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HTML5 Expert & Mobile Phone Apps Designer

Username: MaxTs

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Location: Tel-Aviv, Israel

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  • $1000 USD
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    Nov 7, 2013

    great as usual

    Project Description:>proper bitcoin address recycling >page auto refresh once paid >warning about cookies >premium videos to be more obvious. proper premium video icons >fix premium video headings >premium...
  • $2000 USD
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    Jul 28, 2013

    max is an expert at what he does. his work and communication are excellent, i will be hiring him again for future projects

    Project Description:streaming video site which accepts bitcoin like
  • $2000 USD
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    Oct 26, 2012

    excellent work.easy to reach, even per phone, which was essential in order to give to work with.

    Project Description:We want a short and fun game to engage users. The aim of the game is to keep a drunken partyanimal on a straight walk. You can enter your score and register afterwards. The score is measured in meters...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller kffwebtech


    Aug 11, 2012

    Perfect guy that works hard and understands everything!

    Project Description:I need a custom xbox controller page similar to but I need users to be able to rotate the controller as they select the items for their customization...
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  • $3333 USD In Progress

    develop a bitcoin game and altcoin game

  • [Sealed] /hr 4 days ago

    Live currency exchange platform that would allow people to trade crypto currencies in various pairs.The site need to have the following abilities:- cross trade between coins (exmple: BTC/USD BTC/LTC BTC/NMC LTC/USD LTC/BTC LTC/NMC NMC/USD NMC/BTC ...)- add new coins for exchange in the future- set fees for each coins trade and withdraw- register,login and e-mail validation- javascript refreshing pages- Bitcoin Experience is Prefer or you already has a good scripts and source codes.- Good Front End and Back end Admin Panel.- Impelentation in PHP with MyQL database- Milestone stays in Escrow until the Project is 100% Completed.- Market depth and price charts with graphing tools- High level of security and anonymity of data- Full integration with Bitcoin and other coins.- deposits/withdrawals should be processed immediately- simple API for advanced traders- database and API desing is from meFrom you as a programmer we expect some previous experience building FX websites (or at least clear understanding of the job) and knowledge of cryptocurrency. More details will be duscussed with the choosen freelancers

  • $1500 USD 4 days ago

    Looking to build an exchange for crypto-currency. Example sites include,,,,, and many others.

  • $3333 USD 6 days ago

    hi your mission will be to forward bitcoin and other altcoin game for more apply to this post you must:have experience with crypto currencies.

  • $1500 USD 10 days ago

    hiHi, I need to copy this site primedice. c o m I want the funcionallity to work exactly like this site mentioned above and API Blockchain. info and new design an admin panel just like this + power full monitornig and .... (priv8) have coindice v2 If you need a template from code but coindice not good engine :|I need to have a professional development and support for the long term futureI do not work with people who have a good backgroundI need someone who"s really done and not just talkAt first it would not cost much to find someone I do notWith best wishes

  • $722 USD 19 days ago

    Hello,I need to develop a crypto currency exchange site using or We are working with a new coin called Spartancoin and need to build an exchange designed to trade Spartancoin with Bitcoin. I like a the site and if possible model the exchange around this format. We do not need as many coin pairs as this is primarily for Spartancoin only. (main website) https://coinedup.comPlease see the attached file which I want to develop. This is urgent job and need to completed within 1 week from the time of hiring. So bid accordingly. Happy Bidding.

  • $1500 USD 25 days ago

    !!!first off all DO NOT bid if you have no knowledge regarding e-currencies (Perfect Money, EgoPay) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin)!!!we are searching for a freelancer (or company) who can create a trading platform for e-currencies (long-term partnership is highly recommended).only a raw site without design is needed to develop the system, we already got designers.the system should be easy to understand and clearly.anonymity & high level of security is a must! If you or your company provides professional web design also, we can talk after creating the site if it"s necessary or not.major topic is obviously trading/exchanging e-currencies.If somebody want an exchange, he should be able to see the available reserves.After successful exchange, the user should get his money instantly to the desired target.But of course there should be more available features:providing live exchange rates and price charts,feedback system, safe login & registration system (including verification of users),clear admin system, e-mail system, discount system, affiliate systemand static pages (like FAQs, contact details etc).What we are expecting from you is, like already said, experience in building e-currency / cryptocurrency websites, developing a gapless system which is easy to manage and administrate and regular updates.If you are interested, please feel free to show us your other, similar projects.

