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Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, PHP and much more...

Username: Naseem065

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Location: Karachi, Pakistan

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My projects:

  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller suprchic66


    4 days ago

    Excellent communication and super fast response time. Would definitely work with again.

    Project Description:I have an .eps vector graphic that I purchased from a stock photography site. I would like to edit (replace) the text in the file which includes curved text. I'm not proficient in Illustrator, so I'd like someone to help me with this...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Rients


    8 days ago

    Well done, thanks!

    Project Description:I have a e-book cover and you need to make a nice e-book 3D image from with, preferably with Cover Action Pro.
  • $25.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller duncanj500


    10 days ago

    Thank you, good work. I am sure there will be some other jobs similar to this soon!

    Project Description:I need print ready artwork pdfs for 2 business cards, 1 letter head and 1 compliment slip. I have the design already done roughly and attached as a pdf here. The artwork must match the design exactly. I want pdf's that are ready to print...
  • $132.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hyrys


    10 days ago

    Absolutely brilliant service. Speed and quality of project beyond expectation

    Project Description:I have this game done in html and javascript so if you can help I can send you the html/javascript code so you know what you have to do through flash/actionscript. Its a simple card game which displays a random deck of cards onscreen but only 51 cards will show as one is randomly removed each game...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller JeanFin


    10 days ago

    Hard worker.

    Project Description:Edit several images, change size, crop from background and create several badges images (inspired in military).
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Therealdanielkim


    12 days ago

    Great work.

    Project Description:Attached is our current Company Logo. I do not have the raw file of this for a new website. The current file is very small and has the grey background. I need this logo remade, font and company logo colors to match as closely as possible, to a high resolution file with a white background...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Thato1010


    13 days ago

    I'm very impressed the work was done well and his communication was on point, thanks a lot, I'm a happy customer<br/>

    Project Description:We are creating a digital magazine, so we currently have the content in PDF format, and in photoshop. I need help to add the content to indesign, this should be a quick job if you are familiar with photoshop...
  • £30.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller Almassey


    14 days ago

    Amazing work, took my initial design, and ideas and created a very nice, professional logo within hours for a very small fee.Remained in contact throughout the whole process.Highly recommend.

    Project Description:I have designed my own logo for my business. I&#039;d like it professionally tweaked and made to be used for Facebook picture, business cards, website, banners, flyers and vehicle signage.
  • $59.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller plavelle33


    18 days ago

    Great work and fast turnaround!

    Project Description:I have 124 PDF files with images. Some of the PDF files have multiple images. I need these images extracted in a high quality, standard format (JPEG, PNG, etc.).
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller suhailaq


    Jun 27, 2014

    He is excellent ! provide me on time fastest delivery . i'll hire him again in future &amp; recommend to every one<br/>

    Project Description:i have some banners in adobe i want someone give me export Gif format file under 150kb with good quality ! urgent !
    Naseem065 has not completed any projects.
  • $55 USD In Progress

    I have four pdf files (92 pages to 160 pages) I would like the following changes made:1. On two - I would like the margins adjusted so approximately 50% of the white space is eliminated2. On one - I would like page numbers added3. On another I would like 4 tables rotated from landscape to portrait and would like three pages moved to different positions in the book.1-2 day turnaround time would be appreciated.RegardsDylan

  • $25 USD In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for a professional order form template for my new company that&quot;s editable for upgrades at a later date.

  • $60 AUD In Progress

    I have 6 images of a growing flower that I need animated. This is to be used as a welcome page for a website, so it needs to be viewed on both desktop and mobile so it cannot be flash.The file I have is adobe illustrator so its vector so you can mould it to work in an animation. It will not loop, so it must just grow.

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    40 page children&quot;s book design converted to adobe Indesign..currently in publisher and converted to PDF doc. So you can see exact design scheme. Illustrations are in Adobe Photoshop and text in word. I need this self published children&quot;s book to be converted to a document in Indesign and to be uploaded to createspace. Or emailed to me for upload to createspace. Seeking someone who has experience with picture books and it&quot;s design. This book has been created in publisher however publisher is limited and would rather have it converted to a more appropriate program. If you have another suggestion I am open. All illustrations and design concept are done, I am seeking only the convention of the document into a more professional program suitable for a children&quot;s picture book.

