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Excel, Access and VB specialist

Username: MDavidCrompton

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Location: Boothstown, Manchester, United Kingdom

Member since: August 2011



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  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeansl


    22 days ago

    Perfect work. Did more than expected. Great Professional

    Project Description:Hello. I need a Basic Macro to filter data in an OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet (attached) The attached spreadsheet contains the following (per column): A = list of keywords B = list of categories...
  • $125.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller chgeiselmann


    Mar 25, 2014

    As in earlier projects, I am totally satisfied with the quality of David's product, his friendly communication, and his readiness to adjust the initial plan during work. Pure pleasure!

    Project Description:GENERAL TASK I need a tool for Access (Access 2010, but should work also in 2007 and with Access 2003 type databases, i.e. mdb) to perform a Lookup task: I have 2 databases, a Source database and a Target database...
  • $110.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Palmweb


    Mar 5, 2014

    Nice work, was a complex project that required both of us to really put our heads together to figure it the best course of action.

    Project Description:I have a DataBase I'm building (excel) that contains records from many different sources. 77k rows and 50+ columns in total. I would like to condense it by unique address but keep all the other unique data cells in the rows...
  • $160.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller abagne


    Feb 8, 2014

    David did an excellent job with my project. He completed on time, asked the right questions, and delivered an outstanding finished project.

    Project Description:I created a new Microsoft Access database using MS Office 2010 and am in need of about eight reports. I will provide the necessary fields and layouts as well as information about fonts and color schemes,...
  • $750.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller sarahduncan


    Feb 3, 2014

    This database proved to be more complicated than either David or I anticipated. Despite this David persevered and delivered a highly functional, creative solution.

    Project Description:The project would consist of 4 stages: 1. Finalise the specification for an Access 2010 database to manage rental properties (draft specification attached) so as to incorporate your suggestions to improve the databases functionality and remove any ambiguity 2...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller chgeiselmann


    Feb 1, 2014

    Working with David was a pleasure. He altered my initial concept for the small Access tool I ordered in a somewhat unexpected way, but eventually I got a very handy tool that does what i need it for in a more comfortable way than i initally planned. I will be glad to invite him to more projects. I also appreciate his quick, clear and friendly communication.

    Project Description:I need a simple VBA function for MS Access (2010) that I can use in an update query to 1) checks the strings in a given field for duplicates 2) then, for strings that have duplicates, add digits to its end...
  • $15.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller newconnect


    Jan 27, 2014

    Professional, Efficient and Quality Work

    Project Description:I need to work out the loan amount using only: Repayments Interest rate Loan length/term Normally your would use =(D17)*(($S$24)/12) /(1-(1+($S$24)/12)^(-12*G17)) to work out the repayments however I have the repayments and need to work out the Loan amount...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller seanExcel


    Jan 18, 2014

    Thank you for your help

    Project Description:I need some help to calculate the Frequency of a few hands that I just cannot get my head around As far as I can tell when you get dealt 5 cards out of 52 3 of the same suits Frequency (13 choose...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephaniedoig


    Nov 26, 2013

    David continued to be a great help. He is always contactable and always happy to help. Thanks again. Stephanie

    Project Description:Finishing up of Access DB
  • $600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stephaniedoig


    Sep 4, 2013

    David has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has delivered a fantastic contact database. He is constantly on line and happy to help and has given great advice on things we were unsure of, resulting in a database that exceeded our expectations. He is extremely professinal and has all of the expertise (plus more) described on his profile. Would hire again, no dout about it. Thanks David.<br/>

    Project Description:My company is looking to build an Access database ASAP. I have tried to do it myself but have hit a brick wall with Access. If you would be free to spend 2 days on this in the next 10 days please contact me on 02072501418...
    MDavidCrompton has not completed any projects.
  • $40 AUD In Progress

    I am looking for an Excel expert who can link two Excel spreadsheets: &quot;Financial&quot; and &quot;Divisional&quot; sheet, into the &quot;Database&quot; sheet. All spreadsheets are located in one file. The Database spreadsheet contains ~250 unique fields, which needs to be linked correctly to specific cells in both Financial and Divisional spreadsheets. Please find attached two file for review before accepting the job:1) Template file. This file is the final product that we want to achieve: all the fields in the Database spreadsheets are linked correctly to cells in both spreadsheets. 2) Model file. This is the file that you will work on. FreelancerIt will be an ongoing project, with more model to be worked on. Please let me know if additional information is needed before you make a bid. High accuracy is essential for this project and freelancer is expected to cross-reference with the template and triple check accuracy of the link in the model.