  • $833 USD 25 days ago

    We are in the middle of creating a crypto currency exchange site and we need an experienced developer or team to complete the development of the website.we need the following functions implemented; Coin deposit function Coin withdrawal function trade crypto currencies coin transfer from user to userWe need the following APIs integrated and the above functions implemented for Bitcoin, Litecoin, peercoin, namecoin and one more coin.Here are samples of crypto currency exchange sites; ,

  • $16 USD/hr 29 days ago

    Looking for a freelancer who is fluent in PHP, MySQL, CMS and an exceptional understanding of the Bitcoin API protocol as well as any other experience to meet our project"s need. Without getting into too much detail, the front end/user-logic will require:Account Registration,Login/Recover AccountAbility for members to change their account informationAutomated deposits/withdrawals using Bitcoin API implementationReal-time interest accruals / projected yields / real time market data using Bitcoin APIThe administrative end would consist of:Ability to modify a user"s account informationAbility to modify and keep track of each individual"s investment portfolioAbility to control interest rate on a global level as well as individual portfolios based on certain criteriaFully automated funding system using the Bitcoin APIThe above is not a complete list of features and options required. Secure data encryption will need to be implemented to the administrative end as well as user-end to protect our investor"s private information. Please inquire for more information and details on this project. Freelancer will be required to sign a NDA upon contract agreement.

  • $833 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Hello everyone, I need a HTML casino website like this sites: "" "" only with roullette and blackjack modules, the website must have an elegant design and "provably fair" system like the above webs, I"m finding a website programer with experience and knowledge about cryptocurrency casinos

  • $1250 USD Mar 17, 2014

    Finish a in-progress project with a basic foundation. There is a lot of information to go into this. Contact me via PM for more information.

  • $277 USD Mar 17, 2014

    This is an experimental crypto-currency project. The end goal is the following:-To have a 100% completely pre-mined crypto currency-To have wallets for MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX, OSX and ANDROID-To have a total of 1,000,000 (1 million) coins in one of the wallets-To have those coins easily transferable to other wallets as stated above-To have complete control of the source codeThe winning bidder must contact us for the name and logo of the crypto

  • $444 USD Mar 17, 2014

    Create a GOOD LOOKING script for accepting payments via SiSow iDeal (API information attached), SiSow MisterCash and BitCoin. First screen shows the choice for payment method. Fields for the payment script are: NameInvoicenumberAmountThe name + invoicenumber make up the description. If bitcoin is chosen, the amount is translated to the amount in bitcoins + 5%. This amount is transfered to a fixed bitcoin address. Besides this there is a 2% gateway fee that is transferred to another bitcoin address (or actually 2 addresses 1% each). Please have all variables (bitcoin address for the 5%, SIsow information etc stored in a seperate file (.txt)) The other 2 addresses can stay in the script itself.

