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iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc... Apps Development

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  • £750.00 GBP
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    Feb 17, 2014

    The team were excellent and VERY patient. This project dragged on for ages because of me being away with work a lot and various other complications but they were very patient and ensured the project was concluded. I am just waiting to be sent the final product! Thanks to Ankita and Nishant.

    Project Description:We have designed a simple iPhone and iPad game we would like creating. We have written a detailed specification and just need someone to put it together in X-Code and Objective C for release onto the app store...
  • $1030.00 USD
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    Dec 15, 2013

    Phenomenal team, great work.

    Project Description:We are looking to hire a person to develop a custom iphone application that will take a supplied set of images and it is able to overlay those on existing photos from the user. Please see this example: this is exactly what we want to do...
  • $287.50 USD
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    Oct 24, 2013

    They delivered a great product and I really appreciate their help, I just wish the project was done on time. Instead, they took 6 months longer than they quoted.

    Project Description:Create a mobile app: 1. iPhone users will be able download the app from the Appstore 2. Upon downloading each user will voluntarily enter information into their profile or 'skip' 3. Each user's app...
  • $2056.00 AUD
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    Aug 1, 2013

    Great job! Thanks for your work! Very happy!

    Project Description:I am looking for an expert iPhone / iPad App Developer for a Sports app with a multiple choice guessing gaming. Here is my expectation on the iPhone App Developer: 1) Must have great development...
  • €3263.00 EUR
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    Mar 14, 2013

    Mankita is one of the best. Communication is perfect, quality is good. They are very fast, even though we ordered changes every week, the were able to do it! Will definetely work with them again.

    Project Description:We need a game app design and programmed. Features inclued touch screen function and other features.
  • $1500.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller lorna16


    Jan 24, 2013

    Working with Ankita has been a great experience and I will happily use her team again. Ankita took care of my app project from start to finish. Her team of business associates were very knowledgeable and helpful in areas I found a bit challenging. The graphic designer Ankita recommended was also a talented artist whom I would also use again in the future.You can be confident using Ankita and her team of skilled business associates to get your project finished on time.Lorna16

    Project Description:Hi, I need a comptent English speaking App Developer / programmer to build an educational app game. I need a skilled designer who can build an iphone/ ipod Android Application from start to finish ...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller artemis77


    Jan 23, 2013

    Ankita and her team are a class act. They were very clear on what they could and could not do and were very solutions focused and patient. I will be working with them again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $1800.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller racingsolution


    Sep 29, 2012

    Ankita did an amazing job in turning my drawings into a fully functional application. She was very prompt in answering emails and had daily updates for me throughout the project. This was my first app project so I didn't quite know what to expect. Ankita made the whole process run very smooth and I will definitely come back for my next project.

    Project Description:iPhone App where people create profiles for their cars. Some features the users would be able to perform: - Create a profile for each car that they own in their "Garage" - Upload pictures of their...
  • $1225.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller egarr007


    Sep 24, 2012

    I will truly say they are the best programmers in the world. The communication is terrific as I was able to reach anytime. I shall say I will re hire them again once I have started working on my next project. If you want professionalism and when it is at its best you should go to them to bring your project to life.

    Project Description:Looking for a graphic designer that could create frames for a simple app game, in which I already got a coder for. Game would consists of 2-3D characters and 2D game. More details will be given upon...
  • $1750.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mocseeds


    Jul 26, 2012

    Ankita and her staff have proven to be the perfect choice for our app. They have been great in understanding our requests and transform our ideas in a very high quality app. The communication has been prompt, and they haven't stop to work till we were 100% satisfied. Highly recommended. Thanks Ankita!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
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  • $15263 USD In Progress

    Project Scope1.Application development for Android (smartphone and tablet), iPhone and iPad.2.Control panel for Ads management3.Application design, videos, graphics and images for the application.4.Server side development of web services, control panel, database, etc.5.Server side deployment on Windows Azure.6.High quality images and videos about how to play the game.7.The application will be developed in Arabic and English languages.Additional Features1. User Registration2. Rooms 3. Local Championship4. Global Championship5. Challenge6. Game currency7. Leaderboard8. Friends9. Search users10. Chat room11. Game feedback12. Ads13. User exits the game/timeout14. Multiple device login15. Game center

