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Username: Max01

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Location: India, India

Member since: October 2009



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  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller gahmed


    23 days ago

    Great work, thanks A++

    Project Description:I have a coming soon landing page with mailchimp integration. However, the mailchimp part is giving me an error. I need someone to make it work. For an experienced php developer, this should be a 10 min job...
  • €113.22 EUR
    Profile image for Seller aactda


    Mar 10, 2014

    Perfect system, the best support and everything as described in the brief was completed plus more! Highly recommend this developer!Great results!

    Project Description:I need to display woocommerce orders for use in a restaurant. The client will order food etc thus the order board will display current orders to the staff. With two options to approve or reject the order...
  • $20 USD
    Profile image for Seller coreyrees2k1


    Mar 2, 2014

    He done a perfect job, great at problem solving and he great at communicating. Would recommend to anyone!

    Project Description:The website has minor errors on website. Some content is not displaying correctly or not at all. I have been told its javascript conflict. This is nothing major I have been told its a simple job to do...
  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller justgrafx


    Feb 28, 2014

    Excellent work and on time !! Thank you a lot.

    Project Description:This is a very simple task. I have modify and add a new field on an existing working form and need to add the code to make this new "mulitple option value" field to post the variable. The form and post is already working, only need to ad the code to make it complete...
  • $96 USD
    Profile image for Seller sgray1974


    Feb 16, 2014

    Max was awsome...i had a very difficult task of displaying data from a bunch of different tables. I was racking my brain for days...and Max was able to make it happen for me..i will be using him again......<br/>

    Project Description:I have a database that has several tables...I am using it to make a scheduling program for my work. The basic jist is we are a service company so a regular online or scheduling program does not fit our needs...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller scotphree


    Feb 12, 2014

    once again i received professional work and delivery as promised.

    Project Description:i&#039;m almost ready to take my opencart v1.5.3 webstore live but there a few bugs and css changes that i would like to have happen before i do so.
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller scotphree


    Feb 9, 2014

    job was completed quickly and professionally as promised. thanks

    Project Description:i&#039;m almost ready to take my opencart v1.5.3 webstore live but there a few bugs and css changes that i would like to have happen before i do so.
  • $10 USD
    Profile image for Seller TacticalGears


    Dec 3, 2013

    Fast in all aspects,,Got what i needed ,Thank you again sir

    Project Description:Bid what i want 0-days or i&#039;m not hiring you.....eazy project,,,easy $10.00,,easy feedback,,,If you are familiar with mods they are easy to install,,,just need this codes added to this file:&quot;class-item.php&quot;...
  • $15 USD
    Profile image for Seller TacticalGears


    Nov 3, 2013

    Max did a great Job,very fast and all,,very impressed with his work,and i thank you alot sir for the fast fix..Great person Thanks again

    Project Description:Very very, eazy Point ,,Here is a chance to earn some feedback quick...Will do 1 milestone of $15.00 &amp; released after completion and fully tested...This is a 0-day bid project (1 hour only)..No over bids...
  • $25 USD
    Profile image for Seller minikkus


    Sep 1, 2013

    Very fast and professional!

    Project Description:I have a web site some developer build it from freelancer called zenith but after payment they dont answer my questions and my page now has problems with the codes.Some pages gives error when user use turkish character, It needs only small corrections...
    Max01 has not completed any projects.
  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    I have an excel spreadsheet with 50 Items that need to be entered into a Magento Store setup.

  • $27 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a php script for my shopping cart and a template I want tied into the script can you please help me do this now if you are an expert as I need someone who can help me get this up and running on my design tonight... the template is already HTML

  • $100 USD In Progress

    I found a very simple business directory on Github. It is discontinued now but it is very simple and that&quot;s all I need for my wordpress website. I am looking for someone to create the plugin from the github code here: plugin already creates 2 short codes, namely: [bizdir_directory]: to create the listing and[bizdir_addform] to allow a user to add a listing.I am looking for someone to install it locally on his/her server, test it and then install it on my server at which time I will add those short codes to my pages which have already been created.So to recap, get the code from github, create a zipfile plugin from it, run and test it locally to make sure it works.

  • $8 CAD/hr In Progress

    Place PHP code MySQL into HTML responsive templateI have already code php but I&quot;m not good. I need help

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hi,I want to integrate Bitcoin Payment( into mine Wordpress Site.Please let me know , anyone can help me in this.I will decide Winner in 1hrBidders Above 100$ will be NeglectedThanks

  • $388 USD In Progress

    Hi I want somebody to build my online store as am trying to sell merchandise through it.