  • $1727 USD Mar 17, 2014

    Project Description:We want to setup and an easy to use crypto currency trading and exchange website which people can buy and sell their crypto currencies such as bitcoin, litecoin, peercoin, primecoin, feathercoin, worldcoin, bbq coin, xpmcoin, freicoin, novacoin, terracoin, devcoin, mincoin, IOcoin, digitalcoin and opensourcecoin, bitbar and copperlark coins through the website so that users can used our exchange services through the site for set percentage fee.He or she must be able to make a php or any other script for crypto currency trading. I want the site features and functionality EXACTLY and SAME LIKE in or Better if you have related BTC development. Please check out the site functions and features both back end and front end. Give bids you are Sure of and Don"t come back and change later. So be professional give your bids and keep your bids. We don"t like unprofessional freelancers who change their bids and give excuses and twist and turns. This project will be done only through The milestone will be kept by until project is 100% fully completed and goes on live without any problems. Maximum 10% down for initial milestone to be kept at You will may need to submit a proposal of how you going to proceed with doing this project.NO UP FRONT or ADVANCE OF ANY FORM OR SHAPE ABSOLUTELY.Have a great time bidding.In the event the project was Cancel or Stop through no fault or mistake of the Employer who post the offer, the freelancer worker are obligated not only to Fully Refunds back all the payments to the Employer who posted the project offer but also need to cover all the Employer"s cancellation fees and charges imposed by freelancer.comOne thing we want to make it very clear to All Freelancer"s who bid on this project is that We Do Not Pay the freelancer fees for you. Freelancer fees charge by are your responsibility and you pay them. We Do Not Pay for You.PLEASE AGREED TO OUR REQUEST BEFORE YOU BID. WE CANNOT UNETHICAL BIDDING PRACTICE. ALL BIDS ARE FINAL - CAN NEVER BE CHANGE. NEVER. Skills required:C Programming, eCommerce, Engineering, PHP, Software Architecture

  • $833 USD Mar 16, 2014

    i want to develop a browser application, client must download this application to connect my poker game then this application should get all information from poker client and put them in a new databasepoker client software is html5 and javascript open from browser ex firefoxnote:i dont have the source code for my poker softwarethis browser should run on ios and android device and desktopmore detail are given in the next stepby bidding in my project u accept my payment term:i will create a % milestone one time freelancer finished the project u show me a test (i try the software) and when i am satisfy i will release the % + the restthank you

  • $1250 USD Mar 16, 2014

    Hello,I have a project in mind that I am keen to get underway immediately for the right price. Basically a earn money for work kind of website, users can register to complete certain tasks ie, surveys, download specific files, download apps etc. I have an account with Adworkmedia and would be using their campaigns. They have a variety of tools to work with for postbacks, links, banners, API"s for expired campaigns, email notifications etc so it is just a matter of incorporating these into my site and I am basically looking to run this site by using my own Points system. In other words, users will receive a certain amount of Points that will be credited to their accounts for the various tasks that they complete. To ensure there is no fraudulent activity, the points will not be credited until we receive the callback from Adworkmedia stating that the registered user ID has successfully completed that specific task. I am awaiting more information from my rep in regards to countermeasures for fraudulent activity. They have hinted to block IPs from Vietnam as they seem to be problem areas for them also. I would also like to have these campaigns to differ for various parts of the world, so each section of my site will be for different users ie US based, UK based, EU etc..If you also have team members that are familiar with cryptocurrencies then I would also require their service for this site. The points earned on my site can be used to redeem gift cards/coupons and most importantly bitcoins (cryptocurrency). Each point will have a specific $US value so the gift cards/coupons will be as stated. However, when a user wants to redeem their Points for bitcoin payments I would like to use a ratio as in 1 Point = 0.0000010btc (for example), and this will be based on rate of exchange at the time. So users can see on the site how many micro bitcoins a Point is worth. Bitcoin payments to users and gift vouchers/coupons will only be paid out once per month, end of month possibly to weed out the fraudulent users. If a user is suspected of fraudulent activity or not fulfilling campaigns in specified manner they will forfeit all Points in their account and their account will be suspended. We will be notified by AdWorkMedia which users did not complete campaigns in a legitimate way and seeing as I will not be paid for their campaign completion I will know not to pay them either. Maybe your programmers/developers can suggest a way that this can be achieved automatically as I suspect there will be a lot of users looking to get rich quick and fraudulently using my site.Another feature also for this site is I would like to be able to encourage users to invite their friends and publicise the website, so an affiliate system that would pay out 15% of all their referals earnings. The site will have a table featuring the top 5 users in both Affiliates and Highest Individual Earners. The number 1 spot on those lists at the end of each month will receive a bonus/jackpot reward in way of Points or bitcoins.. This amount will be raised obviously as the site prospers and more users come online. Domain and hosting is already sorted by me, I just need someone to build the site. This may also require ongoing work/ possible management if it is feasible for the both of us, after the site is launched, so please take this into account if you are interested in this. Those that cannot start working on this project without milestones, this project is not for you. I will require ongoing progress before milestones are released. The quicker we have the website up the quicker you get paid.Thankyou for taking the time to read through this information and I hope to work together with your team to achieve a great website. If you have any further questions regarding this project please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • $555 USD Mar 16, 2014

