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  • $650.00 USD
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    Aug 2, 2013

    My first app and Imtiaz was fantastic.

    Project Description:Hello freelancers, I have reposted this project as this is my first time using Freelancer and I have learnt many things already from the bids I received and the communications I had. Also by reposting I am able to more clearly outline the services I require...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller naak2803


    Aug 1, 2013

    Intiutiveapps is one of the best. Communication is perfect, quality is perfect. They are very fast, even though we ordered just one day ago, the were able to do it! Will definetely work with them again.

    Project Description:I'm in need of a iphone app that retrievs information from a webservice and presents it. You will get att webservice address in private message. 1. If the retrieved information doesnt contain telephone number, then dont show the headline "kontakt information" 2...
  • $280.00 USD
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    Jul 6, 2013

    Excellent team! Got an amazing app, exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely be hiring this team in the near future both for new development and upgrades on previous apps. Hoping to deal with you soon! I can definitely recommend this user for app development. Once again, great work!

    Project Description:Hello, I'm need of a quiz app for Android. I have already developed an app for iPhone so GUI and all the webservices are done. This is the app I have developed and I need an Android version of it...
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hirokim


    May 10, 2013

    Thank you for completing the difficult App.This App is a high-performance.My task is smooth communication.

    Project Description:AppName : Log Pose Target : iOS over 5 (iPhone4S) Disp : portrait only Deliverable : Source code, ipa file Function : This app is a compass that points to the destination. This app displays the linear distance to the destination from the current point...
  • $360.00 NZD
    Profile image for Seller mtopschij


    May 5, 2013

    This freelancer made a great effort on the job, and got what we required done to a high standard. My only concern was that communication was a little difficult, but that would be my only pitfall.

    Project Description:We require a database - like system to make the creation of pages for our reference app simpler. Attached is an In-Depth PDF that will clearly explain what is required. Please read through this carefully before bidding...
  • $54.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lacegirl


    May 3, 2013

    Definitely, I will hire him again for any IOS project

    Project Description:Hi, I would like to have developed an ipad native tool in XCode to display the content of this website: It will be delivered just to a few ipads and it will be valid only for a list of UDIDs...
  • $80.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller alikhalid1992


    Apr 23, 2013

    Intuitive Apps was the least problematic supplier I have come across so far. The project was delivered at the right time, within the right budget and having the right quality. I would surely recommend Intuitive apps to all those looking for Class-A work.

    Project Description:Project Specification; I want an efficient iphone programmer to develop a simple time and fuel calculator application. The aim of the application is to facilitate travelers in calculating two crucial...
    Intuitiveapps has not completed any projects.
  • $473 USD In Progress

    i have iphone app(map route) and i want to to modifying it with :*change the UI design.*add auto head map *save current location *import gpx route and location -its simple job , the app working very well now so please only expert with maps & GPS .Thanks

  • $800 USD In Progress

    Hello,I have an idea for an iphone app. It incorporates 2 ideas into one. I am fully aware of the linguistics and coding involved, unfrotunatly depsite this being fairly easy to code as a lot of functionality is basic I don"t have the hours in the day due to family comittment to code it myself, so looking for a competant programmer with some graphics design knowledge behind them. You must be familiar with Apples (Iphone) coding functionality as this will partly be coded from start to finish. I am aware there are plenty of cross source code platforms you can use and whilst I have no problem anyone using them I"d prefer the majoprity of the app to be done from scratch. Feel free to use coding from elswhere as long as it (is freesource and) can be tweaked if this helps keep cost down (which I know it will). You can also take maps from elshwere as creating one from scratch would be very time consuming and too expensive for me. Google maps incorporated in may be the best and cheapest option. Idea: Road Trip AppTo give you an idea of what I have in my mind please check out "Greatest Drive" and "Greatest Road" in the iphone app store along with "secret London". The problem with these apps is that they are very buggy and look tacky. This app will be along those lines with a more polished feel. I feel using google maps will be a better and cost effective option?This is the functionlity of what I require:- Incorporated map so that users can map out (with pins) and track road trips. - Ability to save individual road trip maps and download them for off-line use.- Ability to see multiple road trips on one map - Ability to put notes under each pin (such as how "pin drop" app works)- I dont neccessarily need a function for users to leave comments (if it will help keep cost down dismiss this function).- Rating system for each scenic road trip drive - people can rate the drive or tourist attraction that others put up out of 5. Again if this is a function that will pile the cost up please create a simple rating system. - One map showing all the scenic drives (UK only) - these will be input by myself. - One map showing all the tourist places - which I will give a list to be uploaded. With each one mapped out. This will not be commercial it will hidden gems I and others have personally discovered. Hidden London or secret London do this very fell and ideas for functionality can come from those apps.- You will also be required to upload the app onto itunes (uk) and with me having the ption of 2 upgrades (minor tweaks) to iron out any bugs. - All coding (which has been written from scratch) and the final app will remain the property of myself and must not be passed onto other people or re-sold without my consent. This is a fairly detailed list of what is required. Some of the functionality is already incorporated onto Google Maps for example and some of platform for tables coding can easily be found and tweaked. Feel free to consider cost Vs hours required. Payments: I am in no rush for this app, however to help spread out the costs I will only pay in milestones over a 6-8months period. Good luck bidding and any questions feel free to ask any questions.

