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Bing Zeng

Senior Java & Android &WebDeveloper

Username: IMSeriousBidder

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Location: Nanjing, China

Member since: November 2010



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  • $420 USD
    Profile image for Seller benosin2002


    Mar 10, 2014

    He ran into some obstacle and I can understand that because he has never failed me before.

    Project Description:Project and final already emailed.
  • $950 USD
    Profile image for Seller bluenos


    Mar 4, 2014

    Great developer. Understanding the problem and gives accurate solution. I'll recommend him again.

    Project Description:Twitter application GUI using twitter4j api that manages .dwg files. Code given in java for data retrieval from twitter using hashtags, mentions etc but it needs some modifications. More descriprion in...
  • $1500 USD
    Profile image for Seller magnusemail


    Feb 10, 2014

    Positive experience - look forward to ongoing relationship. Recommended.

    Project Description:The requirement is for a web service that takes user credentials from a data base, changes them to a token based mechanism, sends them to a mobile based app via a SMS (SMPP) - the App digests the credentials...
  • $1420 USD
    Profile image for Seller bozmen


    Dec 22, 2013

    Bing has been honest and candid and I am satisfied with his level of contribution and performance during the development of this server-client software.

    Project Description:Data Integration Software development based on distributed application structure using the client-server model. Planned Product Capabilities • Allow users to create/manage remote data sources (an...
  • $280 USD
    Profile image for Seller verygood007


    Dec 16, 2013

    Very good software developer ! Will work again :)

    Project Description:I need to write a Java Web Service that is hosted on Tomcat and stores data to MySql database. WebService has a JSP page where I can post an XML file of specific format. When I push the submit button...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller verygood007


    Nov 26, 2013

    Great job! I luv this guy :)

    Project Description:Java program to process XML. It will take file 1 and put it in file 2.
  • $4950 USD
    Profile image for Seller canunal


    Nov 25, 2013

    professional and responsive developer and .. very committed to his work.!<br/>

    Project Description:Grails based web application for sentiment analysis
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller SJohann14


    Nov 11, 2013

    Awesome Job!

    Project Description:Java, Mysql, Oracle project
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller captchasolutions


    Nov 9, 2013

    Excellent coding with expert understanding. wish to work in near future for further jobs.<br/>Very fast and intelligent coder on java environment. Done exactly what i need and made the application perfectly. I highly recommending to hire 'Bing' for java environmental projects. A++++++

    Project Description:HI Need software automation with browser support. Need to work on website automation through java or relative programming concept. will describe in details in PM after bidding. happy bidding.
  • $180 USD
    Profile image for Seller cspan3000


    Oct 31, 2013

    thanks- would hire again anytime-great work and super patient!

    Project Description:Have an existing Web Scraper app in JAVA that is not working since upgrade to OS Mavericks. Not sure if the app or my MAC settings need to be changed (or both)
    Bing Zeng has not completed any projects.
  • $1480 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • £240 GBP In Progress

    manage and update xml files - make login file based on registeration or facebook login or cookies. must be familiar with javabeans servlets

  • $600 USD In Progress

    my current Taxi app Android and IOS can be ordered from users with Android and IOS passengers, as well as from dispatch in Admin section.The adminbooking dispatch is quite simple and needs to be updated in features and detailed informations,When customers call comes in, per Caller ID his details and last taxiorder must come up so the dispatcher dont need to fill in all the necessary fields over.Attached is the current version ...and a mockup how the new version has to look like

  • $140 USD In Progress

    HI,It is a software automation project for is private project for this expert coder.thank you

