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Location: Tashkent, United Kingdom

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  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller weewheels

    weewheels [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 16, 2011

    I made contact with your support last week to try and get freelancer to contact this person (JansenCorp). As you can see, he has still not made any contact with me. I want a FULL refund. This is the first time I have used this site and I am very disappointed.Thank you.

    JansenCorp's reply:

    Client left message late Friday evening and another comment Monday morning at about 04:00GMT and then reported that I have not replied - this was a client who said time was not of the essence; we only work normal working hours - has he waited for us to reply between 9 & 5 Monday to Friday, we would have of course replied within 2 hours as usual.

    Project Description:I would like to create a site like only with a better design and far better forum. I would like an ad managment system where a user can sign up and pay to place a listing in the directory...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller esstilo

    esstilo [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 7, 2011

    Deadline was missed, project failed.

    Project Description:For this project we’re searching for a developer that can translate a PSD in to a functional Wordpress website. This project is for a website for a printed magazine and needs to have the look and feel just like the magazine...
  • $50.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller jshels


    Sep 20, 2011

    Great working with Darren & team...look forward to working with them again

    Project Description:Looking for someone to take some of my clients product photos and turn them into a collage around their logo. End result will be a graphic on the website and when a user rolls over a particular product it will display some information in a box...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Robertsonprint

    Robertsonprint [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 7, 2011

    Jansen did not fulfill the project or attempt to start it.I notified them on various occasions to find out how the project was going. They said a few times that they were just starting it. Their bid said they could turn it out in 1 day. It's been a month and I haven't seen a rough draft or anything. I would not use this company if they bid on a project for you. I'm back to Square one with this.

    JansenCorp's reply:

    Work was completed as promised and on time - but out in hold waiting for confirmation of email address and phone number that we could not read from clients sketch. The version sent for client perusal can be found here: and looks pretty good for $50 even if I say so myself.

    Project Description:I need a splash page for my new site: I have it hosted locally. All it shows is my name right now. I am a print management company that sends projects from my customers with various printers and suppliers...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller taewa


    Aug 22, 2011

    Nice to have a designer speak English well, and he can combine coding/programming w/ design. Well DONE!

    JansenCorp's reply:

    I have spent a bit of time in Canada and the girls found my accent quite sexy; yes Brits do tend to speak English well! =))

    Project Description:I have completed most of a website using the Joomla Rocket theme template - modulus ( ) I just need a few tweaks to make it look more professional by a skilled designer...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Number10


    Aug 9, 2011

    One of the best freelancers I have ever used from this site.

    Project Description:I have built a website, and the page in the .dwt file is in middle of page, but when I upload the page it has moved to right, so the left side of the page had a greater margin than the right. I need for...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rocgallery


    Jun 6, 2011

    Could not fault work completed but was a long time getting there.

    JansenCorp's reply:

    I have to agree with this rating as we did not meet the deadline; work however was completed to exacting standards as always.

    Project Description:Hello, I am developing a website in Joomla 1.5 using the Joomlashack Onyx template. I have an excel spreadsheet that I need inserted into the website on the front page into a module. The excel spreadsheet is not so much a calculator as an x cross y axis data retrieval...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bizgenie


    Mar 5, 2011

    This freelancer is honest and trustworthy, great communicator and very knowledgable when it ocmes to PHP, Joomla and overall web development. Would and will do business with them again.

    Project Description:Custom database for capturing leads from leads submission form on my website. Must have admin dashboard for reviewing, sorting and printing all form submissions by prospects (leads).
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bizgenie


    Feb 21, 2011

    Executed job according to specs and on time. An excellent Freelancer that I would do business with again. A Joomla expert and great web developer.

    Project Description:Artistically hip landing page that draws attention and gets the leads. I need 3 landing pages creating for a local moving company site that will be landing page for a Google ad campaign. The page will...
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Disastershop


    Feb 1, 2011

    Wonderful provider. Gave me everything I wanted for a really great price. Will be using him for future updates to the newly created website. Thanks again Darren :)

    Project Description:We are looking for a provider to create a Community Social Networking Website. The website will have such features as: Profiles Groups (with forums) Rating System (1-10) Messaging other users...
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    The Wicked Web Designer does not have any work in progress.
  • [Sealed] May 25, 2013

    H-E-L-P!!!We are a social enterprise - creating work for women in northern Bali. Hand woven and hand sewn products now include fashion designer dresses, tableware and other items. The only problem we have is reaching fashion/green/ethic conscious women in the developed world. I want to stay with Wordpress as I am reasonably familiar with it and can manage loading images, writing content etc., but do not know CSS or how to convert from to site.At this stage we are not looking for promotion, just getting the site ready.We envisage that this is in the small project league, but unable to pay that sort of money.If you have a big heart, want to help women put food on their table and pay for their children"s schooling, and want to use our site as a reference site, we are a possible customer.

