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Andrei S

Web Design, Web Development, Video & Animation Production

Username: Kzm

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Location: Bucuresti, Romania

Member since: January 2012



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My projects:

  • $54 USD
    Profile image for Seller Lorenzopierucci



    Great value for the money, delivered in time. Willing to learn and good mind set.

    Project Description:There will be provide 4 image in TIFF format in dropbox. From this images have to be eliminated all the dead leaf, trash, and any object on the pavements on the streets. If need to clone away more element that will be sign with a green marker on the PSD files...
  • $88 USD
    Profile image for Seller kunstvoorinhuis



    Good but for a simple job calculating 5 hours did not give me a good feeling! It's just a feeling and Kzm could not change it!

    Project Description:Redesign of business cards Stickers Banner Flyer
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller RevelAtelier



    Excellent work and knows his stuff! Thanks!

    Project Description:I need a Freelancer to upload my wordpress theme to my bluehost server. I have one glitch I think and my brain is fried to figure it out. Please help. You must have Teamviewer
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller charlesmulberry


    3 days ago

    Good effort still needs a final tweak to complete project to exact spec (still helping to fix) but all round a good job, will use again

    Project Description:USD 20.00 quick edit and fix bit of work. I am using the Helix ii Joomla Template on my site here, I want to edit the feature area ( ) which has a slider module so it has a full width image in the feature background...
  • $155 USD
    Profile image for Seller bigactionmedia


    4 days ago

    Outstanding job. Delivered way more than I expected. Was really blown away with the work done. Easily the best experience I have had with design.

    Project Description:Looking for a talented website designer from the US, AUS, or EU to design a single page website. The website is for a mobile app so the look and feel of a modern, young, "hip" page is a must. The designer...
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller jonnywood


    5 days ago

    Fantastic freelancer with great communication skills, work delivered on time and exactly what we wanted!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller amd01


    Mar 9, 2014

    Thank you for your help!<br/>

    Project Description:Salut, Am 3 domenii si vreau sa fac 3 siteuri. Nu prea am experienta, dar am in cap cum as vrea sa le fac si am niste planuri. Am nevoie de niste sfaturi din cand in cand si de asistentza... Le fac pentru mine si chiar vreau sa iasa asa cum am eu in cap...
  • $15 / hr USD
    Profile image for Seller bronbbar

    bronbbar [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 2, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute<br/>

    Project Description:Hello Andrei, I&#039;m looking for a web designer for designing a website and its related graphics,I estimate my requirements to consume about 2 weeks of work. I was wondering if you happen to be available...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller hansen4085


    Jun 30, 2013

    Very pleased again with the work.

    Contest Brief:We need some banners to be used in ads running in other apps. The size of the banners must be: 320x50 468x60 640x100 We will need at least five different versions of the banners. Please use out website,, as inspiration regarding the text. The banners shall have only ONE effect on the viewer: they should want to click on the banner and install the app! Our logo and the app icon for the app is enclosed as I suppose you might want to use these in some way (even though you do not HAVE to if you feel that you can create something good without it).
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller DTTStores


    Jun 27, 2013

    Good work. Recommended.

    Project Description:Need logo for DTTStores. Budget $30.
  • $120.6 USD
    Profile image for Seller dhanken


    Jun 27, 2013

    Finished this project successfully.

    Project Description:We need to modify the checkout process of a website in OpenCart. We need to change the process a bit to make it more user friendly.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller chisichei


    Jun 8, 2013

    Awesome logo designer, very creative and innovative. listened to my request.

    Contest Brief:I need a logo designed for an online food delivery service. The name of the website is called "eatnigeria". Essentially customers go online and order food from restaurants menu listed, it will contain restaurants. Things to consider 1. Take into account this is for a country 2. Customer Satisfaction is our priority I am open to any design concept. Just remember its a food delivery service named "EatNigeria"
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller adeelgondal80


    May 30, 2013

    Perfect, always again!

