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  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller keeneyedesign


    Jul 19, 2013

    Great work as usual. Looking forward to the next project.

    Project Description:Landing page psd2html project recently completed.
  • $315.50 USD
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    saheralsous83 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 10, 2013

    He is a nice guy, but suddenly he disappeared, for about 2 weeks, he is not showing up at all, neither phone, nor email or chat or even, I didn't get anything from him regarding the project, despite he took %50 of the money, I hope he comes back again so he can send me my money back!

    Project Description:I have a website that should act as business directory, combined with a social network I used Jomsocial v2.8 and JMarket v3.15 i think, I need to integrate it with a control panel that administrate the activities in all the components that are linked to Jomsocial or JMarket...
  • $850.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ericbrissette


    Jul 3, 2013

    This project stretched out beyond the original deadline through no fault of this developer. My client required many changes as the development process continued, and KRodri has been VERY accommodating and patient with the requests. Great communication and extremely helpful. I will not hesitate to request his services again in the future.

    Project Description:Form is built in RSForm!Pro Return radius search results with Google Maps API after form submission. Send emails to specific people based on form conditions as well as on information in the database...
  • $84.20 USD
    Profile image for Seller nicholasj309

    nicholasj309 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 7, 2013

    Simply did NOT contact me at all after being approved!!!

    Project Description:Hello all, I am looking for someone skilled in JomSocial. I have started a website (see screenshot) and am more than capable of dealing with the visuals and graphics for the site. What I need is some basic help customizing JomSocial...
  • $833.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ericbrissette


    Jun 4, 2013

    Very professional, excellent communication. Already getting ready to hire for another project.

    Project Description:This project has a very short deadline, Thursday, May 30th. This deadline can not be negotiated, it MUST be completed by the end of the day Thursday to be handed over to the client on Friday. We currently have basic web forms in Joomla built with the RSForm!Pro component...
  • $31.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lcohn

    lcohn [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 23, 2013

    Project is not completed - functionality was not delivered. Developer doesn't answer any of my mails, messages or threads in the past dispute.

    Project Description:I need an Authentication Plugin for phpScheduleIt for authenticating Users of my Joomla 2.5 system (single sign-on solution). phhpScheduleIt already providers LDAP, Wordpress and Drupal Authentication Plugin but non for Joomla...
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kristivilm


    Mar 10, 2013

    Thank you for the fast help!<br/>Thank you for the fast and quality service! That was great to work with you again, KRodri.

    Project Description:My site has been hacked and I need a help with repairing that. Using newest Joomla + Kunena. The error I get is that the site cannot get connection to database.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller DMozer


    Mar 9, 2013

    The project was urgent and I stipulated when we began it had to be completed on a set date and it wasn't. When negotiating for the project the freelancer promised 6 to 7 hours a day. Then when he had it won, he immediately indicated he was only available for 4 to 5 and was not available on days. When asked to justify the time he said it took to complete the task, he avoided answering the question - even when asked 3 different ways.<br/>

    Project Description:We are looking for a responsive freelance who can assist with finalising a number of issues in Joomla, Moodle, Joomdle and virtuemart. We have recently updated our software including Joomla, Joomdle, Virtuemart and Moodle and transitioned the new site...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller joshuamoran

    joshuamoran [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 5, 2013

    Due to time (some of it my fault) and the inner page part of the theme not working to call up actual content and other issues that are not able to be met I have to call this incomplete.

    Project Description:Create the inner page part of the restaurant theme from a PSD file that was designed for it already.
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller joshuamoran


    Feb 13, 2013

    Was able to work through some complications on a joomla site very well!

    Project Description:We have a website already built and in test mode. The idea is that the website will cater to US Fighters, Managers and Promoters. We are using JomSocial (already installed) to facilitate the community and we have custom plugins to try and force a person when signing up to choose a type of account...
    KRodri has not completed any projects.
  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    We are a photography forum and social networking site built on Joomla and JomSocial platform with much custom code. Candidate must be very familiar and comfortable working with Joomla and Joomla extensions. We are looking for a programmer who understands and can write PHP, Ajax and Java code.This will turn into a long term work if you can show my team you know what you are doing. A strong background in web design will be helpful. Please reply back confirming what experience you have with Joomla, JomSocial, PHP, Ajax and Java. Your hourly, how many hours per week are you available, and contact information.I&quot;m looking for a direct one on one relationship with programmer. Which means no middle man please. Thank you.

