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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

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  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller musclethug


    May 18, 2014

    Thank you. I have another contest if you want to participate!!I need some Graphic Design for a construction companyThanks

    Contest Brief:Hi, I need a design for the letters MT. This will be used on front of flex fit/ New erra hat and smaller prints on clothing. Find the best font!! If you exceed our expectations we may raise the budget and have you do more!! * MT comes from "MUSCLE THUG" Which is a new athletic clothing line that will be launching soon! Keep that in mind when creating this image.
  • $50.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller sbartholomeusz


    Apr 25, 2014

    Fantastic work on the second project we have worked on together.

    Contest Brief:This is an online job agency that connects lawyers, paralegals and legal secretaries with roles. The people placing them in jobs could be law firms, barristers or in house lawyers. The agency is called Laws Open and connects legal staff with lawyers and clients globally. The logo will use the words Laws Open. The agency is exclusively online. The purpose of the agency is to connect people and allow them to have real flexibility and freedom in their professional working lives. The feeling I want to promote is freedom for both the customer and the user. I like the idea of there being opening doors or an illusion of opening doors in the background of the logo. I would only like a pop of colour in the logo. Otherwise, black, white or grey.
  • $42.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller marianstroiu


    Apr 6, 2014

    Great work!

    Contest Brief:Hello, My fiancée's birthday is coming up and she wants a website. That part I have covered up but the logo design part I don't. She is a INTERIOR DESIGNER, so the logo should be feminine and young, MODERN, simple and CLEAN. The color should be black or white, or a combination. It doesn't have to be those colors, IMPRESS ME! The possible words combination will be the following: 1. Laura Ciobanu Design 2. LC Design 3. LCD Recommended to be LC Design Thank you! PS: The logo that I uploaded is cropped from one of her photos. I fact if I'm not wrong probably is just a simple font.
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller blsolutions


    Mar 1, 2014

    Great designer! Look forward to working with again :)

    Contest Brief:Looking to have a logo made for a dj friend of ours. DJ name is "BLEEZY". See some samples that we like below- - - - Bonus points if you come up with a brandable icon as well :) Good luck!
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Amizu


    Feb 3, 2014

    Amazing job man!

    Contest Brief:I am looking for a designer that can create a logo based on the picture I have provided in the description. Things I would like: - 1x version of logo black with white background - 1x version of logo white with black background - 1x version of logo with "best looking" colors - Vectors of the logo If you think you could create me a great logo, then check this contest out!
  • €33.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller ginvesto


    Jan 13, 2014

    Absolutely professional!

    Contest Brief:Hello, please design a logo with only 2 words " G A ", it is initials of name and lastname (I am an accountant and forex professional trader), I would like it very professional and see a small icon about economy field, like currency or stock market, but very small icon near initials, an economy icon less visible than initials.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller eliattias


    Dec 29, 2013

    Was a pleasure to work with!

    Contest Brief:I need a logo with the initials "YA" in a fancy type font, try and incorporate something to do with Art, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Paint Brushes, etc. YA is an art and painting studio, the only text just be "YA" without the quotations. Please note* The logo will NOT be used for the web and will be made for print. Please design it accordingly - It shouldn't be too big and the colors should be something purple, gray, light blue, dark blue. Submit as many as possible - the more you do the larger chance of getting chosen.
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller outsourcinglogic


    Nov 11, 2013

    Freelancer really understood what was asked from the project manager and did a fabulous job. Would hire again.

    Contest Brief:Can you please play with the logo and come up with some new ‘punchier’ designs? My client and his staff like the BH circle logo part so if we can kind of keep that in place it would be good. See attached file.
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller straderade


    Oct 30, 2013

    I worked with MITHUN34738 on a contest and he blew our project out of the park! Not only did he have the winning entry but I can tell that he responded to my changes in a timely manner and provided us all the PSD's/AI's/EPS files that we needed the first time. Would recommend and hire again!

    Contest Brief:Looking for someone to design a simple, yet attractive logo for a small individual photography business. The logo should be easy to read, work great as a watermark on images and create a brand for the individual. I'm fine with text based logos as long as they are creative. Name of business: Sherri Strader Photography Terms that would describe what I'm looking for: elegant, pretty, modern, simple, clean
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jpatriciogs