  • $7894 USD In Progress

    The project can be divided in 3 subprojects:WEBSITEThe website has to be designed in php and html and has to be responsive.It shall have a welcome page with a wallpaper pic and a menu and a login box;In the login box, if not already logged, there shall be a button to register to the site. This button opens a new box that will ask for a username, a password and a mail to confirm the registration. The email control has to be done with ajax and with a php callback.This page and a descriptive page, reachable from the menu, have to be the only ones visible without login.After login, in the reserved area, the website shall have following pages:- A profile page in which each article writer can modify personal data as name, address, phone, website, email, fax and notes.- An article insertion page, in which each writer can insert an article compiling fields as title, content, proposed roles (dropdown list), desired skills (dropdown list), slots of time in which receive persons (a graphical calendar with a popup opening when clicking a day, the popup should contain a list of timeslots).- A resume page in which each article writer can view all the articles he has inserted and clicking on one of them seeing which time slot has been selected from an app user, with info as username, status and participants number inserted by the app user.- An administrative page in which each writer can see his own situation about fees and subscription.Each page shall have a callback, in the same page or in another page, to store or retrieve info in the DB, according to the specific function.In each page of the reserved area should be present a badge indicating new subscriptions (as the badge balloon in the top of site). Once viewed and clicked the subscription, the badge should change state.Login info and status shall be kept also on the browser side.SMARTPHONE APPSThere shall be one app for iPhone/iPad and another one for Android devices, both in native code.The app has to be designed very similar to AirBnB app, showing a collection of articles with each article visible as a graphic panel, with a photo and some text on it.There should be also a second view of the list of articles, by showing them as pinpoints on a map, as for AirBnB app.Each panel or pinpoint, once clicked, opens a new page in which there are some information about location, time slots, a text description, a list of text tags and some photos of the appointment, a clickable map, again very similar to AirBnB.Information of location has to be presented as both textual address and navigable map with pinpoint (able to launch a navigator as tom tom or others, if installed on device).The app user can decide to participate to a meeting and shall be able to indicate the chosen time slot and number of participants he will bring with him.A personal profile page shall be present. It has to be called as in AirBnB, with the same type of animation.The personal profile shall include username, email, history of the accepted meetings. For meetings not yet timed out, there should be a button to cancel the acceptation.All data of the personal profile shall be saved locally on the device and remotely on the DB. Until a profile is created, the profile page should ask for a username and a mail to be checked.A badge should appear on the app icon and on the top of the app pages if there are pending meetings, already accepted.WEBSERVICESA series of php pages used to read and write on the mySQL database from the app. Functions to be foreseen:- Read the list of meetings proposed by the users of the website, collecting data about the meetings and data about the authors of the meetings.- Receive the registration request of a new app user and create a new DB entry about that new user.- Receive a meeting confirmation from an app user- Receive a meeting cancellation from an app user

  • $3684 USD In Progress

    Looking for a skilled coder that can make a photo app much like afterlight and the app by wonderroom called #ALISAMain feature is adding skins to photos. (see afterlight)you should be able to control the size of the skins, transparency, and colour just like in Afterlightsecondary features include filters for pics(like instagram) , and light flairs, and other effects that are easy to add. design should be like afterlight, IOS7 clean smooth, round flat lines After the user is done editing their picture you should be able to share to Facebook, Instagram, camera roll, twitter.Will release the payment as soon as the code is accepted into the app store. Please have other apps that you have personally made ready for me to review. experience is necessary!!!I am currently in the app store and selling some apps so feel free to look over my company

  • $3092 USD In Progress

    AppUser login (manually) and Facebook (fb connect)Server side email to new usersUse default camera appUser able to take photo, post to server (text and photo)Listings displayedChat between usersMulti conversation supportedPosting to facebook fan page triggered on server sideMore detail specification will be provided. Looking for quality application with high usability and quick response time on GUI.Non-disclosure agreement will need to be signed.Full code of completed project need to be provided after the project.