  • $500 CAD In Progress

    Hello,We design a template for our next website. You can se the template in the attatched files.For the moment we use a flash website and we wish to upgrade. Here is the link for our website : www.inacre.caWe have some programation to do as well with this project to fit with our jobbank supplier (zoho recruit, an online website to help us with our recruitment and job posting).It will be a billingual (French and English) website.Intégration with Joomla 2.5Design with html 5 and CSS 3Structure optimized for SEOImplementation of SEO tools for each page (FB, TW, IN, G+ email and other)Integration of libraries jQuery, ModernizrIntegration of tools google analytics, webmaster tools...File creation sitemap.xml and robots.txt for search enginesRSS for jobCreate a Blog related with our Linkedin status, Facebook status, Twitter status and G+ status. We wish to only write at one place.Must work with navigator :Chrome, Fire Fox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer (6, 7, 8 and 9)Ipad, Iphone, Android 4.0.3Must adjust to avery screen (laptop, big screen, ipad, iphone...)Programming needed to be done :Home / Accueil :There is a moving strip of our promotion in the top of the page. The promotion must change avery 5 secondes or so. We will have to modificate these promotion once in a while.On the right side, we wish to have a news feed. If possible, we wish to integrate a Blog. So all the news we write in the blog will be posted automaticly to other places (linkedin, facebook, twitter, G+) there. Install a RSS???On the bottom of the page, we whant to have a Featured job. It will be a carousel in connection with our zoho recruit database. One job every 3 or 5 secondes will appear. Only the job title must appear.If I click on a service that apear on the home page, it must foward to the page in service for more info.Services / Services :Also, for exemple, if I click on 1... that goes further one the description 1.I wish to have a moving stripe on the right side of the page. The strip will follow, if possible the srcolling up or down of the page.Wish to integrate a Dialog box with ZOPIM ( on the right botom of the page.Job section : For the exemple of what we want, go to that will guide you.Must link in a way with our Zoho recruit database.At the left side, there&quot;s must be a search engine that allow to search with 2 criteria ( Catégorie d&quot;emploi and Région). Also it must be possible to sort the search result by date and by alphabetic.The search will sort at the right section.In the midle, the job description must apear.Right beside Emploi or Job, the title of the job with the city must appear.At the end of the job description, a buton with &quot;Apply&quot; or Postulez must apear.Between the job description and the search result, we wish to integrate a picture of our staff.At the bottom right side, want to integrate de ZOPIM dialog box.Contact / Contact :In the bottom of the page, we will like to have a random picture carousel of our team and that change avery 3 or 5 secondes. By exemple, 15 pictures for only 4 spaces in the page.Zone Doc / Doc area :Must be able to add Documents and video (link on youtube) with title the description of the document or video.For more information about programming the Zoho recruit database, you can the two approach bellow :Approach 1: Publish in website JSON array formate,Approach 2: Zoho Recruit APIs,If you need more info for Zoho recruit, send me an email I&quot;ll give you more info.

  • €1500 EUR In Progress

    Nous sommes une entreprise de taille moyenne qui traite avec grande offre sur Internet partout dans le monde. Nous allons payer un salaire de 2200 euros par mois, avec une p&eacute;riode de 3 jours de proc&egrave;s. Nous allons payer pour les 3 jours du proc&egrave;s, un bonus de 300 euros.Pour plus d&quot;informations, n&quot;h&eacute;sitez pas &agrave; nous contacter par e-mail.

  • $600 USD In Progress

    I used to have a Windows/MSSQL/SSRS server that served road bicycle routes in the form of an SSRS report. This document and the underlying MSSQL database provided web users with a 2 page document contaning information about the bicycle routetotal distancetotal ascentdegree of difficultyhyperlink to the starting pointhyperlinks to the route in GPX, KML and CRS (Garmin) format (all three are XML formats)I wish to port this to a PHP interface that will connect to a MySQL backend. This interface will provide users with the finished product (i.e. display the selected bike route), and offer the possibility to save the bike route to a PDF document, It will also offer to certain users the possibility to create a new route based on a raw XML/GPX document.These 2 videos illustrate how the route is created, how the raw GPX is generated from a sciptlet (the video shows GoogleMap CueSheet, but since then I have switched to GMapToGPX (don&quot;t forget to click on &quot;Full&quot; when you generate the GPX with GMapToGPX).Basically the &quot;special&quot; user would draw the route on Google Maps, generate the raw GPX with the GMapToGPX scriptlet, click on &quot;Full&quot;, copy the raw GPX and paste it into a PHP web page. When the raw GPX is uploaded to the PHP page, a new route is created in the MySQL database with all the info contained on the PDF example.I can assist with any SQL coding required on the MySQL backend (stored procs, triggers, table creation, database design, etc.). I have 15 years experience working with databases, but PHP is not my strong suit (although I dabble in it for a couple of Joomla web sites I manage).I&quot;m also open to using the Google Maps API to draw the route and generate the waypoints. That would depend on the additional work involved.The attached zip file contains an example of the PDF, CRS, GPX, KML and raw GPX for a given bicycle route. I also included the create table in SQL for the routes table. There are other reference tables involved, but this will you an idea.Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.Thank you.

