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  • $220.00 USD
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    well it okay....................

    Project Description:PLEASE DO EVERYTHING AS IT SAYS ON THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT. Question1 Word limit 3500 Methodology and data collection Guideline and marking criteria Question 2 word limit 1,500 What is Brand and...
  • $85.00 USD
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    2 days ago

    Good job. Project was delivered on time. Would hire again.

    Project Description:Imagine that you work for the maker of a leading brand of low-calorie, frozen microwavable food that estimates the following demand equation for its product using data from 26 supermarkets around the country for the month of April...
  • $150.00 USD
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    2 days ago

    Thanks very much. Great job.

    Project Description:Read EP GP 62-01-1 and GSH-EN-SPE-78050 (to be provided). The former gives guidance on topsides and subsea valves whilst the latter is subsea specific Company supplier requirements. Most subsea valves...
  • £125.00 GBP
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    3 days ago

    Not only was the work done extraordinarily, the interaction between customer and management was very professional, courteous, and trust-worthy.

    Project Description:strategic management ,risk management ,global market, organisation management toward future business environment
  • $80.00 USD
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    4 days ago

    The quality of work impresses me each and every time!

    Project Description:Gulf Real Estate Properties, Inc. is a real estate firm located in southwest Florida. The company, which advertises itself as an “expert in the real estate market,” monitors condominium sales by collecting data on location, list price, sale price, and number of days it takes to sell each unit...
  • $1100.00 USD
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    5 days ago

    she is great writer, Good job, thank you<br/>

    Project Description:N/A
  • $155.00 USD
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    gekz [ Incomplete Report ]

    7 days ago

    Project delivered was out of scope, checked it with TurnItIn and returned a high plagiarism rate. Asked for a research paper and received some kind of theory review, lots of grammar mistakes, bad English. It's a total nightmare.Forgot to mention: Freelancer asked for the detailed plagiarism report so she/he can mask the theft. Be aware and always check the authenticity of the papers.

    Project Description:Hello Freelancers, I need a 3500 words essay. Please see details below. As companies and their management face up to the global economic crisis and its challenges, it can be argued that organisational survival in the rapidly changing world of the 21st century is dependent on adaptability...
  • $50.00 USD
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    11 days ago

    Excellent experience! Will hire again!

    Project Description:Good day freelancers, I&#039;m going to need you to write a 1-page letter for me with my descriptions. I need someone with experiences in writing explanation letters for the school&#039;s Dean office, you get the idea...
  • $80.00 USD
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    12 days ago

    English isn't that great. The paper had a lot grammatical errors. Don't recommend for anyone needing University level academic writing.

    JonnaNueros121's reply:

    He took advantage of my work he gave me details to write 4 pages but the work according to his given requirement couldn&quot;t be done in less than 5-6 pages. I delivered the paper on time he disappeared after receiving my work, and he came back after 5-6 hours and told me to cut the pages, and I said that It can&quot;t be less because requirement will not cover. The given feedback is revenge. I am always clear with my customers. Feedback is really a big surprised. Please look at my track record - I need not give further justifications.

    Project Description:In need of someone to write a research paper for me. It is four pages double spaced 12 point font. It will need to be completed by tonight (US eastern time). Please only people who are well versed in English bid...
  • £200.00 GBP
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    12 days ago

    Amazing work, very detailed and professional!