  • ₹22000 INR Jun 30, 2012

    I am a fairly new startup. I basically deal for 1 primary product and several other secondary products and projects.The main product is OBD-II (On-Board-Diagnostics-II). And the remaining stuff varies from my Arduino projects and custom cars and computers, and all other IT related stuff.The logo should be Technology-themed. Simple and Sober. But with impactful Gravity.OBD-II is an Bluetooth-adapter for diagnosing the car problems and engine problems,basically it is an auto-mobile genre tool, for which I need a my-company-related sticker to be made for.The link for the OBD-II adapter: will give out the detailed dimensions once we go further with the selection.My half-built website: www.iconotech.inDesigner should be taking the colours and the themes from the website as a reference. I want a corporate identity. As of now, I want the following things done:1. My company Logo.2. A flyer design for distribution in local market.3. OBD-II adapter"s sticker.

  • $1000 USD Apr 21, 2012

    HelloI need a website in the online print area.My budget is 1000 -. U.S. dollars.if necessary, I can help out with graphics.The page should have all the necessary functions for web to print:admin panel for price changecustomer loginproducts overviewPrice calculator for all products advertising Requirements Flyers Folder posters Neonplakate poster stationery CD Cover CD Booklet DVD Cover tickets Business Postcards greeting Cards Bonus card appointment Cards calendar pocket calendar desk Calendar wall Calendar Brochures stapling adhesive bond loop stitching Wire-O bindingWeb developer with experience are preferred.Deposit / MilestonesFirst 150th - WebDesignSecond 150th - final phase of developmentThird 700, - With completionWho are the trusts and with the conditions may not agree, get in touch.Regardsgrafic

  • $192 USD Apr 12, 2012

    Need to create a printable e-invitation card with editable fields similar to what can be seen in the file on: Key insertions to take into account:* Insert logo option* Insert stand number* Insert promotional codeBranding elements to follow the header as seen in the attached advertisement (logo, dates, venue, tagline, Dummy text for call to action - invitation)Font is DIN.For any queries, contact me

  • $576 USD Apr 12, 2012

    I need a expert photoshop/ photo editing that can do the following: adjust color/exposure and improve image quality, change color in photos, make crystals shinier, changing background color, remove background or white background.-The color to be changed must match with fabric colors reference I will provide.I have hired someone before for this project and got people that couldn"t do a quality job. To make sure I will like the work, I will send everyone 1-2 photos to edit to specification so I can see a sample of the work.I will need up to 100 photos total for this first project.Thank you all!

  • $150 USD Jan 17, 2012

    Hello,I"m creating a new store and I need for some banners + images to be made for the homepage.Examples of what I like are: will be looking very much like that last website,, because I am selling adult party supplies.My website is (currently under construction) - that"s how much whitespace I need filled in with creative banners. Banners should be of the categories products and should filled up the entire whitespace on the homepage.Please send me some samples of your work too.

  • $250 AUD Aug 31, 2011

    Code a plugin for magento that applies a password policy to users both administrators and frontend users.The Policy will be as follows:⁃ atleast 6 characters⁃ alphanumeric⁃ no special symbols⁃ at least one capital⁃ at least one lower case⁃ at least one numeric⁃ prompted to change password after 100 loginsAll code will need to be at least backend checks ( with php ) not just a javascript frontend check.

  • $275 USD Aug 16, 2011

    Given a .psd comp we need the the page chopped up into XHTML. We need the speedometer to be animated without using Flash. The page needs to be compatible with iPad, iPhone, IE 7-9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera.We need to able to control the speed that the digits change and and the speed that the needle crosses the face of the dial. (These can be part of a config file or variables that my programmers can access.)The header and footer sections can be ommitted.Here are examples of the effect the client is looking for: want both the needled to move from left to right as well as the numbers tallying. Like the will provide the header/footer HTML and CSS file.