    Oct 15, 2013

    great work, excellent response time

    Contest Brief:I need a modern logo for my company named "Xiasmos" (logo implies a background with "X" icon plus "Xiasmos" company name) Our slogan is "advance your ideas" and we would like to express motion, energy, innovation, symmetry + technology/software/systems The "X" letter should be highlighted, one idea would be to have a 8 number with a X inside, another idea would be to use a honeycomb-like background (black + silver tones) with "X" highlighted Main colors must be black, teal (#008080), white - freedom to pick other colors Font should be something like (available for web/applications if possible) Expected work package should include the background "X" icon and "Xiasmos" company name sources UPDATE: I've added a reference image to explain the idea a bit better. For simplicity please focus in the "X" icon, in my 15 minutes powerpoint design I attempted to draw a "8" and make the center look like a "X", you can do that better, you can stylish it better - use some black background and black, teal (#008080), white plus some other color as palette UPDATE 2: I've added two logos/ideas - what do you think of instead of a 8 using the infinity symbol? - again the idea is to design some stylish X icon, black background and the colors white, teal and others Please contact me for any questions
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  • €40 EUR 8 days ago

    I need a logo for my site:name is:"narxo"I also want the letter "N" in a square shape. (see example below)Style I like is modern and sharp. It has to be ICT wise.Post on black and white background. you can play with capital letters like you want.ex. I like is:

  • $5000 USD 10 days ago

    Want to have your work prominently displayed to millions of users? Want to earn a boatload of real MONEY? This is your chance to win $5000 cash! We"re also giving out a $500 second prize and a $250 third needs a LOGO for one of our new products -! will be an online auction platform for websites and domains - Similar to an ebay for websites and domains.Let your imagination run wild and show us what you"ve got!The winning logo will be the face of our new product - with millions of users seeing it!Additional Details:You can pick any style, it does not need to be in the same style as the freelancer logo.The logo should be for the text "Freemarket".The logo can be any color or style.The logo can include .com if you want.The best logos should include the original (for light backgrounds), an inverted version (for dark backgrounds), and monotone version. See for inspiration.The best logos should also include a flavicon version.The best entries will include insight to why a logo was designed the way it has been.-- Update #1 --Thanks to everyone that entered the contest. we have over 1000 entries already!Just some general feedback to everyone:- Please read the contest brief clearly. The winner will follow these guidelines :)- We want the freemarket logo to be UNIQUE. Stay away from logos that look too similar to other well known brands / internet companies.- We prefer not to have a shopping bag in our logo as it represents physical goods which we do not sell.- We prefer not to have an origami bird as it is too close to the branding.- Please explain WHY you made the logo as you did!-- Update #2 --Hi Everyone! We"re excited to see more entries coming in. We"re extending the contest by a few days so everyone can participate and in addition we"re introducing a $500 2nd prize and $250 third prize. Good luck everyone.-- Update #3 --28 July 2014 - Hello Guys! amazing entries so far :)... top 4 & 3 stars still have chance. In the meantime, we would love to get more entries related to TECHNOLOGY & MARKET (use these as keywords).. something that has a background story more than just F & M letters. Thanks!

  • $100 AUD 11 days ago

    Hello,I need a quality impressive stylish corporate logo for my new business "Downunder Digital". I am a marketing & SEO consultant, I do some web design / Wordpress stuff but am not a skilled graphic designer. I will be offering all web/marketing services in Australia & NZ (so I expect I will be also be outsourcing more graphics work to my chosen designer in the future.)In terms of this job:I have attached a draft of a "swirl" that I sketched. I scanned it then added some very simple text just to show that the words need to be added so that swirl combines with the swirl (the two D"s) to become:DOWNUNDERDIGITALor DownunderDigitalI think it might look better in capitals/uppercase, but am open to either.I expect I will want the image to be supplied as Transparent vector EPS image & I must be able to use it on a WHITE background. I would also like a negative image for dark background.I think my mockup example uses very ugly blocky font so please note I do NOT want the font/words to look like my black font in my mockup. it is just to show that I see the words sitting to the right of the DD swirl. Please feel free to totally change the mockup, as long as we have a DD swirl I am happy.I am happy for u to recreate the swirl based on my rough concept draft.Also, as you can see, in my example the IGITAL word is shorter than the OWNUNDER, however I expect for this design/concept to look good the IGITAL/igital (upper or lowercase) may need to be the same length of the OWNUNDER. Or maybe not, I am flexible with this. Hope that makes sense.The very simple mockup is in black, but I DO want some colour in the logo. I am open to colours, but do kind of have orange, black/greys and white in mind.I have attached a few files FYI. This includes some snips of the website I am going to make for which I need this logo now.I like the colours used in my current website theme (in attached pics), but I think if the logo colours are tooo similar to the main orange used throughout this website (see #7a_WebsitesMainOrange-probNotAGoodOrangeForLogo.PNG) it would probably NOT be an effective logo as it would not standout?? I dont know maybe i am wrong about that....I am open to the use of other colours as well.Perhaps the DD swirl could be a cool/suitable orange.. maybe the swirl could even have a Paintbrush or a Fire feel to it.. ? There are some nice examples of some possible shades of orange that could be incorporated into the logo shown in the file "#7_SomeOranges.png" so an orange like the orange colour to the left of the words "Marketing Consultant" or "Branding Identity" on this attachment (#7_SomeOranges.png) might be ok but I am flexilble with the orange colour too...Perhaps a grey can be used for the words? Perhaps different shades of grey for each word, or the same grey - I dont know. Black or another colour could also be included.As noted above, I also need a negative image version of this logo that works on a dark background. I attached a logo which I think is kinda cool (#8_KindaCoolLogo.PNG) FYI, but of course this colour scheme would only work as the Negative Image version. In the "Betstar" examples like the way one word is bolder than the other, so perhaps we could do something similar, for example the OWNUNDER could be bolder than the IGITAL?Pease note I willl need to resized the EPS logo you supply me down to a very small logo, 144x35pixels at 72dpi (from my understanding of gfx design) for use in this website/theme. So my point here is that the words need to readable at quite a small size. I have attached the original demo logo (original-theme-logo.png) so you can see what I mean.I will also use the logo for business cards etc.I need this logo to be Cool, clean, sharp and professional, and something that works with the attached website theme colours. Please let me know any questions, or feel free to send/show me examples of other work with questions etc. to scope the concept furthercheersDave