  • $154 USD In Progress

    I need a simple app that detects the 6 most dominating frequencies of sound inputted into the device. These frequencies should be displayed on the ViewController as 6 separate UILabels. Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) should be enabled, and the frequencies should be updated at a rapid pace.

  • $250 AUD In Progress

    I require an HTML5 mobile app to be developed. The app will take the pictures and videos from the phone/tablet and upload it to an Amazon S3 simple storage bucket.The app will use Amazon S3"s API. There will be a few pieces of information the user will need to enter in their phone.1. Access Key ID2. Private key3. Bucket and Folder4. Whether it will be to upload or download the data

  • $1473 USD Feb 17, 2014

    i need somebody to create a detailed game design for me for both on the appstore and android. in need of a game developer ! thanks!

  • $1000 USD Sep 19, 2013

    PLEASE NO PRE-BIDS. I BELIEVE IT"S UNFAIR WITH OTHER PROGRAMMERS.ONLY BID IF YOU DID A REAL ASSESSMENT OF COST AND TIME.THE DESCRIPTION IS VERY CLEAR AND YOU CAN ASK ME QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING TO MAKE SURE.I am looking for an Android app that will book moto cargo/freight delivery services for consumers. The product will take after taxi apps with a few modifications.Contents of the project:1) GPS based Client Android Interface + Website2) GPS based Driver Android Interface4) Web services back end for the Android apps (that can later be used for the iPhone version)5) Simple Webpage Admin to see the database of trips and be able to cancel and delete tripsCustomer: Android app which will be very similar to 99Taxis in which they can see nearby drivers in the map but with the ability to enter details about the service they need (where to deliver, time and receive quotes back about the cost from the drivers nearby). The customers should also be able to does all this via a website! Customer needs to register in the first time they use the app.Drivers interface: allow them to manage their service inquiries (by rejecting or accepting and also by quoting the service via SMS, push notification, email etc), ability to look at the trip details such as end destination, etc.), manage their full day operations and look at all the freight logs with their details. They should also be able to set their statues as being available to take a new service as well as being off-duty or busy. Drivers must register in the first time they use the app.Priority will be given to companies with prior experience with Taxi mobile applications.

  • [Sealed] Sep 19, 2013

    A mobile based messaging application like Whatsapp (including push messaging) but which can also support special smileys and allow users to download/purchase new smileys if when they want. More details will be provided to the people with relevant experiences. Initially start with one mobile platform either iphone or android.

  • $210 USD Sep 13, 2013

    I need a demo application that performs the following functions:1 - the user initiates the mobile app using a voice command (e.g. "send pictures")2 - the user takes a picture using the phone"s camera.3 - the mobile app assigns an Id to the picture, and starts uploading it to a remote REST web service along with the Id.4 - the web service stores the pictures as files or as database records (method is unimportant) in a way that keeps them associated with the Id.5 - if the user takes more pictures, the mobile app uploads these to the web service associated with the same Id.6 - whenever a picture upload completes, the mobile app gives a voice confirmation ("picture one uploaded", "picture two uploaded", etc.).7 - the user speaks (does not use any recognized voice command).8 - the mobile app converts the speech to text, and uploads the text to the remote REST web service.9 - the web service associates the text with the same Id and stores it alongside the pictures.10 - the web service sends a text response (e.g. "received" + ) back to the phone.11 - the mobile app renders the received text to speech and plays it back to the user.12 - the user finalizes the session using a voice command (e.g. "session over").13 - the mobile app continues uploading any pictures that haven"t been uploaded yet, even if the user initiates a new session.NOTES:- the user may speak before, after or in between taking pictures.- speech uploads should occur whenever the user pauses, takes a picture, or issues a voice command (e.g. "send text").- speech uploads should occur as soon as possible, taking precedence over pictures, even those from a prior session.This demo application will need to be very well documented. The target audience knows C# PC software development, but is new to mobile and Android development. Documentation must include:- source code comments.- a guide for setting up the development environment.- a guide for installing and configuring the app on the phone, including any necessary third-party libraries.The application should not use any third-party libraries that aren"t free or cannot be used in a commercial application.The development environment may include Microsoft Visual Studio, plus any freely obtainable tools.If any part of the feature set is impossible or prohibitively difficult to implement, please discuss and propose alternatives.If the project is judged to be significantly more expensive than the specified price range, please discuss.