  • $3800 AUD Aug 9, 2011

    Employment screening website with multiple levels of onscreen tests. Requires powerful CMS with solid database. Roadcrewfinder.comJob sheet V 1.0Thursday 4 August 2011SPECIFICATIONS FOR WEB SITE JOB COST ESTIMATEOVERVEIW: This is an employment screening website that reveals applicants knowledge in a specific area.ABOUT: is the employment screening system from Juliusmedia. We have ten years training and assessment experience in Australia.COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE: This proposal is copyright Juliusmedia Group Pty Ltd 2011. Any implementation resembling this proposal without specific written consent of Juliusmedia Group Pty Ltd will be breach of copyright.CREW FILTERPurpose: online knowledge test to find level of experience or otherwise.Employer: forces job applicants through this before engaging.Levels: can be set so that applicants do one, two or more levels.System is set so that an Employer can set up a job name (see part 5, below), and invite Punters (job applicants) to undertake the Test. So there are:EMPLOYERJOB NAME (there can be many jobs)PUNTERS (applicants)TEST WITH MULTIPLE STAGESAdministrator is not employer, employer cannot be administrator.Administrator can load questions, images, and alter settings.1A. Test starts Punter can only ever do this one time per application. Punter is given web link to specific employer job name.1.Punter enters Email address, password and surname.2.Confirmation link is emailed, click on link to start.3.Test must work in all browsers.1B. Match photos of gearOnce started they can’t stop. There is a time limit that can be set by administrator.DETAILS: Match the gear from hundreds of photos. Administrator loads photos and can change photos. Each photo has: (a)category (multiple categories available)(b)equipment name(c)Info fieldIN USE: Random photos of equipment appear with one of three categories to click, Sound, Lights, Vision. To work properly there must be equal numbers of images, IE: 50 lights, 50 audio, 50 vision things, at least.We load as many images as possible, multiple types are OK, ie: speakers, mixers, lights, video gear.User makes around 30 matches to 60 matches (administrator can set) and then give user a score and a continue option. There can be a ‘fail’ option, for a number of misses set by administrator.1C: Collect more punter details now, ie: full name, mobile, address, status, licenses/tickets, availabilities. This can have an administrator set fail function for each question. Example: If punter has wrong status, application can be failed at that time.TEST END OPTION: Administrator can have test stop here, and collect results, or if more screening wanted, move on to next phase.1D: Test moves into next phase: similar to 1B. This time, cables and connectors. This would be shorter and same only with cable connectors, ie: 3 pin xlr is audio, 5 pin is lights, speakon, rca, mini mic connector, then 5 pin xlr (lites), power cables (any), tv cables, 3 phase etc. Once again, administrator loads photos same as 1B. Admin can set number of questions, from 20 – 50 or more.TEST END OPTION: Administrator can have test stop here, and collect results, or if more screening wanted, move on to next phase.Part 2: 2A: Now identify the photos by multiple choice name, ie: 3rd octave equaliser, profile spot, etc. The names were set by administrator in 1B (above).TEST END OPTION: Administrator can have test stop here, and collect results, or if more screening wanted, move on to next phase.2B: Knowledge tests that can be scaled up according to job need. There are categories of test, set by administrator. Category of test, IE: Test category: Audio, Test Category: Lighting etc.Each test contains any number (say 100) multiple choice questions. Each question has 3 or 4 multi choice answers. A question can be a photo or drawing with a multi choice answer. The test can be set to give 20 or any n

  • $125 CAD Aug 5, 2011

    Hi Bidders,We are currently developing a website and it"s almost finished from a server side point of view. Now we are looking for an innovative, original and catchy web design. We are looking for a simple, fast, and modern design.This website needs to fit inside one screen therefore no scrolling will be needed.The same design will be used in multiple pages and will be the same for all.Please if you have any portfolio or some screenshots of your templates msg them to me so we can judge and maybe pick the most intuitive of all.The work will consist of the creation of html, css, images and icons used by the site.Please bid if you have experience in this field.Thank you.

  • [Sealed] Jul 9, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $500 USD Mar 6, 2011

    We are needing Flash Designers & Animation people to finish up some ongoijng projects for us. this is urgent and would like experienced fast workers.An example is want one of our urgent websites to look similar to this.

  • $250 USD Mar 6, 2011

    I need a donation website that will allow a user to select one of our products as a donation, and donate their nominated amount via paypal. I need the site designed in the company brand and website look and feel, transaction capability and a thank you email sent once the user has donated.

  • €250 EUR Mar 5, 2011

    i have a site web but it"s not good as i want so i need a professionel man to upgrade it this is my sit

  • $100 USD Mar 5, 2011

    Welcome and sorry about my english at first and all :-)...We are serching for a developer. At first and for a "working together"-test, we need a joomla 1.5 Template "unbranded" or better with our brand.Later we need 2 Joomla and 2 Wordpress-Templates every month.After the first Template for Jommla 1.5 we need the same for Joomla 1.6 and after this we need the same Template for Wordpress...The Template must have a special size and some module positions. In Template Admin Area it must be possible to have a style switcher for different colors, wrapperstyle and so on. Also the template must be workable as a self installing file...After and when we get in contact, we can sent a screenshot and also we can deliver more details.Also it will be nice when we can get in contact over skype for payment and all other details and also for us about a long term agreement it will be important for us the person behind.Pls we wont only programmers wiht good reviews and pls with serious business skills and standart..Confidentiality about the projekt is very important!