  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    add words to woocommerce checkout. in the checkout phase I need to add extra words so extra words are added in the checkout phase

  • $3 USD/hr In Progress

    I will like the url of my website to change for video display. The way the url is right now is giving us problem uploading facebook features to site. Explanation on how video url is nowpublic_html/video/2106/Koloransi this is the url right nowit must be like this public_html/video.php?vid=2106&vname=Koloransi

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Hi freelancers,I&quot;m looking for a highly professional programmer who can write a function which selects the user email from a profile table and sends him/her an email to notify him/her of a new message in his/her inbox. The core point here is to make sure that the email sent to the user gets into his/her inbox and not the junk or deleted or any other boxes. And this function must deal with all email clients like gmail, hotmail, yahoo ...etc.In brief:1. A stand alone function which can be implemented in my code2. The function must deal with my profiles table structure3. This function must include all needed headers which guarantees that all emails are delivered into the user inbox and not the junk4. This function can successfully deal with all email clients like gmail, yahoo, hotmail ...etcI need it as soon as possible.!!Regards,

  • €750 EUR In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1500 AUD Today

    I am looking for someone who is an expert in eCommerce websites. I have a website that needs a major overhaul including adding a new shopping cart system. The products I sell are all personalised. Each product can have so many variables depending on what the customer wants so I really need someone who has experience in advanced shopping cart systems. I also need someone with a really good eye for design and a good problem solver that can make this personalised product simple to order. It would be a bonus if you lived in Sydney, Australia so that we can meet to discuss this project.

  • $3000 USD 3 days ago

    Need a website built which would include user accounts with credits they are able to trade.

  • $166 USD 3 days ago

    Find websites from http:\\\/\\\/\\\/appfinderInstruction and note:1. Please use Chrome to browse the websites2. You can use chrome extention to check PageRank and take full page screenshots3. Select the criteria here at http:\\\/\\\/\\\/appfinder4. Location: United State 5. Working Language: English6. Devices Supported: Web-based7. Deployment type: SaaS8. You can start from \

  • $277 USD 5 days ago

    already got the site up but it needs updating and it need a lot of changes. i use Etano script so it easy to make changes. so if your interested please message me. i want the site to be as good as the best dating site around. and easily controlled.

  • $222 USD 6 days ago

    I need a site that connects to a database, lets users log in, add names to the database and list the names. Must connect using the attached inc_connect.

  • $722 USD 6 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for a coder who, would be able to relise a very complicate project in Wordpress.Contact me for mor detail.

  • $20 CAD 6 days ago

    I need someone to write the gavascript or the html of an advertisement in a widget and insert it on my website. my website uses wordpress.All info provided, just I need it to displayed in a widget and then see it appear on the website like any other ad.

  • $15 USD 6 days ago

    I need someone to activate the contact form of the Following website It is very urgent. Thanks.

  • $50 CAD 8 days ago

    I am not sure how to name my project exactly but I have a table of words that match certain words, for example:Apple- Fruit, 15345Butterfly- Insect, 234234Cat- Pet, 234234Love- Emotion- 1345134Dog- Pet, 5q3425Book- Object, 345q234and I want the user to input a sequence of text as such:Apple, Cat, Dog, Butterfly The user will be displayed the table as such:Apple- Fruit, 15345Cat- Pet, 234234Dog- Pet, 5q3425Butterfly- Insect, 234234I want to employ this on a page on my wordpress website. I need the table to be on my hosting. I realize the job is quite simple but I have no time on my hands and I&quot;ll be happy to compensate your for your time. I know this is My budget is limited to below $50

  • $111 AUD 8 days ago

    Looking at creating a new Webiste for my Company, I have own Wordpress Server and Install and want to use itI have a design I keen to use and outlay which I can scan up later on when back in the officeI want a contact Page with ramdom numbers/letters to stop spam happeningI&quot;m a Technology and Communications Company

  • $555 USD 8 days ago

    I need a person to to admin a magento shop and Setup of configurable productsCreating of attribute sets and attributes.Check existing product layout and change some simple product to configurable version with stock amount.change some existing SKU&quot;s names or edit existing.generally a magento admin expert, preferably magento qualified or with excellent feedback.

  • $833 USD 8 days ago

    hello every bodytake on serious note that i only need serious bidders who can do my work. Here i am not able to explain you cleary but i need a high tech wesite for my big orchards farm( apples production business). I will explain in detail later , first i need to know your views regarding my project thanks

  • $55 AUD 9 days ago

    I need to go online to ask for donations for my son whom is an elite athlete to go overseas for his sport

  • $388 USD 10 days ago

    I need to create a web portal so my customers can log-in and see account specific details. These details will be for each account indicating if the project is complete or not and what time the project was started and what time it was finished. Customers will need ability to add extra projects, change, and remove them also. Secondary page will be the back office for the admins and employees. This will be for employees to see account information from the customers. Employees will use this to complete the games and mark the project as started and completed. More details on request.

