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Location: Kolkata, India

Member since: March 2011



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  • $250 USD
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    Jan 7, 2013

    Joy is very good person. Very understanding and accommodating. I wish him good luck and highly recommend him.

    Project Description:1. I am looking for an accomplished web developer from India to develop an online web store ( B2C) . 2. It shall be multivendor site . 3. The reference site shall be but we do not require exactly same ...
  • $1200 USD
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    Jun 8, 2012

    Nice to work with him, already using for my next project.

    Project Description:N/A
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  • $666 USD 27 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $611 USD 27 days ago


  • $4444 CAD Feb 23, 2014

    Project Description:First off, my name is Dan, and i am the founder/ceo of ISTWA, i started this project back in 2008, and had posted this project on the old rent a coder site, however i was assulted in may of 2009 and was in a coma for almost a year and in the hospital untill 2011, due to this, the project never got anywhere, and now that i am back on my feet, it is time to get this site built and running so that it can start to benifit those who will gain from this one of a kind site.... Whoever takes on this project must be welling to volunteer half their time too this project, and the other half i am going to pay out of my own pocket, in order to get this dream of mine going once and for all...I need a website designed pretty much similer to the or"s causes section, same fuctions, however allot of things will be changed or not used.For full project details please see attachted file.Thanks!!!Daniel

  • $133 USD Feb 20, 2014

    The homepage for website needs to be redesigned. Some considerations* Width of page expanded* Install Flibbook style pages* or Install Slider, whichever is best.* Redesign Login Box to include tabs like these ( linking to 4 key pages* I also need to add pictures and "call to action buttons" to some of my descriptive pages to make them look better.Slider or flip book must interface with all popular browsers and mobile devices.Please visit page and submit your bid and time to complete.

  • $555 USD Jan 3, 2014

    helloi want to hire people who can develop website exactly like hope you understand

  • $555 USD Oct 17, 2013

    My team is building a WooCommerce site for a company selling LED products. They currently use Microsoft Dymanics GP for accounting, and we need to tie the woocommerce system into MS Dynamics GP so they can avoid entering the data manually. I am looking for a freelancer to perform this integration concurrently with our theme development and data entry.

  • $2777 USD Sep 22, 2013

    Hi,I need someone who can build me a real estate portal website. It will have MLS/IDX systems integrated in it. I have already bought one from You can visit the site to see what I already have. There are many add-ons, that you won"t have to create a new one. You can just use what I have already bought. The business I want to do is similar to the given websites below. You can study them. The work will be somewhat the same, of course with some customization to make it uniquely mine. This one provides a complete package, there are some more but I would like to hire a coder. Will decide based on pricing. May be I will just buy their system and let you customize it. For now, like I said, I"m less into buying a separate system and customize it. So, please study the websites above, and bid make biddings specifying how much you will charge and time required.In your message please provide the estimated pricing for:- the system- the system and mobile application (android, ios) (something like this ) Please do not hurry in bidding. Take your time in studying and bid. My office will be close till monday, so take your time, study seriously and make proper proporsals. I wouldn"t really appreciate biddings in the first few hours. I need professionals for this. If you do not have a reliable reviews, I"m sorry I can"t risk on you. It"s a big project but I will pay a reasonably fair price only. I"m expecting the cost to be around $1,200 - $1,500 or maybe more. My priority is work quality. Your high demands may lessen your chances, though, like I said, quality is my priority. I will send in my customiation instructions to the appealing candidates on Monday.Thank you for readingregards.

  • [Sealed] Sep 22, 2013

    Project requires website design and build. Attached to this is a word-doc with how it should look.Simple but stable website needed with classy look/feel. Video"s will be hosted on youtube. Only registrants via our website should be able to see the video. For a feel of what the website should look like; font wise and lay-out wise, see the examples below:

  • $555 USD Sep 10, 2013

    i need someone to build two sites CMS ( php or .net ) custom development or template attached you will find two documents

  • $888 USD Sep 4, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $888 USD Aug 25, 2013

    A Wordpress Superstar and All Round Guru is Required=================================================================================Our growing company has a fantastic job opportunity available for a Wordpress Superstar and All Round Wordpress Guru that can meet certain criteria. I have to state upfront, this job isn"t for everyone. We"re looking for a very unique person to fill this job.Wanted: A Wordpress superstar who understands Wordpress inside and out who can optimize the Functionality of 2 existing Wordpress Websites by improving the websites, speed, security, Onsite SEO and Social media presence. If you can do this and customize existing Wordpress Themes and you know your way around Buddypress and BBpress you will want to read on…... THIS IS WHAT I AM LOOKING TO ACHIEVE…Successful completion of this work will result in our 2 existing Wordpress Membership websites working that much faster, be totally secure and have 100% onsite SEO scores as well as having each of them fully integrated into our social media platforms.The design of each website will be fully completed in accordance with Axure website prototypes already created. The optimization work you complete will be detailed in a ‘Functionality’ document, (provided for you), so that we can use this document to optimize future installations. We are aiming to complete the build of 2 existing websites and end up better educated on Wordpress optimization in the processWe have 2 existing Wordpress installations which were built several months back and we are looking to have the websites improved and moved forward to a higher state of functionality and design to enhance the end‐user experience. They are currently slow to operate, are not very secure have poor onsite SEO scores and do not integrate with our social media platforms, (Facebook fan pages, twitter accounts etc).In addition to this poor functionality the sites require further design work and we have created an Axure website wireframe prototype to give you a clear picture of how the end websites should look and operate. We want to extend the user functionality further and allow our users the ability to integrate socially and therefore need each website to integrate Buddypress and BBPress plugins.This is essentially a performance optimization and theme customization job where you will be given specific and clear instructions on what you are required to deliver.To help you get a better understanding of what we are looking to achieve please review the attached document

  • $555 CAD Aug 14, 2013

    hi,i m looking for someone to make my ecommerce website for my business .i need someone with many years exeprience and also i prefer to see the portfolio with every offer,this is some exemples to have an idea about what i m looking for : you.