  • $30 USD Jun 9, 2014

    Hi, I saw that you bid on a Flash Stuffer project. Do you have experience with a script (such as the one from

  • $10 USD Apr 29, 2014

    I also want to see it work before payment. Thank you for your time. Oooo and how much for it?Project Description: I need a cookie stuffing script (Image and Flash Stuffer) made that i can host on my server ( and make accounts for other people to use.It should have these Features:* Fully Functioning admin panel* Blank Referer (SSL method or any other that works)* Easy Forum (BBCODE) and HTML Code Generator* Block Domains * Block IP Addresses (must be able that I can add a list to block)* Block ISP Addresses (must be able that I can add a list to block)* Block whole Countries and Cities (best way via GeoIP database, can provided by me if you need or dont have it)* Detailed Traffic Logs* Even or Random Affliliate Link Rotation* Multi-user Capabilities* Image stuffing for bb code and html able to use real images to stuff*Traffic stats* want to be able to stuff auctions as well via Flash Method (Fake and Blank technique, if you need instruction or code, can also provided by me)*Fake/Spoof;*Stuff each IP every X days*Link rotator;*Stuff multiple aff links;*CTR controller;*Regional Safelist;*Referrer Safelist;*ISP safelist;*IP blocking;*Script must stuff FAST, no lags or DB problems once it has a few thousand hits;*Good logging system, date, time, stuff/didnt stuff, reason why it didnt stuff, what aff link it stuffed with, logs for each campaign, *overall log;*Direct access attempts;*Login attempt/failure logging;*Show image at the same time if flash script;- Admin Control Panel (Fully Functional)- Ability to set click-through-rate per for each campaign- Ability to block IP addresses for individual campaigns- Ability to block domains- Multi-user Capabilities- Image stuffing for bb code and html able to use real images to stuff- Option for Blanking or Faking the referrer- Easy Enabling/Disabling of campaigns- Complete traffic logs showing user-agents, IP addresses, referrers, times, campaigns, etc.- Complete management of traffic logs and ability to clear traffic logs individually or as a whole- It should not lag when it receives few thousand hits- Ability to stuff auctions- Ability to stuff multiple affiliate links- Good logging system, date, time, stuff/didnt stuff, reason why it didnt stuff, what aff link it stuffed with, logs for each campaign, etc.- Link Rotator- Show image at the same time if flash script I want something like this: that script works needed before payment is sent.

  • €155 EUR Aug 14, 2013

    Necessito de um Modulo para Joomla.Funcionalidades:1) Formulário de Pesquisa com os seguintes campos: Tipo_De_Negocio, Tipo_De_Imovel, Tipologia_Min, Tipologia_Max, Preço_Min, Preço_Max, Distrito, Concelho, Freguesia, Localidade, Referencia.Neste formulário deve ser tidoem conta que:- os campos Tipologia_Min, Tipologia_Max que correspendem a Limite minimo e máximo para o campo Tipologia;- os campos Distrito, Concelho, Freguesia, estão interligados sequencialmente pela ordem apresentada, isto é, após a escolha do Distrito, podemos escolher o Concelho, e após a escolha deste podemos escolher a Freguesia.Para efectuar a pesquisa não é necessário o preenchimento de qualquer campo.2) O resultado da Pesquisa é uma listagem de Imóveis, onde deverá ser mostrada a Foto de ordem=1 do Imovel, Titulo_Do_Imovel, Referencia, Tipo_De_Negocio, Concelho, Freguesia, Preço.- Deverá conter um link &quot;Mais Informações&quot; que quando pressionado abre novo ecran com as informações detalhadas do Imovel;3) Ecran com a informação detalhada de cada imovel:- Deve conter um Slide Show com todas as fotos do Imovel, ao pressionar uma foto passar para slide show em fullscreen;- Deve conter uma zona onde aparece o campo Descrição (é um campo de texto extenso);- Deve conter uma zona de caracteristicas, onde são mostrados os campos: Referencia, Tipo_De_Negocio, Tipo_De_Imovel, Area, Preço;- Deve conter uma zona de localização, onde são mostrados os campos: Distrito, Concelho, Freguesia, Localidade;- Deve ainda conter uma zona com um formulário de pedido de informação, onde devem ser preenchidos todos os campos: Nome, Email, Telefone, Observações; Este formulário deve enviar um email e guardar o pedido na base de dados;4) Este site é para ser usado em Desktops e Mobile Devices, e esse é um ponto a ter em atenção.

