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Muhammad Azeem

Software & Web Developer

Username: NayaPakistan

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Location: Kabirwala, Pakistan

Member since: May 2013



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  • $6.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller oniagadotcom


    3 days ago

    thank's for any help, hope will work again.... Great and honest person :)<br/>

    Project Description:Pleae help, to create PHP Function to handle token User with related data api, - json output - simple api - php function must simple logic Please need fast, for beta version only Happy Bidding...
  • £50.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller BushellCL


    3 days ago

    Excellent and professional as always :)

    Project Description:Admin features for right click menu and admins to have a + symbol infant of their name
  • $160.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mattpopzzz


    16 days ago

    Muhammad has been my go-to programmer for many projects. I can rely on him to ask the proper questions to ensure the job is done right the first time. Highly recommended.<br/>

    Project Description:Hello Muhammad, Have another project for you; this one is quite a bit bigger. Please let me know how long you think you will need. Details are attached. Regards, Matt
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller superpages


    23 days ago

    Dedicated coder. Would hire again.

    Project Description:I need some websites and contents on a hosting platform moved to another web hosting provider.
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mattpopzzz


    27 days ago

    Great work again! Very reliable coder who delivers consistent results.<br/>

    Project Description:In editprofileadd02.php: Right now this only changes the information located in the mysql table &quot;users.&quot; I need it to change both there and in all instances of the company&#039;s id in the mysql table &quot;locator_stores&quot;...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mytu


    Jun 5, 2014

    Very nice job thanks for help and will be back again in 3days when transfer domain to new hosting.Thanks a lot!!

    Project Description:PLEASE DOWNLOAD ZIP (Requirements) file and see the issue in my code. Thanks
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ariellipschutz


    Jun 2, 2014

    nice to work together again!<br/>

    Project Description: i have some pictures on the websql database of the mobile device. i need to send them to the server using phonegap
  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller pispayton


    Jun 1, 2014

    Great work!

    Project Description:On the site the form is sending two emails when it is filled out, it should only send 1 single email. Please have the subject of each email be: Order Details From: [Customers Full Name] Budget:...
  • $30.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller shawnvibert


    Jun 1, 2014

    Very Knowledgeable!

    Project Description:I have an fb posting app that is not working correctly for app users. Groups not load on some and not all posts are posting. I am looking for expert in this area to find the problem and fix it. I need...
  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bydesign21

    bydesign21 [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 30, 2014

    Coder never responded to us once hired.

    Project was transferred to a new host now something is outdated and we are getting errors. We either have to upgrade pHP or Oscommerce. Fix now!!!!
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mattpopzzz


    May 29, 2014

    Quick and timely work. Followed directions to a T and had great communication. Will definitely hire again.

    Contest Brief:I have one PHP page that posts user submitted data to a MySQL database. As it is now the page only allows one submission (e.g. to one row of a MySQL table) and I need it to allow several posts (several rows to the one table). The update should allow for a more user-friendly experience. real_escape_string needs to be implemented as well.
    Muhammad Azeem has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    1. I will provide html and a button png image (image attached)2. You will add that to Android Tablet Native App Landcape only Webview (mockup attached)3. To appear with a button clicked webview will have 10px around to show background area of popup when that area is tapped popup will close.4. This app must support landscape mode android tablets including new and older nexus 7 (sizes: Please bid only if you can begin right away and finish 2 to 6 hours error free same per requirements and do not bid over 30 since you will only create 1 button and 1 webview nothing else.Please see attached mockup and button.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    Hi I have a site that has malware and needs removing. My host Godaddy has disabled the domain until the malware has been removed

  • $30 USD In Progress

    I want to create httppost app that will register on a website

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a php file that needs certain items hidden from the user&quot;s view, an issue where if there&quot;s not an image the results page shows a broken image link (need it to be hidden if there&quot;s not an image), and an issue with how the scripts handle special characters (e.g. apostrophe, ampersand, etc.) Details are in file.

  • £1250 GBP Today

    Our product website is in need of a refresh and we are looking for a freelancer to create a responsive website based on HMTL, CSS and PHP. We do not need a CMS, blog or any other content platform behind it. The deadline for the project is the end of August and we already have most of the design and content ready for work to begin on building the site.The site will be around 25 pages, most of which will be based on a similar templates. The images and copy will be provided by our own design and marketing team. We can provide flat images of the design, layered PSDs or other breakdowns of the design such as the grid, workflows and other details.

