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Career Accountant & Excel expert

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My projects:

  • $22.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Rfgray11

    Rfgray11 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 19, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute<br/>

    Project Description:I am a small business owner and need some accounting help. This project will entail a knowledge of using Quickbooks Pro. I need atleast 6 months of entries inputted in to Quickbooks Pro as well as reconciliation against my bank statements each month...
  • $51.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeansl


    Jul 24, 2013

    No problem<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, I need help with my accounting and Quickbooks. My company is a LLC and I&#039;m the only member of the staff. Therefore, there is no payroll involved. There are around 40 transactions per month...
  • $110.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller CydecSoftware

    CydecSoftware [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 24, 2013

    Did not finish project and stopped communicating. Was very quick to request payment of milestones, but did not meet our deadline and stopped responding 5 days ago. Disappointed and will not use again!<br/>

    LUretsky's reply:

    I tried contacting this employer for 5 days with no response. He also changed the the price on the project. He hired me for $20.00 per hour, and when I requested a milestone for the hours I had completed, he said he only budgeted $200.00 for project. Made me change my milestone request. I had gone as far as possible, with the work and needed some answers, he was not available, so I just waited.When he finally contacted me i was busy and not able to respond. So he assumed I was not going to finish.

    Project Description:Job Description:I&#039;m looking for someone who *really* understands Quickbooks Online, and can do the following in the next 24 hours: 1. Get on a live call / screenshare with me to view our account together...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller arnonshafir


    Jul 23, 2013

    Lou was very quick and did a great job for us with the EDD payroll and getting us returns. Highly recommend.

    Project Description:The EDD in CA have put a levy on our CA bank account because no payroll reports were filed for Q2 2012 to Q1 2013. We no longer have employees in CA since Q1 2012, yet we do need to file certain reports to the EDD to get our levy back...
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dgross03


    May 24, 2013

    Lou is Mr. Reliable - my go-to guy whenever I need something done, large or small. He consistently goes the extra mile to make sure the work he delivers is perfect. Look forward to working together again on any future projects.

    Project Description:I need a table from the 1890 U.S. Census entered from PDF to Excel. I already have someone in mind for this project, so there&#039;s no reason to bid unless you are this person.
  • $220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dgross03


    May 19, 2013

    Lou is my go-to guy. His work is always of outstanding quality, he pays careful attention to detail, and he's a good communicator. Will definitely be reaching out to him again when I need more work done.

    Project Description:I am awaiting bids from the two freelancers with whom I am currently working and will be awarding them the project; if you are not one of those two people, then there&#039;s no reason to place a bid. The project...
  • $175.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeffevans


    May 8, 2013

    Great job again! Provided additional information I had missed, made the product better for it.

    Project Description:We have two sets of books for small businesses. Both are in QuickBooks online. We are moving these out of another set of books and are transferring data. This is by pilling reports from the old account and inputting summary data into the new accounts...
  • $36.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller acumlus


    Apr 12, 2013

    Fantastic Work. Very fast and on time. I would definitely work with him again.<br/>

    Project Description:I need someone to assist in entering and validating a time sheet spreadsheet on a weekly basis. Thiis will need to be done every Friday and Monday morning EST.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dgross03


    Apr 9, 2013

    Quick, flawless, and dependable as always. Thanks Lou.

    Project Description:I need a table from the 1910 U.S. Census of Manufactures entered from PDF to Excel. I already have someone in mind for this project, so there&#039;s no reason to bid unless you are this person.
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeffevans


    Apr 2, 2013

    Wow! Fastest project I've ever had done! Exactly right, as requested. Will use again!

    Project Description:I have a new QuickBooks online account for an exising business. We have created a new set of books to separate many years of data from an exising QB account. The job is to input the 2011 closing balances and match the account list with the closing balance provided by the CPA...
    LUretsky has not completed any projects.
  • $555 USD In Progress

    I am starting my own business and need assistance with: 1. Business Registration- Fictitious/Assumed Name request - Employee Identification Number 2. Preparing and Filing Organizational Paperwork (LLC)3. Finance & Tax Tracking Set-Up4. Budget DevelopmentEducation & Experience Requirements: - Resume must include background in Accounting/Finance for Small BusinessRequired Skills:- Detail-oriented, efficient, organized and self-disciplined professional with extensive experience in accounting systems.- Strong analytical and problem solving skills, with the ability to make well thought out decisions.- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.- Highly trustworthy, discreet and ethical.- Knowledgeable about business start-up procedures including legal and tax requirements- Proficient on Quickbooks or other accounting software. The initial project will be short-term to get my business started. There is also a definite possibility for future, and possibly ongoing, work.

