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  • ₹5000.00 INR
    Profile image for Seller msa539bdf8984a6a

    msa539bdf8984a6a [ Incomplete Report ]

    27 days ago

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:Hi need some one to code the vrp problem given in attached file and solving it using ga and matlab. my budget iis $100
  • $210.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller bradoz


    May 24, 2014

    Project was great you should improve on communication. But youre a trustyworthy individual which slightly caters for he communication.

    Project Description:Deploying sensors within an area as objects
  • $157.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller eralpsener


    May 14, 2014

    Great programmer, makes the work on time. I will definitely work with MegaMindsTm again

    Project Description:Hello vietcompro. I need a matlab program that produces electrical signals like harmonics, sag, swell. Then transforms them using Hilbert-huang transform. After frequency transformation, classify them using SVM...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sharksoft


    May 3, 2014

    The work received was done in excellence. Everything agreed upon was fulfilled. Very nice personality to deal with.

    Project Description:Matlab built in function "eval" is very slow. The project aim is to convert a string made up of mathematical functions and evaluate the result value but doing this without using the "eval" built in function.
  • $88.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller careerguide15


    Apr 13, 2014

    Excellent work

    Project Description:Please see the attached details . Please go through it and let me know in case you have any query.
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller careerguide15


    Mar 29, 2014

    Excellent work

    Project Description:Attached is the complete detail.
  • $166.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller hayatamora2000

    hayatamora2000 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 29, 2013

    I gave him many projects, his work not satisfactory and has very bad connection. I do not recommend anyone to work with him

    Project Description:I want some one who can write a code code for PAPR reduction scheme by appling Partial transmit sequences (PTS) and Weigthed OFDM Scheme to CPM-OFDM signal, my target is perfection and easiness. The code...
  • $100.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller hayatamora2000


    Oct 12, 2013

    Amazing, but he should have a good communication next time

    Project Description:I want someone to write a PSK-OFDM( BPSK, QPSK, and QAM) code to compute PAPR for number of subcarrierrs 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1nd 1024 in the same code for number of block= 10^5. after you done and get...
  • $143.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller hayatamora2000


    Oct 10, 2013

    The best freelancer ever I dealt with. The only thing I do not like is his bad connection

    Project Description:Write a code for OFDM-CPM FIRST to compute PAPR, then apply SLM reduction scheme to it in separate code also compute PAPR again to see the differences. you can use MSK and choose h= 0.5. quality and simplicity...
  • $80.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller hayatamora2000


    Sep 14, 2013

    Excellent, I will hire him again.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone who has skills in OFDM-CPM reduction schemes. In this project I need a code which is use at first CPM ( Continuous phase Modulation) to compute PAPR, after that I want him or her to apply PTS (partial transmit sequences) to it to compute PAPR again to see which better,...
    MegaMindsTm has not completed any projects.
  • $80 USD In Progress

    simply : need to design a simulation program using MATLAB for detecting moving vehicles at night and...all information are in the attached file. further description will be given after hiring

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Create simple matlab GUIGui can communicate with serial port , it can plot graph versus time from serial incoming streamserial stream will be just an integer valueGUI has two buttons , one to start plotting and one to stop plotting

  • £200 GBP In Progress

    Develop /Code the given small cell cellular network topolgy in MATLAB implementing the shortest path selection Algorithm in it for data,voice .video transfer

  • $200 USD In Progress

    In this project base station cooperation technique going to use to reduce power consumption in the base station.I want to program a scenario below using matlab software:where there are two or more WiMAX base stations in adjacent cells, and one WRAN base station in another cell. all WiMAX base stations are in same cell with WRAN base station. IEEE 802.22 WRAN(TVWS) used in the project where it has same characteristics of Cognitive Radio. Where it will check the channel availability and traffic load before it decide to switch off base station that under low traffic load. After simulating this scenario in matlab i expect to have 10 plots result (e.g. Time Vs. traffic load, Energy Vs. Time, System load Vs. Average switching off BSs, and .....)For more details please refer to the attached file.Any inquiries please pm me Thanks

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hi,Please find attached a document describing the MATLAB coding required. I require Questions One and Three solved. Question One involves developing a numerical model using the finite difference approach to solve the Laplace equation using the Gauss-Seidel iterative approach.Question Three involves developing a 1-D implicit numerical model using the finite difference approach to approximate the solution to the parabolic diffusion equation. Please respond with a approximate quote and achievable deadline.

