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Illustrations, infographics, cartoon maps

Username: MarkScheider

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Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Member since: March 2010



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My projects:

  • €120 EUR
    Profile image for Seller cwedl


    Dec 17, 2013

    Excellent logo design, and high quality work, produced on time.

    Project Description:Hi As discussed: Logo, Business card and letterhead (including the envelope design) Thanks
  • $276 USD
    Profile image for Seller speder78


    Nov 26, 2013

    Very satisfied. The work was excellent.<br/>

    Project Description:This is software-products that are for purpose of training, and safety regulations. We want some pretty simple illustrations that are stylish like a storyboard, and maybe some watercolor on - as I saw you have done on some else...
  • €480 EUR
    Profile image for Seller cwedl


    Oct 31, 2013

    As always excellent work. Thank you

    Project Description:updates to article area
  • $136 AUD
    Profile image for Seller greenhill86


    Sep 11, 2013

    Thanks for your help

    Project Description:Hi, looking to get a character concept done in the style of Scott Pilgrim vs the world: Must be done illustrator as vector art,...
  • €230 EUR
    Profile image for Seller cwedl


    Aug 27, 2013

    Thank you for another outstanding design

    Project Description:As discussed
  • £82 GBP
    Profile image for Seller cwedl


    Aug 13, 2013

    As always an excellent job, I highly recommend you use them for your design needs.

    Project Description:New business card design
  • $246 USD
    Profile image for Seller shope


    Jul 13, 2013

    Another illustration project completed on time, on budget and ahead of expectations. Great work (Again).

    Project Description:Cartoon graphic for our Airconsole product - showing cartoon field engineer struggling to connect various cables to a laptop, and then finding the Airconsole adaptor - the wireless serial adaptor that works with all your devices...
  • $1220 USD
    Profile image for Seller umetex


    Jul 11, 2013

    Excellent professional. Superb quality of work. We missed a deadline because I (employer) was travelling a lot and couldn't always respond in timely manner. Would definetly work with MarkScheider again

    Project Description:Looking for a designer to draw icons, depicting various types of medical equipment. For example: Defibrillator, Surgical table,MRI, Biochemical analyzer, X-Ray, Medical laser, Medical bed etc. Approximately 40 icons overall...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller shope


    Jun 30, 2013

    Another great project delivered quickly - thanks for the great work.

    Project Description:cartoon illustration for my web site, to reflect our product range in a series of cartoon type illustrations.
  • $682 NZD
    Profile image for Seller shope


    Apr 5, 2013

    Andrey is true professional - no amateur stuff here. Wasn't the cheapest bidder but the value delivered on time and to the budget far exceeded expectations. Very happy and will use again.

    Project Description:We require 2 brochures to be created for our products. The brochures require some original illustration / cartoon style work in addition to normal photoshop/illustrator/indesign skills. Background:...
    Markscheider has not completed any projects.
  • $340 USD In Progress

    As discussed 1) Private Server &quot;how it works&quot; in detail illustrationThere is a crude drawing at (working.jpg attached). We would like to replace this with a more professional drawing (950x600) that conveys the features of Private Server 2.0 better. I will try to do a mockup in visio for some ideas for this, but price in some time from you to also come up with some concepts before working on the final image.2) Affiliate Marketing packWe are wanting to put together some marketing collateral for Airconsole Affiliates and Resellers. These will be in the form of web banners and skyscrapers that these affiliates can put on their own web sites and blogs to drive traffic to our site (and earn commission on sales).You have already made some banners for the original Airconsole in 300x250 and also 728x90. These could be updated with some copy changes to reflect new features. In addition we would like 3 more new marketing images for affiliates to use in these sizes:120x600160x600250x250The content on these 3 new images will try to convey 1 or maximum of 2 Airconsole features – using your cartoon Field Engineer guy - lets call him John :) and possibly the Noc guy.3) Tap-to-Connect cartoon / illustrationAs you are possibly aware one of the new features in Airconsole-XL is the NFC (RFID) tag that we stick on the bottom of the product. This NFC tag has all the settings that an Android phone or tablet user needs to automatically join the Airconsole’s WIFI, launch our Android app (SerialBot) and connect out via the Airconsoles Serial port to their field equipment. It lets the end user literally tap their tablet against the Airconsole and then they will get a terminal prompt on their screen for their equipment. It is a handy feature and a competitive advantage over other products.I would like a “slider size&quot; ie 900x380 cartoon illustrating this – maybe 2 frames of a cartoon with left frame field guy slapping his airconsole with tablet and right frame with him smiling and his tablet showing connected “>” or similar on the screen.The feature only works with Android (not iPad/iPhone) so the tablet device in the cartoon shouldn’t resemble too closely an iPad, rather a narrower android style tablet.