  • $8 USD/hr Nov 12, 2013

    I don"t know if this is flash or what but I need a button designed that make a KaChing sound when pressed and then fade to a congratulations image then fade back to the original image. I uploaded a sample of the KaChing and the sample design. I"m not a designer so mine sucks. it"s just an idea. I give you the freedom of design what you think will look the most eye popping and professional. It will be going in the sidebar of it needs to be 300px wide and I don"t care what shape it has in it. But to say it again I do need it to make a KaChing sound & fade to a congratulations image when clicked then back to the original image.

  • $250 USD Nov 3, 2013

    I need a logo for a clothing company. The logo is just a sun. But it needs to be nice, simple, and recognizable.

  • $50 USD Nov 3, 2013

    Need to Design a professional logo for Recruitment portal with 3 different ideas such as the attached files with a professional colors and design with white Background ..Logo : Yalla WazayefSlogan : The job you dreamDuration for handing : 5 Business Days

  • ₹1750 INR Nov 2, 2013

    I am looking for experienced one for design our logo who has good idea...later will be discuss in chat.. Should know English..

  • $45 USD Oct 31, 2013

    I currently have a logo that I made an attempt to design myself. I like it, however, I need a better, cleaner looking version of it.

  • €20 EUR Oct 28, 2013

    DESIGN LOGO EXACTLY TO CONCEPT AND SAVE IN CORRECT FORMATS (high resolution)A secondary concept will need to be developed which will be exactly the same as the original draft attached the only difference will be the background will be black, all text and lion"s head in white.

  • $2 USD/hr Oct 27, 2013

    Hi Everyone, I have a spreadsheet with 296 records Name and Website. You have to visit every site and gather email from contact page of website. It will take just 1 hour. So my budget is $2 for this whole task. I need good quality work. Need urgent. I will prefer new freelancers who need an excellent feedback upon excellent completion. Thanks for reading

  • $30 USD Oct 26, 2013

    Genç Anadolu Düşünce DerneğiSiyasi bir dernek. Burada Atatürk, Türkiye, Bayrak önemli unsurlar (illa logoda olacak diye bir kural yok)

  • ₹1500 INR Oct 12, 2013

    hello,...are u interested to doing online jobs...??? if your answer is yeas den go ahead....add me as ur gtalk [Posting contact details is Prohibited by Admin] i"ll tell u about process and also tell u about how it"ll be work and u also get paid..and this is very easy to tell your opinion to company and they""ll provide u come fast coz limited id are availabl, nd no investe ment required......only serious job seekers contact please.....

  • $30 USD Oct 8, 2013

    fill my staff"s salary into my company"s database and calculate them. then report it to manager by email.

  • $170 USD Oct 5, 2013

    I need about 1700 lines of an excel spreadsheet to be completed from information contained in correlating PDF files.\r\n\r\nSome lines will only require the page number of the PDF file, while others will require a bit more information, but each line shouldn"t take more than 30 seconds or a minute to complete.\r\n\r\nThere are approximately 38 pdf files with information that will need to be input into the spreadsheet. Each PDF file should only take about 10-15 minutes or less to complete. I estimate that this project should take between 6 and 8 hours of time, possibly 10 hours. I don"t need the work in that timeframe, but I probably wouldn"t want to pay more than the cost of around 10 hours of work. I am somewhat flexible though.\r\n\r\nThere is a bit of a learning curve involved in the process and I will need to explain to the person or have them complete a short trial portion, just to make sure the work is completed correctly.

  • $30 USD Jul 21, 2013

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