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C , Java Programmer

Username: LahiruMal

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Location: Galle, Sri Lanka

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  • $70 USD
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    Nov 7, 2013

    excellent guy to work with, on time and quality work

    Project Description:Hello, I will provided a visual basic script that i coded my self but i need to find a bug fast. All details will be over private message. Thank you
  • $40 USD
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    Oct 2, 2013

    repellent provider, 2 year later and i'm still using him

    Project Description:edit small javascript to improve the performance of website, javascript must be tested in difference case scenarios. All files will be provided over private message. Please don't send me link my previous...
  • $15 USD
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    assignmentshelp [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 26, 2013

    The Assignment have not been done complete. Initially agreed on everything and than told that he cannot read some part. AVOID HIM !!!

    Project Description:I want this task to be completed by 10 days ( 5 APRIL ) There are many modules and in each module questions are highlighted which needs to be done. I am looking for quality work. Price : $ 40...
  • $40 USD
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    worldcitizen324 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 25, 2013


    LahiruMal's reply:

    This is disgusting revenge. I have done no wrong. He deceived me and slaved me without any payment.

    Project Description:Hi, I need advise with 2 computer science assignments. Can you please help? The details are attached. Regards, James
  • $30 USD
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    Mar 21, 2013

    Clear communication. Very polite. Understood the needs of the project. Flexible and willing to meet to explain the work.

    Project Description:The freelancer should be prepared to design a cache replacement policy for a standardized system. Additionally, an application of memory subsystems is required.
  • $60 USD
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    Oct 21, 2012

    Excellent programmer to work with, communication is very fast, on time and 100% reliable. This is my second time using him and i will keep using him for more programs.<br/>Excellent programmer to work with, communication is very fast, on time and 100% reliable. This is my second time using him and i will keep using him for more programs.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $52 SGD
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    Oct 7, 2012

    despite my never ending requirements, LahiruMal continues to deliver. Thanks

    Project Description:N/A
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  • $111 AUD Mar 2, 2014

    The title says all..I need to convert a Java project to run on matlab.See attached a Jar of the Java project.

  • $25 USD Dec 24, 2013


  • $166 USD Dec 15, 2013

    model checking property checking refers to the following problem: Given a model of a system, exhaustively and automatically check whether this model meets a given specification. Typically, one has hardware or software systems in mind, whereas the specification contains safety requirements such as the absence of deadlocks and similar critical states that can cause the system to crash. Model checking is a technique for automatically verifying correctness properties of finite-state systems.In order to solve such a problem algorithmically, both the model of the system and the specification are formulated in some precise mathematical language: To this end, it is formulated as a task in logic, namely to check whether a given structure satisfies a given logical formula. The concept is general and applies to all kinds of logics and suitable structures. A simple model-checking problem is verifying whether a given formula in the propositional logic is satisfied by a given structure.To do model checking we need to use a tool called UPAAL. Uppaal is an integrated tool environment for modeling, validation and verification of real-time systems modeled as networks of timed automata, extended with data types (bounded integers, arrays, etc.).REQUIREMENT: The project should be done with detailed documentation and source code.

  • $1300 USD Dec 15, 2013

    make a professional script-enabled payment system

  • $110 USD Apr 15, 2013

    This project is for a student to enter future classes and generate a schedule for them without conflicting times. It needs to be written in java and look very similar to the design panels attached.

  • $5 USD/hr Apr 2, 2013

    Oke so im starting up my own website with flash games and java etc, there is lots of stuff to be done and really i can use anyone&quot;s help, all you need is a little html knowledge to start of with and hopefully it will develop as your doing it, i&quot;m not amazing either so that won&quot;t be a problem.I&quot;m (hopefully) also gonna add a more news information side of the website all about gaming, that requires almost none html skills!! What you would do:- Set up pages (lots) with flash games and all the coding etc.- Making layouts templates for different pages.- Blog?- Promote!- Make your own Flash/Java game!- Great for beginners!Benefits:- Could be part of the next big thing?- Get you custom email- Good experience!- you could enjoy it:)- and (if ur new to html) I&quot;ll send you &quot;creating a website, the missing manual&quot; for free!- Honest website, you get paid for what you make and make money on it for ever!- YOU chose what you want to do, when, and how!Cons (just being honest):- Theres not a whole load of money flying around so there won&quot;t be set amounts of pay etc. but on the other hand i am offering everyone who helps a great deal of the revenue on that page.Payment:- You will probably get paid 2 dollars an hour (if that is what you want) but i would prefer to do it per thing that you make. (eg: 2,50 for a flash game)- You could volunteer?? :)- Either way you still make revenue!!ThanksNiels