  • $24 USD/hr In Progress

    Greetings to you,n I wish to inform you that you have been selected for an online interview ..Your resume was review by the Hiring Department of the company and you have been selected for an online interview. It is required for you to have your resume sent for future reference and also have the Interview Manager of the company added to your Yahoo Messenger list for the job briefing and interview, Her ID is ( ) . She will be online and ready whenever you are for the job briefing and interview.n nTime: ASAPnSalary: $24 hourlynVenue: On line Via Yahoo MessengernPositions available : Data Entry/ Payroll, Bookkeeping, Customer Service,Accounting Clerk, Admin Administrative/ Medical Biller .nnBest Regards,nAnnouncer Micheal RaymondnAetna

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I have been working with a business partner for a little under a year and we have accomplished a lot in terms of property flips and rentals. I keep all the books but, since I have no formal training, I use excel but want to migrate all my spreadsheets over to quickbooks in order to generate reports, show profit and for tax purposes. Is this something you could assist me with?

  • $750 USD In Progress

    Small Business selling items on consignment basis on eBay needs to file a tax return for 2012 (corporate and personal). Here is the brief summary: -Enter business credit card charges and related liability in the records-Pay Pal account activity needs to be entered in the system and reconcile it to the statements as it’s a “cash” account.-Some general ledger accounts need to reconcile and properly state.-Personal expenses incurred on behalf of the business need to be entered entered in the system..

  • $250 USD In Progress

    I have 3,080 entries required to enter into quickbooks. This is old data so we can&quot;t just import it in. Upon entering you would be required to put it into the correct categories from our chart of accounts. Correct Spelling is a must.

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello,I am starting a new business and I would like help with the Accounting. I have had a self-employment type business for a long time and have managed it ok.However, I am starting a new &quot;real&quot; business (inventory, cogs, employees, sales tax etc.) and I would like some help doing the bookkeeping/accounting. I am planning at present to use Xero online accounting system. I will probably do a lot of the actual work myself (unless I get busy) but I need someone who can simply help and answer questions for me when I need that. Experience in Xero is a plus. I would expect the person to bill a reasonable hourly rate and be available for a full hour for every hour billed. (In other words, none of this minimum billing of 15 minutes stuff whereby you answer a question in 2 minutes and I lose a 15 minute increment against a one hour payment.) Purchasing 1 hour gets me 1 hour of time usable in 1 minute increments. I also plan to run my own payroll and would like assistance with that as needed (I do have some experience with it though.)In case it matters, I am a US based LLC operating for tax purposes as an S-CORP.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou project for lou

  • $120 USD In Progress

    Please do not bid. I already know who I will hire. Mutual fund data entry project. Requires reading annual reports & prospectuses and recording line items.

  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    Our small hosting company is seeking a qualified individual or firm to update our books using Quick Books and provide monthly bookkeeping services to maintain and manage our company financial statements. Including:- Monthly financial statements- Balance sheets- PayrollOnce the initial update is completed (approx 2 months) we believe the monthly time required to update would be minimal. We have a Quickbooks Online Pro account.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    We have one year our school data in files.And now we want to convert that data in excel sheet.So that in future we can maintain that proper style.We have 4 files and in each files approx 500 a4 size pages.Our budget is not very height but we can give good money for that.You have to make 4 files for that. And maintain that data in proper format according to files.If you like we can show you scan sample.We have done scanning all files pages.Please bid and we will be providing you more detail.Thanks

  • [Sealed] /hr Dec 17, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $222 SGD Nov 25, 2013

    I need an accountant who is well verse in Quickbook Online Essential. Need help to tally the opening account for this year 2013

  • $150 USD Oct 25, 2013

    i have good experience in accounty and excel, consider my project allotment, good knoweldge in accounting principles

  • $30 USD Oct 24, 2013

    HiI have reviewed your credentials and it seems that you are the right person to talk to. I would like to shortly discuss certain issues related to LLC formation (specifically accounting / tax issues). Once I have these answers, I may need ongoing accounting supervision (on rather small scale).Please contact me to discuss it.Many thanks.Mariusz Bobrowski

