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Gamedev, Multimedia and DSP Programming

Username: Jimnik

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Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Member since: February 2007



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  • $480.00 AUD
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    May 16, 2013

    Excellent work to deliver requirement

    Project Description:Hobbyist wanting a developer for wireframe to integrate the Proton SDK into one of the world’s best AAA game engine for a proof of concept. (Server farm and DB's setup) First section of work to...
  • $295.00 AUD
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    May 3, 2013

    Would hire again<br/>

    Project Description:Hobbyist wanting a developer for wireframe to integrate the Proton SDK into one of the world’s best AAA game engine for a proof of concept. (Server farm and DB&#039;s setup) First section of work to...
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  • $50 USD Today

    A suitable qualified contractor(s) has not yet been secured to help stop the golf club fitting trade from continuing its embarrassing performance record and reputation, which will persist until this project becomes a reality. Some knowledge of and/or interest in golf and the game&quot;s future might be a plus, but it is not required and present-day golf knowledge that is deeply embedded and frequently flawed might instead contribute to a project of lower quality.A major issue is that early development phases have already been paid for in full (leaving little cash left) to a contractor now ill, having suffered a stroke, with presumably no chance of ever recovering any money spent based on his situation. I can only hope I can eventually get some business value out of this situation (I am told he wants to resume work when able to but no other useful information is ever given) despite his very poor performance even before he became more seriously ill. But this unfortunate situation opens the door for hopefully a better relationship(s) to be forged with the right party or parties.Briefly, the needed device(s) comprises 3-D wireless motion detection that likely attaches to a golf club and gathers accurate, stable 3-D golf club motion data during golfer pre-swing movement (before the backswing of any golf swing [including a practice swing] even begins). Further required is an appropriate algorithm and additional application software to help decipher a critical pre-swing rotation point location developed and existing only during this period (which most golfers have but at various locations) that essentially divides the golf club&quot;s length into two sections during the pre-swing. Various types of club movements occurring during this period, comprising some that are extremely subtle and short, may be far more challenging regarding algorithm development and/or hardware technology than just tracking and analyzing a relatively simple golf swing.The determined rotation point location is then applied (in the form of an adjustable fulcrum location) on a discrete scale for balancing golf clubs (which also needs to be developed), cumulatively resulting in a new golf club specification named &quot;waggle weight.&quot; For those familiar enough with golf already, this is a badly needed advancement of the already-long-proven yet still-badly-misunderstood golf club specification named swingweight.Time is of the essence, as the contractor noted above has delivered essentially zero (not even any documentation for anyone else to work from) over the past three years for what was supposed to be done in a few months. (He was supposedly literally just days away from finally completing the project successfully when sadly suffering his stroke). So valuable remaining patent protection time has now been lost.As indicated, little cash is available due to the present circumstances (at least until it can be proven that a prototype or early model works appropriately and some initial test data can be gathered and analyzed to see if continuing is warranted). Help is needed for both hardware and software development, including the mathematical algorithm(s) that is in essence the heart of the system.Supplemental and potentially helpful information can be found through:US Patent Number 8,074,495;A crude but copyright-registered 25-minute video link at; andArticle link plus other links accessible through this link containing other project, company, and personal information.Anyone, interested and able to skillfully help finally bring any part(s) of this project to fruition in short order and at minimal expense, please consider contacting me with any additional questions. Other leading-edge projects beyond this one are also in early development. Thanks.

  • $1500 USD Today

    I need a chip or product that goes into a parking meter and connects to an app.

  • $100 USD Today

    I need someone who can sign my Ingenico App.

  • $250 USD 2 days ago

    Needs to have the following featuresTriggerBot SystemPerfect TriggerBot / Custom KeyTriggerBot Delay / TriggerBot BurstSecurityUndocumented Kernel FunctionsKernel DetouringBypasses all Anti-Rootkit / AV ToolsCompatible with 64 bit windows 7Able to be undetected by the following anti cheat systems:ESEAVACAltpugCevo PaladinI can describe these in greater detail if you would like.

  • $20 USD/hr 2 days ago

    We are looking for seasoned professionals with deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies ( Operating System, Active Directory) The candidate must be a certified MS developer and MS systems engineer with several years of experience developing products for Active Directory. Strong knowledge of LDAP, SDS.P is required !!! Do not apply if you don&quot;t have these skills and cannot backup with years of experience. The candidate must have very strong command of programming in VB, C++, ASP.NET, SQL, SDS.P DevExpress libraries. We wish to engage the selected candidate on various projects and upon final selection, will commit to long term working relationship.If you have experience with Microsoft Windows 7/ 8.x / 2008 R/ 2012 R2, Network Services ( DNS, DHCP, WINS) , Active Directory (2008 R2) and are interested in such software development projects, we are interested in talking to you.Please provide a description of projects you have worked in the past and have used similar technologies ( particularly SDS.P )Do not apply if you don&quot;t have these skills and cannot backup with years of experience. If you are hearing about SDS.P for the first time, please do not apply for this job.

  • RM2444 MYR 3 days ago

    hi there,i am looking for this bot.please bid if you have it.