  • $30 USD Jan 19, 2013

    Read the configuration of the blocks from an input file. Replace the current world with the read configuration. Specific command needs to be implemented allowing this to happen at any point;Allow for block movements (command needed);Allow for blocks being cleared (command needed);Allow for blocks being filled with a specified volume. Blocks should be cleared up in order to be filled (command needed);Allow for UNDO and REDO of commands;Limit the space on the floor and the stack&quot;s height;Store the history of operations in a HSQL database;Display the historical operations between two dates (command needed).Not all of above must really be done, to talk more please send private message. Thanks

  • $100 USD Jan 19, 2013

    I need java developer to do enhancement to a desktop app. There are few things such as color changes, adding facebook and twitter buttons and others. Please let me know and i can send the file and what needs to be changed.

  • £32 GBP Oct 27, 2012

    Hello, i need someone to build me a autobuyer program for fifa 13. Very similar to the fifa 12 autobuyer only working on fifa 13. To see what i mean check this video out.... old fifa 12 autobuyer: check out a new fifa 13 autobuyer which i would like mine to be like... the coding you will need are in these 2 sites below.. i need you to do is create the program. i dont have much of a budget but it isnt a very big project and most if not all of the coding that is needed is provided already.

  • $30 USD Oct 12, 2012

    need these codes done on asap basis, looking for the least bid and one who can do it as soon as possible. I will send the zip file with the questions once i get the least bid.

  • $30 AUD Oct 2, 2012

    ObjectiveThe key objective of this assignment is to learn how to use primitive set operators toef?ciently support more complex operations. Speci?cally, we will focus on extendingthe Set ADT in Assignment 1 to support INTERSECT. Higher order operations suchas INTERSECT, UNION, and DIFFERENCE operations can be implemented usingF-SEARCH, PREDECESSOR, and SUCCESSOR operations. Each of the latter threeoperators is state-modifying, in that they require that a &ldquo;current&rdquo; element has beendetermined by a previous operation, and in turn it moves that designator to a differentelement as a side effect of its execution. As the sequence of operations unfolds,the locus of activity shifts through the set being processed. In this project, we willmodify 4 standard search algorithms implemented in Project 1 to support SUCCESSORand F-SEARCH. These new operators will in turn be used to implement ef?cientINTERSECT in sets.OverviewAlgorithm 1 Binary Set IntersectionINPUT: Two ordered sets S and T, with |S| = n1 and |T| = n2, and n1 &le; n2.OUTPUT: An ordered set of answers A.1: A &larr; { }2: x &larr; FIRST(S)3: while x is de?ned do4: y &larr; F-SEARCH(T, x)5: if x = y then6: APPEND(A, x)7: x &larr; SUCCESSOR(S)8: return AWhen there are exactly two sets, intersection is a straightforward problem. Thesimplest and most effective approach is to perform an iterative search for the items inthe smaller set. Algorithm 1 shows a simple two set intersection where each elementin the smaller set S is searched for in the larger set. The search always moves forwardand the eliminator item x chosen is monotonically increasing as we proceed from i =0 . . . n &minus; 1. The general template of Algorithm 1 leaves us free to choose from a rangeof options for implementing F-SEARCH, which will be discussed in the next section.

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Fast Learning

Dec 2010 - May 2011 (5 months)


I worked at DSI company as a planning assistant. There I enter the future orders and workload of the company into their database. So I feel I'm skillful in Data Entry.


Bsc. (Eng) in Computer Science And Engineering

University of Moratuwa



Good Data Entry


I was good in entering their shop orders into their system. I was really good since I was the youngest data entry personalty at there. I did more things on Order Processing.


The Best In Data Entry


I am the best in data Entry for I am very cheap for you as well as very liable and fast. Choose me.....<br />feel ease....<br />get done your work load in data entry.........