  • $1578 USD Sep 10, 2013

    Deadline= 3/4 weeksMagazine App should have the following characteristics:- In-App purchase (App and 1st edition is free, subsequent editions may be charged - to be defined).- Support for multiple editions (User must be able to download multiple editions and save previously acquired edditions).- Dynamic content linked to website (ideally issues will be loaded from wordpress posts with authentication but alternative considered).- Each edition must have a cover page, list of contents (index with hyperlink to page ideal but not required), editorial page and content pages.- Multiple fonts support (i.e. title, subtitle, body of text with individually configurable professional grade fonts).- Configurable lay-out (Configurable picture placement, configurable text lay-out, configurable space for advertizement, etc).- Rotating advertizement on odd pages (e.g. no add on page 1, add on page 2, no add on page 3, add on page 4... based on database rotating table).- Support for Social Media (Share, Like, etc on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, FourSquare, etc)- Smooth page turn functionality (like a real magazine or configurable by the user if developer finds it easy to implement)For a sample of what is expected in terms of lay-out, font selection, color quality, etc this app should be able to do similar to this website: multiple issues functionality should be similar to the one in this app (you can search app store for \" aprendiz de viajante \") or look for similar functionality in Magzter (I don\"t need the back-end functionality like theirs). bear in mind this will be a first attempt for us in this area and if it goes well we will have other projects in the future.*** The iPad version is the most important, therefore Android can be deployed later ***Thank you for your bid.---------------------------------------Posted via Freelancer iPad App

  • $250 USD Sep 6, 2013

    Project Description:We need a combination of Android application and website.The android application will contain a simple "Share my camera" buttonThe web application will allow to see what the camera in the Android device is seeing.Both things should be simple prototypes (we just want to see how it could look). So spend time making the thing work - we don"t need a polished looking and feel or anything like that.To share the camera we think using the Google Hangout API is what makes more sense (even if of course this requires the website viewer to log in to G+). But we"ll be happy to listen to any solution.Target Android SDK is 15No specific requirements for the website; use whatever you are more comfortable with.You can use any library you want both for the app and the website.

  • $736 USD Aug 1, 2013

    GoalThe goal of this app is for a customer to place an order with Tommy Car Wash by sending a Purchase Order by email. No financial transactions will take place though the app. An employee will enter all orders into our system. The app will allow you to setup locations with addresses and contact info. You can then setup a profile of preferred products for each location. Products can be added by going to a complete item list and adding them to the location profile. When time to create an order you can select a quantity of the products, add to your order summary list and then click submit which will email the product list to our email address. We can send list of products, names and pictures, we will not need prices, and we"ll update the products with a quarterly update. Please review the attached word document for more details on the specifics and sample screen shots of what it might look like.Please be specific in your reply about how you would go about this and also what services you offer including launching on the app store and upload to developer system.

  • £105 GBP Jul 29, 2013

    I am a hypnotherapist and wish to supply a paid app for relaxation. There would be a few pages of text then I would like 3 separate audio selections of about 15 minutes each and the functionality to change music and sound fx. There would be very little visually just some images mixing through to each other

  • $1500 USD Jul 28, 2013

    I have an existing ASP.Net MVC 4 Mobile website at that uses JQueryMobile and connects to a ASP.Net Web API (JSON or XML) RESTful API. I do not have great ObjC or Java skills- but I need an App for both platforms that replicates the functionality shown on that Mobile website. The API is documented at so you can understand the API you would be connecting to. The only additional functionality not currently shown in the Mobile Website is an In-App purchase process that gives a user access to Attend an Event. Currently the Mobile Website allows users to access for free. The design and UI of the Mobile website is guidance only. It is preferable that you use appropriate constructs and conventions in Apps of each platform to improve the user experience rather than simply replicate it screen for screen. As such, a portfolio of previous work is required, and the slickness of the design of previous project will be an important criteria in selection. it is preferable that each App is natively developed rather than using PhoneGap, Titanium or another cross-platform web framework. Having said that, if your portfolio shows you can use HTML5 + CSS to produce good quality phone apps, and that is your approach preference- that will be considered as an option. Each use case (or small sets of use cases) will need to be reviewed as complete throughout the project- as opposed to waiting until the very end of the project before I can see progress. Please consider that when making your bid- as this has been made clear at the outset. A source code repository will need to be used: either TFS or SVN. Preferably the former, but if SVN is a strong preference- then that is fine too. Please have a look at the Mobile website BEFORE making your bid, as the functionality of the website indicates the scope of the project. Some screenshots are attached for reference.