  • $78 USD Today

    We want an .ai illustration - EXACTLY in the same STYLE as the attached image. The only difference is that it should represent a university building. (building, park, bushes, trees, fountain?, students, teacher etc..) How a university building looks like is up to you but the image should clearly been understand as a university surrounding. If we are satisfied with the end result, we will have several similar project aligned ahead :)We will look through your portfolio for references. Fixed price: $79Thank you guys, Freelancers are the best! /UBI

  • $155 USD Today

    We are looking for an artist to create a picture for us in an old comic book style. We have a specific idea in mind and will give you all the information you need. We&quot;ll require a draft from anyone interested in this project and will award the project to the person who&quot;s draft best represents what we want.This is not a one-off project. If the picture is exactly what we want we will be happy to re-hire you for our other projects.

  • $111 USD Today

    Hi,For my game I&quot;d need a person to draw up all my enemy characters, in a fully layered manner. I will animate each enemy, which is why I&quot;ll need each piece of the body fully drawn for each of the respective perspectives. (e.g. if an enemy is facing left, I will still need his right leg to be fully drawn, even though only parts of it are visible while the enemy is only standing/idling)For the enemies I will only need 1 perspective, which is facing left. However I will also need some adjusted body parts so I can animate attacking/casting more easily.Please only apply if you can match the style and quality as shown in these examples:

  • $5444 USD Today

    We are looking for an illustrator who can develop 10-15 illustrations that would cover topics like Sustainability and the Evironment, Governance, Housing and Urban Development, Public Finance. These would be used for a series of brochures for a university that covers these topics. Infographics that detail the subject matter will also be needed, so the ability to understand and grasp the subject matter and then turn that information into engaging and interesting illustrations is very important

  • $777 USD Today

    We are in the process of designing several story boards related to the health care industry. They will be used to educate patients. Because the content is unique we also want to have unique and fun characters that can be used to accent the material. Later on these initial story boards will be used to develop interactive video content but for now they will be used only in PowerPoint slides. It&quot;s important that the work be done in such a way that we can easily re-use the artwork in PowerPoint, Word, PDF, websites, and animated content. Characters needed:ManWomanMale DoctorFemale doctorMale surgeonFemale surgeonBoy (young – like age 5-10)Girl (young – likeage 5-10)BabyFemale Boss(employer) Male BossPoyntPerson (female) - this is a special character that will represent a friendly person at our company that cares for patientsWe will need to have each character delivered in multiple skin colors (caucasian, african-american, and hispanic) so that we can accurately reflect diversity. Lastly, we need to have variations in the facial expressions where each character can be depicted as happy, fearful, sad, or angry.Be sure you have a portfolio available or link to a portfolio that we can review.

  • $222 USD Yesterday

    Hey,Steve here, from Kewlieo Games. I am looking for someone who can do some character designs for me for my mobile game. I am looking for separate images rather then full animations (see animation.png) in the style of the assassin from - with a look that complements the level design (see update.png)Summery of imagesRun Cycle = 7/8 imagesJump = 1 Jumping up imageFalling = 1 Falling imageSliding = 1 Sliding imageKind RegardsSteve

  • €233 EUR 2 days ago

    Hello ! We are seeking an illustrator to create a character based on a solid design brief given by us. We need a women character (with girly inspiration but aimed at adult) in 3 positions. Our design brief that we will give you contains some inspirations (similar illustration), character attribute, pictures of objects, clothes that we want for our character and rough sketches of the 3 positions that we want for our character. The illustration is necessarily a vectorial illustration and the final file will contains each element on a layer. We can send you the design brief on demand. Thanks for your answer.

  • $575 USD Sep 6, 2013

    Hi --I need some illustrations done for a website I&quot;m building. There are approximately 7 images required. The illustrations you have your portfolio here on Freelancer are the &quot;style&quot; of image I&quot;m looking for for. I have a written story board of what I need. Let me know if you&quot;re interested in knowing more details.You can get in touch with me here: rob DOT email DOT alt AT gmail DOT comThanksRob

  • $178 USD Sep 4, 2013

    1) This is a sketch of what Moreto can offer our partners were we provide the database / server cloud, were they only need to work with SMS GW and PABX. The designers job is to improve the sketch into a comprehensible, user-friendly and attractive design for what we can offer and attract new partners.2) The different servers should be similar icon with an abbreviated explanation below, e.g. PABX. They will be connected with lines or dashed lines. It is important that they stand with bright colors. See sketch.3) The database has its own icon with gray color. See sketch.4) The database and server cloud must have a light, transparent color. For example, gray-blue.5) The map below will represent the world or the northern hemisphere. It is the designer choice to choose.6) The different regions are suppose to show a large region (several contries/regions/states) a medium region and a smaller one like a work location as office / fabric etc7) The drawing is divided into different sections with dotted lines. The color of this must be neutral and harmonize with the rest of the color scheme of the design.8) Attached there is a scetch, what we would like to use as icons for servers and the database.