  • $789 USD In Progress

    OverviewGestureKit is the first SDK cross platform for developers to use gestures on existing or new mobile applications. The gestures are created on the web on an online editor and then distributed into the host applications using a plugin that handles recognize innap. Each platform has its own own addon or plugin, so far the API works with iOS, Android and Web. This document will provide an insight of the API in Android, how it handles the gesture information and also what modifications will be needed. PurposeThe purpose of this technical document is to expose the Android API for enhancements needed to make the product more robust to move ahead into the market. To begin with check how to utilize the API in Android is explained on this user guide in our site Below the Usage you will also find how to create GestureKit plugin or GestureAction. These are Open Source assets that will be able to be forked by other developers creating new interfaces and experiences with and for the community. RepositoryYou will receive an email invitation to join our repository system Unfuddle. Please generate and upload your key to the server so you can use git, follow this tutorial. With the key copied to the clipboard go to unfuddle, go to your name above right -> Personal Settings -> Scroll below and add your Public Key. Then clone. git clone :roamtouch/apps.gitThe API can be compiled as an Android Library that generates a jar file for people to integrate it into their host applications. GestureKitCore apps/gesturekit/android/GestureKitCoreOpen Eclipse, within the same Workspace that you created the Hello World project import GestureKitCore. TasksOur first task will be to go through the process of integration like any developer would do starting the “Hello World” project, integrating GestureKit in it and using it. We need to reach a sample project without errors and working on different configurations. Below there is what a GestureKit object would look like into an Android Activity, optional parameters should allow to have GestureKit on top of all the activity view or else within a specific layout. gesture_kit = new GestureKit(Activity, "670fc940-d301-4340-9f5a-e1ea9349ee13");1) Create Hello WorldCreate a new project “Hello World” with different arguments. These can be: Running on top of activity.Running on top of a layout, third parameter layout. Working without UI Plugin.Enabling/Disabling HelpAction (default helper plugin).Running in more than one Activity at an application.The result of all these tests, if they are succeeded, should be exposed to the API as help resources. Also if working a new release of the library should be deployed asap. 2) Enhance the current Helper Action, add animationThe plugin was developed to provide feedback to the user while interacting with the gesture overlay. A small button floating on top of the screen with a help symbol can be tapped and would show the available gestures. The way that is presented now is with a gesture however we want to enhance the experience. We would like to do as same means as iOS where instead of a popup a sexy animation is opened and closed. Check out the iOS version to see how it works or else enter our site and play the video to see how its working. . API Calls of tasks

  • $3092 USD In Progress

    Hello there,We would like to develop a mobile app in both Android and iOS which will do the following. 1. Enclose a very simple image editor which will allow the user to tag a photo with a button/logo. The app should allow users in-app to post directly to facebook the tagged photos. 2. A connection to the App with a webservice where the App will send some data via XML and receive a unique URL for a custom button/logo. 3. One of the data it will be the GPS location of the user. The user should be able to load a map and locate him self in the map. 4. A storage facility with folders for storing buttons/logos. Customs buttons that the webservice will return to the App should be also stored in the App. 5. Facebook login for gifting buttons to friends via the app. 6. In-App payments for buying buttons. 7. Connectivity with all social media so you can post your edited photos.Your bid should include:- The graphic design of the app- The market of the app in both GooglePlay and AppStore- Stage by stage programming and task delivery

  • $1546 CAD In Progress

    I need an android application that can be used to track a user"s position inside a building. The application will use Wi-Fi signals and fingerprinting to determine the users position. The application only needs to work in the project area, which is one floor of a building at my school. I will be doing any work that is required on-site (i.e. collecting records of Wi-Fi signal strengths). The interface doesn"t need to be fancy and it doesn"t have to have a lot of advanced features.The application should work almost exactly like the application in this video: price/budget is negotiable and I am willing to pay per hour.