  • €200 EUR In Progress

    We are writing to you as we have been assessing the way we currently manage our projects. We have come to the conclusion that we repeat a lot of entries and we are looking for a system to reduce the amount of entries. We were thinking of a macro software or something similar where we can do the following:•Enter the values only once(delivery dates, important comments, Languages, translators etc.)•From there it will create the emails to the translators, QS translators and Layout person automatically.•It will also create the tasks with the templates for each language.•Whenever we change something in the new software interface it will change it in all the processes(update the task, new email to the translator, QS and Layout)We have compiled a word document(the process of a project) with the process we use when working on a project(at the end is the codes for all the different job types) which I have attached. Also attached is the master document for language codes. We do not want anything to restrictive and it needs to be easily adaptable to the ever changing requirements of our customer. Please give us a price for creating the software and any support.

  • $25 USD In Progress

    Looking for excel expert who can bifurcate the updating excel file into parts every second.Video is uploaded just to show how excel file is being updated and I want that excel file records second by second in separate excel documents.

  • $80 USD In Progress

    I need to convert data on a pdf file to an excel workbook a sample of the data is provided in the attached file.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    1) Currently when I want to issue a receipt, I need to go to each donor that hasn&quot;t yet been receipted. Push create receipt, Then Print receipt. Then Thank you letter, nnWhat I want is after let&quot;s say a month of entering in donations, I want to click one button that will Create a receipt for all donations that have yet to have a receipt number attached to it. - I would like a screen to show me the list of all receipts that are going to be created for me to click OK or Cancel. nn2) Another button that would then let me print all of those receipts just created (or print all receipts since last time I printed all receipts) - again a screen should show me the list of receipts. - this screen should also show me if the Alias is checked or not. nn3) Another button to be able to select all of those same donors for a thank you letter (I&quot;ll choose which thank you letter).nn4) another button will print me all of those donor&quot;s for a standard address label.nn5) finally, separate from the above, I need a report (or query?) that allows me to issue start and end dates, so that I can print out a list of all receipts issued with their receipt number, donor name, and amount. sorted by whether it is a donor with an alias or just a regular. Also it should give me the total $ amount for each of those 2 categories. nnn

  • Rp50000 IDR/hr In Progress

    database untuk aplikasi visual besic6

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi,I have two excel spreadsheet. One is master spreadsheet and other list has the info I want to delete from the mastersheet.I want a quick way to do this.Master sheet is name and emailother sheet jst has emailThis is simple project so bid per hour.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Requirements:Must be expert in MS Excel with regard to all complex functions including pivot tables, custom views, graphs and charts, etc.Project Description:We will provide you all the data necessary. You will receive a single .xls containing 24-months of a single line-item expense for 800 separate companies. You will analyze the data and create a report that explains the following:1. Determine which companies have relevant data for the entire sample period (apples to apples).2. Develop analytic model using only those companies. Document and explain model.3. Determine average expense by zip code (month, year, total)4. Determine average expense by U.S. state (month, year, total)5. Determine expense trend by company, by zip code, by state, and total for each time period of the sample (monthly, quarterly, annually, total).

  • $2 USD/hr 5 days ago

    We have 1300 titles in a column.. Whose character length is between 51 and 60... Remove a word or two from the titles and make them 50 or under 50.. The next column has a length formula applied to it.. So when you remove any word it will show you the current length of that title... Make sure you remove extra words... Not the actual product or keyword... I want them done in the next 2-3 hours....Example Magic Assist Rainbow Aluminum Handle Black Blade ComboEdge (length = 59)Make itMagic Assist Rainbow Aluminum Handle Black Blade ... (length = 48)No special skills required just common sense..Thanks

  • £60 GBP 5 days ago

    I am looking for somebody with advanced excel skills to organise an excel spreadsheet and briefly explain how you have achieved it.I need the attached document and listed tasks to be completed within an hour today.

  • ₹4000 INR 7 days ago

    Want to get a report done which is already created by me. Need to beautify it by correct alignment etc

  • £150 GBP 7 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for a basic entry system that will allow excel report sheets and some mail merge options. Basic constituent info will be entered along with ward information and any interaction had through Councillors including dates and outcomes of any interaction.

  • $10 USD/hr 8 days ago

    Need some help in re creating excel sheet. Apply only if you are an excel guru.

  • $25 USD 8 days ago

    Looking for someone with excellent excel spreadsheet skills. We are looking for someone to help us create a spreadsheet that can be used for an RFP answer and question format. Very quick turnaround. Must be available to respond to questions in a timely manner. Excellent communications skills a must. Please do not bid if you are not in the brief guidelines. Must be able to speak English.

  • ₹7000 INR 8 days ago

    I want to convert notepad csv files into Excel ones please help me budget is 50$

  • $25 USD 8 days ago

    Can you make our Excel file (macro enabled) to put multiple different entries.You can use macro or VBA coding or whatever technique or technology.Simple Excel job of few minutes for someone who mastered Excel but really tricky one !

  • $120 USD 8 days ago

    Hello,I have a project. I have 2 excel files. One has a column that says pictures the other one does not. I want to move or copy the data that&quot;s in the picture field to the one with out by matching the product number field. If you can do this let me know.

  • $150 USD 8 days ago

    Need to sum and transpose the data from about 1600 rows. This is a ledger that was pulled from Quickbooks. I have done several examples to guide you. The following instructions use rows 15 to 25 as an example. There are about 130 groups of data (the example set of rows 15 to 25 is one group), each group is identified by the label in column B. We will need to use the data in columns B through J to populate the summary in columns L through R. So with the data from rows 15 through 25 and columns B through J, this is how each of the result rows L through R should be completed:Column L: Is the date of the &quot;show&quot; which should be the common denominator per column G in the data group.Column M: is the label of the data group, which is in column BColumn N: is the sum of column J when column H indicates &quot;Musicos&quot; for the data groupColumn O: is the sum of column J when column H indicates &quot;Tecnicos&quot; for the data groupColumn P: is the sum of column J when column H indicates &quot;Renta equipos&quot; or &quot;Equipos&quot; for the data groupColumn Q: is the sum of column J when column H indicates &quot;Comision&quot; for the data groupColumn R: is the sum of column J when column H indicates &quot;DJ&quot; for the data groupColumn S: is the sum of column J when column H indicates anything else other than the above for the data groupTHANKS !

  • R1000 ZAR 8 days ago

    Working with a Business Analyst and planners in developing a complex marketing forecasting prototype in Excel po

  • ₹27777 INR 8 days ago

    i have scanned pdf in english , that need to neatly typed in excel and sent to me. I have added a sample pdf .. I will give regular task like this

  • ₹20000 INR 8 days ago

    i have scanned pdf in english , that need to neatly typed in excel and sent to me. I have added a sample pdf .. I will give regular task like this

  • $5 USD/hr 8 days ago

    i have excel sheetand i want to make some modification about itthe cost is about10$

  • $555 USD 8 days ago

    need 1 excel - vba expert for 1 project to work on our place in bangalore. Duration would be 1 month. sample excel has been attached. it was created last year. this year, it is to be made more intelligent this year. cal [The administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions - Section 13:Communication With Other Users.]

  • $5 USD/hr 8 days ago

    I need simple script or program or whatever good for thismy requirement is need script/program that help me in add % (percentage in prices) in excel sheet column simple i have attach price sheet work it take price and add % into new columnthat is prefer lower Bidder

  • $500 USD 12 days ago

    Hello Guys, I need a system of delivery of newspaper developed in MS Access. So please apply only if you are expert in Access and read the complete instructions of project in attached files.I am looking for very experience and good profile individual or team. Please come up with your fixed cost and turn around time. Regards,Honey

  • $28 USD 12 days ago

    Project Description: I am a roofer and the standard software for estimating property damage is called xactimate software you may google it online if you want.It is very expensive so I want to create a template I can use instead of that for now. Please see this page my friend gave me who is also in roofing businessand create it in excel so all the patterns configure the same. Create the same fields and names of items. For example, at the top it reads &quot;waste@&quot;and he entered 15% which then multiplies 15% times 27 which ends up equalling 31.05.Add the misc at bottom just like it is so I may add my own fields. And BASE SERVICE CHARGES just like it is so that all columns add up at bottom right as they should. Overhead and Profit is the same as O and P. Please add my logo also to the header.Skills required: Data Entry, Data Processing, Excel

  • $30 AUD 13 days ago

    I need my drop down lists in excel to be color coded.I also need a completed button on each line/job and when the task is completed it moved the line to another sheet which is called &quot;archive&quot;

  • €100 EUR 13 days ago

    Dear Sirs,I need a tool with graphic interface who can elaborate and modify CSV and XLS files and then save in a new CSV file.CSV and XLS files have tabular structures, with products information (product name, price, amount, description, URL image).The software can:Selection start file.Define rules to apply (to rows and columns).The rules to apply can be saved to can recall in following days.Create TXT files with any errors.The rules are:Define new file’s heading and columns.Delete entire column.Move any column content in any column (ex. from B column in G column; do not copy column’s heading).Add text (forward or/and back) in a specific column’s content (ex. Original content “iPhone” after process become “iPhoneX” or “XiPhone”.Delete text (forward or/and back) in a specific column’s content (ex. Original content “iPhoneX2” after process become “iPhone”.If the column is on numeric format, we can apply mathematic rules (ex. If the original column’s content is “20” after the process become “22” because we have add the 10% on all column’s rows).Add 2 or more columns’ textual contents.Find and replace in a specific column (ex. in A column find “DVD” word and replace with “Video”).Delete all rows if in the column there is a Prefix or a Suffix.Yours Faithfully

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IT Consultant

May 1976 - Sep 1992 (16 years)

Engineering Industry Training Board

I was involved in training employees in the use of computers from the very earliest time of desk-top computers



University of Nottingham



Level 3 ITQ

Oxford and Cambridge RSA (OCR)

Top level vocational qualification in Excel, Access, Powerpoint and Word. I also assess this qualification for OCR