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Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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  • $400 USD
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    Feb 25, 2014

    Always a pleasure to work with you.

    Project Description:Same as before, you did a great job and understand what this needs. There are a couple of scenes that you can use from the last video if you want. The agent can be the same character and Jim in one of the scenes...
  • $1500 AUD
    Profile image for Seller baydenfindlay


    Feb 10, 2014

    Great work, great communication. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:10 second intro animation in the style of Monty Python's Flying Circus intro Concept has been developed, rough storyboards available.
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller kimosrolling


    Apr 27, 2012

    It was a pleasure to work with him. He responded to every question and revision I asked for promptly and effectively, he gave me what I asked for overall and added several touches that I hadn't thought of that greatly enhanced the project. He finished the work on time and gave me all deliverables I had asked for. I highly recommend him for animation work.

    Project Description:I need a 2D artist for a 90-second video I'm creating that will promote a new coaching program in May. The script is complete, the composer has been hired, but I still need an artist who can create art to illustrate the script ideas...
  • $443 USD
    Profile image for Seller TakoP


    Feb 28, 2012

    It was very fine working with him.

    Project Description:Hello Freelancers, I am looking for a person who can produce a RSA animation, here is one example of what we are seeking : This is an example, so you can picture what RSA animation is...
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  • $310 USD 9 days ago

    We are a startup launching a website soon. This website should include our business idea (the concept) in a short video. Here an example which we like a lot. 30sec, on the point. cool graphics, understandable. don"t want much more than 30sec. maybe a little bit if the story needs it, but less than 1min for sure. As for the project organization, we could figure out a story together which will work for the video. Of course we know what we want to say, but to make it fit in the clip, we have to work together. Ideally we would like to have a final delivery with a finished video. We could possibly provide the voice after, if that would present a challenge. Part of the delivery should also be all the raw material which was used to create the video as well as all the format files. another (way too long) video is here (those graphics seem simpler, which would still be ok for us):

  • $5000 USD 9 days ago

    I will be creating a commercial that will be exactly one minute in length. The project is very discreet so there"s not much information I can give out before hiring one person. Must be able to provide past work.

  • $400 USD 15 days ago

    We are looking to create a promo animation video explaining our product, office cubicles. Who we areWhat we do-Design-Manufacture-DeliveredBenefits

  • $350 USD 16 days ago

    Educational material teaching web development following a Hero"s Journey formula.

  • $450 USD 16 days ago

    Hi,I need someone to design and create an animated promotional video for a technology product we"re going to launch. I"m looking at around 2 min (or below) for the entire length of the video and would be happy if it were along the lines of the promotional videos of zocdoc, foursquare and skillpages.In essence we would like to describe the product, its advantages and how it works in 2 minutes.We have a script ready for those interested to work with us.

  • $455 AUD 21 days ago

    Simple short animation, made from moderately detailed, sequenced black and white line drawings. Segments made to repeat, each only a few seconds long.-A bird flying from side on.-A bird flying from below.-2 snakes intertwining like a double helix.-DNA strand rotating.-A star tetrahedron rotating.-A tree growing.-An eye opening and shutting.-The 5 platonic solids rotating.

  • $1111 USD 29 days ago

    I have a 4-5 minute short animated film that I hope to submit to festivals and eventually turn into a web or television series. I have all the audio lined up, timed out almost precisely as I want it, as well as basic character designs. I now need somebody to physically animate the thing, creating a visual world and a lively visual palette to make my script and voices come to life

  • £611 GBP 29 days ago

    I would like the narrative to a 3:40sec folk song computer animated, in a very simplistic style, ie. no facial detail, just eyebrow expression & mouth movement etc. Similar in style to The Snowman or pencil sketch animation. It is a folk tale and is a beautiful story of a Lady who escapes a cruel Lord and takes a potion in the woods, transforming her into a beautiful bird who flies away.

  • $333 USD Oct 11, 2013

    Hi There I need a cheap 1-2min professional looking animation advertisement done in the style of Crazy Talk or - simple photo or 2D character animation- not concerned with voice over just the animation done in color thanks!

  • $620 USD Apr 4, 2012

    Good afternoon,I am selling a financial product and I would like a drawn sketched video, similtar to this: must be in english but I am from Spain and my voice is not suitable for proper company image.So video would need voice as well: therefore I am looking for a fully prepared proffesional.I would provide information for every scene: drawing and voice, but you should do it ;-)Video will be 2 minutes long and covers:- What the product is- How to use itThank you.

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