  • $500 USD Aug 30, 2013

    We will pay you 500$ (USD) Per Day basis or 5$ per form basis, which ever you want. We will provide you all data to fill in the forms which we will provide to you. We Recieve 50,000+ forms from respected organisations every day. we have 125 employees and it is impossible for them to fill 50,000 forms every day.nThe Respected organisations Will Pay you by Cheque\Check WEEKLY.nP.M Me for details

  • $1500 USD Aug 26, 2013

    Our company would be very interested in offering you apart-time paying job in which you could earn alot without quitting your present Job or having problem with your employers. Our company eSources UK{}. Needs representatives in USA and Canada. We would want to know if you would like to work online from home and getting paid weekly without leaving or affecting your present job?You are not required to pay any registration fee or pay for any application form before you get employed. Instead of paying for anything you will be receiving your weekly salary as soon as you get started. In case you are considering of taking our offer, statistics show that 40-60% of north American and Canadian work force by the year 2010 will be earning more having extra jobs and working from home! Get a jump on your future, earn an extra income and secure a job with us.nnJOB DESCRIPTIONn1. Receive payment from Clients (Money Orders or Bank Checks, wire transfer)n2. Cash Paymentsn3. Deduct 10 % which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.n4. Forward balance after deduction of percentage/pay to our office in the nUnited Kingdom or any of our clients in other country.nnAnnual Income: 24,000 USD from 10 percent of payments received from our client.nnTop 5 earnings for the last month:nn David J. Adams,NY - $14,159.00 { 917-267-7655}Phonen Brian L. Jones,MA - $13,066.00 { 617-297-2824}phonen John Johnston,IL - $12,811.00n Jenny Mc Kinney , CA - $10,980.00n Rose Likes,NJ - $10,121.00 { 908-998-2707} PhonennIF YOU INTERESTED REPLY VIA THE EMAIL BELOW (

  • $1000 USD Aug 9, 2013

    Dispatch Payments

  • $40 USD/hr Aug 5, 2013

    Hello,I can&quot;t seem to find out how to best organize my business expenses and file my taxes for 2012. I tried TurboTax to file my taxes, but at no point in the process did it ask me to enter my business expenses. I would like some help and training with this!Thanks,Maria

  • $50 USD Jul 29, 2013

    I have 8 sales ppl who sell countertops and/or cabinets. I am trying to set up an excel file that I can extract data and charts based on sales and proposals. I would like to learn how to do this as well. It is a simple set of sheets (one for each salesperson) and then a combination of all salespeople so I could have data based on a comparative nature.

  • $15 USD/hr Jun 6, 2013

    SEEKING A HIGHLY COMPETENT EXPERIENCED CERTIFIED BOOKKEEPER IN QUICKBOOKS & OTHER SOFTWARES 1. Accounts Receivable2. Accounts Payable3. Financial controller4. bank reconciliation5. Financial /operational strategic guidance

  • $2500 USD Jun 6, 2013

    We have two volumes containing the business contact information for nearly 20,000 people. We need the data entered into a specifically formatted Excel spreadsheet. I will provide the exact template into which the data must be entered, and will mail the volumes to whomever will be doing the work.