    Contest Brief:I need for our company a new Visiting Card / Envelope design / Letterhead please see enclosed logo: Use any US address and the company's name is EDEN GENERAL CONSTRUCTION INC. BE CREATIVE, not usual ))
  • £30 GBP
    Profile image for Seller NjoyMCR


    May 26, 2013

    shall repeat hire for certain. Highly recommended.

    Contest Brief:Hi guys, I need a double sided business card asap for me to use within my company. I want one side of the business card to have our logo, and the employees information. Have a white background for this side. The other side I would like it to say: "Use the power of location to build relationships with your customers" in bold white writing with black back ground. Repeat work is guaranteed. I have attached our logo. must be 88mm x 59mm or 59mm x 88mm
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller gregoryagu


    May 24, 2013

    Just what I was looking for. Great design and a pleasure to work with.

    Contest Brief:A "Busy" animation is when an app is busy, it displays an animation to the user until it completes the process. Search "busy animation" on google for examples. And see the attached example. I need a unique one created. It must include an area for text, such as "75%" (see example.) The mockup will be used to create an animation in Silverlight, but the designer only needs to do the mockup. Greg
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller gregoryagu


    May 24, 2013

    Excellent work. Great to work with. Would recommend.

    Contest Brief:I need a mockup of a start screen. See images for the current start screen. These are the most important point elements: 1. A "start" button. (Doesn't have to say start). When you click on it, it shows the start menu as shown in Start2. 2. An "app" bar that shows the currently open apps. Right now, it shows them as tabs, but it doesn't have to be tabs. 3. The Start Menu itself. Note that when the start menu First opens, it has one column (see StartMenu1Column) then if the user selected an item with a right arrow, then it expands to two columns. 4. The current user label, and logout button on the top right. Note that the Icons on the menu itself are not important. Just use a placeholder or use the current ones. It's mostly about the overall layout and design. Also see the attached logo/icon for Office Extreme. The motif must be professional, yet not boring. The contest will not be sealed as I don't want to pay the extra $30, but all feedback will be done through private message.
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller gregoryagu


    May 22, 2013

    Did a most Excellent job. Very fast and competent.

    Contest Brief:See attached for a sample of the current login screen. It is a basic login screen like you see everywhere: Username, password, save password checkbox, login button. I am looking for an image that will make it look like the user is typing into a 3D panel of some sort. Like a high tech security device that you see in the movies by a door. I want it to look like a physical object of some sort. See attached samples for examples. But I am looking for something professional, not game like, but most logins are super boring. See for the overall motif of the website. You can also incorporate the attached icon/logo. The final deliverable will be in .png and original artwork files (psd). The contest will not be sealed as I don't want to pay the extra $30.00, but I will response to all entries via private message.
  • $140 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Stecchino


    May 16, 2013

    Andrei delivered brilliant results and I would definitely hire him again. Got back to me very quickly with new designs and always very professional. I can highly recommend him. Thanks mate!

    Contest Brief:I need a new business card designed for my Piano teaching studio. The card will be double sided, with the picture of a piano keyboard incorporated on one side of the card. However, I'd like to avoid anything that looks too simple or cheesy. I'm looking for something quite up market. I'm really looking for something classy, as I also hand these cards out for personal use. Must be of high quality. I'd like mainly a black & white theme though I'm not completely against colors. I might also need a logo but that depends on the overall design of the card as I've never used a logo before. I want to go with 'Marziano' as a type of brand name, so I'd like this to look really different and stand out. On one side I'd like just the name of the business, which is "Marziano Piano Studio" On the other side will be my contact details, which will include: My name Phone number Email address In small print somewhere I'd like the words "All ages" and "Beginners Welcome" also included. Thank you in advance and I look forward to working with you.
    Andrei S has not completed any projects.
  • $24 USD In Progress