  • $750 USD In Progress

    I need someone to take my basic service agreement, and then add options to fill in the blanks, so that I can quickly create contracts/agreements to send to customers. I would like to access it from an internal web server where all the files will be saved, and searchable. When I enter a contact details once, it should always stay in the system, so that I can select their name from the drop down list, and it should automatically propagate the proper areas in the agreement, like, name,address,phone, etc... I will provide you with a sample agreement with tags like &quot;NAME&quot; &quot;CUSTOMER&quot; etc... You will need to create one input form where I can input all the data quickly. There is a section that will need to be calculated as well. i.e first month, last month, and duration contract. So if the customer does a 36 month contract with me, then the app should automatically input the END date if I selected the START date. All of the files must keep a certain code, that is generated from items within the input section, for example, Location A name, Location B name, customer name, date... That should be the file name. All of the files should be searchable from the portal. Any changes or modifications to a agreement, will add the -1 or -2 to the end of the file name so that its known that this is the 2, or 3rd version of the agreement. The portal should have a calendar bases scroll section where I can monitor start and end dates of my clients. I need to have a notification system that will alert me X months, X weeks before a customer&quot;s contract expires. I would also like to track future customer as well. Sometimes I need to wait months before I can bid on a contract again. That should be in my calendar with the details of that client, and in a different colour. I want to have notifications for all of this, sent weekly, monthly etc... There must be an option to export contact emails and or addresses so that I can print labels or what ever else is needed.For bonus options..... If you are a quickbooks expert, I would like you to integrate this with my quick books so that once make a contract, and in the portal there can be a option for &quot;contract signed&quot; it should automaticly send the details to quickbooks and generate the invoices, as well as build the customer into the quickbooks database.Sorry for the long ramble, but those with experiance in this, will know exactly what I need.

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    Grails based web application for sentiment analysis

  • €16 EUR/hr In Progress

    We need a JAVA expert that is skilled in JSP, J2EE and JDK 1.7.Our application is a multi platform client-server suite composed of these components:- Client-side GUI application for Mac OSX and Windows - Server-side agent using hibernate and PostgreSQL- Server-side webadmin using JSP, servlets, hibernate and PostgreSQL- Client-side agent running backup jobs- MacOSx installer for client, Windows installer for server, Windows installer for client, Linux installer for serverEach of the components has been partially developed and requires extra work.

  • $30 USD/hr In Progress

    Struts 1 project support

  • $750 USD In Progress

    Hi, I would like a web service made in java and a client made in HTML5 to be able to:Theme is football/soccer - Allow a user to create an account securely - Give that user a random &quot;team&quot; of players on signup from list of values in the database - Each player to have 10 attributes and an image linked to it (view from client) - User can change a management field Attack/Normal/Defend which affects outcome of match - perhaps dynamic imagery with this - Daily/Weekly/Monthly event/match where teams go head to head - for now lets say if total of 10 attributes higher then team scores 2 goals and if management field is Attack then that team scores 1 goal - Login Page and Global league table - When user is logged in it shows their upcoming matches and results of previous - A profile area, maybe linked to facebook if its easierI plan on using this to learn how web services work with databases and clients, but its also a project I&quot;m interested in and would like to develop into something more

  • $36 USD/hr In Progress

    As discussed IMSeriousBidder, this is to replace the other project that was denominated in Australian dollars with one denominated in USD

  • $250 USD Today

    I want to implement Apache Nutch WebCrawler or Crawler 4J on my website to crawl various different sites.Please respond if you have actually implemented these open source projects and can show me examples.

  • $720 USD Today

    I would like you to write the code for this project in any language.. I prefer java or python (basic). I have the SQL statements written and the ER Diagram, flowchart which I can provide to you. I need Phase 3 completed in the file I have attached. Also, I would like comments through the code explaining the steps in basic language. The file is too large for me to attach.. I could email it to you?

  • $526 USD Today

    I need a developer who can make a twitter script for me using 4 API keys to get twitter followers.

  • [Sealed] Today

    An existing web application needs &quot;sign up with Facebook&quot;, &quot;sign up with PayPal&quot; functionality.The web app is written in Java, Servlet 3.0, Struts 2, JSP, container managed form based authentication.Check out the app code, learn the architecture, add or modify JSP pages, Struts Actions.The new sign up page will have two more buttons: &quot;sign up with Facebook&quot;, &quot;sign up with PayPal&quot;.Upon successful sign up, user data retrieved from Facebook or PayPal and facebookId (or PayPal id) should be persisted with the user account. Use existing libraries for persistence and business logic.The login page is to have the new &quot;login with ...&quot; buttons, use a new Struts Action for login and use Servlet 3.0 login() functionality instead of the standard container form-based authentication.The work is to be supervised by a senior developer, available by phone and chat in the UTC-05:00 time zone. Language: English, Russian.Will promptly answer any questions related to the app architecture to speed up the learning process.We have more work in this project and are looking for a long term enagement upon successful completion of this task.When posting a response please mention in the first line 11th and 12th significant digits in the number Pi.