    Project Description:To complete 5 engineering questions, related to Hydraulics, Hydraulics Principles and Water Quality.
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  • $150 USD In Progress

    Hi, I need you to help me to write an opinion writing of one for each question asked. The topic is about &quot;The Early Christian church&quot;. There are a total of 21 questions and they require you to read and write. This is a history paper, so please do not have any bias on religions view. Please answer the questions and think what impact christian today from the readings.Thanks

  • $100 USD In Progress

    must be completed 7/16Need to prepare a partial draft presentation. As with the Outline assignment, the content needs to be presented in a specific way described below.Note that this is a &quot;draft&quot; copy in that it (1) does not include all parts of the presentation, and (2) will be further refined and changed. It is not a draft in that sense that it is sloppy, ungrammatical, &quot;half baked,&quot; or missing the pieces that are specified below.Assignment OverviewThe controversy pageYour position and the argument summaryTwo complete examples of your argument detail pagesYour conclusion pageSpeaker notesAn attractive visual styleDetailPrepare each page in PowerPoint, etc. as specified below.please see attachment

  • $200 USD In Progress

    SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENTThe Masters ProgrammeModule: Performance Measurement: Quantitative Approaches Assignment QuestionHow do different kinds of performance measures affect the behavior of people within the organization? Draw on concrete examples from organization(s) with which you are familiar, and on concepts covered in the module.Approaching the questionStudents are reminded that whilst some questions may very evidently refer to a particular unit they are all designed to span issues across the entire module. A full answer to the question will require reflection on the issues that you have encountered throughout the module. It is important to bear in mind that the content of your answer will depend on the argument that you wish to put forward in answer to the question and not solely on the concepts that the question explicitly identifies.The following points may help you to produce a good piece of work:• The task is to write a critical discussion, not a descriptive report.• You must address the question asked and not try to re-define, or &quot;twist it round&quot;, to allow you to write about something else. &quot;Not answering thequestion&quot; will result in a significant loss of marks.• Being asked to discuss something is not the same as being asked to list things.A discussion will consider alternative points of view and your own thinking and evaluation should be apparent in the discussion of the topic.It is expected that you will consult academic and professional journals as well as textbooks. Many textbooks cover much the same information and you are only duplicating this when you consult numerous different textbooks. Textbooks tend not to have very up to date content and journal sources are vital for this.For further guidance on approaching the question and producing a good assignment, please consult the Blackboard Discussion Forum.Assessment CriteriaStudents should refer to the assessment criteria outlined in the handbook. ReferencesYour essay must be properly referenced:• only sources referred to specifically in the text of your answer should be included in the bibliography;• all sources (including those for any numeric examples used) should be acknowledged;• there should be no references in your answer to sources which are not in your bibliography BUT if you have not consulted the reference directly yourselfyou should indicate in the text of your answer the secondary source fromwhich is comes. It is this secondary source which should be in your bibliography.Listing a reference in the bibliography does not make it acceptable to copy sections of the book into your answer. You must summarise the points in your own words. Plagiarism is regarded as a most serious instance of academic misconduct and is dealt with accordingly.Word limit: 3,500

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I am just beginning my doctorate in business and I will have, for most months, a 5-15 page research paper due every other Sunday and 2-3 one-page papers due by Thursday - Sunday. I am looking for a long-term, 3 year relationship. If this works out well, projects may expand as well.I am NOT looking for someone to write the entire paper for me; I will write them. Rather, on relatively SHORT-TURNAROUND, I&quot;ll need someone to help me with final edits and help to fill in the gaps through detailed suggestions, researching, etc. STRONG ENGLISH IS A REQUIREMENT.The papers are in latest APA format. I can provide my documents in MS Word with &quot;review&quot; turned on. I need you to:1. have advanced business knowledge (a business masters is desired) to understand the content and make content recommendations, AND2. be an ace on APA style editing; AND 3. be reliable; AND 4. be able to turn-around documents quickly. I am not a taskmaster by any means, but I will spot low quality work in a minute and write a bad review, which neither of us want. Please don&quot;t respond if you don&quot;t have these qualities, but if you are a hard worker that produces high quality work, I will likely be one of the best you have ever worked with.I need to will you charge for 1. an initial review/fix of a 5-15 page research paper; 2. ongoing consultation;3. a 1 page research paper4. other...???I have a am going to have multiple freelancers perform this first job and narrow it down to 2-3 from there for the next one until I select only 1.Thanks and good luck!