  • $2000 USD Mar 5, 2011

    You will have 5 days to complete a frontend user registration/setup that plugs into a number of different databases using different API"s. It is very close to a typical e-commerce user registration/setup with credit card verification, shipping, product upsells during the ordering process, emailing order confirmations, etc... I will be a needing a coder for projects that start immediately after this projects completion so I"m looking for someone that speaks good english and communicates during the USA business hours. - Must have strong CSS/HTML/PSD slicing skills. - Living in the USA is a plus. - Ability to learn new coding languages quickly is a plus. - Developing mobile applications is a plus.

  • [Sealed] Mar 1, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $100 USD Feb 28, 2011

    Got this API key for XML Parsing. Not too familiar in XML and how to make it work. Looks like an easy job especially with the instruction manual. Not looking to spend much. Please explain me in your quote how exactly will this come out on the web page. Everything I got from my affiliate is in the attachement. Thank for your time guys and if somebody has already done something of this kind please explain me ....

  • £150 GBP Jan 27, 2011

    Quick descriptionProject is to take an existing design and produce 2 HTML templates. Using these 2 HTML templates we then need to populate around 20 pages with small pieces of static information.The project is essentially a refresh to an existing website. We believe a lot of the assets and html templates can be re-used / enhanced to meet the changes in the spec.See the attached Powerpoint presentation for the full spec.

  • $50 USD Jan 20, 2011

    We are looking to update our audio player for products on our website. We currently are using simple html link to RealAudio and WMA. We would like to incorporate a player that would play directly, without having to have a third party player installed. We have looked at the Jplayer which is an open source html5 player with flash fallback but I don"t have a clue how to customize or install it. The website is and is still under construction. The site is Miva5 storefront. Each product would obviously have a different track or playlist. It would need to be something that would be easy to add to future products as well. Take a look and let me know if you think. If possible, we"d like to be able to add the songlists to our ebay store listings as well. Currently, we just paste the html into the ebay listing and it works since it is just html. Not sure if that would still work if we use a customized player using CSS/Flash. Thanks, Greg

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Freelance Web Designer

Jul 2007 - Present (7 years)

Jansen Corporation Ltd

Profile: Jansen is a unique company established to take advantage of the knowledge and expertise acquired in different global markets relating to IT. <br /><br />The company's is a catalyst allowing the very best in their field to work together with others to reach a common goal for which they would otherwise be unable to achieve on their own; the end result by proxy is that of satisfied customers.<br /><br />Whilst working on my own projects and bringing them to fruition, I do a lot of freelance work and will contin


Apr 2004 - Jun 2007 (3 years)

Daventure Ltd

Profile: Web Design firm with four offices in India and several hundred clients in the UK and USA who would outsource to our organisation.<br /><br />Responsibilities: Worked with designers, developers and project managers to maintain a smooth operation for out clients.

Technical Director

Mar 2002 - Jun 2004 (2 years)

Total Broadband

Profile: Total Broadband was the first UK vendor for selling an Independent Internet via Satellite system that utilized Eutelsat's Open Sky platform as their foundation platform.<br /><br />Responsibilities: Created billing system to take monthly subscription payments from clients via direct debit and build the technical support division for looking after customer.<br />

Computer Programmer

May 2001 - Apr 2002 (11 months)


Profile: Government controlled organization responsible for overseeing Satellite Systems and Management on behalf of European vendors and corporations.<br /><br />Responsibilities: A short term contract for a specific task; responsible for programming and configuring component API's (up-links and down-links) for the worlds first Internet Access via Satellite Platform located just outside Paris using PHP.<br />

IT Consultant and Web Designer

Jul 1996 - Apr 2001 (4 years)


Profile: Small Company established to undertake freelance work for Internet Web Design Specialist Firms in London, Sydney and New York. <br /><br />Responsibilities: single handedly undertook small project from concept to fruition and project managing larger project remotely with a development team in Delhi for end clients such as LG International, Krone, Land Rover and Smiths Industries.<br />

Programmer and Tracking Specialist

Mar 1994 - Jun 1996 (2 years)

Securicor TrakBak

Profile: Division of Securicor responsible for monitoring system for tracing of Ambulance, Bullion Vans and Diplomatic Vehicles.<br /><br />Responsibilities: Part of programming team responsible for upgrading and maintaining a self-learning tracking system used for tracking Bullion Vans, Ambulance and High Performance Vehicles. Also pioneered the world's first rat trap for Catching Car Thieves for British Constabularies.<br />

Electronics Engineer

Jul 1992 - Dec 1993 (1 year)

UniqueAir Communications

Profile: Owned by Unipart, Uniqueair was a car phone Service provider with licenses from Vodafone and Cellnet for selling airtime to corporate clients.<br /><br />Responsibilities: Repairing mobile phones, installed Car Phones in the UK at a time when such commodities were considered a high end corporate product; products used to last longer these days and so firmware upgrades were a common accordance.