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Marlin Software

23 years of software development and database design experience.

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Location: Oswestry, United Kingdom

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  • $110.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jtroemel


    Mar 18, 2014

    Great working with one programmer and to get what we ask for. Thanks for the great service.

    Project Description:add two fields to carrier fee table and form. And edit the form to do some more math, Then add one more report based on that detail report you just created. The two added fields "Overage fee" and "tax percentage"...
  • $50.00 USD
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    Mar 16, 2014

    Great to work with. fast on changes and updates.

    Project Description:Two reports described via message already.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller jtroemel


    Mar 14, 2014

    This was my first project with Freelancer and I am very satisfied with the results and the work done by Marlin Software. Will look to him again when the need arises, for his expertise and fast work.

    Project Description:We currently manage over 200 mobile phone lines and use a spread sheet to manage the users we need to move to MS Access DB and add integration with external data imported monthly or just reference the csv data folder from our carrier...
  • $70.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Briantec


    Feb 18, 2014

    Excelent job and communication

    Project Description:I have an MS Access 2007 database table with records with events on a weekday with a start date and an end date. I need a query to retrieve all the dates the event is going to take place between start and end date...
  • $125.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller btappan


    Jan 27, 2014

    Very Professional!

    Project Description:Add PO and CM import to SKU_mgmt, adjust pricing structure and forms.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Havanarulez


    Jan 21, 2014

    Excellent work. Perfect communication and he delivered more than I expected. was an honor to me to work with him

    Project Description:Hello I have a Event-Location. After Concert we have a lot of “lost things”. I need a Microsoft Access 2010 (2013) Tool with that I can make a Inventory Also I make with the Webcam a Picture and this Pic goes direct to the record...
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller btappan


    Jan 7, 2014

    Always great to work with MarlinSoftware, he sticks with it, even when it gets tougher. Good and frequent communication as well.

    Project Description:Modify access databases and UI's to my requirements.
  • £525.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller gemmoli


    Nov 15, 2013

    Really great quick service from Marlin, he is an access whizz and understood all our requirements, new system is working well<br/>

    Project Description:Database development in access, - i think quite a simple project I have existing access database - served its purpose for initial launch of a project - exhibition need to develop existing access dbase...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Idarac


    Oct 18, 2013

    Great work easy to work with. Will use them again.

    Project Description:I need some to build a small Access app to upload text files to an FTP site. I just need the forms built no switchboard or menu needed. I have attached a database with the tables needed. - I need a form which allows the user to set the fields in the table Setup...
  • $264.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller NonProfitSoft


    Aug 28, 2013

    Excellent work.

    Project Description:I don&#039;t know what happened to the previous project; it had 2 acceptances 1 for someone I never accepted. I deleted that ONE and it deleted yours. Please continue I will release the amounts now. Can...
    Marlin Software has not completed any projects.
  • $125 USD In Progress

    I have my access database ready. Almost all necessary queries are designed. I would like a front end application (EXCEL VBA) from where the desired reports can be generated.The specific issue that I am facing can be solved directly in the database using the right IIF formulas to get the solution that I need. or through using MACRO.It is up to you to make proposition for the suitable solution.Please don&quot;t Waste your time placing a bid if you are not familiar to Access and Excel VBA.No upfront payment will be made.The Winner will have more details and my database.PS: This project must not take long.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • £350 GBP In Progress

    This is a private project for Marlin Software. Terms of project already agreed.Other bidders will be ignored so, if you are not Marlin Software, please do not bid.

  • £250 GBP 29 days ago

    I require a simple interface for the management of data and the print of labels for participant passes at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. i would like a single terminal where the user can enter three data fields (Name; Show Title; Company) to generate a label for the pass. Ideally one person could enter multiples in a company without retyping the info so the option to enter a number of labels with shared data would be helpful. i would like the data form to clear once print has been clicked but for the data to store to an excel/access for our records. The interface will be loaded onto a PC terminal and should run in standard windows systems (access, excel, etc). I would also appreciate some advice on the purchase of a label printer that will produce labels (simple sticky ones!) quickly with the click of a button. The key priority is speed of production so the participant would print a label which is then stuck to the back of the pre-printed participant pass to go into the lanyard holder. This is required by 18/07/2014

  • £750 GBP May 31, 2014

    We are seeking a good developer (s) to develop a fast to use streamlined database application. This is to assist in the good purchased process within our IT Company that currently makes use of a single spreadsheet. Each purchase we make of goods is entered into a spreadsheet.That data later gets imported into our accounting application Sage.So the fact it’s just currently one spreadsheet that we are turning into a database, should make it a straight forward project for anyone with relevant skills. The database may grow on to include many other features that support our internal business process and in some regards, this project is a test project for us to develop a relationship with developer(s).Initially we had strong ideas about the development / coding platform that should be used, even considering Access at one time because of the UI speed it can give (As we are from a coding background), but now we are open to anything that can give, good interface performance, is scalable (we have big ambitions) and is able to developed and well documented The attached document outlines the project in greater detail.

  • $45 USD/hr May 13, 2014

    Please see the attached briefing document and let me know if you can do any or all or the things we require.