  • £70 GBP In Progress

    Design a slogan for my company. Private project for JOnna.

  • $65 USD In Progress

    I need someone who done a course related to social work/ health sciences.

  • £290 GBP In Progress

    Write a report addressing the questions specified in sections 1-5 with respect to the following component assembly:- Brake disc and calliper (Automotive)Only consider the brake disc and calliper (i.e. not the pistons or brake pads)The case study is divided into five sections.You are required to answer all sections and structure your report following the section breakdown given.If you do not answer a section (or sub-section), you cannot get any marks for it.Do not combine sections or sub-sections

  • $35 USD In Progress

    a one-page description of China intend to do for your final project. ( process, activity, organization, etc. existing in a fast-growing)(read guidelines)

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Looking for a talented copywriter to write my blog posts.

  • $230 USD In Progress

    Youth Activism and Global Age Friendly Communities This task is about writing an academic article of 4500 with full reference and use of mainly Peered reviewed, books and other acceptable reference materials. The task must meet all standards of an academic paper that will be submitted to an editorial houseThe article will focus on “Youth Activism and Global Age Friendly Communities”.This is only part of a contribution by 3 persons from three different parts of the world.Your focus is to develop the writing for one of three countries so that the other two writers should be able to integrate their contributions.This task is time- conscious with only 48 hours to deliver the job, and only qualified and able writers should contact me. However, after 48 hours, when w work is submitted there would be 3 more days to review and make some adjustments based on what was delivered.Your shall provide a full list of all your reference materials.Waiting! name your price, and I will provided you with full details of task.. Waiting

  • $90 USD Today

    I need to have following 15 questions related to Economy/Money and Banking answered.Please look at the attached. I need answers in 24hr.

  • $750 USD Today

    Please make articles about &quot;Car makers&quot; and &quot;Car models&quot; in English (must be 100% original sentence)- toyota, honda, ford and etc (planned 30 makers)- describe the History, popularity in the Philippines, News and etc- min 4,000 - max 5,000 characters per maker- sample : (see &quot;about samsung&quot; area)- Php 400 per maker- toyota innova, honda civic, ford ranger and etc (planned 300 models)- describe 3 points about the features, popularity, common opinion, history or other major info briefly- min 100 - max 180 characters for each point- alias info (&quot;also known as&quot;) is not needed (we already have it)- sample : (see right area of car images)- Php 80 per modelFirst of all, please make articles of the following as a test.and that&quot;s ok for me, I will ask you to do the rest.- Chevrolet- Isuzu- Mitsubishi Adventure- Isuzu Crosswind