  • $4123 USD In Progress

    As discussed and documented previously.

  • $3092 AUD In Progress

    CalcChef " food recipe costing " application for iPad and iPhone (universal) (IOS 7)The app has to be re-designed from the start, due to my previous freelancer NOT delivering and NOT passing on source code.The app has:1 - Starting page: with navigation to "Ingredients" & " Categories " & " Manage Staff " & web link to facebook,website (opens in browser)2 - Ingredients page: all ingredients with name, price, unit, unit conversion are input from user, and ingredient nutrition information3 - Category page with name and picture/photo (select photo from camera roll): from where the user navigate to the recipes & search for recipes4 - New recipe input page5 - Recipe page: recipes with ingredient, ingredient amount, base recipe cost, scaling recipe cost, method, video (select video from camera roll), nutrition information (from ingredient page)6 - scaling of recipe: price, ingredient amount.....7 - Importing recipe database via iTunes file sharing and iCloud8 - Exporting recipe database to iTunes file sharing and iCloud9 - Staff contact page10 - Staff roster (work schedule) page11 - change currency symbol (User select)12 - Change TAX symbol (User select)all calculation strings, images and icons.... will be supplied by me,.I will work extensively with you to make it a success, I do expect the same from the developer.As I have said before: Ii have been stung by my previous developer (hired via freelancer), my source code has been stolen, and the work needed was NOT done.Payment: I am prepared to pay a first milestone of $300 to get started, then when the App is finished and tested by me I will pay a second milestone of $1000, and the outstanding amount I will pay when I receive the source code and the App has been submitted to iTunes.This is an " Ongoing project !! " , more features I like to have implemented when the App is up and running perfectly !I need a developer that is interested in ongoing work on the app, is professional, understands the core of the App.I will add screenshots of the existing App (totally NOT working) for your reference soon.The new App will have a : Black & White (maybe grey) designbest regards,Matt

  • $3093 USD In Progress

    I am looking for someone to create an app similar to vimeoThe idea is for someone to scan a generic qr code and then they can upload a video from their phone

  • $3157 AUD 3 days ago

    I am looking for a mobile app (iOS and Android) that offers the following:- Video on Demand- Streaming of linear TV channelsFor the VOD portion of the app, it would need to be able to stream from Nimble/ app would need to have a login/subscription section where users can choose the level of membership and pay accordingly. Payments could be via credit card or Paypal.

  • $21 USD/hr 3 days ago

    I"m from a brazilian company of health mobile applications and we have a project of a mobile application for iPhone and Android. We have the project and the design all done, needing a mobile developer for the project.About the app: A mobile solution for Pregnancy Health Assistance:App Concept: Take the end user the experience of having at hand a true guide monitoring of pregnancy and growth and development of the baby, adding interactive features to record the milestones of pregnancy and baby"s development to reliable information with quality medical advice. Unique Features: • Weekly monitoring of pregnancy and baby"s growth and development during their first year of life, health tips and wellness maternal, fetal and family relationships;• Platform integration with social networks (Facebook, Twitter);• Schedule resources with notice of appointments, examinations and other events; • Daily records of pregnant women, with the possibility of integration with social networks and the ability to export content for printing PDF; • Organization of the pregnant woman"s life, with practical tips for day-to-day of the same features including marking events with integration with the phonebook of your smartphone, for direct dispatch of invitations, weekly "push" with reports relating to pregnancy or the baby.

