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Luis M. Mendoza

Java (Eclipse), C (C++ Builder), Arduino, MatLab

Username: LuisMa

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Location: Tampico, Mexico

Member since: March 2013



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My projects:

  • $77.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kcmiller71


    Mar 1, 2014

    Once again Mr. Mendoza provided a quality product, on time on budget and extremely professional. I will be using Mr. Mendoza again in the future. I highly recommend him as a programmer.

    Project Description:To modify an existing "C" sketch. Contact for further details. The alpha version has a NDA which will continue thought out this project.
  • $77.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kcmiller71


    Dec 10, 2013

    Luis was very responsive and understanding of my project requirements. He was able to complete the project on time and at a very reasonable price. I will be working with Luis in the future as my project evolves. I would not hesitate to recommend Luis for programming needs. Thank you Luis for your help.

    Project Description:example: #include <Servo.h> #define DELAY 250 Servo testServo; int motorPosition; void setup() { testServo.attach(5); testServo.write(0); } void loop() { for(motorPosition=0;motorPosition<=180;motorPosition=motorPosition+10)...
  • $228.80 USD
    Profile image for Seller favor2011


    Nov 1, 2013

    Great freelancer. Will use again

    Project Description:I need a spanish speaking person with php, mysql, html skill to translate my website from English to Spanish. There are about 40pages. They are not full pages.
  • $10000.00 MXN
    Profile image for Seller mariotpxpn


    Sep 3, 2013

    Excelente trabajo, siempre a tiempo, calidad excepcional, tal cual lo que buscaba. Dentro del tiempo y presupuesto, excelente comunicación. Recomendable al 100%. Definitivamente volveré a contratar.

    Project Description:- desarrollo de software para la aplicación musical (MIDI, parecido al programa de tablaturas "Guitar Pro 5") - posible uso de arduino - aplicación en electrónica basado...
  • $110.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Marcoolio


    Jul 10, 2013

    Excellent skills, highly motivated, good communication: nice working with you!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $118.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller darreni


    May 11, 2013

    A very good coder and developer that gives ideas to improve, very good communication and friendly. He really cares. A pleasure to work with.

    Project Description:I have an Arduino Leonardo R3, I would like to count each time a button is pressed. For each count a MySQL database should have a field increased by 1. If you cannot do the MySQL or PHP I may be interested...
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    Luis M. Mendoza does not have any work in progress.
  • €250 EUR Yesterday

    Arduino/Electronics ProjectI require someone to create a unit:1) Transfer the touch gestures from a touchscreen (may be usb or 4-wire) to an android or ios device via bluetooth .

  • $250 USD Yesterday

    conectar 3 led a arduino y encenderlos con un boton

  • $444 USD Yesterday

    controlar estufa pellets con arduino o pic

  • £11 GBP/hr 7 days ago

    ok - i need to use some existing sensors in an unorthodox manner to create a much needed automation solution ... id do it myself but the hours i could spend researching are better off served by using a competent programmer .. i am absolutely certain of the manner in which this setup will function .. but i need somebody to interpret my design and get it done fast .. I"m not rich .. but i will offer stakes in the final product as well as some money .. as this really is going to be a fast seller .. actually - if you are the right person i have another design which MAY also turn a profit ... anyway ... I"m in the cotswolds in the UK .. I"m good to travel .. and i want to make a move right away .. but I"m a chilled person so easy to work with.

  • $200 USD 7 days ago

    I m looking for a expert in hardware and firmware who can review and manage my project .1) is a patented sensor not yet in the market 2) is a simple liquid mixer trow arduino with perilstatic pump , optical sensor and wifi module

  • €3000 EUR 7 days ago

    Programmare una scheda Arduino per controllare, in modalità wireless, N coppie di sensori (capacità-temperatura) tramite un tablet o uno smartphone (Android...).

  • $500 USD 7 days ago

    I am looking for an electronic engineer who has knowledge (programming) of Arduino mini computers, bluetooth, and solar. You will be connecting a cell phone to a solar panel to an audio component for a public art project in New York. Skills: Programming arduino computer, LCD board programming and creation, bluetooth, solar connection, audio component connection. Prefer if you are in the USA, as there are shipping concerns....