  • $30 USD Today

    I need a simple VPN solution on CentOS.I have already installed OpenVPN / Poptop but unable to connect from Windows.So the setup should be simpleThanksGuy

  • $155 USD Today

    Need experienced Android developer to do some maintenance for an existing Android app.

  • $15 USD Today

    You active sound card on windows 7 VPS (Proxmox).

  • $30 USD Today

    Hello, I need simple software, which simply auto logins to youtube account, and unlist/list all videos in that account.Also it would be good if program could get list of videos uploaded and make unlisted/listed only checked videos.I think that it shouldn&quot;t be hard to VB specs :)

  • $12 USD/hr Yesterday

    HiI need help with some help with web services using Travel Port API. IF you are experience please send you bid and we work together in this project. I have the API need help integrating them.Thank you

  • $22 USD/hr 7 days ago

    Looking for someone to help me complete the lead contact form, display confirmation div modal (example/code provided), needs to pass through a few hidden fields, need code all cleaned up and compressed ready for campaign.

  • $25 USD 8 days ago

    i want some final touches done to an existing project

  • $22 USD/hr 8 days ago

    I need black-box penetration testing. Must be knowledgeable knowing more than how to use tools. Must be familiar with at least 1 programming language. Must have strong communication skills.

  • $155 USD 10 days ago

    A. What Is It? – I have a plugin right now but I need the following modification using existing framework.The Plugin right now creates a few tables upon activation. I need the columns to be changed and a few SQL statements be updated to create new tables.I also need the API to be updated so that it will create JSON feed upon HTTP request.B. What Do You Need to Do? 1. Create, add, modify tables.2. Update API JSON values3. Create forms for data input 4. Create HTTP POST values to table5. Short code display values of tables on page6. Change a few column data type to MD5 Encryption7. Create drip feed feature where certain values in a table can only be seen on a predetermined day based on duration of daysC. Mustsi. Code must be well documentedii. Must mention all the libraries used D. I will favor you if...You use version control (I use Bit Bucket and git, and will add you to my private team) while developing. E. Important Stuff:i. I own the source code to this project and all copyrightii. Code should be well commentediii. Be available for future updates and support (if needed)iv. This must be a original code and must not be a rip off of other people code and existing plugins (except the one I provide)v. Integration with my license registration system vi. Creation of a BASIC and PRO version of the plugin (using my licensing server this is easy to do. The plugin already have this)If you are interested, please add the word &quot;Headmaster James Bond&quot; in your application and send in the NDA (I attached it below for you to download and PM me back).I also don&quot;t envision this project to be more than 200 USD as this is just to modify an existing plugin. And I have provided all libraries and documentation needed to help you do this work quickly. After doing so, I will give detailed specs, wireframe for programming. Please show me your portfolio of developing similar projects or help maintaining similar projects.

  • $1500 USD 13 days ago

    Top up @ recharge the mobile airtime ,Soft Pin by using SMS & WEB directly to end user.

  • $25 USD 17 days ago

    I need a simple method to make my laptop send me an SMS if Wi-Fi is disconnected. (Windows 7)

  • $15 USD 18 days ago

    Quick update needed, bid if you are available right not for an hour.Need to fix our landing page form to submit data to webservice using HTTP Post.Its currently using CURL and causing errors.Reply with Code: &quot;ABC123&quot; in your bid so i know you read the directions.Need to be available now to be awarded,so please watch your chat box.Thanks!

  • $30 USD 18 days ago

    Hello after moving prestashop to other domain products not appearing in front office thanks

  • $200 USD 19 days ago

    Hi to all. We need an Android application that will dinamicaly get data from 2 websites(we don&quot;t own them). Also the app must be integrated with Google+ sign in feature, ad networks and some other minor things.The website addresses will be offered only to those whom we will consider suitable for this project.MAXIMUM delivery time is expected to be is 3 days, but for a good programmer it should not take more than 2 working days.Please bid ONLY if you can start the work asap.We need QUALITY coding, so please take in mind this.All the source codes and files will needed to be keeped PRIVATE under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

  • $12 USD 21 days ago

    I need someone to transfer my site from one hosting to another. It is wordpress. From Dreamhost to Ipage