  • $150 AUD Today

    Assignment-1 SpecificationNowadays software or application vendors prefer to use cloud infrastructure to distribute their applications following the Software as a Solution (SaaS) model of cloud computing.In this assignment, you are required to write a research report about delivering a multi-tenant application. To complete this report, you should thoroughly research following important aspects of cloud computing infrastructure:Infrastructure as a Solution (IaaS)Platform as a Solution (PaaS)Software as a Solution (SaaS)Moreover, you should also research and discuss your findings about following major benefits of delivering a multi-tenant application using a SaaS model:High availabilityScalabilityDisaster recoveryNote: It is important that your research and presentation focus more on SaaS model rather than IaaS or PaaS.Your report should follow the standard academic technical report structure. All sections must be clearly numbered and titled. It should follow the Harvard referencing style (Author, date) to cite any referenced resources. The length of your report should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words. In your report, you must provide the evidence of using at least three (3) journal articles, and three (3) industry websites at the minimum.You do not need to provide an executive summary in the report. An example of writing a simple academic technical report is available on the course web site. You should read it before writing your report.You must address the following issues in your report:Part 1: IntroductionIntroduction to cloud computingDescription of report structurePart 2: Cloud computing modelsWhat is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) modelWhat is Platform as a Service (PaaS) modelWhat is Software as a Solution (SaaS) model?Use of cloud computing in enterprise computingPart 3: Multi-tenant applicationsWhat is a multi-tenant application model?What are the advantages of delivering application services through the multi-tenancy model?The challenges of managing multi-tenant applicationsThe industry best practices of implementing and managing a multi-tenant application using the SaaS modelHow to handle the issues of scalability, high availability, and lowered latencyPart 4: Choosing a cloud infrastructure providerResearch and compare the cost of renting cloud infrastructure of three Australian cloud providers in terms of compute power (speed), memory, storage space, and network bandwidthEstimate the cost of running a multi-tenant application with each of the providers chosen in Part 4 (a). Assume that the system requirements for your application are as below:System requirements for every 200 users:Memory requirements (for 200 users): 1GBAdditional memory requirements:i. 1GB of RAM for every 10 concurrent usersii. Assume that 5% of total users will concurrently use the system.iii. For example, there will be 20 concurrent users if the total number of users is 400. This will mean an additional 2GB of RAM is required. iv. Note that the system is not limited to 200 users.3. Monthly network bandwidth: 10G4. Storage requirements: 20GBBased on the above system requirements, you need to present a tabular report that presents the comparative cost of running your application with the three chosen providers (from Part 4 a) for 200, 500, and 1000 users. In the table, you must also present costs for all system requirements (i.e. memory, network bandwidth and storage) for all user scenarios. In summary, you are required to complete Part 4 b for the scenario where there are 200 users, 500 users and 1000 users.Submission

  • $100 AUD Today

    Research content for webinair on the topic: neuroplasticity and peak performance.Include case studiesInclude reference materialInclude latest technology to improve peak performance in athletes and business people through neuroplasticityHow can neuroplasticity improve peak performance

  • $147 USD Today

    I&quot;m looking for a Financial Writer to write news about the Forex Market and Macro Economy (ie. News that move the Financial Markets) for mine forum ( you will be admin there, and be able to post your analysis when you write it.[ATTENTION]…. it&quot;s to write News and Analysis about the Forex Market and NOT ARTICLES!It&quot;s a very straightforward process, you need to have a good understanding of the Forex Market and write concise news and analysis, including graphs where necessary.I will need 5 analysis per day (100 a month) and I will pay $1.50 per each analysis. So it&quot;s $150 per month.I might select multiple bidders.I basically need three analysis during the European Session and two over the US session.Roughly each analysis/news will have 350 words. If you exceed my expectations the rate will be increased and I will give you more work on other areas.All work needs to be original and will be COPYSCAPED, if you fail to respect this, I will not deal with you anymore!Articles must be written in good English with no grammar, punctuation errors, etc..***** ATTENTION *****THE MAXIMUM BID IS FOR 100 NEWS/ANALYSIS a month, so $150 !!YOU WILL NEED TO SEND ME SAMPLE ANALYSIS, SO I CAN GAUGE YOUR EXPERIENCE

  • $100 USD Today

    Job description &quot;Lecture Slideshow&quot;BRIEFINGI will give a series of 10 lectures, each one of which has following specifications. Language of lectures: EnglishSubject: Various historical (european history)Duration: 50&quot; per lecture.Audience: Amateurs in historical matters, but generally well educated, aged mostly 45-75. About 40% will not have english as mother tongue. About 60% will be non Europeans, half of those will be from North America.Audience size: 100-500 per lecture.JOB DESCRIPTIONI already have the texts for the lectures, though not the final version. The job is for you to create a Powerpoint-style presentation for each lecture. Specifications as follows:Software: Impress (Open Office, files .odp). I use a MacBook Air. I must be able to edit the file afterwards.Projection: The venue will provide a good quality projector (specifications unknown) and a large screen (some 2.5m x 2.5m)Images: Some I can provide, but perhaps they are not large enough. It is part of the job to verify that all images will look sharp when projected, and to find appropriate images, which must be copyright -freeDeadline: 5 days from agreement.References: You must present recommendations for having successfully completed similar jobs, or relevant samples.Copyright: Your fee includes the transfer of the copyright for your work to the buyer (me).The price to be agreed refers to 1 lecture. Since a total of 10 lectures is planned, the total potential fee is for 10 lectures.

  • $12 USD/hr Today

    I need freelancer to reword a report which I have attached the number words are 12401 I want all the technical words to remain I just need it to be reworded

  • $140 USD Today

    7 pages paper on child development

  • $150 USD Today

    A 3000 words consumer behavior academic essay which due is no later than 19th July, 2014 1pm GTM.Please find attached the assignment and its marking criteria, also please find attached a good, but not perfect example assignment.I need you to guarantee that your work will not fail 40% at least (in case if it does, you will make full repayment). Evidence will be shown (feedback).

  • $65 USD Today

    You are a video reporter piloting a mini-sub that has been put through a miniaturization process making you and the sub only 8 microns long. You have been swallowed by a 55 year old man eating a hamburger, french fries and a root beer. 1.For the first portion of the mission, you are to pilot your sub through the gastrointestinal tract to monitor the digestion of his meal. Describe all major structures you pass by or through, just like a tour guide would do. Also describe what happens to the meal during the digestion process. Once you arrive at the distal ileum, go through the mucosal membrane and enter the bloodstream via the Superior Mesenteric Vein.2.Now in the bloodstream, you are to go to the left kidney, following the rules of the road Rules of the Road:Rules of the Road: A.You may never go the wrong way down a “one-way street”B.You are not allowed to “create” new roadsC.You may choose any possible routeTrace your path from the superior mesenteric vein to the left renal artery, via the hepatic portal vein, heart and lungs. Describe all major structures you pass by or through (but you don’t need to indicate every “side road”). 3.Once you’ve arrived at the kidney, enter the nearest nephron by crossing the glomerular membrane into Bowman’s capsule. Describe the structures you see, and narrate what happens as you travel through the urinary tract, until you leave the body via the urethra.4.Based on your first-hand observations, wrap up your report by explaining the integration of the body systems in maintaining homeostasis. You must include at least the circulatory, digestive and urinary systems in your explanation.Assignment Instructions: Write a 2-4 page informative essay that addresses all of the above criteria. The paper must be 1000-1200 words. You must provide at least 3 professional references, in APA format.This paper should include a viewpoint and purpose, be written in Standard American English and demonstrate excellent content, organization, style and mechanics. Your communication should be highly ordered, logical and unified. Your paper should be double spaced, with 1-inch margins. Use a font such as Times New Roman, with a font size no larger than 12 point. Correct grammar and punctuation are required. The paper you submit must be original and pass copyscape. Medical dictionaries and encyclopedias are not to be included as one of the 3 minimum references. If you are unfamiliar with APA reference formatting, please research it or submit all of the information regarding the source so it can be formatted correctly, however, there are many places online that APA format information is available.I need this paper by 4:00pm/EST on Monday, April 5, 2011 and will pay $30 for this project after I have reviewed it. Please write a short sample addressing one of the points above to include with your bid.

  • $120 USD Today

    all details could be fount at the attachment, no plagiarism will be allowed , please use harvard referencing system to support writing.#good presentation is essential, table of content, executive summery is needed.

  • $30 USD Today

    I need five articles written for a business and entrepreneurship blog. The idea for the blog is to help people become less dependent upon a regular paycheck from their employer by starting their own small business. Each blog post should be between 450 and 600 words in length. These will likely require some research time to find good sources and reference articles. Each post should have a &quot;nofollow&quot; link to another blog post about a similar topic.These should be written in native-level, casual United States/American English. (The writing needs to sound North American.) Please submit a writing sample or two with your bid to ensure that your writing is a good fit for the job.Here are the topics to write about.#1: Inflation versus your raiseInflation is outpacing many people&quot;s annual raises at work, which means they&quot;re actually earning less year over year the longer they stay. This article should concisely explain the situation and give 3 actionable tips for combating this trend and defending your purchasing power and standard of living.#2: Five easy technologies to start your new business on the right footTechnology has made starting your own business easier than ever before in history. This article covers 5 excellent FREE or nearly free tools that can help you get a business started quickly. Tools may include such services or products as web/email hosting, online bookkeeping, online marketing resources, outsourcing, and more. Suggest to me some possibilities, and I&quot;ll give you feedback and guidance. Should be a prioritized list.#3: Three daily habits that can increase your income in 60 daysOur daily lives consist primarily of habits that we&quot;ve developed over the years—either intentionally or unintentionally. This post outlines three daily habits that, if implemented, can increase your earning potential in just 60 days. Call to action to the reader is to leave comments below with habits that have increased their income.#4: How losing five pounds can change your confidence in yourselfLosing a little weight can change not only our outward appearance, but also the way we feel about ourselves. Others&quot; perception of each of us is largely affected by our own attitudes and outlook on ourselves. Thus, improving our outward appearances by losing a little weight can have a significant impact on our long-term ability to achieve success—either financial or otherwise. Perhaps show statistics about earning potential in relation to physical appearance and/or attitude or demeanor. Comment below to tell about how your physical appearance affects your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.#5: Be encouraging: believing in someone might be all they need to push them to greatnessSometimes we lack the belief in ourselves to overcome a challenge or face an obstacle. It&quot;s easy to become overwhelmed and not achieve your goals when facing your greatest fears. However, when you offer that little nudge of encouragement, it may be just what is needed to help someone overcome their fears and push through to success in their lives. And this is also where you will get the most personal satisfaction in life. It is our destiny to help others achieve THEIR destinies. Comment below with your story about how you helped someone, or someone helped you, through a tough time or situation in your life with a simple word of encouragement.

  • [Sealed] Today

    Data Mining as a Methodology for Extracting Hidden Knowledge from Breast Cancer Patient’s Records in JordanProduct: Thesis WritingFormatting Style: APAEducation Level: MastersPage Length: 110 pages/8800 wordsReferences: 21English: USDeadline: Jul 22 2014 10:00AM GMTDetails:Need to write a master thesis, She needs the writer to write her the thesis starting from literature review where he should focus on Data mining and algorithms used in it, breast cancer, she has attached some files and surveys about breast cancer in Jordan, need you to use them since they are updated info. - done almost all the job of applying algorithms on Data using K-mean and SOM, used ILA just to prove that results are correct, all results are attached also in PowerPoint slides. –References must not be older than 5 years unless its the only resource for a specific point, also, prefer that these resources are cited much. - She needs the writer to finish all writing job including TOC, and TOF,TOA, and references must be ordered based on APA. - attached a file named by Duaa Thesis, this file is just as a guideline for the writer to follow same format as is in that thesis, the style is exactly the accepted one in our University. Please see the attached files.

  • $60 AUD Today

    Hello, here&quot;s a simple question I am looking answer for. It&quot;s relates to promotional marketing.Not any specific requirements for words, one decent paragraph is enough. Just need to cover all points. You can simply put in your words or can copy-paste from anywhere.Question 1Consider this scenario. You have met a person from another organisation at a networking event. You think they might be able to assist in the implementation of upcoming promotional activities. Write an email to that person outlining how you think they could help you and ask for their assistance. Outline how you can help them in return. Remember networking is a reciprocal relationship.Question 2Consider this scenario. The organisation you work for has been promoting their main service completing tax returns via TV advertisements. How would you analyse costs and time lines to evaluate the benefits of their promotional activities?