  • $750 USD Today

    I require a scraper tool to be developed. It should do the following tasks:1. Scrape A Google Search Result2. Log into a web based software (using credentials that need to be inputted into the tool)3. Once inside, scrape results from the web based software4. Display resultsI prefer this to be developed in Java. I also want the tool to have a 5 day trial version after which a license will be required. Nothing too fancy for the license part. Does not need to be web based.Please contact me for additional questions. I dont want to post all the project details here as I would like to keep certain parts of the project confidential.Thanks

  • $6550 USD Today

    It is a very small size workflow solution with limited features. Will be coded using Ruby. Details described at the attachment

  • $25 USD/hr Yesterday

    Sirs.,The project is implement and configure the main resources from New Relic framework for IT monitoring and New Relic Insight for business service management!We need include on our company the best practices and environment for monitoring our IT infrastructure on Amazon content: servers, links, applicattions, database and business components.We use:- Linux Ubuntu;- Marketcetera Platform (opensource software in Java / JRuby);- WSO2 Data Service;- Tomcat;- Flex;- Oracle (AWS RDS);- C language;If we have success on the first demand, it&quot;s totally possible we build a continuous technical relationship.

  • £1480 GBP 2 days ago

    We are looking for someone to help us get started on a new project. We need an example web application built for us that will have a logon page and then a main screen with a left hand navigation bar, top menu bar and main screen in the middle.We need to hook in all the different screens into the menu and navigation bar (about 20 screens will need to be setup) but we only need to have one screen to be functional and we can then complete the rest. The functional screen will have a simple data entry screen that can be added/updated and on entry will show the contains from the database. As navigation and menu options are selected the middle area will be refreshed with the new screen.We want to use Java, Spring, MVC, Hibernate, Maven, Eclipse. We need a clean implementation so that we can build the rest of the project.

  • £245 GBP 2 days ago

    I am looking for someone who can build me a Swing user interface that I can use to demonstrate the functionality of my simple project management application. My application (partially complete) allows individuals to plan software development projects. You could relate it to something like JIRA or RALLY but I must stress that it is much much simpler. The user interface I require should be able to construct some basic entity objects (I will provide these) from various screens. Some simple checks should be incorporated into the UI when constructing objects (e.g. project name is not empty). In terms of the screens, I have no mock designs so you can either create your own based on my requirements (something similar to JIRA would be ideal although it does not need to be as complex) or I can try to put together some mock designs. The two MOST IMPORTANT things I am looking for is someone who can do this quickly and someone who is reliable. This is an urgent task that I need completed on 20/04/14 so please do not bid if you don’t think you will have enough time or if you have too many other projects to deal with. I need to make sure this is DONE on the date specified. It is a simple task so it should not take long for someone who is familiar with Swing. Further information will be provided to the successful bidder but please do not hesitate to ask me questions if you are unsure of anything.

  • $3000 USD 2 days ago

    Hello,I am looking for a experienced developer, I need a clonation of a web app, prog. language open to discuss, I would preffer Java.Additionally We will require as well mobile apps.Please give me a budget,

  • $215 USD 2 days ago

    I need a simple Android-Appengine application for my school project. The app will send a request to the appengine with user info and some data, then the appengine will do some calculation and reply with some stored information.The calculation part can be left empty for me to put my algorithm later. It can be like user choose 1,2,or 3, then the appengine reply with dataset-1, 2,or 3 from the datastore in JSON format. You can put some dummy data inside. The appengine needs to log all the user request, and allows me to download and update the stored information like in cvs format. The code should be properly commented, especially where to put the logic part.My logic will not be very complicated, it will be like the appengine looks at the user age, then retrieve the data that matches the age range. I will expand this part myself.No need android UI design.No need web interface.