  • $100 AUD 25 days ago

    RULES:Do NOT ask us what our budget is. Bid exactly what you will charge us.Your feedback MUST be greater than 5.Your completion rate MUST be better than 65%.DO NOT waste our time if you do not meet the above criteria. If you do, we will flame you as a result. Respect our rules and we will respect you.BRIEF:I have numerous Excel files that contain about 65,000 rows of customer data each. Here are the column names:StatetxtRentalOrderIdtxtCreationDatetxtCustomerNametxtContactNametxtTermtxtFromDatetxtSalespersontxtToDatetxtStatustxtAssetListtxtOrderTotalEach file:a) is saved in the format of: &quot;Orders - June 7 2014.xls&quot; (where the date part changes with each save and depends on the date the file is saved; right now I am trying to generate a new file 3 times a week).b) contains details of client orders. The Unique ID for each order can be generated by merging column &quot;State&quot; & &quot;txtRentalOrderid&quot; using the concatenate function.c) is a representation/snapshot of all orders at a given point in time.Each older file (i.e &quot;Orders - June 1 2014.xls&quot; contains data that is a subset of the file after it, i.e. &quot;Orders - June 7 2014.xls&quot;. Each newer file contains all data from the previous file PLUS all data that has been generated since.SOLUTIONS I AM SEEKING:1) Determine which order (&quot;txtRentalOrderId&quot;) has changed the sales exec (&quot;txtSalesperson&quot;) associated with it over time.For example, a particular client has had an open order in the system with Mike. Mike quits the company and assigns all his orders to Jack. I now need to track which orders changed hands and who they were assigned to. This is particularly important as Mike and Jack were good friends at work. So by assigning all his likely bookings to Jack, Mike is giving Jack an unfair advantage over the rest of the team.2) Determine which order (&quot;txtRentalOrderId&quot;) had its client ID changed (&quot;txtCustomerName&quot;).For example, &quot;txtCustomerName&quot; was &quot;Lenovo&quot; to start with. Then, the sales exec who was dealing with Lenovo was told by its rep that they will not proceed with their booking due to a change in requirements. Now, if the sales exec closes the quote as LOST, it will affect their conversion (one of the KPIs). So instead of marking the booking as LOST, the sales exec just changes the &quot;txtCustomerName&quot; to a different client (i.e. HP) when a new quote request comes through from HP (instead of creating a totally new quote in the name of HP). That way, the sales exec can keep on changing the &quot;txtCustomerName&quot; until some client agrees to the quote and the quote is closed as WON. Such behaviour manipulates the conversion rate of the sales exec in question and makes it seem that they are winning a lot more quotes.3) Determine which order (&quot;txtRentalOrderId&quot;) had its start date changed (&quot;txtFromDate&quot;).Sales execs should only be allowed to change the start date of a quote once. For example, a client initially indicates that they want to start their event on July 20. So the entry in the &quot;txtFromDate&quot; column becomes &quot;July 20&quot;. However, closer to the date, the client decides to change the start date to August 20. The sales exec then changes the &quot;txtFromDate&quot; to August 20. However, closer to the date, the client once again is undecided and changes the date to October 20. At this point, the sales exec should close the quote as LOST and move on. However, what I am seeing is that the sales exec keeps on pushing the date forward endlessly. This protects their conversion rate as the quote is not marked as LOST by August 20.INPUTAny number of Excel filesOUTPUTShow the results of the comparisons between any files compared. So if we are parsing 20 files, we need to see what changes had occurred over time. (For example, if a particular client had changed hands between 4 different sales people, the output file would show such a change 3 times).START DATEASAPDEADLINE1 weekMILESTONE RELEASESReleased within 24 hours of successful UAT completion.Good luck!

  • $40 USD 25 days ago

    Having problems with a server with OVH. Receiving the following errors:Drive Critical: rootfs (/) is 94% fullDrive Critical: /dev/root (/var/named/chroot/usr/lib64/bind) is 94% fullDrive Critical: /dev/root (/var/named/chroot/etc/named) is 94% full

  • $20 USD 26 days ago

    fetch number of friends from fb and number of connections from linked in and save them in variables in android.

  • $250 USD 29 days ago

    I need an online software done in php that will allow the following:1- the creation of users2- setting data points3- setting goals for each user or the entire groups of users3- export data to excel, and pdfPlease message me if you have further questions.I have a short deadline to get a working version of the software. Please let me know if you have further questions. ThanksI am looking for a nice responsive design.Maybe you could use bookstrap

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Software Developer

Mar 2009 - Present (5 years)

My own company



University of Central Punjab



Software Developer

Punjab University