  • $1894 USD Jul 20, 2013

    Hi Freelancer,I have an existing Magento Webshop an XML interface to be programmed to which is a marketplace.The XML interface is a RESTful web service. The interface should allow to set new products, update or delete existing ones. Marketplace categories should own can be uploaded or downloaded. The queries and processing orders to be possible. More details at: can download technical documentation from Please mention in your bid &quot;Happy XML&quot; to prevent automated bids. If not mentioned , your bids will be automatically ignored.Please bid if you have good experience or can show similar work as above.Thanks Ken

  • $222 USD May 13, 2013

    Require an online tool that will allow me to remove duplicates from various lists of websites. This tool must STORE all previous entries so that duplicate data inputted in the future gets sorted our. Tool also must be able to store multiple list categories simultaneously so that if one of the items is indeed a duplicate on List Category A and is also in list Category B it is NOT removed.Here is an example of how it would work:Navigate to list de-dupe page URLSelect the Category of list your are de-duping (or create a new category). Say in this example we are creating &quot;Category Alpha&quot;Input list of website addresses such asExample1.comExample2.comExample3.comSelect how long you would like the above list to be stored before purged and therefor no longer a duplicate. (somewhere between 1 and 60 days)Click submit.The tool then checks ALL previous submissions for &quot;Category Alpha&quot; only and removes any website address that was previously submitted but has not yet been purged due to the above timer.Single list submissions will be anywhere from 10 lines up to 20,000+Fairly simple and straight forward. Please let me know if there are any questions/clarifications.

  • $30 USD Apr 28, 2013

    I need some who&quot;s good with with PHP. I am not too good with programming and all but you seem to have the skill i require and if we could chat more i could show you exactly what i want. my skype name is kadri.mamud add me so we can talk.

  • $30 USD Apr 12, 2013

    IMPORTANT:If you are not an expert with extension SEBLOD, please do not make bit.Keep in an existing Website, with Seblod the Profile View and Profile Edit Page.UsernameUsergroupProfilpictureProfil Field Informations:About meAgeGenderEye ColorsHeightWeightetc.Same Like SnapshotLow Budget Project - $ 30

  • $1500 USD Mar 5, 2013

    A reputable sports website is looking for an experienced project manager with the technical skills necessary to complete development phases correctly and on time. The provider must speak good English, understand sports, betting terminology, be available to communicate regularly, and provide support to correct issues or problems following the project. They must have expertise in designing programs for large databases, with user (friendly) interface, that manages all the content. Additional skills in Web Design, HTML, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and Web Scraping are all necessary to complete project. We are in search of a long-term provider that can execute several modular projects over the next several months. Consider this a job to see what skills you have to offer this company long term. Thank You for taking time and interest in the first phase of this project. JOB SUMMARYCreate a custom sports database, run by a program, with a perfectly designed user interface that controls everything. The current site uses WordPress and the work done must be compatible. The professional sports needed to be tracked in the database include MLB, NFL, NBA, and the NHL. Enter manually or Scrape schedules by sport each season into the database through the user interface.a.Upload the schedule by sport into the database by scraping a third party website or choosing the manual enter option on the user interface.b.The program arranges the uploaded schedule automatically into individual Matchup Boxes. i. Sort them by day of the year on a dedicated Scores and Matchup Page for the sport selected. (located under the MLB,NFL,NBA, or NHL tab)c.Organize the Scores and Matchup Pages using a calendar feature. i. Have user choose the month, day, and year on a virtual calendars drop down menu. Then display the desired information the user clicks on. ii. Also, have day before and day after links readily available on page.d.Be able to go back into database and have program create scores pages or other method to post results from the previous seasons. i. Track all the situational results SU and ATS like the current season. updating the calendar by season.Provider must design Matchup Box’s and Scores Box’s that displays on the Scores and Matchups Page for each sport with a layout similar to that of or . Organize all landing pages by sport (daily) and sort under the existing tabs. Save and organize the results of desired statistics from the Scores Box user interface. Have the option of scraping data on a time schedule from a third party website or manually entering data. Update all necessary areas of the website daily using the current data. This is what needs creating from the data in the database: 1.Scores and Matchup Page for every sport, sorted by day, throughout the season (w/calendar feature). 2.Schedule and Results Page (Game Log) for each Individual team. a. Recent Results and Upcoming games (Game Log) on individual Team Pages. b. Create team-by-team printable schedule. 3.Statistics Page a. All teams compared with sortable statistics against the spread (ATS) and (SU). b. Game Situation Report for each team from the game results. 4.Team Pages for every team in each sport. 5.Starting Pitcher Report (MLB only) with separate landing pages (standard) for each individual pitcher. 6.Odds Page for each sport (w/calendar feature) Custom Design7.Standings Page for each sport. NOTE: All the pages controlled with a user interface. The Pages include all the graphic design, development, and installation work.