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I need doc to be edited in PDF via illustrator

  • $270 USD In Progress

    this is a private project for naseem065 as per the discussion

  • $220 USD In Progress

    I have an old flash game written in Actionscript and using old flash timeline methods and need it updated to Actionscript 3.0. OOP (mobile / tablet App friendly).Add comments throughout the code to explain what does what.I&quot;ll need to be able to test it and work through any problems with you as the controls might have to be different. Or adapt it so it does work.There will be more actionscript 3.0 work for the right person.There isn&quot;t a big rush on this project so am willing to be patient for the right person.

  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    I need an ActionScript experienced developer to modify some simple educational games made in flashI need only experienced-proof developers and a high level of commitment is a must, much of the code you will be implementing are just modifications of the existing one and we are using some well known libraries as TweenLite for some small animations, nothing too complexThe target of those games are mobile devices, I&quot;m attaching a sample of the source code of one of them (there are 3 games) we use XML for declaring some external resources (audio and images)... Right now those are playable, the purpose of the games is to enroll children to the learning of the spanish language.The modifications for those games are not too complex and can rely on what&quot;s already doneAny questions please ask

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    [8:05:17 PM] binoj george: hi[8:05:20 PM] binoj george: this is you right[8:09:17 PM] muhamad.nasim: yes[8:14:46 PM] binoj george: ok, i am going to award you the job[8:15:23 PM] muhamad.nasim: i must see the document(s) to understand project scope[8:15:48 PM] muhamad.nasim: bid amount/time depends on project scope[8:15:54 PM] binoj george: its just editing few things on invoice[8:16:09 PM] muhamad.nasim: 1 PDF invoice[8:16:18 PM] binoj george: no way[8:16:33 PM] binoj george: whatever i wrote in the instructins[8:17:30 PM] muhamad.nasim: that is what I said.. I need to see it[8:17:41 PM] muhamad.nasim: please also read my bid[8:18:24 PM] binoj george: simple invoice , you might have to change 5 to 6 numbers[8:18:34 PM] binoj george: might take 5 minutes to do one[8:18:59 PM] muhamad.nasim: 5-6 numbers in total? you mentioned 50 pages[8:19:19 PM] binoj george: 5 to 6 numbers or text per invoice[8:19:37 PM] binoj george: this is ongoing work, i will have this kind of work for you going forward[8:21:44 PM] muhamad.nasim: so you will send me 1 PDF containing 50 pages, each page is an invoice and I change 5-6 numbers on each invoice?[8:22:37 PM] binoj george: no i will send you up to 50 invoices of 1 page[8:22:52 PM] binoj george: on this page you will have to made few edits[8:22:54 PM] binoj george: that is all[8:23:05 PM] muhamad.nasim: you mentioned they are printouts[8:23:16 PM] binoj george: the are pdf files[8:23:21 PM] muhamad.nasim: are they scanned documents?[8:23:34 PM] muhamad.nasim: pdf from scanned document?[8:23:40 PM] binoj george: no pdf files[8:23:46 PM] muhamad.nasim: ok[8:23:53 PM] muhamad.nasim: I can do this for $50[8:23:54 PM] binoj george: which you will have to edit with adobe[8:24:01 PM] muhamad.nasim: or $1 per pdf[8:25:01 PM] binoj george: you placed a bid for 30 rigth[8:25:19 PM] muhamad.nasim: right[8:25:24 PM] muhamad.nasim: please read my offer[8:25:26 PM] muhamad.nasim: Hello, I am interested in your project and request some details. Can you please show me some of the printouts with all details to see actual scope of work. Bid might be revised after I get the requested info. Thank you[8:26:13 PM] binoj george: have some adobe printout that have wrong numbers i need these edited .have about 50 of these prinout that need the numbers changedprobably need adobe licence or down load a temporary licence[8:26:25 PM] binoj george: how is this different from what we just discussed[8:26:49 PM] muhamad.nasim: here there is no mention how many instances have to be changed per page[8:27:38 PM] muhamad.nasim: also there is confusion with the word &quot;printout&quot;[8:31:47 PM] binoj george: so if i need just one i will create a milestone payment of 1 dollars and release this when i get the document[8:32:24 PM] binoj george: if i need 5 then i will create one for 5 so on[8:34:33 PM] muhamad.nasim: that way, you need to create an hourly project.. accepting your current project, I will have to pay $4 fee to freelancer as soon as I accept the job[8:34:44 PM] muhamad.nasim: brb... 20 mins[9:08:40 PM] muhamad.nasim: here[9:09:14 PM] binoj george: so you want me to create another job for hourly[9:09:42 PM] muhamad.nasim: if it is less than 50 pdfs, then I will prefer hourly[9:10:13 PM] binoj george: its an ongoing project[9:10:24 PM] binoj george: like tomorrow i just need 1 done[9:10:41 PM] muhamad.nasim: ok[9:11:13 PM] binoj george: so how will that work with hourly[9:12:12 PM] muhamad.nasim: you mean how to post hourly project?[9:12:31 PM] binoj george: no[9:13:11 PM] muhamad.nasim: ok then you hire me for an hourly project and set up milestone according to the number of pages you want edited[9:13:22 PM] muhamad.nasim: i send you edited pages and you release the money[9:13:42 PM] binoj george: ok let me do that now

  • $69 USD In Progress

    I need a php guru I can contact whenever I need custom work done for my clients. Most my sites use WordPress.Right now I need help with a custom made time booking system on my clients wordpress site. Problem 1: When making a booking the notification email sent to admin is not working. No email is received.Problem 2: Booked bookings and old bookings need to disappear from the worpdress admin interface. Now they don&quot;t do that.I will send more detailed information and logins later.

  • R555 ZAR Yesterday

    Hi thereYou must illustrate the image attached.The image is not so clear but please have a look and let us know your thoughts

  • $250 USD Yesterday

    We need a photoshop export for ongoing work. We need photo editing, this includes cutting out the background of items, and using photoshop masks to change the color of the items (for apparel) to show different colors without the need for photographing different color items.We will transmit files by FTP. We will maintain one FTP folder for photos that need work, and you will upload completed photos to another folder. We hope to have a deposit account with the selected person and when we use the balance of the account, we deposit more funds. This way there is no need to bill for each photograph or set of photographs as done and you can work at your convenience.Please bid on this project on a per photo basis. It is not easy for us to provide exact volume at this time as our needs are ongoing, based on the amount of merchandise being purchased for the season.

  • $15 USD Yesterday

    Unfortunately, the blue part of the logo attached is quite assymmetric. That shall be changed - good chance for people to earn a review fast!The original size of the logo will be provided to the awarded person at Monday.

  • $611 USD Yesterday

    Need Codeigniter Developer to build a website

  • $389 USD 3 days ago

    1- Flash player take too much time to play video if no ad is received from google.2- Implement video ads every after 4 minutes in flash and HTML5 both when the video is played, either LIVE or VOD and at the end of the video too. The video should stop Ad display and then video resume from same position.3- POST ad count to my webservices per unique id

  • $30 USD 3 days ago

    I have 50 pictures that have been photographed against a white background, but I need someone to make the background 100% pure white. I need someone to pay close attention to the models&quot; hair. Also, please let me know how soon I can have all 50 pictures finished.

  • $30 USD 3 days ago

    I need some easy changes on a flash website. You have to change only some text, easy and fast job.

  • $166 USD 4 days ago

    Edit a 140 page, 6x9, indie publishing book. The editing for both style and grammar.

  • €30 EUR 5 days ago

    I am using a SWF file currently which I would like to replace with HTML5. What the SWF does is it will pull Photos from Google Picasa Web Album and displays that in a scrollable gallery with lightbox effect. As the photos are hosted externally with PWA, I would like to hear if there is a way to mask the actual Album Username and the Auth Key in the new HTML5 using any Scripting without PHP or DB needs. I would like to embed an Adsense 300x350 ad to the gallery box as well if that is with in Google Adsense TOS.

  • £50 GBP 5 days ago

    I have done a very rough drawing of what I want, I just need someone to draw this onto a computer for me.

  • $25 USD/hr 6 days ago

    We have a Flash based user interface for an online activity challenge (see ). Backend is .net. Our Flash coder has left so we need someone for ongoing regular small upgrades and then once a year we do large upgrades to the platform. The Flash code is complex so needs someone highly competent. If you are interested please advise and we will set up a test in next couple of weeks

  • £100 GBP 7 days ago

    Hello, I hope all is well. I am looking to get some very brief GIF&quot;s made, all which wont be more than 7 seconds long. They will be used on a website i am currently making. Also, ive already got all the line art made, all you guys need to do is animate and possibly add some more character and colour to the line art. I have already had one of the GIF&quot;s made, heres a link for it, this should give you an understanding of what we are looking for - Please see descriptions below. Send me your email and ill send you the line art we currently have. - We need a timeline showing a plug socket, the date in years going from 1800 to 2014, and appliances plugged into the switch which are changing and improving as time goes on. - We need a remote turning off all the appliances, just like the one i sent you a link of. - We need 2 briefly going through a few steps on an iPhone and iPad application. As shown on - We need a kid in a bed, walking to the toilet, light auto turn on, goes back to bed, light auto turns off. - We need a house and building, showing as the sun goes down and moon rises, light will automatically turn off. We also have a couple more that we need, in total we require 9 animations, however they are all extremely simple, we have all the line art for them, please see attached (could do with more character and colour etc). We will need them all on a transparent background to use on our website. See the one on for an example, just croll down and theres a mock up of an iPhone app in use. We have all the line art and iphone mock ups, all we require from you guys is to animate - You could also change the line art slightly too add some more character and colour, to make it more beautiful and not so boring. (we have a couple more line art pieces being created). Please let me know your thoughts and how much it would cost. I will need them done by the start of next week, i understand its very soon! I look forward to hearing from you, Kind regards, Yasser. Could possibly go more than amount given.

  • $15 AUD 7 days ago

    Just one photo - add some colour to make this sunrise more spectacular.

  • ₹11111 INR 7 days ago

    hello everybody ,we have a project on codeigniter .We have done with few coding part , but require spmeone who can complete the remaining part . The candidate should have good knowledge of codeigniter ..

  • £230 GBP 7 days ago

    Would like the following html theme converted into a Wordpress theme.

  • £34 GBP 8 days ago

    We have an existing catalogue, we need leaflets made up from catalogue. If we are happy with the outcome of leaflets we need to find someone who can do our catalogue also.

  • $30 USD 8 days ago

    Hi, I have four flash banner to be create, I already have the artwork and just requires to be re sized and to be changed as expandable ( as once the mouse goes on the normal banner its show the bigger size ) plus i need someone who can write something is arabic as well, thank you.

  • $30 USD 8 days ago

    i would like to have building paint with colors from shirwin williams colors chart

  • $15 USD 8 days ago

    Dear friends, today we have a quite small project which probebly takes you only 5-10 minutes. I have a print ready voucher which is 100% in german so far. But one side I want to change the german parts to english. I provide the text and information to you. 10% RABATT GUTSCHEIN = 10% DISCOUNT VOUCHER Conditions: This voucher can not be combined with any other coupon or discount offers.It is only valid on / =

  • zł1111 PLN 9 days ago

    Szukam osoby, która przygotuje:1) Prezentacja ( flesh HTML5) „ Przewodnik o terapii medycznej dla dzieci” – prezentacja do odczytu na komputerze i ipad. Trzeba przerobić istniejącą prezentację.2) Prezentacja będzie wymagała nowej kreacji graficznej wszystkich slajdów wg wytycznych korporacyjnych, ew. Zmiana nawigacji, zawartość merytoryczna (treści), zdjęcia i filmy pozostają bez zmian. – oczywiście grafikę przygotujemy.Prezentacja zawiera około 50 slajdów.

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