  • $750 USD Today

    Writing a Matlab code using Monte Carlo method for gamma interaction to predict what types of interaction and how many photons were interacted with the material. For more details please read the attached file and contact me.

  • ₹12222 INR Today

    Hello,Osteoporosis detection using neural network

  • $250 USD Today

    hi .. i would like to work with you.. i have a paper in image processing how to remove an object and i have the code of it in matlab.. i need to improve this paper and make it works better to be our work.. so could you help me and improve it.thanks

  • ₹12222 INR Today

    Hello,Osteoporosis detection using neural network

  • $222 USD Today

    Hi I need matlab code for application of skeleton image extractionHere: ten of these features is a group of four feature distance or resultsdistance measurement is as follows:• Distance of the front foot to back foot heel (F7)• Hands up the front of the shaft center of the chest (F8)• Hand back up the shaft center of the chest (F9)• Hand front to the back of the hand (F10)As for the other six features a corner group or outcomeangle measurement is as follows:• Front knee angle (F1)• Front ankle angle (F2)• Rear ankle angle (F3)• Rear knee angle (F4)• Front arm elbow angle (F5)• Rear arm elbow angle (F6)NoDescriptionInterval (°)1F1100° - 135°2F250° - 120°3F380° - 100°4F4100° - 180°5F560° - 180°6F670° - 160°NoDescriptionInterval (cm)1F725-402F85-253F95-274F1010-40

  • $133 USD Yesterday

    We need a short, 3-5 second animation sequence as follows: A person stands facing about 45% away from the camera. The distance to the person is such that they consume about 2/3 of the frame.The person turns their head toward the camera, looks at it, smiles, and says "hi".requirements: 1. the work must be original, i.e. you have complete rights to provide it in satisfaction of this agreement 2. we get a permanent, worldwide, irrevocable right to use it when/where/however we need to. This is exclusive for 6 months, i.e. you won"t use it yourself or sell it or distribute it to anyone, anyhow, anywhere. After 6 months you can use/sell it as well. Our license is perpetual. 3. the person is a girl appearing to be in her 20"s. She must be attractive in a girl-next-door kind of way, but not glamorous. Her clothes reveal her figure which is trim/normal (not heavy, not skinny). Other than informing the viewer that she is not fat/skinny, the clothes are not revealing. There is nothing sexually suggestive about the animation - no excessive cleavage or huge breasts etc. 4. The animation is a minimum of three seconds in length, and no more than 5 seconds. 5. You do not need to provide audio, just mouth animation consistent with her saying "hi"

  • $60 USD Yesterday

    Please see the attached files. Please go through it and let us know in case you have any query

  • $7000 USD 15 days ago

    I need to predict bit occurrence from past bit string.I have a past bit string. it seems to be made from random bit generator.From the past string, need to predict next bit occurrence.I will give 2 part of bit string. one is past bit string, and another is one that must be predicted from past bit string by some formulas or model.i need a algorithm, not software.I am looking for skillful mathematics experts, especially, expert of random bit prediction.up to 80% of predict probability is OK.add 2 files , one is bit string generated in the past, another is one to be predicted from the past data.

  • $1111 USD 27 days ago

    I would like to use a free software application to be run on my uni server, this application works as a simulator for Eng students, I would like students to access to this app via their PC, also I want to design an application Android to make it tun as well ( this called simulation lab). this is long term project, when I finish from this part I will move to another work which is designing and implementing a remote lab( later on will send you the details )If you think you can do this work I am happy to work with youThis is My Master project, as provide all necessary information I would like to use a free software application to be run on my uni server, this application works as a simulator for Eng students, I would like students to access to this app via their PC, also I want to design an application Android to make it tun as well ( this called simulation lab)These links help u to understand well, this is need really good programmer, otherwise its just wasting time : is a good example : This one maybe we can take idea about it:

  • RM485 MYR 28 days ago

    The advent of video technology has open the door for various other applications related to the understanding of video contents. Sport is one of the many applications that has benefited from this advancement. Video technology has in recent years been used to assist coaches as well as the players themselves in monitoring performances particularly in training. Instead of having to analyze video recordings of players" moves, video recordings are used as a tool to analyze players" movements or actions. Nowadays, video analysis is developing by being able to automatically generate meaning to temporal information of a tennis-related action. The demand of this project is to develop a technique to recognize simple tennis moves (i.e. jumping, squatting, directional movements, etc.) based on depth sensing.

  • ₹1700 INR 28 days ago

    It is project for developing code for MATLAB software to do Adaptive filter simulation,

  • $80 USD 29 days ago

    The details are attached.It needs to be done in matlab.

  • $210 USD Jun 7, 2014

    process the images for fingerprint and match it with the database that we have .

  • £789 GBP Jun 7, 2014

    Goals and Objectives Goals The main aim of this project is to use an mm-wave application band to design a smart antenna for WLAN with steering capability for changing its radiation pattern. The antenna will be of the monopole type. By using the mm wave band, more than one antenna can be located in the device due to the small size of devices and this high frequency (60 GHz). By integrating more than one antenna, the gain of the RP will be improved, and the more elements that can be integrated, the more efficient the device would be. The goal is also to evaluate the re-use of the signal spatial to improve RP. Objectives The objective of this project is to design two dimensional monopole array antenna with the capability of beam forming and beam steering at mm wave frequency for WLAN application. This will allow users to have a higher data rate emitting from the device. The design will be achieved using software tools, rather hardware techniques. Moreover, the MATLAB simulation toolbox will be used. To achieve this objective, the following will be conducted:•An in-depth study of the recent publications in the field of mm-wave applications;•Having a good knowledge of all the techniques that are used for 60GHz and other frequencies;•Understanding all the challenges facing RF engineers in designing mm-wave applications;•Cost effective design and Ease of Manufacture;•Focus on using software techniques to manipulate the radiation pattern, rather than using hardware techniques. Methodology Project Investigation Developing the project and achieving the desirable design requires good planning. Ostensibly, the more specific the objectives, the more successful the outcome would be. Smart technique will be used as a tool to focus on the recent development, literature review, and design optimization in order to achieve the required results. Smart techniques stand for the following: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time bound. IEEE will be the main source of information. The keywords listed at the beginning of this report will be used to conduct the research while focusing on the main objective. MATLAB MATLAB Software signal process package will be used to model the antenna design and analyze the results of the radiation pattern [16] and [17]. MATLAB is a powerful tool that will be used to model the antenna design configuration. MATLAB is the one most broadly used mathematical computing tool. It is a friendly tool. If time permits, HFSS software will be used to compare the MATLAB results with HFSS results.

  • $140 USD May 28, 2014

    I have to do a project in Matlab: A simulation of transmission chain using different types of channels like channels affected by noise,channels which are not affected by noise, channels with fading,phase noise model,frequency response model and others.

  • $500 USD Apr 24, 2014

    I need an algorithm (A) to solve a real problem. Existent solutions are welcome. We need a final key (K) based on PIN (P). However, the PIN owner must be able to change it´s PIN (which has from 0 up to 20 ASCII characters), but the key can not be changed. So, the algorithm must be able to do something like an operation with intermediate key (I) in the following way:K = ( I ) A (P)So, if I change the PIN, the algorithm must calculate a new intermediate key but keep the final key. Final key must be also an UNIQUE identifier for each owner. This way we will have lot of owners of final keys, each one with a different final key and different passwords intermediate keys and also different PIN, however for every one, the PIN can be changed and intermediate key recalculated, but keep final keys.Security is very relevant for this project. It can not be possible to get final key only with intermediate key or only with PIN - both must be given to calculate final key.Budget depends on proposed solution. If need entire algorithm programming, budget is higher. If use existing solution, budget is lower.

  • £222 GBP Apr 4, 2014

    The project needs to be a c++ code that constructs an Evolutionary Algorithm using a Gaussian Process for the fitness evaluation. Needs to be implemented:- Fittness Evaluation/Fitness Functiton = Gaussian Process- Rosenberg Function- Genetic Variations - e.g Reproduction, mutation etc- Graphs can be represented in matlabImportant:-Needs to be done in less than 2 weeks

  • $150 USD Apr 1, 2014

    Hi I am looking to incorporate a cct in simulink

  • $277 USD Nov 1, 2013

    Project Description: I want a Matlab codes simulation on signal processing for a paper attached herewith for reference.The key deliverable I am looking forward to is :1. Algorithm flow2.Matlab code files (.m files) (for all figures and tables)3. Description of codes / report explaining the functioning and output inference4. Project Report

  • $555 USD Oct 31, 2013

    Hi GuysMy name is toshi from japanI am looking for Freelance who is able to make kids drawing 3D printing datawe really do not care your career very muchwe want one who is /has1) honest person2) sense more than CAD skill3) able to make 3D printing data like photo quality5) able to make one animal 3D data for $30 (if complicated one of couse we can pay more)4) kids lovewe cannnot work together if there is no trust relationnship with people 1 is important us more than skillThank you very much!p.s.i am sorry for people who were bidding my old request

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