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    Hi :We are a dental office. We have used Quickbook Pro for three years. We need training for quickPro. in the following area. I wonder if you could train us next week, between 9:00-5:00, PDT in the following areas?If yes what is your charge for per hour of training?Things we are looking for Quickbooks training :1) Can the totals be reset so that when we start downloading bank account the balance&quot;s show correctly or do we have to start with a fresh quickbook?2) Is there a faster/more efficient way to do things in quickbooks then what I am doing?3) Does everything appear to be categorized correctly and or should I be separating anything for more ideal use with a dental practice making it easier for tax people?4) Is quickbooks in any way compatible with Dentrix dental software and if so can deposit totals, etc be automatically downloaded into quickbooks instead of me entering in a daily total. If I do make the daily total entry what is this categorized as and what is the best way to do this?5) Is there any automation in quickbooks we are not using?

  • [Sealed] Today

    FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS Product: Assignment WritingEducation Level: UndergraduatePage Length: 10 pages/2750 wordsReferences: 10English: UKDeadline: Jul 18 2014 10:00AM GMTDetails:See the attachment.... work has to be done using ANSYS Workbench software. We have uploaded the assignment sheet and table of contents. But I want to let you know this table of content I have it from one of my friend and he get 50 out of 100% in this case i don’t want to have a plagiarism with him and if you modify it maybe and I hope to get higher please and properly next week i will receive the marking scheme from the doctor and i will send it to youPlease look at Problem Description and marking scheme in coursework sheet****** Dear all, Just a quick message to clarify what is required for your coursework. You are required to complete an assessed simulation and to submit a technical report. The report should evidence your analysis of the assigned engineering structure (gear assembly or cylinder roller contact). Marks will be allocated for the following: Suitability of techniques used and approach taken to solve the problem (geometry, boundary conditions, analysis type etc.) Numerical accuracy of solution. Computational efficiency of model. Effective use of post processing to support any conclusions made. There is no page limit but be aware that the mark scheme is based on quality content, not quantity. Here&quot;s a summary of where you could improve your report: Problem description (you can get most of this from the brief) Sketching or solid modeling of the model (your geometry was not ideal last time) Definition of boundary conditions. It is good practice to sketch your boundary conditions and discuss/justify any assumptions made. Identify and optimise any contact regions present. E.g. bonded, frictionless, frictional. Are they non-linear? What impact will that have on computational time? Conduct a convergence study and choose a suitable meshing strategy on the basis of solution accuracy and computational time. Clearly state the analysis type. One last suggestion: make sure you address the stated objectives (e.g. what is the region of maximum stress?) I hope this helps! For other details, please see the attachments.

  • $40 USD Today

    Hello i need you to write a paper by tonight , please, see attached. Choose a person highlighted in Chapters 1 or 2:Gloria SteinemElizabeth Cody StantonStephen HawkingTemple GrandinRosa ParksAlbert SchweitzerWrite a one-page paper in which you discuss how the thinking of this person has defined him or her in the public eye.

  • $200 USD Today

    Hello. I have a 4000 word essay i need written about the Dissolution of Yugoslavia. I need someone who can write about this well, and use very valid and reliable sources. The essay must be written in good English, and this should include good research, and a very well written paper. I will not pay until i am satisfied. The lowest bidder will most likely win. This must include a contents page, a short abstract before the essay, a bibliography and it must not be in any way PLAGIARIZED !! The essay will be writing about the external and internal sources of Yugoslavia, and who they affected the dissolution. I will give more detail once hired, but this is the overall scope of what is needed. If you have background in History, you are more likely to get the job, but like i said,the cheaper your offer is the more likely you get hired. The deadline is 1 week for the first draft. Thanks :)

  • $250 USD Today

    I need to translate 4577 word (20 pages) to GermanIt is have to be professional and high level translation.Please give me also your skype name,Don`t worry, the payment will be threw freelance.

  • $250 USD Today

    I need to translate 4577 word (20 pages) to SpanishIt is have to be professional and high level translation.[Message removed by Administrators for breaching the site\&quot;s Terms and Conditions]Don`t worry, the payment will be threw freelance.

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