  • $45 USD Feb 12, 2014

    A new Open cart site made that will integrate with a suppliers stock feed.A new Open cart site made that will integrate with a suppliers stock feed.A new Open cart site made that will integrate with a suppliers stock feed.A new Open cart site made that will integrate with a suppliers stock feed.A new Open cart site made that will integrate with a suppliers stock feed.A new Open cart site made that will integrate with a suppliers stock feed.

  • [Sealed] Dec 2, 2013

    We have recently had a Access DB updated for us ,but did not end up with the product we were hoping for , We are a dance studio with over six hundred students and we require to have the capability to schedule our recitals by several unique parameters. We need to create five unique performances ( blocks) encompassing (on average) about one hundred and thirty dances in total, each performance block being approximately 60 dances and each dance needs to be performed two times within the five performance blocks, a few three times. In the creation of these dance blocks, several conflicts need to be identified: 1 -Three dances in between performances2 - Siblings to dance in same show3 - Young kids to be scheduled early 4 - Variety in sequencing My vision: to start with a complete list of dances, from there a dance would be selected and slid into one of the five dance blocks (each dance block represents a unique performance), as other dances are slid over to the various dance blocks that is where the conflicts would be identified and either the dance would be removed from the dance block or a change in sequencing within that dance block would need to occur.The system needs to track if a dance has been selected, and if so how many times, as the dance blocks are being created. There is a lot of selecting and deselecting during the process of moving the various dances around so its very important to have as much of the data visible, and since the dance blocks are being created simultaneously, moving between dance blocks is also imperative, must contain “user friendly interface “ The way the DB is designed now, you have to select a blank dance, move it to a dance block, and then populate that dance with the dancers….. absolute shit , there are no checks and balances, there is no way of knowing if you have captured all the dancers from a particular dance, and if you want to move a dance from one block to another , you have to repopulate the dance one dancer at a time.... there is no way to achieve our objective with the design that is outlined in the attachment.There might be some debugging necessary as the db has not really been put through its paces, communication wasn&quot;t what it should be and we were not presented with updates, only the finished product and then every issue we had was being treated as a add on to the scope of the project, so after much frustration we decided to cut our loses and try a different avenue to get to what we need.I am looking forward to working with someone who can bring this project to the next level, thanks for looking

  • $150 USD Nov 27, 2013

    I have finally gotten around to getting a product database in order. I wound up creating most of the database myself because it was the only way I could visualize how it would all come together and work in the manner I need it to. The only place I may have gone wrong is that my tables are all related by product name rather than an ID. Performance for this database as far as speed goes is not so critical so maybe that won&quot;t matter. The main thing I&quot;m after from you is a couple of forms made up, and a few alterations to the label database you did for me before. I have attached a sample database and a document that further explains my requirements in detail. Please let me know what you think and what kind of price and time frame we&quot;d be looking at. Do you still have the front and back end databases for the label project we did, to use to test and develop on? If not I think they are attached in the other conversation in the inbox of freelancer.

  • $500 USD Sep 6, 2013

    Convert a excel spreadsheet into a working access database with the ability to create a dashboard for each client

  • $750 USD Aug 22, 2013

    To build a complete queue management system using virtual keypad, Ticket printer Q-Display and reporting. Please read the attachment for details. Thank you. Please accept to be paid in 3 milestone 30% (after complete virtual pad), 40% (after complete software) and 30% (after we done testing)

  • $40 USD/hr Jun 13, 2013

    We have started a customer loyalty programme, and currently have about 3500 people signed up, with more joining every day. At the moment, customers are signing up on our website (we use for the signup and data capturing) we then manually allocate them a membership number and email them.As they make purchases they accumulate loyalty points which they can spend later with us.I want to streamline the system. We need a database that works as follows:- Users sign up on our website or in person. We capture their information manually into a database front end or import a batch from a CSV file- We should be able to search the database at any time, across a number of fields (usual type fields - name, address, phone, membership number etc)- We should be able to add in loyalty points for each member - again either one by one or manually uploading a CSV file- As they spend their points we should be able to adjust their current points balance. The database should keep a record of each credit/debit transaction- We should be able to generate reports from the database, selecting which fields we want included in the report- We should be able to export all or part of the database into a CSV fileSome of us use Macs which means we can&quot;t use Microsoft Access. We do have a shared hard drive on our network on which a database can &quot;live&quot; (its a windows server). We don&quot;t store any sensitive information like credit card details or passwords, so we don&quot;t need major security. And the database can be hosted online if that&quot;s easier.We need a simple, elegant solution here please!

  • $1000 AUD Mar 13, 2013

    I am looking to replicate an online booking system that allows me to print a daily run sheet. This is for a skip bin hire business and you can use as an example of the tools I require.The run sheet will need to be colour coded for the various drivers I have.Jobs will be manually entered (customer details, bin size, booking date, pick up date, price) however this data needs to be filed under customer name for future customer management.

  • $1200 USD Mar 1, 2013

    Taking various excel spreadsheets, Develop a database using existing excel spreadsheet data. Write standard queries and reports.

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Software Developer

Jun 2000 - Present (14 years)

Marlin Software

Started my own company developing Microsoft Access applications, Web design in PHP, HTML, ASP, Javascript and MySQL.

Software Developer

Feb 1990 - Jun 2000 (10 years)

Anagram Systems

80286 Assembler, Visual FoxPro and Microsoft Access.


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