  • $21 AUD/hr 3 days ago

    I need to create an app with a QR code reader and draws content from 10 HTML pages. The pages will display, ideally, from within the app. That is all.I want to engage a freelancer for 5 hours of skype support over the next 14 days.Very simple questions across span of app development. A very easy way for someone to make $100

  • $1578 USD 3 days ago

    Freelancers Located in China ONLY please.We currently have an Android app and website system to track the flow and speed of products in our factory. We want to remake our entire system to allow for more expansion and better user interaction.What we currently have and need redone:Android app that allows users to login. Each user is designated a "Location" in the factory, after login the user is able to scan QR codes. The app scans QR codes and updates the database of the time it passed each location. There are 10 total locations, 7 of them only record the time it was scanned. 1 (Repairs) only records how many times it was scanned, because it is potentially scanned multiple times at this location. Another location (QC) also records QC issues the item had, example, transit damage, paint chip, assembled wrong etc. The last location (Container) records everything scanned that day and puts in into a separate file on the website called "(Date) Container Loading List" The website creates QR codes for each line of an excel file we upload. We upload a new excel file for each order we get. When the items are scanned the database then creates 4 different reports:1. Daily scan report: reports on how many cubic meters and quantity have been scanned in each location.2. Weekly Scan Report: Reports the average amount of time the items took between each location. 3. Container scan report displays where each container is located, in %.4. The QC location also records issues with the item and creates a report for the issues over a certain time period and displays it in a graph.What we want in addition to the above:We want to create an extensive database for all our models that includes bill of materials and the time it takes to be manufactured. The time it takes to be manufactured will be derived from the last 2 times we made the item. It will average the last 2 times we made it and give us the time it takes in each factory department. We want to be able to search and sort the bill of materials to see how many of each component we need from Date 1 to Date 2. Or in Containers 1-10 For example.For certain locations we want a prompt on the app to force the user to take a picture of the item or to complete a checklist. We want this customized so we can decide which locations, and what check list to complete. It may also be decided not just on the location but also on the model of item. For example, all ABC-001 need to complete a ABC-001 check list at X, Y, and Z locations.Add another user called "Management" but this is not a location. When a QR code is scanned it displays the items information as well as the time it was in each department. So it is basically the same report as the weekly report but it is only for this one item. This location doesn"t record anything, its for management to be able to walk through the factory and do spot checks to see how long items are taking in each department. But it does have the option to Flag the item and take a picture of it.Also add a user that can access the site but only view it, and admin can select what can be seen. No data can be changed by this user.We currently use excel and macros to create slips to attach to each item, but we want to site to create these along with the BOMs (Bill of materials) and component slips (these have a picture and dimensions of each component). Attached is an example of them.For the site, we want 2 versions, an English version, and a Chinese version. Both identical in function and data. You are welcome to build off what we currently have or start from scratch. We want it to be very functional, customizable, easy to use, and good looking. I will happily give more information, answer any questions and show you the current site so you can better understand our needs.

  • $263 USD/hr 3 days ago

    NDOT"s vision is to deliver the dream project of its customer at affordable prices using the latest tools combined with creative ideas.NDOT Technologies is a notable web development company which has spread its wings across 4 continents and 50+ countries with footage in 7 global locations. Quality products and services has been one of the primary motive of NDOT. We build your projects by nurturing strong customer relationship.You can engage us for all your projects related to:Custom website developmentWeb application developmentCRM solutionsMobile applications in all platformSEO & SEM servicesEcommerce solutions, E-learningTaxi applicationWhats app etc..The above list is endless, and our developers are continuously innovating for new products while you can also hire our developers for your convenient timings for building your custom projects. Please visit our site for more details.

  • $1500 USD 18 days ago

    This POS Apps is developed for restaurant,retail etc...I want POS built on JAVA-7 using SQLITE (3.8.5)I want Dynamic configuration file for each restaurants, which should allowed:-*To configure\create Menu dynamically for different restaurants *Menu should display Restaurant name, address, tell number, todays dates*It should allow\able to upload Images*Dynamic menu should able to display images, upload menu names, prices etc....*it should print receipts with unique order number along with Restaurant name, address, tell number, todays date, signature to sign etc......... just like normal restaurant bill\receipt*SQLITE 3.8.5 Database file name should be Dynamic and will be created based on file extension name provided in this configuration file. for e.g. SQLITEOasis.oasis, SQLITEdosa.dosa, SQLITEidli.idli etc...........*It should able to process cash,credit card transactions* Each POS Apps installed on tablet\POS Machine must be able to print a receipt on printer (bluetooth or USB) as well as a Network printer.All transaction should be encryptedSQLITE Database should be encrypted (database file)All Credit Card Information should be encryptedAll Credit Card Numbers should be encryptedAll Credit Card Numbers should be encrypted and when receipt is printed, it should display last 4 digits only.I also want provision not to display last 4 digit of the credit card if there is need.This POS Apps should work on tablet like iPad,Goggle nexus, Galaxy Tab etc......This POS Apps should work on machine running OS - Windows 7, Windows 8, LinuxEach POS Apps will be working independently from otherEach POS Apps will be hosting there own SQLITE database (file)I want SQLITE Data synchronization (SYNC) between all POS machine SQLITE databaseEach POS machine should hold one month of tranactions, including snchronised one.i want backups of SQLITE database(file) happening every 10 mins with retention of last 3 good backup copiesAfter local backup is completed on each POS machine, i want that backup copied to Network file shareat the end of the business day, I want reconcile process done on all POS machine to make sure that Data SYNC was successfull and no inconsistency exists.Finaly i want trusted data from those POS machine (one trusted machine) should transfer\replicate to MySQL (5.6) database in aincrement fashion.MySQL Database should be 5.6 versionNeed MySQL database script to create database, create tables, create store procedure, replication process from POS machine to MySQL database================================================================Take this SPEC as an starting point and i know you will need more information.

  • $1500 USD 23 days ago

    i saw you bid for that project did you do it can you do it for me too just replace the video? The project consists of several tasks.Main idea is to create an iphone + android app which contains interactive funny videos (stories), similar to create 2 funny / addictive videos (comic style or with real people), each of them with a max running time of 1 minute (please only use copyright FREE material or create material yourself)- each video need to have at least 2 main characters- create an iphone + android app- user can choose how many characters he wants to use his own photos for (2, 3, 4 etc.)- the app gives the user the ability to use photos from his phone or take photos through the camera- for each photo the user can set markers around the head of a person on this photo; this head can then be saved as a "character"- each created character can then be used in one of the video episodes to replace the head of one of the main characters- there should also be the possibility to mark the mouth on the photos, in case the characters in the video need to talk, there must be some basic animation- the final video can then be watched on the mobile phone and saved for later view- it should be possible to directly post the videos to user"s facebook account- one of the created videos will be free, the other should be available for buying through in-app-buying methodmore videos will follow.

  • $5263 SGD 28 days ago

    build iOS app based on architecture and design provided

  • $4210 AUD 28 days ago

    Only bid if you have the necessary experience to do the job properly.I need an iPhone and iPad app created and an associated website.Professionals need to be able to get onto the website to register their basic business details, upload a small photo, and to set up or to sync to an online calendar that can show when that professional is available/unavailable. The website would also take their monthly fee by credit card for being registered and in turn their business details and their availability would appear in the app if they meet the search criteria put in by the user of the free app.Users of the app will be able to search for the professionals in their region who are registered, paid up and who meet their business needs including availability on the day required. They can then initiate a telephone call or an email to the professional from within the app. Their use of the app is free but I would like to be able to display an ad with each search result would could be closed after 3 seconds.If you do a good job, then I have two other apps to follow.

  • $4157 CAD 28 days ago

    I am working on a project that you maybe interested in. The basic functionality of the app is such of a social marketplace. Users will be able to sign on to the app, create a profile, find common friends on other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and will be able to follow them based on their interests as to what they want to buy from the user.The best way to understand this app is to combine the use of Craigslist, where users usually go on these classifieds sites and search based on categories. All the postings that show up, are based on most recently posted. This is the same feature of search, but now it shows what user posted this. If you are interested you can follow the user.If you are only interested in the product, you can like the product (favorite it). Trying to build a more social marketplace. UI will be provided. Web services needed for iPhone app.Some of the features of the app:Login screenFind Friends (from Facebook, Twitter, Contacts, Foursquare)News feed screenProfileDashboard/Stats for the productProduct Posting (add new post)SearchProduct ListingMessagesNotifications/ActivitySettingsI have a document that highlights all the details of the app, but it is more than 5MB. Once you show interest, I will share that document with you and we can move from there.Thank you.

  • $52 USD/hr 28 days ago

    I need someone that has good experience and has samples to proof that he has done android games and iphone games I mean good ones, I have a game written in java with the source codes, but it is in Java, I need a good game programmer to convert it to android and iphone version and I would be adding few updates to it, please do not waste my time if you do not have samples to show me to proof you are really an expert, place your bid if only you are that good.Many Thanks

  • $3157 USD 28 days ago

    Only bid if you have the necessary experience to do the job properly. I need an iPhone and iPad app created and an associated website. Professionals need to be able to get onto the website to register their basic business details, upload a small photo, and to set up or to sync to an online calendar that can show when that professional is available/unavailable. The website would also take their monthly fee by credit card for being registered and in turn their business details and their availability would appear in the app if they meet the search criteria put in by the user of the free app. Users of the app will be able to search for the professionals in their region who are registered, paid up and who meet their business needs including availability on the day required. They can then initiate a telephone call or an email to the professional from within the app. Their use of the app is free but I would like to be able to display an ad with each search result would could be closed after 3 seconds. If you do a good job, then I have two other apps to follow.

  • £3157 GBP 28 days ago

    I require a alarm clock app that plays a video stream on alarm as opposed to making a sound. The video stream is hosted and served from a third party and I will provide a simple API to access it.The app requires the following - welcome / loading screen / set alarm time / video playback screen / one extra screen which will list specific segments of the programme which can also be viewed by clicking on a link.Any successful candidate must be able to demonstrate their ability through past successes and be able to provide a client reference.I will place quality of work above price in as the priority on this job.I will of course agree a schedule of milestone payments to ensure comfort for both parties.RegardsPiers

  • $4210 USD 28 days ago

    the app send commercial materials to users. Leaftlets coupon discount etc.

  • $3157 USD 28 days ago

    Looking for someone extremely familiar with coding Location based apps for IPhone. The basic functionality of the app will resemble something like Yik-Yak or Tinder, but be for a completely different niche. I need someone who is experienced in creating nice-looking, functional, and highly-responsive apps, as well as someone who is easy to communicate with.I am looking for a developer who meets the following criteria:1. Speaks english perfectly and is easy to communicate.2. Is meticulous and delivers on their word.3. Has high quality feedback and at least a couple of months, preferably 2 years, of programming experience for IPhone.4. Good knowledge of UI design and integrating Code with UI.Preferred:1. Knows how to properly integrate location based functionality into apps flawlessly.2. Has extensive portfolio and references.If you fit these criteria please send me some examples of your previous work, including associated design work that might be relevant. The more relevant your previous work is to what I have in mind for this app, the better. Also when you reply please type the words *ODIN* at the start so that I know you read this whole thing. Thanks, AlexObjective C, IPhone, Cocoa, C programming

  • £1578 GBP 28 days ago

    Looking for a highly skilled Mobile App Developer for review & location based app

  • $3684 USD 28 days ago

    its a messaging app that uses 3G or wifi(when available) to message family and friends, XOxo sends and receives messages, pictures, voice recording, video messages, voice call and video call.

