to the piece I wrote about my experience after the election, so I hope that the writer will be able to understand the kind of emotion I am looking for in the book and in each of the 11 chapters. wanted to get a writer from India primarily because I think the writer would be able to relate to and reflect the culture of the constituency that I come from.There are clips on my youtube channel of the campaign and some parts of the election and result counting confirming my win before the results were changed.My Youtube channel can be found on please feel free to have a look and get a feel of the atmosphere I hope to capture.I hope that I do get a feed back from someone who can understand and work with my vision.But please keep in mind that I would like to have the book started as soon as possible and have it finished as soon as possible to.I am flexible with terms, as long as I can get a writer that can help me complete this project. Hope to get a feed back soon.Thankyou.Hanney

  • $555 USD 22 days ago

    writing medical ebooks. One title to start with then multiple titles once we check your work

  • $555 USD 22 days ago

    I want 2 different things. I will hire separately for both. 1. Start of a tell-all story of kitchens from a chefs point of view starting from washing dishes.2. Recipe book with old style "Siclian feel".

  • $1250 USD 22 days ago

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced writer to work with me closely and write an Ebook on "Android App Marketing"I already worked on the basics, you can check them as a Lesson Series here on these, we need to improve / expand the contents and make it as Ebook. I expect the book should be about 150+ pages and include the examples from Industry & Interview from experts.This is my first book project, so I like to join Hands with Experienced Writers, who already have published books on app store / kindle Please make your bid, only if1. You are interested and familiar with the subject2. You are ready to work on project for 3-4 month span time. I guess, to get interviews from Industry Experts, take a time3. Good understanding of e-Book Publishing4. Proven Track RecordThanks

  • $555 USD 22 days ago

    Need a creative author to write one or more original book-length children"s books. I can work with you to determine the specific sub-categories under children"s stories based upon your writing inclination and experience. I would prefer that we set a fixed price for each project based upon the estimated word-count in the story. I don"t usually set a deadline other than a timely completion date so you can let your imagination roam without feeling deadline pressure. I can be more specific with details in private communications with you. Thank you.

  • $250 USD 28 days ago

    We are in need of quality writers knowledgeable in internet marketing, with the following requirements:- Must be accessible by Skype - Short turnaround time - Willing to write articles on various topics - Willing to research and edit

  • $250 USD 28 days ago

    Num. of words: 15,000Information for the blog/website: Electric shaver review website / it"s going to be like this website TechnologyNum. of web pages: 20Description of every page: well researched articleseach article word count - 700- 1,000Tone: Formal/ProfessionalOutline & Structure: Your responsibilities:- Write original,unique, high-quality & SEO-friendly 1) website content 2) product reviewsRequirements: - Excellent writing, grammar, spelling and formatting- Strong communication skills

  • $555 USD 28 days ago

    Hi there,I"m searching writers for my new project. I need writers who can do copywriting and creative writing work. i need brochure, business presentation for my website. please send me your bid with samples and RateThanks and RegardsSmit

  • €16 EUR/hr 28 days ago

    We are developing a new restaurant guide (you can see a beta version under ond one of the most important ingredients is still missing: really nice, friendly, maybe funny and absolutely eye-catching text. We are looking for someone who helps us find a smart & tasty language, not too serious, not too childish. Professional, but warm & friendly - and somehow unique. We consider our language to be one of the most important parts of our Coporate Identity.We need slogan"s, catch phrases for multiple headlines and short but efective content for pages like "Contact us", "About us", "Advertise with us", some examples for the best possible restaurant description, a guideline / manual for making great photos for a restaurant"s listing etc. In other words - we"ll need a whole lot of thing, but we have to start with something more specific.Let"s pick something as a starter: this initial project is to write the text for a page "About us". Think about a team of a startup company, 8 people, different background, international, all of them love food and to work with anything related to it. You can invent profiles and background - we"ll add real data from our existing team and adjust the result later.

  • $25 USD/hr 28 days ago

    We are looking for a copy writer to help us with different articles someone who has done copywriting for children audience. It´s a big plus if the person is located in the Idaho/Oregon area,Happy bidding

  • $1250 USD 28 days ago

    Scope of work would include research and a write-up of what companies, organizations (public and private), or initiatives are focused on improving the middle skill job market and what their objectives are. (Middle skill jobs typically require more than a high school but less than a four year degree). We would like to know what platforms/apps are being built for this job sector and what functionality is being introduced, including: -Job posting -Job search -Job matching -Skills assessment -Reputation feedback -Information for training -Source of job related data (public and private) It would be helpful to include an analysis of companies trying to improve the middle skill job market in one particular sector, such as healthcare or advanced manufacturing.

  • $250 SGD 28 days ago

    I am looking to hire someone for writing a training manual, DIY style workbook, training manual. This is specific to sewing. The training manual will contain photos, step by step illustrations. I will need someone to make the necessary diagrams as illustrations by them selves. The book writer should use simple language for easy understanding of the steps. The steps mentioned should not be complicated. I need one manual to be created first. More information will be provided on short listing. approximately 10 lessons

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Head Writer and Editor

Sep 2008 - Present (5 years)

Academic Writing Agency

My daily tasks involve supervising, assigning tasks, editing and writing high quality copies. It is also part of my job description to attend to clients, carry out their specific orders and maintain good customer relations.


Public Health/Administration (M.Sc)


Applied Biology