  • $222 USD 11 days ago

    I need a website coded in PHP.The website should contain 12 pages, 5 of which are profile-related (login, register, verify registration, forgotten password and &quot;my account&quot;).I have a MySQL database designed - it contains two main tables - coined &quot;post&quot; and &quot;answer&quot;. There is a table &quot;user&quot; and also two codebook tables.There are 7 pages that should manipulate the data in the two main tables by logged-in users. Briefly:- main - contains &quot;my posts&quot; and &quot;my answers&quot;- my posts - contains &quot;all my posts&quot; with possible operations for activate/deactivate, edit and delete- my answers - contains &quot;all my answers&quot; with possible operations for deactivate and delete- new post - inserts new post in DB- view single post - view a post with all its answers with some differences what is displayed depending on whether you made the post- view all posts - view all posts and filter by two criteria- new answer - inserts new answer to a post in DBUser interface should be somehow blocked while DB operations are in progress. Apart from that, no design/styling is required, just the functionality.Using certain design pattern or architecture is not a requirement, as long as the code is clean and well structured.

  • $833 USD 15 days ago

    Hi, I am in need of a program that would create a report for our Wordpress website. It would need to track each Client that advertises on our website, track the amount of people who click on their page, how many people download a coupons, how many people go from our website directly to their website through their web address that is posted on our site. How many people &quot;click to call&quot; from the mobile app.The report should be able to email to our clients automatically every month. Please look at

  • $277 USD 15 days ago

    I need a database where team members in the field can log in, create an entry based upon a unique work order, add data.This will need the following:1. Create a unique user account2. Create a new entry based upon a unique work order number that other users can add to later3. Be able to add or amend fields later.4. Has to be done in MySQLThanks,Bobby

  • $1111 USD 16 days ago

    I need a freelance PHP developer with good experience with the Yii framework to help out working on an existing project.The application to be built is a system that allows an admin user to manage a number of questionnaires.Users can anonymously access the questionnaire using the URL code (the front-end does NOT need to be built)Please see requirements needed:Admin can view list of existing questionnaires.Admin can create a new questionnaire (title, logo, company name, description, selection of languages to be used)Questionnaire can be created from scratchQuestionnaire can be cloned from another questionnaire (only structure, not user data)Each questionnaire can have 1 or more usergroupsEach usergroup will have a random URL code needed to access the front-end (Front-end NOT needed to be built)Admin can create/edit/delete questionnaire sections (section title, section description, which usergroups apply).For each section, admin can create/edit/delete questions (question name, front-end selection type: e.g. dropdown, input, textarea...)Each question can have different options wording for different usergroupsFor each question, admin can add/edit/delete question-options (option value, option label)Admin can view a list of the questionnaire reportsAdmin can create new reports (reports are a group of sections and/or questions)Admin can view each report (the report will contain each question part of the report, it will show a breakdown of the data in the data table, this is collected from the front-end and the data table will be available for you to use)Reports can be filtered depending on user data filters

  • ₹166666 INR 16 days ago

    Customize and integrate Moodle

  • $250 USD 16 days ago

    Budget $200-$400Homepage need it before 4-5 AprilWhole website need by 10 AprilI need someone who can start today or tmrr!!! If you can do it well i would like to have long term relationship for wordpress expert i have a lot more work for you.Please estimate the hours for meModify this theme change1. This project page funding time will show as day , hours but i want it to show mincheck will show by minute2.Profile page pop upwhen we click on profile of creator it will show pop up as designyou can check in a verify password before pledge? and verify before contact creator? this feature kickstart have it in project page Notification update features- When creator update the project information and somebody pledge their project it will send email to creator5. Incubate page logo on homepage please see would like to have incubate page feature when click it will show their project changePlease modify as design PLEASE CHECK EVERY FILES - Homepage 1. popular project, most funded project we DON&quot;T need that now just ALL PROJECT like what our theme has but hilight project is still need it its gonna be staff pick for our theme function Connect to friend on homepage DON&quot;T NEED now Single project page- the count of update backer and comment don&quot;t need- how many facebook friend and how many people pledge don&quot;t need page- Just by categories no popular or successful project4. Incubate page will need layout for that5. What is dreamaker is just text6.Contact is just customize as design7. See full bio customize like design8.Back this project change design9.Log-in with facebook ill buy the plug-in for that but you have to customize as designPlease use secret word &quot;dremaker urgent&quot; so i know you&quot;re not robot

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Team Lead

Jan 2009 - Present (5 years)




Uttar Pradesh Technical University