  • $5 USD/hr Jun 9, 2013

    I need android app developed. It is pretty simple job. only experienced apply. if you dont have experience then dont apply.

  • $147 USD Jun 2, 2013

    I need an ecological footprint calculator that will be a tab within an app for iphone. Each multiple choice answer will be associated with a numerical value, which will need to be added up at the end of the test.The total value of the test is then associated with an ecological footprint value, measured in hectares.The ecological footprint value should be saved on a separate page within the ecological footprint tab to monitor progress.Further details can be discussed over personal message or phone.

  • $2368 USD Jun 1, 2013

    mobile application for Iphone, android and web site. Do you have skype account? I will try to explane by skype. [The Administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]

  • $210 USD May 24, 2013

    i have a web application that is built in the .NET environment. Programming language used id c# in visual studio. I don"t want to save my documents in the database as blobs.....i want to save the file path in the database so that when a user clicks a link/image link on the web application, the document displays/downloads.see example:

  • $1263 USD May 21, 2013

    We need web site for our company diigned in asp windows platform similar to language: Microsoft .Net 4.0Database: Microsoft SQL ServerThe website should have:- Install SSL encryption to protect personal information- Apply rollover tooltips and field placeholder information- Live Chat for sales and technical support for both guests and customers- Email Notification- SMS Notification- Multy Language (English & Spanish)- Search (Global Search)- CMS Pages (not more than 15)- Mobile Optimization- Iframe & Videos Suported- Sharing via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email- Storyboard the online experience- Consider a feedback form to mention experience- Integration with DocuSign- Create Account- View Documents/E-mail/Print ConfirmationAdmin- Categories Management- Content System Management (customized)- Products Management- Banner Management- Video Management- Newsletter ManagementTwo different- one for the public to sign up(which shows publish general news, conference announcements)- Second for customers (which is more informative and provide information on network status, changes in the company in terms of technology)- Website Statistics (Integration with Google Analytics)- Report Management- Supported Windows API in furure..Only serious candidates only.

  • $305 USD May 21, 2013

    Hi..As we discussed. please bid this task; so we can start this task today. must be done very soon.Thank you

  • $252 USD May 19, 2013

    Project Description: This is very small project for the campus.I am looking for developer who can develop an ios application. Feature.1. show the vihecle tracking realtime on the google map API***you are able to use openSource software for the server eg. traccar ... etc

  • $2947 USD May 18, 2013

    We are a small company building a travel/rental booking site. Very similar to have all the HTML and wires already designed. We are looking for a committed C# , .NET developer who can also do SQL/stored procs to work to make sure all the components work with the data points that are displayed or collected on the web pages.There will be more than 25 .aspx page to be created.You will be working with a graphic designer who will supply you with all the HTML.

  • $2421 USD May 17, 2013

    Please visit Need assistance with developing the iOS and Android app. I would advise for you to sign up to the site and navigate around. Get a feel for the functionality. What we need is to pull that content/functionality via the web service into an iPhone, iPad, and Android application. Very straightforward. Currently the web application is calling all through $.ajax({}). calls....You can go for example to see the listings of public methods available......No documentation is there,If you click on each one you will see a sample all returns JSONCurrently, the web services does not have authentication.You can call the web services and get them going.The web services will not run if the user log in does not have a valid session.Send quote and timeframe and what 2+3 equals?

  • $262 USD Apr 27, 2013

    We seek a mobile app developer who can build iphone and android apps. We have several projects available for bids now and in the immediate future. Please provide us with details about your experience and the best fees possible.Thank you.

  • $630 USD Apr 24, 2013

    Hi,I need to develop an applcation to post cars for would have to be an application for apple / andriod phones and also for the PC.We would want anyone to take pictures of the cars and upload with their pricing and they can add their telephone number of email address so anyone can contact them.

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Project Manager

Mar 2006 - Present (8 years)

Intuitive Apps

I manage projects for our small focused software house and have a multi-disciplinary team with a track record of delivering systems which are to spec and on time. We have a small team of dedicated developers who are very<br /><br />skilled, so even though the rate is a single rate or fixed price they can leverage other members of the team ensuring the developer on your job has<br /><br />excellent peer input to ensure you get the best solution.<br /><br />Our focus is on the mobile space and this enables us to create state of the



University of the Punjab, Lahore



Microsoft Certified Professional System Engineer


Completed Certificate of Excellence Microsoft Certified Professional System Engineer