  • $20 USD/hr Aug 10, 2013

    I would like an online clothing/resale store built. The store must be easy to access, load quickly and appealing to customer.

  • $5555 USD Jul 16, 2013

    Good afternoon - I"m looking for someone to build me build three different website for my company. All the sites are pretty basic and will serve only as a repository of PDFs/PowerPoint files/ online articles that a user can view on the site of emails to themselves. We would also like to have a password feature on the site that will expire after a defined amount of time. Instead of building an admin site it would be nice for our sales team to administer the password feature via The goal of the password is NOT to make the site secure, but to allow a password to expire giving a sales team member an opportunity to make a phone call "would you like to have access extended?" The style sheet for the site would be based on... envision the site being pretty basic with an entry splash page that continues to a carousel that displays the available pieces. VERY rough draft of site along with sample of types of pieces attached.

  • $1333 AUD Jul 10, 2013

    To develop a price comparison website for the service of cloud computing providers. The website comparison is performed by calculating price for individually set server needs. modeling of the components of cloud deployments, including servers, storage, databases and data transfers, as well as usage scenarios that incorporate growth, seasonality and other variability in the consumption of cloud resources. Deployments are run through a simulation to create a detailed 1-3-5 year cost report that enables customers to accurately forecast costs for new deployments or budget for future usage.

  • $30 AUD Jul 8, 2013

    Hi,We have a sample logo (see attached file). We would like a new logo to be made, with the same shape as this. The main letters to use are N and X. We would also like a certain good looking font underneath the logo with the phrase "Neurox United Pty. Ltd."Main colours to be used are gold and a shade of black, as in the sample logo.This is a very simple project, as the design has been made, all that is required is a remake with high resolution, so the budget is $30.Thanks

  • $555 USD May 31, 2013

    I need someone to design a Wordpress templates, a complete design of a website. The website is design for a local inflatable bounce house rentals. Here are the thing I need to have on the website. 1. A subscribe section on the front page for customer to subscribes their emails. 2. a Check out section of inflatable units that links to email and calendar for availability.3. All social media linking to the front page such as google+, facebook, twitter, yelp, youtube.4. Check out button on front page that link to another website for Reservation. 5. I want my website to look similar to or www.thejumperguys.complease take a look at the two website I have provided and bid. Thank You!

  • $11 USD/hr May 21, 2013

    Project Description: I have 2 projects the first one is a logo design.My clothing line is called ancient swan so the focus point of my logo should be a swan.I will attach a picture of a logo i seen online that I really like if you can duplicate it but touch it up.Also my clothing line was inspired by a clothing line called givenchy basically givenchy makes a picture and mirror images the picture for the logo i will attach some sample I need my logo to create the same feeling.Next I need a website built it is called people can go online create a user account on my website and load pictures of their sneakers from there they can swap a pair of sneakers with somebody else" and I would charge them a fee to swap their sneakers.

  • $200 USD May 20, 2013

    Have HTML Pages that I want to have layered on opencart. Please PM for more details. Need this very fast.

  • $2500 USD May 19, 2013

    I need an Ecommerce website created and designed. It will need the ability for multiple drop-ship venders to be featured on the site. The consumer (ONE THIS SITE IT WILL BE BUSINESSES) will come to the site to order products. It will appear they are purchasing all items from my site however they will be drop-shipped from 8-10 different companies. They will get a total and pay me on the site. These funds will need to automatically go to the companies who are filling the orders. Will need ability to have invoice numbers for each number. Consumer can search and print old invoices and orders as well as current ones. They can set up automated shipments and payments in the future if they like. There will be minimum order requirements for products, shipping costs etc. There will be a sales associate number assigned to each order. These sales associates will receive a flat rate commission each month for their total. This must be tracked and the associate must be able to login and see their sales etc. There will be an initial login scenario where all the consumers mailing info etc will be stored for future purchases. Anyone who doesn"t have a customer number can just come and buy products and will default to my sales associate number (me). All product photos need to be large and clear. The site needs to be super easy to use both for the admin and the end user. All sales associates will have a page and their info stored. Consumers will print out tax invoices for their accounting purposes etc.These are some of the basic functions required for a distribution, B2B level kind of website. It would be great if there you already have an existing website or script that serves this exact purpose for me to have a demo. As an existing site or script that does B2B/distribution level kind of website, would have all other necessary features that I would expect. The features listed above are just to exemplify what i mean by B2B/Distribution website.I have had problems in the past with freelancers who just do what I ask word for word. I do not build websites for a living and need an EXPERT who will see what I am trying to do and add the functionalities that I need but do not ask for and don"t realize I need. I need someone who can see what I am trying to do and create it even better than what I am thinking. I may choose to have another designer I work with create the design of the site and would want this option and for this design to be integrated. This would be determined by price negotiation. I can"t do a freelancer who doesn"t think outside the box and fill in the gaps I may have....the scope is the end product. I will detail the purpose of the site once selected and you make sure as both the admin and end user it has everything needed. It cannot be delayed. I have had most projects never meet deadline. I have 60 days for the project. This is not negotiable. There is a critical event happening that this must be ready for and it cannot be delayed under any circumstances. I will only look at experienced freelancers with many positive reviews that are experts in ECommerce and deliver on time. THANKS! I look forward to your bid!!!Here is a sample of a site that would be similar that does NOT contain the Ecommerce piecehttp://www.greenschools.netI also like the 3 dimensional "style" of this site...the texture etchttp://wholepregnancy.orgHope that helps!

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