  • $30 USD May 29, 2013

    Measures of Forecasting Error and Exponential Smoothing Regression for ForecastingUse the Excel Help function to learn how to:- Raise a number to the power 2 (i.e. square) a number- Use the LN, EXP, ABS, and SQRT functions- Use the Solver Add-in- Construct a line chart for multiple variablesStudy cases Las Vegas Visitors and Northern Napa Valley Winery, Inc. for class discussion. EvaluationAssignment 6 (Individual Assignment): Las Vegas VisitorsEstimate a regression model to forecast the total number of visitors:1) Open &ldquo;Reg&rdquo; templates, populate time and dummy variables, estimate regression model2) Use estimated regression coefficients to compute forecasts for fans production for the period from January 2004 &ndash; November 20123) For the forecasted fan production from January 2004 &ndash; November 2012 calculate: o Erroro Squared erroro Absolute % erroro The numerator of Thiel&rsquo;s U statistico The denominator of Thiel&rsquo;s U statistic4) Calculate the following error metrics: mean error (ME), mean squared error (MSE), root mean squared error (RMSE), mean absolute percent error (MAPE), and Thiel&rsquo;s U statistic5) Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors in December 2012 &ndash; December 2013 Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors using additive Holt-Winters model:1) Open &ldquo;Additive&rdquo; template and familiarize yourself with the formulas used to develop additive Holt-Winters model2) Calculate ME, RMSE, MAPE, and Thiel&rsquo;s U statistic of the additive Holt-Winter&rsquo;s forecasts for the period from January 2004 &ndash; November 20123) Calculate the optimal alpha, beta, and gamma parameters of the model using MS Excel Solver so as to minimize RMSE4) Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors in December 2012 &ndash; December 2013Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors using multiplicative Holt-Winters model:1) Open &ldquo;Multiplicative&rdquo; template and familiarize yourself with the formulas used to develop multiplicative Holt-Winters model2) Calculate ME, RMSE, MAPE, and Thiel&rsquo;s U statistic of the multiplicative Holt-Winter&rsquo;s forecasts for the period from January 2004 &ndash; November 20123) Calculate the optimal alpha, beta, and gamma parameters of the model using MS Excel Solver so as to minimize RMSE4) Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors in December 2012 &ndash; December 2013Compare the error metrics (ME, RMSE, MAPE, Thiel&rsquo;s U) of the three models. Construct a line plot showing the actual monthly number of visitors and forecast by these models.Write a management report (using the required format) suggesting and justifying an appropriate decision regarding the total number of visitors forecast. In your report, analyze the patterns of the monthly and annual number of visitors time series; discuss the properties of each forecasting model and their relevance to predicting the series; select the best forecasting model for the series; make your recommendations supported by arguments which are further supported by references to model results and tables or figures in your report. Independent outside research is encouraged to provide relevant background information and/ or to provide more support for your arguments.

  • $277 USD May 25, 2013

    I have an Excel sheet of 4000 reviews that I would need you to copy and paste online to this website. I would need you to follow my instructions after picking up the task. All the information is given to you all you need to do is copy and paste. I estimate you being able to do about 100 uploaded reviews an hour! If you do a good job I will hire again.

  • $3 USD/hr May 22, 2013

    I need a table from the 1890 U.S. Census entered from PDF to Excel. I already have someone in mind for this project, so there&quot;s no reason to bid unless you are this person.

  • $150 USD May 17, 2013

    I need 400 gmail accounts and 400 Apple accounts setup: Please only apply if you are experienced with both Apple and Gmail account creation. only agree if you have prior experience to create gmail and apple account. all account must be American name and address.Delivery date within 2 days.

  • $14 USD/hr Apr 16, 2013

    I need a well hardworking man/woman, who can help me with the growth of my business, and paying of my workers on their pay day.

  • [Sealed] Apr 6, 2013

    Please see attached.We have about 150 pages similar to this.These need to be typed / copy pasted in Spreadsheet / Excel / CSV format.How will we confirm that your work is accurate?Tell us time needed and amount.

  • $2 USD/hr Mar 29, 2013

    I applied for a job in Excel, where I can develop numerical functions, statistical tables, graphics, database, projections, algorithms and Visual Basic. These can be applied to the accounting industry. I provide quality services and the delivery of projects will be punctual. If you hire me, you don&quot;t be disappointed.

  • ₹100 INR/hr Feb 23, 2013

    entering data using 15 years experience

  • $50 USD Feb 17, 2013

    contact my skype is babar.baba5

    LUretsky does not have any open projects.
    LUretsky does not have any work in progress.
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Accounting Supervisor

Feb 2006 - Feb 2010 (4 years)

Seacrest Services

Performed weekly payroll for 350 to 400 employees. Preparation of 135 financial statements for HOA's on a monthly basis. Was responsible for communication between company and HOA boards.

Career Accountant

Jan 1975 - Dec 2005 (30 years)


My accounting experience includes account recievable, accounts payable, payroll, general ledger, budgets, financial statements, financial statement analysis, cash flows, payroll tax returns, corporate tax returns, internal auditing, external auditing, manual books, and familiarity with softwares including Business Works, MAS90, Peachtree, Quickbooks, ADP, Evolution, Cbiz, Excel, Access, Word.


Associates Degree in Accounting (Cum Laude)




Certificate of competency in Advanced excel.