  • $277 USD Aug 5, 2013

    I am looking for vector cartoon type illustration. The project is based on a trip to the zoo. Landscape should feel fun and Lighthearted. This illustration needs to have the following items:1. Apple2. Beach Ball3. Clouds4. Dolphin5. Eggs6. Fish7. Grass8. Hippo9. Igloo10. Jellyfish11. Kangaroo12. Lemons13. Monkey14. Nest15. Octopus16. Polar Bear17. Quail18. Rainbow19. Sun20. Tree21. Umbrella22. Vet23. Walrus24. X-Ray Machine25. Yak26. Zoo Arrange the items as you see fit but please keep each of the 26 items on individual layer / folder. Because they need to be turned on and off in the image. We would like the final images in CS3 Thank You,

  • $30 USD Dec 25, 2012

  • [Sealed] Feb 13, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $220 USD Feb 5, 2011

    I am looking for a designer or illustrator to produce an illustrated letter head.Subject: Cleaning wooden window blindsThe figures should be used and be based on the ones in the sample file, you must draw 2 figures man that will be cleaning the blinds by hand with cloth and the female cleaning the blinds with feather duster.Also you have to place the logo which will be provided, the picture must be drawn( not from clip-art).

  • $90 USD Dec 13, 2010

    We are looking for a creative individual who can can create two website banners for our new website in the following sizes:Please do not apply if you do not have experience in creating cartoon style banners / images. A portfolio of previous related work will be preferential.Banner Requirements:Banner 1 - Size: 470 x 435 We currently have designed a number of cartoon caricature palm tree figures (over 50) that would be available for you to use with this banner. The option to redraw this caricature is available if the designer deems this as a requirement. This banner is to promote our next day delivery service of parcels. The idea behind this banner is to have a cartoon effect of the palm tree caricature on a small remote island surrounded by parcels and waving off a plane with Next Day delivery written on the side. Banner 2 - Size 230 x 325 We currently have designed a number of cartoon caricature palm tree figures (over 50) that would be available for you to use with this banner. The option to redraw this caricature is available if the designer deems this as a requirement. This banner is to promote our price promise to customers. The idea behind this banner is to have a cartoon effect of the palm tree caricature flexing his muscles, lifting weights and running on a running machine. We already have the caricature images designed for this so there is only a requirement to deisgn the background. The banner must include the caption &quot;Stronger than the competition&quot;. The background must incorporate the same theme as the first banner i.e A Remote Island theme.Please only apply if you have the required skills to create stunning illustrations. Creative ideas and suggestions are also welcomed in this project.

  • $195 USD Dec 1, 2010

    Looking for a talented graphic designer/cartoonist to create striking artwork to help brand a website. Need a BATTERY superhero type character created named &quot;Mister Piles&quot;. He has a flowing cloak, a big &quot;MP&quot; on his belt and a moustache(if it looks right??????) ;)The website is for a battery company called Mister We would like some simple variations of our character and will need future artwork. Colour scheme: Bright exciting , greens turquoise, silver (its a battery think energizer duracell etc)As well as this Character we&quot;re looking for 4 stand-alone images of MPiles on a white background in various poses (flying, standing flexing his muscles and poised, just about to take-off and KAPOW (punch).All images should be high-res photoshop originals with layers left unflattened as much as possible. This will allow me to edit things if I need to.In your bid title please include the exact phrase &quot;Europtix&quot; so I can weed out those who didn&quot;t read this.Please provide some sketched image ideas in your bid if you can.

  • $250 USD Jul 26, 2010

    Looking for an illustrator able to create retro style similar to attached sample in vector formatPls. reply with portfolio samples, rate & availability

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Art director

May 2012 - Present (1 year)


Graphic design, web design, illustrations, cartoons, animations, infographic, cartoon maps


Dec 2011 - May 2012 (5 months)


Graphic design, web design, illustrations, cartoons, animations, infographic, cartoon maps


May 2004 - Dec 2011 (7 years)


Polygraphy, illustrations, package design



Nacional'nij Tehnicnij Universytet 'Kharkivskij Polytehnicnij Institut'




Gorlovka State Art School

Graphic arts


Ukraine on the Way of Independence

Nacional'nij Tehnicnij Universytet 'Kharkivskij Polytehnicnij Institut'

The article for the student conference (2004)