  • $740 SGD 2 days ago

    Technological Overview: Build 3 Screens using Java SWT (Data source: JDBC)Required Skills: rest / json and jspI am doing a project based on Maven. I have bought an Application called &quot;Tabris&quot;. I need to create a &quot;Supplier Forecast&quot; WebApp that is meant for users to view, edit data and save changes. All the data is pulled from a database which is already populated with information. The WebApp simply connects to the database to retrieve information according to the selection field options. Please see attachment &quot;Project Scope.pdf&quot; for specific details. You might want to have a look at their Java Doc, which provides some sample code for UI widgets.Tabris: Java Doc:

  • $980 AUD 4 days ago

    I am working on a project but don&quot;t really have spare time to complete. This is a full stack development. Requires 3 core components1) Server side:There will be more than 1 servers, servers will communicate with each other by using RabbitMQ either shovel or federation(as servers are not located in the same datacenter) (please don&quot;t offer me anything if you&quot;ve never worked on any AMQP, I don&quot;t like sockets or similar ways of &quot;missing implementations for the real world&quot;). The idea of having more than one server is reliability. Servers will have a database and all servers need to synchronize databases when there is an insert/update. Don&quot;t worry about the details of the database I would only require 3-4 simple tables. I&quot;d prefer SQLite for that as it is only a file and does not require any installation.The other part of server side is Android-Server communication, Android client should be able to get all available server addresses so that any disconnection must be handled by the other server (you don&quot;t have to worry about this part, simply if ack is not received you can have a pop up saying it is disconnected and expect user to do the task again). The client will log in into this server, and server will have database wrappers to be able to write/read data from database(clients will not directly connect to the database). This client-server communication will also be done by RabbitMQ, however must be separated from the server-server communication. The last part is HTTP server. The same username password used for Android client will be used to log in. This will be used for a browser client to view and edit the database.This server must be written in Java and all external libraries must be working fine with Linux and Windows. I have cross-compatiable libraries for SQLite and HTTP Server. I can send it if necessary.2) Android clientThe client will have 2 roles(determined by the account), therefore they will have different Activities. Again the role determination is done at the server side, nothing will be determined by the client. The client must be written for tablets, not for phones.3) HTTPAs mentioned above will be very basic, just log in screen and view/modify some database fields(determined by the account)Please contact me if you have questions or would like to learn more about it.

  • $245 USD 6 days ago

    I have a JSP project that im coding right now. It is almost complete, but there are certain features that are not complete. My deadline is friday End of day. I need the JSP project to be completed by then. The jsp is hosted in tomcat and is called through a php program.

  • $750 USD 9 days ago

    This project involves creating a program that will monitor the prices of specific items within marketplaces/exchanges on a couple of different websites. The key objectives of this piece of software will be:1. Track the specific prices requested and send an email alert when the price reaches a pre-determined &quot;alert level&quot; which will be provided to you. 2. The program should be dynamic enough to be able to change that &quot;alert level&quot; on demand, as well as add or remove which items are being monitored. 3. The program should scan the marketplaces and check the prices 4 times a day: 12AM, 6AM, 12PM and 6PM central standard time (US).4. The software must be written in JavaScript, no exceptions. A successful outcome will be a clean, functioning piece of software that operates exactly to our specifications and whose parameters can be easily modified at any time.

  • $725 USD 12 days ago

    coding must be done for some classes and run their tests

  • $740 USD 13 days ago

    Hellowe would like to make a program which interface with the Ebay to retrieve data from itit is up to you if you give us me a web application or desktop applicaitonafter bidding i can tell you the more details

  • $25 USD/hr 14 days ago

    Hi. I just need a hand integrating my custom jsp servlet cart with my demo account. No credit card stored on sight, transmitted to payment gateway as &quot;Onsight Payment&quot; customer never leaves the site. Mostly done, one other thing though. I need a loop to create shopping cart persistence to the mysql table named, &quot;cart_items&quot;, giving each item in the session based shopping cart servlet its own record on the table for later use. Thank you. I&quot;d like to start the job now please. You need TeamViewer, JSP, JSTL, Servlet and some MySQL experience to SUM the total on the Checkout page and comfortable with integration. I have a demo account. Thanks.

  • $45 AUD/hr 15 days ago

    Using Grails as our framework and Groovy as the scripting language we need to modify our existing Identity Management system to accommodated transferring data to our Dynamic Group Engine. Specification are written, we need someone to code the work based on our specifications.

  • $221 USD 15 days ago

    Java expert needed for a small project which should be finished in 2 days. More details in private.

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Senior Java developer

May 2008 - Jul 2010 (2 years)

Being a memeber for designing a large-scale E-commercial website .<br />Implement own Messaging,Cache system in Java for high perforamce!



Nanjing University



SUN cerficated Java developer


Sun Certified Java Programmer!