  • R68421 ZAR 28 days ago

    Before you continue, please attach or send a list of applications you have done that I can download and have a look at.The following mobile application must work on Iphone, Blackberry and Android devices1. HCP segment- HCP will need to register and login in with their medical reg. number. This segment will contain medical specific information, treatment guidelines, clinical trials, detail material on Medication information and MOA understanding(in the form of videos), CPD programs, invitations to functions. Patient tracking system linked to patient segment discussed in point 2 below so HCP has visibility of patients treatment progress, compliance etc.) 2. Patient/Consumer/Care giver segment - This will contain Diabetes education on all aspects (lifestyle, diet, exercise, symptoms, treatment, complications, medications (generic terminology as we can"t promote brands with consumers), medicine reminders, instructions, FBG level records, script reminders, videos of what happens in the body when your glucose is uncontrolled. Patients should be able to allow one or two family members/ care giver access to their profile so they have visibility as well and can monitor progress. 3. This app is only accessible if the patient receives the Medication product at pharmacy. They will login or register with the app using the bar code from the product (perhaps it will be easier to use a QR code? please advise) - I have specific reasons for why I request it to be this way. 4. the above needs to be able to be discussed on the PSRs iPads and explained to the Drs how it works and what the benefits to them and the patients are. 5. This will all need to be linked to our Merck website (i still need to develop this aspect as well) 6. all of this will be launched first to the HCPs then patients. We will need to look at advertising in the media sector as well. So how will it work: our rep explains to Dr how App system works, for them as doctors and log in and their patients. There will be a patient explanatory leaflet that gets given to the patient by the Dr with their script. this leaflet will have a QR code on it linking to the App download and the Merck Diabetes website (generic lay persons information). Any patient can access the website but only those that receive the original glucophage XR box at pharmacy will be able to access the App as you require the bar code on the box to register. there needs to be a disclaimer on the leaflet and the App home page stating that this is only for patients prescribed Glucophage XR. (no compliance issue here as glucophage XR is the only formulation of its kind on the market). We also need to quote on a website: The website will not be branded Merck but will be a website dedicated to diabetic patients that will store information that is useful for diabetic patients or public wanting to find out more about diabetes. They are wanting to have this ready by end August 2014.

  • $3157 AUD 28 days ago

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.To whom can helpI am the owner of a fitness facility and we currently use Ziet to integrate with mind body member management to conduct all our booking of classes, appointments, members can login via bar code, members can view purchases, a limited view of their profile and any classes or appointments that they have booked. Also I am able to send out notifications to members about events etc. All these services are fantastic and don’t wish to change these features but require to add more and if you guys can deliver the same features but add the extra I require than that would be great.Ability to load multiple links to webpages for offers and any new info we may have.Ability to for members to view their actual profile and any docs that we post to their profileThis is the Big one - FOOD LOGGINGAbility to log a food diary much like MY FITNESS PALWith a Food Data Base that members can add to (understand there is prob a fee to obtain such a database)Informs members of how many calories they have left.Ability to Adjust Macros to suit the specific person.Ability for members to enter the amount of calories they have burnt during a session at the facility.Sends Autoemails when they haven’t logged a days eating, gone over their calorie intake, not worked out in 5 days. Forum where Members can share recipes and stories.THESE ARE THE CRUCIAL AND PROB MOST TECHNICALAbility to allow ADMIN to enter the results from their latest fitness test - so have set parameters included that allow us to enter the results into their profile section (I will include a template of the testing fields)Ability for ADMIN ONLY to access and view and markup (like in red pen style) every members diary to assess if they are sticking to their game plan and quick link to be able to shoot them an email.Ideally if this type of APP is not available yet and works really well I would like to obtain it to integrate solely within my franchise package for the future expansion….Please let me know if you are able to help

  • $3157 USD 28 days ago

    I need you to build a native application that allows customers to open, browse content, build order, pay using PCI secure method, and receive confirmation. On the other end, an order will be sent to an IP printer, merchant will build/package order, then notify customer via an iPad.I"m looking for senior developers only and will require proof of previous work before bid is awarded. I look forward to working with you!!

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Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.

Worked as associate application developer for Fusion products in Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Went to SanFrancisco (United States) from Oracle for Fusion Applications Development and Training.


Dec 2008 - May 2009 (5 months)

Delcam Solutions

I was working as project trainee(College's Final Year Project) for shoe making product for Delcam Solutions. Our clients were Reebok, Nike, Adidas etc... I was involved in core development of C/C++.



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