    Background: I want to create a public API similar to this: API allows user to create a new, unique wallet address and when coins are transferred to the given wallet address, the API will call the user provided URL. But unlike, I want my API to support many coin types, not only bitcoin.The setup is: Server 1 is a web server running LAMP stack. Server 2 is a VPS server running any Linux distro you prefer, for example Debian. You will not be given access to either server, you must have your own test server(s).Your tasks are:1) Create an installation script that will automatically download, install and setup the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin clients to the server. The script must setup the coin software to start automatically with the system. The installation script can be made with any common scripting language. When I test your work, I will have a fresh installation of Linux running on Server 2 and I will run the script. After the script has run, the server 2 must be fully setup with no other configuration needed. The idea of the installation script is to provide an easy, hands-off method of installing the system to any new server (assuming the new server has the same Linux distro).2) Create the PHP code that will run on Server 1. The PHP code communicates with the coin software running in server 2 and allows the following coin related tasks to be performed (with either bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin):* Generation of new coin receiving address* Transfer of coins from the wallet to a given address* Checking how many coins a given receiving address has received and how many verifications does the transaction have. In case the receiving address has received more than one transaction, the code must return an array with the information per transaction (number of coins, number of verifications of that transaction).The checking of receiving address balance must work in a way the server 2 calls a PHP code in server 1 after a transaction has occurred. Not, in a way that the server 1 periodically calls the server 2 to ask if transactions have occurred.You are free to use any free, ready made libraries and software available. If your solution relies to any such software, please let me know when making your bid so I know that your bid and your solution is based on such libraries/software.

  • $833 USD Mar 15, 2014

    We want to start a own cryptocurrency like BitCoin or LiteCoin. We need a complete solution from you (peer to peer, mining software...).You can use the open source codes from: make only a bid if you are really expert for this kind of work.

  • $1111 USD Mar 15, 2014

    Hi, We would like to have created a website for a bitcoin lottery.Idea is the following: Users can come to the site and see how many bitcoins are in the pot (total amount of bitcoins). Users can upload bitcoins to the lottery (1% fee is deducted and send to other bitcoin adress).The amount that is uploaded will determine the change of winning. So that someone that uploads 1 bitcoin has more chance of winning then someone that uploads 0,2 bitcoin (example). Every week there will be a winner drawn (automatically) and payments will be made to the winner (minus 5% transaction fee send to other bitcoin address). So what needs to be done... website needs to be created. Scripting needs to be done. Automated payments need to be done.Users can sign up, login, view history and see the percentage of chance they have with their tickets. They can receive emails, and the winner is shown on the website until the next winner is drawn. So basicly an online lottery with garuanteed payout, all automated.

  • $3333 USD Mar 12, 2014

    Need a site created that works like or Poloniex.comFor user to trade ALT coin with BTC or BTC with ALT coin.NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, if you want upfront payment, please don"t bid this project. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, if you want upfront payment, please don"t bid this project. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, if you want upfront payment, please don"t bid this project. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, if you want upfront payment, please don"t bid this project. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, if you want upfront payment, please don"t bid this project. NO UPFRONT PAYMENT, if you want upfront payment, please don"t bid this project. Okay lets continue the spec .The site need to have the following- Able to trade BTC for another Alternate Coin , e.g Prime Coin, World coin etc.- Able to add new alternate coin for exchange- Able to set fees for each transaction.- Able to check how much fee money is made on a daily basis- Able to allow user to register & login, deposit and withdraw their alternate coin or bitcoin.- Able to transact trades without refreshing page ( javascript )*Chat feature is not required.- Nice Design is a bonus. Basic design is a must. - No release of milestone until milestone work is done. - No first payment in advance.- No bidding on the project for e.g 12 days and later on turn out to be 18 days

  • $150 USD Mar 10, 2014

    lets talk on skype maybe i have some few works for you i need some fewquestions please skype meavihai.kidartoda raba :)

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