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Expert in Microcontroller And Electronic And Matlab

Username: MikroStar

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Member since: February 2012



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10 users have recommended this freelancer.

  • $850 USD
    Profile image for Seller polite1


    Feb 4, 2014

    He is probably the best freelancer i had the opportunity to work with, he delivers what he promises and explains everything in detail about each and every part of the project. I hope to work with him again, I ighly recommend him,

    Project Description:Designing a wind farm model on matlab connected to grid . each turbine 3 MW PMSG generator............................................................................................................................................
  • $3800 USD
    Profile image for Seller technotommy


    Jan 30, 2014

    I am very very impressed with Mikrostar. This was a very urgent project and Mikrostar did everything possible to deliver on time.....very impressive! Email communication was excellent.....emails included pictures of progress at various stages and even video! I will use this developer again and I recommend this developer highly!

    Project Description:Please see the attached AutoCad project and see the details below. Please note that this project requires 150 units to be produced (PCB + component assembly). So your bid means that you will design and construct this component for us...
  • $2500 USD
    Profile image for Seller kolbinter


    Oct 29, 2013

    Great specialist! Offered the best solution, pretty good price - all the way was online and showing the progress on video and pics. Will defenately hire him again!

    Project Description:Need 3 game controllers for android tablet pc on bluetooth or usb interface The controller is mounted into a pissoir (like here - so should be made with...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller alpinedev


    Oct 19, 2013

    Great work. Lots of pictures with status updates throughout the project. Project finished on time, on budget, shipped product exactly when he said and it arrived when he said. Definitely would hire again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $650 USD
    Profile image for Seller BIOMEDESQCEO


    Sep 25, 2013

    Very capable and skilled engneer

    Project Description:R Door Entry Alarm requirements; Two Settings 1ST Setting 1. Two IR beams 2. Upper and Lower IR beam interrupted same time = no Alarm or Stop Alarm 3. Only Lower IR beam interrupted = Alarm 4. Only Upper IR beam interrupted = stop Alarm 5...
  • $1200 USD
    Profile image for Seller zradman1


    Aug 29, 2013

    I am very pleased with MikroStar and the work he provided. He understood the complexity of my project, evaluated previous data, and helped me understand what was feasible based on current technology. I look forward to using him on future projects.

    Project Description:Initial research of the feasible ideas andnpossible improvements in the previous design.nOutcome: small draft on the ideas andnimprovements which can be made in the designnand discussing them on skype.
  • $850 USD
    Profile image for Seller andrew1056


    Jul 19, 2013

    Great freelancer. First design in simulation didn't work in real life so he quickly made some changes and fixed it.

    Project Description:I need a schematic and pcb designed with the following criteria which can be amended after we discuss what is and isn't doable. Designed in Eagle Convert +/- X volts into 0-5 volts (or whatever the...
  • $750 NZD
    Profile image for Seller isaac58


    Jul 12, 2013

    Professional with excellent communication, i will still use him again.

    Project Description:make a prototype of an online avr voltage stabilizer using 18F4523. the bidder will review schematics/pcb and the components and buil the prototype. he can make changes where necessary. power rating...
  • $347.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller rubinc


    Jul 6, 2013

    Good work, may reconsider hiring Muhamed!Was helpful in understanding how the project can be improved, delivery and presentation was good.

    Project Description:I am looking for solution to reboot ASUS Nexus 7 tablet solely from USB power. If USB power is turned off tablet to shutdown, and boot up again only when USB power is on. Prefer the battery to be still connected, but don't mind disconnecting it if you have a solution that works well...
  • $273 AUD
    Profile image for Seller izzy123456


    Jul 1, 2013

    best freelancer so far......

    Project Description:coding for GA that will be implemented in the inverter. expert in coding is a must.. Complete it in less than 4 days.. All details will be provided later.
    MikroStar has not completed any projects.
  • $4500 USD In Progress

    Tiny RGB LED controlled by single switch button and audio MIC. Please see attached file for details.

  • $7000 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1900 USD In Progress

    Stabilize the network by using several control techniques 000 and then create our own design. when a fault is occurred 000 condenser will do the job quickly .IEEE case -- different loads

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $2500 USD In Progress

    I would like a board with 16 inputs (or an option for 32 inputs). I would like to be able to configure the inputs to accept 1. PT100 temperature probe 2. J Type thermocouple 3. K Type thermocouple 4. Thermistor temperature probe 10k at 25C 5. 0..10v I would like a muliplexer chip so that I can then select an input for the boards output. I would like to be able to configure the voltage of the output to be 0 to 5v or 0 to 3.3v. Power supply to be 24vdc With regards to the 0 to 10v input. The source can be a frequency drive and can therefore create noise interference. Therefore would it be practical that these inputs are on a seperature board or isolated in someway so that the noise does not transfer to the board. Currently this board will be connected to an Arduino Mega. Experience from our own proto type is that communicating the output with a voltage is also susceptible to noise. Therefore would it be better to communicate using a bus method such as SPI, If your proposal can consider this then we would also require C# code to assist for integration into our proto type system. Input/Output terminal, channel select and power to be screw terminals.

  • $850 USD Today

    i,m going to hook up a fan and light to electronic circuit that will control the light and the fan by the phone by pressing specifics numbers on the phone. the instructor is attached with the drawing which you have to draw it by computer, truth table, and block diagram. if you have any question let me know also if you need any thing tell me exactly what you want

  • $30000 USD Today

    We buy IP rights and completed documentation of SMPS 85-265VAC/216W/24VDC with PFC.Specification is attached.Contractor provide:- full design documentation (CAD/CAM source files)- production documentation (drawings, gerbers, BOM, etc.)- compilance test reports- reliability and endurance test reports- samples (5 units)IP transfer agreement will be mandatory.Full final payment only.

  • $2500 USD Today

    I need a control device designed. I need schematic done and also PCB layout as well. I am attaching 2 pictures which explain what the device is all about.Feel free to contact me anytime and ask what ever you need to ask. Once you quote it, please message me with info on price for each section, schematic and PCB layout. Also please advise how fast can you do it ?

  • $4500 USD Today

    Thank you for taking the time to read this project.We are a company that currently have solution that we sell to our customers. We need to develop a software solution, to offer a complete package to our customers.Software must be able to do the following:Read RFID card (from a connected rfid reader (usb or similar connection). When rfid card is read, check it against a database (preferably local mysql)Control a USB driven controller board that sends 12 volt impulses to the hardware we supplySoftware must idealy be written for windows operative systemSoftware must be able through a hardware interface to "read" when an event is happening (door open/door closed) and save thisSoftware must be able to accept manual commands, to use the USB controller board to send the 12 volt impulseDeveloper must be able to recommend hardware to use for the project. Everything needs to be scalable, to accept up to 200 "impulses" per PC, but spread over several USB controllers off course.

  • €5000 EUR Today

    What do I need: a kind of speaker. After any acoustical signal (speech, clapping, knocking), the speaker should play an audio file. this files i want to upload via usb.

  • [Sealed] Today

    Project involves the layout of an LED light engine and the design of touch switch controlled constant current regulator for same LED light engine:- PCB Layout of LED light engine. - Allegro A8510 constant current regulator (or similar) to be used- ATMEL capacitive touch controller (or similar) to be usedKnowledge of best practices for thermal sinking of mid-power and high-power LEDs to PCB required. Design for EMI reduction required.

  • $3500 USD Today

    I need a design for a optical fingerprint scanner preferably that can read a fingerprint; I need the design of the fingerprint scanner which can then be used to unlock a vehicle. The fingerprint scanner needs to be designed and implemented to a vehicle. Report needs to show how the artefact will be designed and how it will be implemented including programming and coding.

  • $6500 USD Today

    You would be creating a system for interfacing a GMRS / FRS transceiver with a MCU such as a PIC32 or similar. The software application on the PC side or on the embedded browser of the MCU must allow for control of the GMRS / FRS transceiver. Such as audio, mic, freq selection, and other control aspects.

  • $850 USD Today

    Need to develop technical presentation of project used to indicate stall warning system using Arduino, Gyro, LED, and LCD. Need full attention into making this deployment work properly.Additional Project Description: We want to only monitos Pitch angle using analog gyroscope and simulate speed in knots using analog potentiometer.We require a full understanding of Stall Warning based on the following helpful links "to and from" wire specs required.

  • $6800 USD Today

    Dear workerI need someone who can deliver me a frequency generator, called F14 as electronic solution.I need a electronical engineer which is able to deliver me a circuit board (Eagle format) with electronic on it. Virtual only.I have an audio synthisizer (wave generator from computer) and can create all wave signals from 100Hz to 10KHz. That is the input which drives your electronic.Your electronic receives the audio signal and interpret the wave form as binary values (250Hz = zero, 2500Hz = one). By interpreting these values as Bit, we can program your device, called F14 frequency generator.The F14 frequency generator will output a wave form signal as rectangle from 10Hz until 3Mhz with an peak to peak amplitude to 28V.The device will be driven by 5V only. DC converter is needed.The endprice for this product, case included should be below $30.- for production. Each item should cost me < $30.- for electronic and board and case. Quantity of 100. See the attachment.If you want to bid for this project, please write your microprocessor you want to use and please repeat in your words the project shortly.

  • $4500 AUD Today

    I am designed a location device for my childrenHas specific issues to deal with ...1 - simple GPS location chip2 - ankle bracelet3 - SIM card for sending location data to the cloud4 - motion sensor chip to conserve power - - ie device only operates if its been moved5 - kinetic charging device to charge up battery6 - solar is additional possibility but the ankle location probably means it won&quot;t work wellI need an electronics engineer to help me pull this device togetherI will then connect it up to the PARENT appAt this stage I am hoping to get some simple designs together to see if it is feasbile to charge the battery sufficiently with the kinetic charger

  • $1500 USD Today

    Hello,I have a project and I need to write a code in matlab that will do what it describes in the following article.It is a genetic algorithm to find for example between 100 boxes (with dimensions) the best way to insert them in a larger box (container).

  • $2500 USD Today

    Looking for electronic to design:\r\n\r\nPID controller to control Peltier cell. \r\nPeltier cell: 12 V 6A\r\ninput1: 0-5VDC (linear voltage)\r\ninput2: 0-5VDC (linear voltage)\r\n output1: pulse voltage to control single 6A peltier cell (cooling only no heating)\r\noutput2: alarm if out of range\r\n\r\nController needs to be equipped with a display showing actual value and set value and time of total hours controller was powered on. \r\n\r\nNeeded buttons for: \r\n- cycling between values\r\n- setting up SET value\r\n- setting values for sensor \r\n

  • $8500 USD Today

    Hi, I need a product designed that is very similar to the Sandisk Connect wireless flash drive. I would like the device to operate the exact same way, however, instead of using a MicroSD as the storage unit. I would like the storage unit fixed to the pcb. Would you be able to design something like this?

  • $3500 USD Today

    I have a program running on arduino or ebed platform with a text based interface to a PC through a serial port and terminal application on PC. Program is pretty simple with a few menu option and simple execution of code. Interface is bidirectional, user provides info, and info is provided to used by arduino. I am looking to make the interface to this program to a touch based graphical interface. I would like to have an app written for android tablet that will do very basic graphic conversion of this program. Tablet would talk to arduino through either USB port (can be bluetooth as well, but not necessary). Program consists of a few buttons: calibrate system, run system, enter height, enter weight, etc. Each button has a very simple routine that is executed (state diagram is very simple). Would like to add a nice background and company logo etc. Key to project is being able to do simple Android app with graphics that can communicate bidirectionally with arduino or mbed platform. Everything is linear and no critical timing events needed.

  • $650 CAD 2 days ago

    I have a design for the helmet, I need it for DJ performances (think Daft Punk, deadmau5) let me know if you can manufacture it!

  • $650 USD 2 days ago

    i need someone to help me in the project i will give you the paper and i want you to answer me if you are capable to do it for me before we talk about the money .I have 4 days before the due date and i want to see your work as soon as possible.

  • $1500 USD 2 days ago

    We need to quickly draw a PCB within the area supplied. We are providing you with a schematic and a draft of PCB for you to draw.Interactions will be: show component placement to confirm with manufacturing, draw all electrical connections and then document with the source files all the work done including the gerbers for production.We are used to work with Altium Designer and we prefer to stay with it. If you work with other soft, you should be able to export it for us. The circuit is an arduino-compatible device but has other connectors. We are usign PCI-e but there are no high speed data lines.

  • $1800 USD 2 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $70 USD/hr 2 days ago

    This small project requires very basic wireless control function of a small rc servo. The project requires a single button transmitter with battery power supply to communicate with a base station that controls the RC servo. Range of the transmitter will be 10M. Basically it is a repackaging of an rc car control system on a single servo. This project needs to have consideration for production. Will need a working prototype built as part of this project. Transmitter: Compact battery powered control of base station. Single button on transmitter to control servo. Button needs to be able to control the servo like a throttle. Wake up transmitter when button pushed. Sleep timer 2 min after activationWireless communications cannot interfere with 457 kHz systems. Transmitter pairing to base station needs to be simple. Transmitter may need to be replaced so simple paring in critical. 10Meter wireless range. Ideally transmitter should not require battery charging or replacement for 2 years. Base station:Toggle switch to power up base station from 12V power supply. Beeping signal to indicate system powered up. 10 sec intervalReceives signal from transmitter to control RC servo Approx 30 Degrees of position used on servo. 10 meter communication with transmitter. When communication fails system should detect loss of transmitter and power off the base station until the system power has been cycled on/off Via toggle switchServo fail close to original start positionBase station should have ability to adjust the trim on the servo. Compact size is desired, will need considerations for vibration and the elements. Ideally product would have temp rating to - 30 Degrees. Thanks

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Embedded System Designer

Aug 2008 - Present (5 years)



Electrical Engineering



PCB Layout



Touch Screen interfacing