  • $30 USD 3 days ago

    I need a very easy VB6 code for temperature data aquisition and temperature controlling.I prefer to use ICP DAS I7000 series data aquisition modules.You can use EZ DATALOGGER Free software tool too.The project is to read temperature every 5 minutes from 10 refrigerators.Each refrigerator has to have a databaase of historical temperatures (time, day, temperature set, temperature read, high level 1, hight level 2, low level 1, low level 2, hysteresys. with the possibility to see it in in graphyc and .xls mode.Of course if you use EZ Datalogger free software you have to write nearly no code, for me it is the same.The important is the final result and the possibility for me to modify the program as i like in the furure...I accept your suggestions about the language or tools to use.I know VB6 language only, if you use VB.NET i need inline explanation.The picture represent the tipica input/output module, there are a lot of producers of this kink of modules, i deleted the name of producer form picture.Typical communication between remote input modules to the PC is from wired 485 to USB or RS 232 But i preferer wireless (using wireless 485 wifi converter) because I burned a lot of wired converters because of electric storms.I can evaluate with you...I repeat you can use freware SCADA software that hardware producers let everybody to download.I ACCEPT NON CUSTON SOFTWARE (if you already have written one for temperature monitor and control) the inportant is that I can easily modify it to my custom situation.Thanks

  • $250 USD 3 days ago

    I use a tool called PL/SQL Developer, which connects to Oracle database through OCI. I need a working code sample in C++ for capturing and replacing the sql text sent to the database. The solution shoul work on Windows x86 and x64.Example:Sql sent by the program: select 1234 from dualCode replaces the sql text before the OCI call with: select 5678 from dualThus for the select 1234 from dual statement I will see the result of 5678 in my program.I already created a program in c# using Deviare which logs the sql text of the OCIStmtPrepare dll calls of a process, but failed with replace. Usage of Deviare is optional.

  • $1000 USD 5 days ago

    Greetings,I am here to say that I am looking for a experienced visual basic programmer that could consider to hook up with me on my next project.You will make most of the code while I&quot;m the one providing with the idea / design. It won&quot;t be a huge project. This project will generate passive income for both of us over time, everyday. So I am not offering any payment. Short description of the programs:Server - a control panel that will allow people to access the receive/send client.exe file with a basic key/IP system.Send-client - Sends out a signal/string that will be received on the Receive-clientReceive-client - Receives strings and preform a certain task on a certain website in a window with the website loaded.Now, that&quot;s the basic.Sounds intresting?Then add me on skype: tokiz2 - ONLY ADD ME ON SKYPE IF YOU HAVE READED THE DISCRIPTION. Else I will just remove you.You have to be GOOD with Visual Basic, there is no reason to add me if you don&quot;t know Visual Basic or if you can&quot;t spend much time on this project, I need this fast. And the faster we can get the program done, the faster will the money comes in.Regards, Tokiz

  • $750 USD 5 days ago

    Hi,I need very skilled and expert designer who can do UI design for both of our chatting apps. Deadline is 26th July for the completion of both the UI designs. It&quot;s better if one person can do designs for both the apps or else i can give this work to separate provider in order to avoid excess work load.Further details will be communicated to the finalize candidatesRegards,

  • $20 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Hello, I am looking for someone to teach me how to use and programming for cryEngine, I currently have the monthly subscription and I&quot;ve been googling and messing around with it, however I&quot;d like to speed up my learning process and hire someone to help me out.

  • £5000 GBP 7 days ago

    Need some gaming software programmed.Sustained too, for a monthly rate.

  • $900 USD 9 days ago

    I need game in unity and flash for android and my website. I will award the project to the lower bidder.

  • $20 NZD/hr 9 days ago

    Set up opengts or similar on my lap top to track gt06n and TR06 tracking devises (must run google maps)

  • ₹400 INR/hr 10 days ago


  • ₹37222 INR 11 days ago

    We need a Facebook game like Candy crush. please share expected time & pricing detail along with your portfolioThanks!

  • $350 USD 11 days ago

    Cpp developer needed for small Adobe after effects/final cur pro plugin project using the adobe after effects sdk. The plugin will save markers from an app and add them to AE/FCP

  • $1500 USD 12 days ago

    We need to prove to the city that fire suppression system will work with containers we have in storage

  • $250 CAD 12 days ago

    I have drawings i need an engineer to sign off on for city of vancouver permits. Cheaper the better

  • $750 USD 13 days ago

    Convert attached Amibroker Indicator in AFL to Easy Language Indicator TradeStation

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Programming engineer

Mar 2000 - Jul 2006 (6 years)

All-Russia Research Institute of Electromechanics with Plant

o Development software with 3D graphics on DirectX and OpenGL.<br />o Development software for work with ADC/DAC.<br />o 5 scientific articles + patent for invention.


Engineer, specializing in Computer Aided Design Systems

Moskovskij Gosudarstvennyj Institut Elektroniki i Matematiki (Tehniceskij Universitet)



Patent for invention

Patent for invention

Method for step-by-step control of nuclear reactor control rod. <br />




My publication:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />