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Professional Game Developer and Senior Environment Artist

Username: NathanSegally

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Location: highland, Netherlands

Member since: August 2013



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My projects:

  • $54.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller BadgerLikesGames

    BadgerLikesGames [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 18, 2014

    No work done. No reply to messages. Late. Dispute filed.

    Project Description:We're looking for a girl game to be made. You can use assets/engines from the Unity assets store. The above or something else could be used...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller g3rtrud


    Jan 7, 2014

    He did great work, and he was also very helpful with my questions.

    Project Description:I need to create 3D model of human arm in C#. I need each finger to bend by pressing some key on keyboard, or by clicking on it with mouse. I already tried to do something like this, but I am in hurry (I need this to be done till thursday)...
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dsferra


    Jan 6, 2014

    very un-professional. didn't complete job to spec<br/>

    Project Description:We have a model in Maya that we need some simple rigging for nostrils and the chin so we can &quot;change&quot; the model shape in Unity. We are need rigging for the eyes so that the outside corner can be &quot;changed&quot; in Unity...
  • $22.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mukunoki

    mukunoki [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 1, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute<br/>

    Project Description:Hi Guys My name is toshi from japan I am looking for Freelance who is able to make kids drawing 3D printing data we really do not care your career very much we want one who is /has 1) honest...
  • $155.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller MrKurriKurri

    MrKurriKurri [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 31, 2013

    Freelancer promised much , but delivered nothing.

    Project Description:REPOST Need Unity3D Expert/Master to help me finish my first game for Android Market ONLY. Its a simple 1 Level game that gets progressively harder over time with speed only. Exactly the Same...
  • $590.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ItchMedia


    Oct 11, 2013

    Nathan is an enthusiastic, hard working freelancer with creative ideas and input. He is patient and had no problems redoing part of the work that wasn't communicated clearly at the start. Would use again for any type of levels designing.<br/>

    Project Description:The job is to create new levels for a mobile puzzle/brain game. The goal of the game is to draw a line to the finish without hitting the walls. The walls are only visible at the start of the level, becoming invisible once the player starts drawing...
    NathanSegally has not completed any projects.
  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    We need an iOS app for our gaming offer.

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    I need a complete unity 3d runner game developedNeed full game like temple run, subway surfers and angry gran run , same style of games, same level system.Graphics and design and game must be unique and goog quality, no plagiarismYou must deliver game in ios and android and windows verion fully completedEach version must have in-app-purchase script integratedFull unity 3d source code must also be given.i would like to see the graphical design once donce before u start coding the game itself please, in case i want some minor changes.i want the runner in chinese theme , a chinese woman character running in chinese decoration city and stuff , with chinese colors and traditional objects. For in app purchase : Aside from upgrades, we should also have pickups that would effect run speed, jump height, gravity, jump distance, those type of things, Maybe one that makes the player invulnerable to enemies. We will use as iap.if anything needed please ask before u start working

  • $16 USD/hr In Progress

    A violence prevention game similar to: project involves creating a game map, where characters can travel around in map. As they reach specific destinations, a video clip will be played which will be provided. Most of the artwork to be used is available.

  • $128 USD In Progress

    Need a Unity 3D environment setup for a mini cooking game. Very basic low-poly models required for a hand + arm (with some basic animations of grabbing and pro/suppination of the wrist), a desk with objects on it which could be moved by grabbing them with the hand and moving them around. More details can be discussed further on.

  • $333 USD 18 days ago

    no need animating only modeling for game see attachment i need make 4 real man faces with nice textures for PC GAME only modeling with low polygon for game

  • $222 USD 18 days ago

    i&quot;m looking for somebody that can make a MAP in Unreal Engine i am looking for a small island.that&quot;s it simple pleases provide me with your portfolio best person with the best portfolio would get the project.

  • $1250 USD 29 days ago

    We have recently had a company develop a iOS game for us and we are now looking for a new developer to add components and change certain gameplay. We want to add a multiplayer feature along with change some character movement functions and fix a few bugs.

  • $2222 USD 29 days ago

    We want to sub-contract a freelancer or a small team of developers/freelancers to perform a Level designer job at HT Games.The perfect candidate(s) must have solid knowledge working with UDK/Unreal Engine 3,3DS Max and Photoshop.

  • $222 USD 29 days ago

    We need a game developer to create a unity3d or UE4 engine first person shooter using the FPS kit 2.0. You will need to be skilled in unity3d, PHP and JSON.You will be taking our pre made maps, weapons and characters and bundling them all together into a working FPS with deathmatch and team deathmatch modes. It will need to be multiplayer so people can connect over the internet and play the game against other players from around the world. It will be for the WIndows Desktop only.You will finally need to integrate our pre made payment system into the game.A good level of English is required so we can communicate easily.If you do a good job you will have more work in the future as well will be releasing games on a regular basis.

  • $5555 USD Jun 24, 2014

    We are going to create an interactive children&quot;s story application. Please see attached pdf for visuals, interface and interactivity instructions and elements. The app is for ipad, although extra merit will be given to bids that take into consideration making the application scaleable and porting the application onto android.The project requires a developer with strong front end skills as there is a lot of slick animations and transitions. The app needs to be responsive, slick, visually stunning and professionally made.All applicants should outline in their proposal how they suggest building this app (technology, language, framework etc).All coding will be checked by my in-house developer so no lazy coding or cutting corners!

  • $777 USD Jun 24, 2014

    Hi, we are looking for great freelancers for our rendering company, as we can&quot;t do all the jobs at the same time. Please send your portfolio and we will contact you if you match our requirements. Thanks

  • ₹850 INR Jun 24, 2014

    I need to attach 12 snaps into one . Those who are experts are invited. Attached file has to be arranged in a single photo.

  • $277 USD Jun 24, 2014

    a portable device that can house camera and projection lense where user can rotate camera and/or projection lenese 180 degree.

  • $777 USD Jun 24, 2014

    Hi, we are looking for great freelancers for our rendering company, as we can&quot;t do all the jobs at the same time. Please send your portfolio and we will contact you if you match our requirements. Thanks

  • $1666 USD Jun 24, 2014

    someone who know how to develop 3 d game they can bid here thank you ........................................................................................................

  • $333 CAD Jun 24, 2014

    Take an existing truck model with a box and interior equipment and modify it as follows:1) Change rear single doors to double doors2) Remove washroom and place generator compartment and UPS back up compartment3) Delete cabinet and replace with IT cabinet4) Add 4 camera one per side5) add 2nd camera to the existing mast6) Remove one operator station and show fax/printer7) Add X2 40&quot; LCD displays8) Add small touch screen near entry door approx. 6&quot;x12&quot;9) Add External 40&quot; LCD display on curbside of vehicle

  • £13 GBP/hr Jun 24, 2014

    An aspiring digital artist and 3D modeller is required to take on an assisted role as a visual and level designer for my products including video games and development tools. Specific instructions are to be provided as and when a given task arises ranging from 3D modelling and texturing in Blender, texturing in Photoshop, installing software, designing and building 2D and 3D game levels, designing in Illustrator, testing scenes in the game engine, learning new skills, posting on forums and searching for supplementary assets.*Limited experience required*All tasks are to be provided with close supervision so that you can be confident you are on the right track when making design decisions to match my personal goals and technology.If you are quite new yet competent with digital art then this is an opportunity to learn while you earn. If you have vast experience and proven track record then these tasks will provide you with regular small jobs to fill the gaps in your schedule.*Flexible if you lack experience*For any task you are unfamiliar with, you will either be trained or another more suitable task will be presented if training is not available.How many hours?Expect 2 to 10 hours of work per week depending on your hourly rate.*Requirements*•Good graphic design principles•Basic Blender 3D modelling experience with evidence•Basic Photoshop skills; CS3 and above. Brush art, cloning, offsetting and layer styles.•Basic Illustrator skills; CS3 and above. Bezier pens, attributes and styles.•Basic understanding of modern video game visuals•Willingness to learn and operate uncommon game content and level development tools•A medium to high end gaming PC with Windows 7 and Direct X 9.0c installedAttributes desired but not required (because you will receive instructions and training)•Advanced Blender skills, working with modifiers, armatures, constraints, particles, nodes and materials•UV Texturing skills, good cloning and stamping, offsetting and seamless texture making•Basic knowledge of Blender python scripting•Willing to sometimes work on gaming weaponry and violent content•Basic photography principles•Game creation tool experience: DarkBASIC or FPS Creator preferred, Unity3D or similar is fine•XML•Good English•Ideally living in Europe. If not Europe then West or South Africa (It is a time-zone matter).The ZeroOne Game EngineThe development project is based on my video game engine and its client applications which include 3 games and a development tool we will be working on. You may find my forum thread called Sports Fiction in the WIP section of . This thread however does not reveal much information. This information will be exclusive to our team, and at present the engine is in early development. We will also be working on a First Person Shooter, 2D platformer and an engine tool .Your first taskTo answer questions about yourself, these questions will indicate what I can get you to do in your first week, and what I will need to get yourself trained on. You will likely be asked to produce some test artwork so we can work with your on-demand strengths while I train you in other areas.I will need you to install the free versions of the FPS Creator and Dark BASIC at, along with some attachments and plug-ins. You will sometimes be required to use these tools to run examples or construct game levels. Eventually all of your level development outside of Blender will take place in my engine tool.We will negotiate further tasks as they arise. I will request invoices after each batch of tasks as they arise.Finally, you must always ask questions if uncertain during your work; I want to help you to help me!Kind RegardsChris Tate

  • $35 USD Jun 24, 2014

    Hello,I have 10 - 15 3D fight plane models. The models have very poor textures. What I need is someone to;* Add new detailed, well looking textures to models.* Reduce amount of the material which has been used. (Models will be used in Unity3D game engine. Every single material cost 1 drawcall)Textures will be 2048 * 2048Price will be paid per plane. Details will be provided by private message.

  • $666 USD Jun 24, 2014

    I have the graphics for this game just need assistance with coding the game and getting it to work. I need someone good with both unity and C# for this project. This game will be similar to a tetris type of game but not exactly tetris. it will just use the concept codes from this. This should be fairly small project as all I will need is the coding part of this.

  • $1666 USD Jun 24, 2014

    We are looking for a programmer to work directly with our head programmer in designing and implementing a random dungeon generator for the project we are currently working on. The game similar in style to something like Castle Crashers. One feature which we are experimenting with however are side scrolling randomly generated areas. This is the area that we are looking for assistance on with this contract. This is only one of many areas that we will be needing help on and would certainly like to find someone who could assist us long term. If you have experience working with beat em ups / action oriented combat systems / role playing games that is a big plus. Some information regarding the Random Dungeon Generation is provided below. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide more information. Random Dungeon Generation:-6-12+ types of sections: straight, split, up/into, down, up/into & down, special situation, dead end (4 directions)-some transition sections will be unique, like at the start and finish of a zone transitioning between like forest and snowy mountain etc.-split is 3-4 screens wide so the path can’t branch and then branch again right away-each section contains ground and most contains some non-random elements. some random elements may be placed, the way back background can be all random…. like clouds-multi-level dungeons -- these are only for caves/towers/etc and work like in zelda dungeons as far as maps go, but the transitions between levels will work the same as like going “up into the forest” or “down a path”. there will be stair/pit elements-all puzzles will be relatively simple. the most complex will be part of the scripted sections. a too complex puzzle: see a code somewhere in a level and have to punch out some ruins in order somewhere else, or fit items into special slots which you gathered around… those are too complex and won’t be in there. simple puzzles are like pits to grapple across, or boulders to bomb…-randomly generated areas, once generated should be stored with the players saved-data so their world remains consistent and persistent. When they revisit a random area, it won’t be random anymore.note: system which reads a JSON/XML defined level, random generation could just generate that stuff and both would feed into the thing that sets them up via the same mechanism

  • $555 USD Jun 24, 2014

    Hello,We are looking for someone experience with level/map environment creation for an upcoming RTS fantasy game using Unity 3D. This game is plan for browser/tablet cross-play and heavily based on multi-player features. This is the environment package art style/props we have:!/content/5860, you would be setting up how each map should looked like based on our specifications and assets. You must be using Unity 3D.

  • $616 USD Jun 24, 2014

    Hello,I am seeking for someone experience with balancing game using math formulas for an upcoming RTS game and can also write their description similar to Star Craft: game has 4 fractions (5 units per fraction - 20 units total) & 6 buildings, you would:Define the attributes such as health, armor, damage, speed, queue time, cost gold, population cost, limit per unit.Description of each unit including basic description, “handbook” of the unit, and “countermeasures” vs each fraction. Make sure fraction have an advantage to a certain situations. You can work along the limitations of the designs/animations we have. Each fraction should also have its own basic description, “handbook” and its pros/cons. additionally, offer a skill tree for each fraction for defensive and offensive abilities (such as 2% armor increase etc..)You should determine the amount of wood you can carry/for what exchange/how much wood should each tree have based on the two maps already done. Write a basic description of the game such as the purpose of the game and what is it about.How should the GUI be set up towards being tablet-friendly.How multiplayer ranking & experience should work.

  • $55 USD Jun 24, 2014

    Hello, Designers.I am looking for graphic designer who can work with me. First project is just simple, but tight timeline. If this will be completed in short times, Will get more large project.Looking for team than individual. Please send me your proposals.Thanks.

  • $14 USD Jan 21, 2014

    Hello All,My wife is selling homemade products and she has a webshop for that products.Let say for example she makes cupcakes. She also makes cupcakes for weddings.Now i bought for example the domain: and on this page i want that if people search on google for wedding cupcakes that this domain is at first place.Can that be done with just one single page, or wordpress with one article on frontpage.So work will be: desiging page to match current shop design and seo on keywordPlease first suggest how you want to do that: single page, wordpress, etc and make me an offer for one domain.If all goed well and price is right i have 3 more domains where i want the same on.Hope you understand

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Lead Developer

Apr 2008 - Present (6 years)

Negative Six

I am the lead developer of Coldenlight. Currently I have done all of the graphics and programming.