    Hello,I would like 6 simple black and white stickers.Delivrable : vectorized, black and white.Exact size of the sticker : 21cm * 4,5 cmThe model is in the document attached. You can rebuild the outlines and change the shapes a bit. The drawings should not look exactly the same as the models (but look nicer)When the master will be validated, then you will have to do the 5 other stickers (only few changes)Ref Product Name Barcode Batch numberHY-80240Papier crêpe 40x40cm bleu+M877HY802401M04201480240HY-80241Papier crêpe 40x40cm blanc+M877HY802411N04201480241HY-80242Papier crêpe 40x40cm vert+M877HY802421O04201480242HY-80260Papier crêpe 60x60cm bleu+M877HY802601O04201480260HY-80261Papier crêpe 60x60cm blanc+M877HY802611P04201480261HY-80262Papier crêpe 60x60cm vert+M877HY802621Q04201480262Thanks !Quentin

  • $38 USD In Progress

    I need a website copied right now. Today. The javascrit must be fully functional as displayed on the website.

  • $53 USD In Progress

    Hi,i have this flow chart of travel journey but i need it to be redesign in very nice way the flow chart in power point so he should be graphical designer to do this workIt is only ONE SLIDEmaximum 50$good luck

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Small project, Looking for 2 banners and small text based logo.Quick delivery ready now.Payment tomorrow, Thanks

  • £30 GBP In Progress

    We have have two back up files (.JPA) which need to be installed on two separate domains on the same server.We need the back up installed fully using Akeeba back up tool. Full Web-master access will be given. This should only take 30 minutes for some one who has had experience with Joomla.I would expect to pay no more than $30.

  • €300 EUR In Progress


  • $50 USD In Progress

    i just need my fashion website to look more professional and pretty! I want the design to be very simple but yet professional. At the moment it looks very amateur as I am not very experienced in designing websites...Anyone help pleaaase?

  • $100 USD In Progress

    The attached is a wireframe (See dashboard docs) for a Web Page we wish to use for demo purposes at a sales presentation which needs to be skinned.NO CODING IS REQUIRED. JUST NEED VISUALS.We would like visual inspiration to be taken from: and the attached PDF Guider Brochure.Keep it clean,bright and modern with a little personality (like in the PDF). We&quot;re aiming for simplicity and clarity so that when user looks at this it&quot;s very easy to see the results and recommendations without hurting their eyes!The wireframe attached shows how our software - Guider - presents the information it pulls from analytics. The idea is that the information Guider shows is simple to read, provides recommendations about how to improve the results shown and gives user a quick idea of how they&quot;re performing (red, amber, green).As you can see from the wireframe the result &quot;1 in 100&quot; has been clicked to drop down and show more detailed information (in red because the result equalled a red). Any one of these results can be expanded. The result below advises the user what their numbers should ideally show and then highlights some actions they could take to improve.You&quot;ll see underlined sentences which are links to to some further information or answer to another question or action.I would like it to be clearer which results are red / amber or green and the drop downs and results to be more distinct from each other. If you can think of a better visual representation that green, amber or red to show good, not so good and bad I would be interested in seeing this. At least make it pretty clear which result is Red, amber or green. It&quot;s important that ION&quot;s coporate colours are evident in the design. See attached swatches, logo and brand guide.The top banner should read Challenge 1 instead of Question 1 (when user hovers over Challenge it will show the actual Question e.g. Is PPC selling beds?).There should be a button to View Intel Report and similar button for Knowledge LibraryThere should also be a line graph showing two contrasting lines (using ION corporate colours). For now just go with two line - 1 showing a faster growth than the other with some dips).Take out the &quot;brought to you by the clever folk at ion&quot;. Please come back to me if you have any questions.Please send examples of your work.Urgent: Ideally we need this completed today which isn&quot;t a lot of time for this project!

  • $24 USD Today

    I have a video ready. It is a white board animation pretty simple and easily done. I need some one who is able to edit it and make a few changes on it .the work is needed to be completed today .Please bid if you are able to do this effectively and with high attention to detail.

  • $105 USD Today

    I need great designer in website,please don&quot;t bid if you not yet 50 reivew

  • $34 USD Today

    Hello, I have 2 books on Amazon, which are doing not too bad. You can find them here: I made the covers on a shoestring budget and I think it might be worthwhile to improve them a bit. requirements:-They have to look professional-They have to stand out from the rest. Use catchy colors to &quot;grab the eye&quot;-The size should be 1880x2500 jpeg. 2D-The title AND the subtitle should be readable on a 90x120 thumbnail. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. -My name doesn&quot;t have to be that big on the cover. Keep it the size of my ego. Small-Keep it simple. -The budget is still very tight. :(, but will get better, hopefully, after my next titles....-The project is for BOTH titles.

  • £42 GBP Today

    I want a logo designed for my jewellery business - something that looks sophisticated, elegant and professional

  • $263 AUD Today

    Hi All,I would like a website for a cafe, about 5 pages. Links to all food related websites like urban spoon or eatability and a facebook page.Nice clean website.Our cafe is a small boutique shop with a rustic feel.Please feel free to submit bids.

  • $44 AUD Today

    We need a form created in In-design so we can have the form printed and also create a PDF.The attached files show the brief.We require the in-design file on completion of the job.

  • €789 EUR Today

    Création d&quot;un e-commerce pour du mobilier design.

  • $105 USD Yesterday


  • $263 CAD Yesterday

    Need an experienced graphic designer to design a corporate identity (colors, fonts, layouts, etc) based on existing logo and artwork. Themes should reflect technology, progress, user experience, environment and energy (electricity specifically). Expectations include the following : - business card design- letterhead design- company introduction presentation (15 slides w/ OO Impress)- company introduction letter-size bifold (w/InDesign)No text, no images, only background artwork/theme.

  • $54 USD Yesterday

    We represent high end window company, and we would like to create a professional presentation about our product.We have an existing PowerPoint which need to be redesigned. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • $263 USD Yesterday

    I need business cards, flyers and a website built.

  • $16 USD Yesterday

    I need someone to go into my website to replace a banner and a few images. This is a small project but i need you to be very efficient and clinical. If you do this well i&quot;ll have bigger web projects for you.

  • $24 AUD Yesterday

    I require a simple logo for a real estate development I am currently undertaking. The logo will essentially include the street number / name.

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $105 USD Yesterday

    build a website for a mobile appnice and clean website design and graphics

  • [Sealed] Yesterday

    We currently have a catalogue for the company that we would like to update and create a new identity for it. The company profile is about 100 pages with various images and details about our projects. We will send the existing company profile in order to create something similar to it but with more style and better creative ideas.

  • $105 USD Yesterday

    Hi,I need somebody to upload videos for me. I have a channel on one of the video sharing sites.What I need is,Somebody who will be in contact with me on skype or email (or something like trello).I will send he/she some links, he/she must;- download them from the source (mostly by a download facility like keepvid or download helper)- watermark and maybe trim beginning and ending the video- upload on my channel with the title and keywords I will sendI am planning to get 30/40 uploads daily. This is an on going job and needs a little bit video editing knowledge. And also fast internet connection is the reason to be chosen.Lower bids will be considered. Give me your weekly price for uploading 200-250 videos aprox. in a week.Thanks

  • $49 USD Yesterday

    Hi,I am looking for someone to design my company stationary, including my business cards?Thanks

  • $24 USD 2 days ago

    Hello, I need an expert to create a back up copy of my website, freelancer has to have experience on Joomla. I will be choosing the the freelancer that has more experience along with lower price.Thanks!

  • $263 USD 2 days ago

    I have a Zen cart based site. The site was upgraded recenly. For some reason the site is not working. I don&quot;t know the reason. I need somebody to fix the site.

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Web Designer/Developer

Feb 2005 - Present (9 years)

True Motion Media

Web Design<br />Web Development<br />Graphics Design


International Relations

Universitatea 'Constantin Brâncusi' din Târgu-Jiu


Computer Sience

Universitatea Româno-Americana din Bucuresti



Adobe Photoshop Level 3


Level 3 Adobe Experience


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