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Javascript Developer, jQuery / Prototype Developer & PHP Developer

Username: Jean507

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Location: Moose Jaw, Canada

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    Objectives: Create a mortgage calculator that can be embedded into any html page. The calculator will make money through advertising. The money be be shared between the client and us, 50%. Clients will not be charged to use the functionality, but they will have to make an agreement to use it for a specific time.Requirements: See user stories and requirement descriptions below.Deliverables: 1.) Set of javascript/JQuery files and libraries that can be added to a page. There should security on the script so they can"t just be copied.2.) A function that can be called from the page to display the "Mortgage Calculator".3.) The calculator should be a modal popup, that will display over the page until the user closes it to go back to the main page.4.) Advertisements will pop into their own window if the customer chooses it.5.) Boundries: 1.) The calculator will be simple.Assumptions:1.) Everything can be developed in Javascript and associated libraries.2.) Google Adsense or something like it will be able to track use.Scope: Milestones:1.) UI development.2.) Functionality.3.) Works when added to html page.User Stories:1.) Get a mortgage monthly payment.2.) Enter mortgage term.3.) Enter a mortgage amount.4.) Enter a downpayment.5.) Enter an interest rate.6.) Display loan advertisements.7.) Programming must be using Javascript and other related programming like JQuery, and other libraries, ie: UI.8.) The advertisements will be from Google adsense. Possibly, a zip code, fixed rate, search for mortgage rates...9.) The calculator will be a popup.10.) The calculator will be as flexible as possible, letting the user configure it, making it flexible enough to use any time.UI requirements:1.) Title: "Mortgate Payment Calculator"2.) "Mortgage Amount" label.3.) Mortgage amuount text box.4.) "Mortgage term" label.5.) Mortgage term text box. Default to 30 years. Also showing the number of months.6.) "Interest rate" label.7.) Interest rate text box, defaulting to 5%. Include "% per year".8.) "Monthly Payments" label in bold.9.) Monthly payment output "label" to show result.10.) "Calculate" button to use the input values to calculate the mortgage rate. 11.) "Close" button to close the page.12.) Have optional "property tax" label and text box.13.) Have optional "Propert Insurance" label and text box.14.) Have an optional "PMI" label and text box.15.) The height of ads will grow with the height of the left hand calculation.Layout: See attached screen shot.1.) Layout from top to bottom as described in the UI requirements located to the left of the page.2.) Two ads will exist to the right. A top one and a bottom one that take up the same space from top to bottom as the calculation. Top ad "Compare Mortgage rates. Bottom one misc.3.) Width and height determined by layout. If everything looks good in 700 width by 600 height, do that. 4.) The style of the popup should be based on preexisting CSS style sheets provided by customer. This includes fonts, colors, etc...5.) The calculator should take up the left 2/3 of the popup.Development tools:1.) Javascript, JQuery, related libraries Deployment:1.) The customer who uses the the "Mortgage Calculator" should be able to include the javascript files in their page and call a function to display the calculator popup.2.) Time dependent security so that users aren"t using the calculator without approval.3.) The company who uses the calculator can provide alogo that will display in the upper right hand corner. Java Function:1.) ShowCalculator is the name of the function to display the Calculator. Parameters include:a.) Width, b.) Height, c.) Price if known, d.) Zip code if known, e.) Additional calculation parameters.2.) Javascript will crash graciously, ie: remain open to use or go back to parent page.

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