  • $250 NZD Feb 28, 2013

    We would like the following four customizations made to an existing Woocommerce website:1) Add a javascript popup alert when a user selects &quot;pickup&quot; as their shipping method during checkout instead of delivery. This should get them to tick a box confirming they want to pickup and get them to submit it before they can select that option (if the click cancel, it will be reverted back to the delivery shipping option).2) Add a javascript popup alert when a user selects &quot;place order&quot; saying the order is now been submitted etc with a tickbox for them to check to say they understand before continuing to the payment gateway (if paying via paypal) or order confirmation (if paying by bank transfer) page3)Adding a custom field where users can enter an order number on checkout in their billing details. This order number should also appear in the customer order information area4)Add the above new field and order notes to get sent through in invoices to users/ when we print an invoice/ sent through to Xero.The plugins we have installed for woocommerce are:- WooComerce Print Invoices & Delivery Notes- WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping- Woocommerce Xero IntegrationPlease message through quotes for each individual item.

  • £300 GBP Feb 26, 2013

    I would like to get someone to make site similar to but ofcourse different and based on on more red colours. in the home page i would also like news section at the top where i can update. pictures will be supplied but needs to be edited by the designer.

  • $250 NZD Feb 9, 2013

    Hello, I have upgraded my online book - Kindle Books, Amazon and are about to go on U-Tube. I want to use this opportunity to target Face Book fans far and wide at the same time. I require someone with Excellent Face Book skills to help me with this project. You must have a proven record in Freelancer showing experience with Face Book and U-Tube.

  • $1000 USD Feb 7, 2013

    Project details will be explained more upon request. The project is a social network based around music.Very difficult task, only inquire if you know you can complete a hard task.

  • $1500 USD Jan 17, 2013

    looking for the right candidates or companies those who can build a website in designing and development like this reference website or

  • [Sealed] Dec 6, 2012

    This project will be designed by myself and will consist of 4-5 drop down menus each containing (x) amount of options. Each option will relate to an image, and depending on which option is selected, a specific image will be displayed: eg. Option 1 = Image 1. Option 2 = Image 2. etc. Given the unique selection, it will give the option to then post the selected items on facebook and/or twitter, along side a pre-fabricated message.The selections will then be put into an admin only page which will display the selection, the users name and email-address.

  • €30 EUR Nov 12, 2012

    I have a website ready to sell products from, just 3 products. For these products I would like to set shipping on a per product basic. That means if there are 2 products purchased I would like the shipping price to be set twice. Also the shipping cost needs to be determinded per country, as we have different shipping costs per country. The website is up and running, and the products are already set in Virtuemart. So its just a case of configuring virtuemart shipping costs on a per item basis and set according to the shipping country. I do not want any so called companies bidding for this project, I would like an individual who has experience with configuring virtuemart and joomla. I dont think its such a big project and going further down the line there will be lots more work, especially if this individual is prepared to work with my business which already has a lot of clients.

  • $520 USD Oct 20, 2012

    Hi there, I saw your offer under: and I would like the same as Mr. KASHIF writes.I already use joomla on several sites, so I&quot;am confirm with it...Do you have any showcase, where I can see what you already did?Best wishesDavid

  • $30 USD Aug 2, 2012

    hi Kim, this is dzoo, are you still working on my project? please just let me know what you decide. Thanks.

  • $50 USD Jul 31, 2012

    Data entry to YooRecipes joomla component. Input of data for 100 Recipe title, Description, Directions, Ingredients and ad a picture.

  • $1000 USD Jul 25, 2012

  • $50 USD Jul 22, 2012

    This project is relatively simple for a knowledgeable coder. All of the components are all ready built, we just need someoneto integrate them together.Our main script is a mobile website creator script.The second script is a mobile Jquery Slider script.We need some to integrate the slider into our website creator script (php).Please submit bid with time-frame listed as well.Thank you.

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