  • $166 USD 7 days ago

    I need somewone to write arduino project to take a keypad numerics and store it to external eeprom + pc software to sync with arduino

  • $1111 USD 9 days ago

    Attached are the documents.1. AEC form 2013 is the form to be captured. We need to design an interface exactly like the form with "Previous" & "Next" buttons. We can use "Step By Step Wizard" of this template: 2. Migrate old data for all previous forms currently stored in Oracle database into the newly created database in 1. I will write SQL scripts to pull data for previous form per year into csv from the old databse so that you import it into newly created database in 1.3. We have then to generate reports that will export data to excel as in "EMIS Statistical Yearbook 2011.pdf" for "EMIS Statistical Yearbook 2013.pdf".TASK 1BackgroundCurrently, there is java web application build on top of Oracle database for capturing an old version of the AEC form for 2012 (I attached below the AEC form for 2013). This application does not have all the fields of the AEC 2013 form as they were few that were recently added. Work to be doneWe need to add the missing fields on the java web application forms to accommodate new fields. I will indicate later the all the fields missing.TASK 2BackgroundPart of the AEC 2013 form, there are grayed fields that will need to be pre-printed. There is currently a PHP web application build on top of Oracle database that was doing this work but not doing it properly. To be doneWe need to re-develop this pre-printing application either using Java or . Net or PHP so that it can do the pre-printing. We can re-use the SQL Queries being used by the current application.NOW for us to understand all the requirements, we need access to these applications and database. I have had access to the Oracle database in the past and I understand it. 1. You and your team need access to the server so that you can see how this java application can be changed to accommodate the new changes.2. You and your team need access to PHP application to see how it is doing pre-printing.In order to do 1 & 2, we have to find tools to connect to the server as it cannot be made available outside. I can put my 4G Internet dongle to have the server have Internet and maybe we connect using tools such webbex, etc.No Choice for DB : I must need oracle as DB. and I want task-1 first.

  • $750 USD 14 days ago

    Arduino home automation system. Controlled with Android/and or with a web server. Need help with, I have no enough time to finish.Thanks, bids are welcome from anywhere... Limited budget.Let"s bid - thanks

  • $444 USD 20 days ago

    The project consist :1) create the arduino sketch with all the comunications library etc etc 2) php site where to control the sensors and save data in the sql database3) create a small apps ios and android that can manage the sensors as the website The project is quite simple and most of the informations components and code are already made .

  • £166 GBP 24 days ago

    I"ve build a circuit for LEDs, testing it out several times, also uding the codes we"ve made. But the system doesn"t work when running it to the actual LED, it overheats and crashes the boards.

  • $8333 HKD 24 days ago

    The freelancer shall be responsible to write the program for Arduino for an automation application. The freelancer should also provide wireless solution such as bluetooth and NFC to send and receive data. The Arduino shall make decision according to the data received from bluetooth/ NFC module and then give instruction to an interface circuit (dry contact).

  • $16 USD/hr 24 days ago

    We have a device that currently runs Arduino code (2500 lines) but is not a standard Arduino board. It is a commercial product that is based on an ATMega 1284P, 8 relays, Roving Networks Wifi, Digi Xbee, RS485, FT800 GPU, LCD and RTC. The code is getting complicated and needs to be optimized for performance, future expansion and reliability. We are looking for someone with serious guru C skills (as well as Arduino familiarity) to analyze the existing code, make suggestions on it"s improvement and, if agreed, follow through on those changes. If this small project is completed satisfactorily then further, larger projects related to the same hardware are very likely.Location is not a problem but we will provide you with example hardware. Real deep down AVR and embedded coding skills are required. This device communicates with a web-app so experience with Lua and Javascript that run at that end would be great but not required.Much more work is available to the engineer who proves him/her self.

  • $10000 MXN Jun 11, 2014

    Un software creado para realizar entrevistas a través de dispositivos móviles. Aun cuando no cuente con experiencia en este programa es sencillo de entender cuando se conoce de scripts y programación. Es urgente por lo que le pido marque (c. e.l.) de Querétaro con l.a. d.a cero cuarenta y cinco cuatro cuatro dos tres ocho uno cinco cinco cuatro uno. Por favor esperamos respuesta lo más pronto posible. Gracias

  • $10 USD/hr May 20, 2014

    Arduino Mysql Weatherstation SleepMode Interrupt Input, Temp, Batteryvoltage

  • $500 USD Apr 6, 2014

    It requires a basic understanding of midi and serial communications. The code is very well documented and was created by another fellow freelancer. Do you have a basic understanding of midi? Have you worked with any projects before using midi?

  • $10 USD/hr Mar 26, 2014

    Document, design system architecture and database model to provide a development roadmap for a 3D interface to interact with objects that are compiled on a remote server. The C# will be used on the framework.

  • $750 USD Mar 1, 2014

    Implement OCPP (Open Charge Point protocol) on a Arduino platfom (Mega 2560). Testing against simulator. See

  • $2222 USD Jan 11, 2014

    developing an api to bidirectionally call java programs from a c application

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Mar 1994 - May 1997 (3 years)

FAO/Naciones Unidas


Feb 1988 - Present (26 years)

Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Tantoyuca, Ver.

Asistente de Investigación

Sep 1987 - Dec 1993 (6 years)

CEPAL/Naciones Unidas


Master Candidate in Electronic Computation

Instituto Politécnico Nacional


Electrical Engineer

Instituto Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero