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  • $263 USD
    Profile image for Seller lemorin


    21 days ago

    excellent programmer very good work!!!

    Project Description:I would like to have 2 csv files of records from an ftp location automatically update salesforce. The first file will have 39 fields and will be roughly 185 MB at about 580,000 records. The second file will have 22 fields and roughly 230,000 records...
  • $526 USD
    Profile image for Seller kosturos


    26 days ago

    Did a great job and was patient with me as I finalized the criteria. Thank you!

    Project Description:I am in need of some Zoho CRM customization for a real estate company I own. Most planning has been completed, now it's time to customize and implement. This project will consist of creating custom fields, page layouts, workflows, setting up roles and permissions, etc...
  • $263 AUD
    Profile image for Seller savvyfinance


    Mar 6, 2014

    great team to work with.

    Project Description:We require following with our existing website (joomla + PHP based) and custom integration. 1) Web2Lead integration using SOAP request to send leads to from the existing website forms...
  • $2200 AUD
    Profile image for Seller slog


    Feb 3, 2014

    Excellent sales force skills. Tackled a difficult project. Kept at it when the initial approach didn't meet the end users requirements. Great effort.<br/>

    Project Description:Build a custom visual force page to better display and edit Opportunity Data. Enhance the validation on the page to enforce business rules. Update the booking form Conga.
  • $131 USD
    Profile image for Seller fitchkd25

    fitchkd25 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 4, 2013

    He never started the project and doesn't return emails.

    Project Description:Give me a Visualforce page (along with the underlying Apex classes) that: * Has an OAuth 2.0 login to Surveymonkey. * Once you&#039;re logged in, it prints a list of your surveys which are called from get_survey_list...
  • $1157 USD
    Profile image for Seller healthdetail


    Nov 27, 2013

    Sorry, this didn't work out at all. I just ended up saying project was completed to stop the agony. Going to have to have this redone. The requirements were not understood and the end result was way off the mark.Given that we received a good review I hate to leave a poor one, first time, but this was a complete waste of money in addition to it being very late...because we had to go back and forth with changes a few times.

    Project Description:Development of Salesforce Site that connects to our corporate site, and displays a searchable directory of contacts. Information for searchable directory is contained withing 5 Custom...
  • $210 USD
    Profile image for Seller menalek


    Aug 29, 2013

    Thank you!! Pleasure to work with.

    Project Description:Hi, I need to write a plugging into saleforce portal to connect to my remote site, retrieve and display account information. The display will be in tabular form (one row per account) with an option to drill down into an account and display detailed account information...
  • $29 USD
    Profile image for Seller skipsumms


    Jul 23, 2013

    Another Great Job!!!!

    Project I&#039;ve already created custom fields in Opportunity; I need formula &amp; reporting implemented. Purchase_Price__c - NRE__c = Purchase_Price_Less_NRE__c Sum of above * Commission_Rate__c (from...
  • $312 AUD
    Profile image for Seller TTSAUS


    Jul 17, 2013

    Found a good work around to the project

    Project Description:We are looking to modify the event screen so that when a sales person does a demonstration they can add products to the event and send an email detailing this information. See attached document for complete...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller pascalaudet


    Jun 13, 2013

    Very professional, great ideas and fun to work with.

    Project Description:2 x Website data acquisition utilities as discussed
    NishantBamb has not completed any projects.
  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    There are 4 assignments, but we might start with 1 and 3, keeping the others in mind:1. Create a structure in Salesforce with an Lead page, Legal Entity Account page (parent- top level), Account Page, Contacts page, Opportunity page and a Partner Page.These pages are all linked to each other one way ore another.Lead will turn into Account etc. Cloning should be possible. Contact should be added to accounts. Opportunities created. Cases, tasks and activities history should be moved across hierarchies. There should be a completion bar for each page and the top level page (top hierarchy).2. The next step to keep in mind is we have our own back office and accounts created in that back-office should be in SF and changes made to that BO should also affect SF. I.e. when a login is created in the BO, it creates the legal entity. When an account is created an account is created in SF together with an opportunity for each country.This would allows forecasting etc.In a way Salesforce is reactive that it receives feeds from the BO, but doesn&quot;t update records. When a merchant creates an account in the BO, this would override the old account in SF. Or it would be merged.3. A partner page is create which is links multiple merchant accounts to each other and allows payment of partner sales commission and buy rates for partners on group level.4. We are thinking about also using SF to generate pricing for our merchant and do invoicing. This would be the only pro-active thing coming out of SF.

  • $12 AUD/hr In Progress

    I need someone to undertake small maintenance tasks for our salesforce instance. The work will be ad-hoc and ongoing. We really want to hire a virtual salesforce administrator/developer. Most jobs will be about 1 day in length as they are not complex jobs.

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Our operator of Salesforce is no longer with our company The Salesforce system is 90% developed but we need to generate reports from the information from leads and inventory but we are not sure how to do thisCan you help?

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Looks like you have already done something similar for another customer. I am looking for a custom button called &quot;Copy Address from Account&quot; for my Salesforce contact page. The button will populate the &quot;Mailing address&quot; of the contact using the Billing Address of the corresponding Account. If the Billing Address does not exist, then it will copy the shipping address from the account. If neither exists, it won&quot;t do anything.Please let me know how much would you charge for it.Jai

  • $526 AUD In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for a SalesForce CRM expert who can set up my platform to have the following features:- Admin access for 1 users- Sales access for same user- AppExchange app setup to include - Email intregration (netregistry webmail), Price book/Quoting tool, Iphone app for call logging- Custom report to easily log sales visits against client account (run daily - would be bonus if call logging/conversations could be included in the same report.- Google app,chrome, maps and calendar syncronization All my data is in clean excel files and upto date

  • $421 USD In Progress

    I have an ACT database of approximately 20,000 records that I need restructured for easy import into the Propertybase Salesforce platform ( are a couple areas I need to confirm will be properly set up:1) Notes & subgroups are exported properly2) All fields are exported3) The First Name/Last Name field is parsed so the first name and last name are split into two separate fields... unfortunately they&quot;re currently in one field.If you&quot;ve worked with ACT to Salesforce projects and can work with a SQL DB please touch base.

  • $1052 USD In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $526 USD In Progress

    Will discuss in-person.Will discuss in-person.Will discuss in-person.Will discuss in-person.Will discuss in-person.Will discuss in-person.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $460 USD In Progress

    I need reliable MASS eMail sender.Must be able to send to Craigslist emails.Example: job-XXXXXXXX(@)craigslist.orgMust be able to send a single message to 2,500 Craigslist emails weekly.This can be spread out over the week or as necessary to stay within the CL limits/monitors.I prefer to purchase a program but am willing to consider retaining one&quot;s services.

  • $1184 USD Today

    IT support of CRM system and CRM system administration in Moscow

  • £368 GBP Yesterday

    I need someone to configure templates in conga composer for my clients. This is ad hoc ongoing work.Please do not apply if you do not have any conga composer experience.

  • $21 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need a very simple salesforce setup.There will be only 1 user on the Salesforce, I just want to be able to track customers and my follow ups to them.Please contact me and we can discuss details via Skype.Thanks

  • $263 USD 2 days ago

    Hello,The job will be to develop an very simple APP for Android 4.0 ( or higher) that should be connected to a Salesforce APPMore info, please contact meThanksSylvio

  • $526 USD 2 days ago

    Create a real estate website on wordpress which displays information from platform.

  • $210 USD 3 days ago

    I need a prototype application to demonstrate a possible way to create accounts inside salesforce. I want to make a custom page in salesforce that a user could go to. The page will have a button on it that says &quot;get account&quot; When a user presses this button the page will call a c# webservice (you&quot;ll need to create the dummy service too) that will return random data and when the data is returned from the webservice the page should create a new account in salesforce.

  • £13 GBP/hr 3 days ago

    I have a client in South Korea that needs some Korean speaking support to help him scope and configure his installation. I am looking for people with salesforce configuration experience who are also fluent Korean speakers.

  • $105 NZD 3 days ago

    Someone to set up custom objects using the recommended methodology prescribed by Salesforce and then expose custom objects as fields on the Opportunities page - the intent being that when these fields are completed the will populate a form that can also be generated from the Opportunities page via a button click

  • $526 USD 3 days ago

    We are looking to streamline our quoting process, using flow to create new accounts, projects, contacts and opportunities. Scope includesFlow1. Create a flow to gather job info dependant if the customer exists in Salesforce.2. If client is new, create account and gather basic info along with contact info of requestor. Gather project info, name, address, PO etc. Then create new opportunity. 3. If client is existing, and requires a quote-run opportunity and run job cost, if no quote required, create new project+details. Opportunity1. Modify standard opportunity to meet our needs2. Create a new job costs from opportunity fieldsJob Cost1.Create fields to populate the quote forms2.Create formula’s to calculate job costs3.Send saved job costs for approval. Once approved, send back to requestor for submission to client.4.Create followup tasks automatically once approved quote is sent4.Ability to attach job costs and quote PDF’s to a project.Quotes from Job Cost1.One click to send to contact2. Document Package (package pdf quote with brochures/images/content from box or salesforce as support documents)3.Log to any type of object4.Job cost to populate from project+opportunity5.Ability to create job costs manuallyQuotes from Template1.Text template over top of letterhead2.Manual change of text as needed3.Document Package (package pdf quote with brochures/images/content from box or salesforce as support documents)4.Click to sendProjects object is a custom object in our org. We do not use native products or quotes. We will consider using Loop or other external apps to make this job easier. We are open to suggestions to apps or alternative methods to accomplish the requirements. Please provide samples/links/references to previous similar project to aid our selection. We will have similar projects in the future if we find a developer that works out.

  • $1578 USD 4 days ago

    Aim: Our company is renting equipment to private and business customers. The aim is to develop a backend solution for our renting business that automates our business processes (in particular for order handling, product handling, billing, customer notification and delivery management). The backend solution should be based on and should be connected to our frontend.Current Situation: Currently there is only a frontend (website) based on PHP with an online order process. Some information is saved during the order process in a mysql database. There is a very simple backend solution. But this does not fulfill our requirements for the future and needs to be newly developed. The new solution should be on the platform. In the first step the attached requirements should be developed. After a short test run further functionality will be added.Please let me know if you need any further information.

  • $21 USD/hr 4 days ago

    Need to create a bulk workflow rule.Data Migration project.Only for certified developer.

  • €15 EUR/hr 7 days ago

    Hi,in our IO´s (insertion order) at salesforce we already added some custom fields to specify what the client ordered,but we can always add only one product.Similar to a shopping cart ,we need to be able to add more products to the IOthat then are summed up at the end.We have roughly 5 different types of products that need to be able to be added, and each product has different additional information,like size, target group, quantity, price single, count, price sum, ... that need to be specified.We would be happy to find someone that supports us on an hourly basis since we have other customizations as well that we need later on,for example to have reportings on product,Kai

  • €526 EUR 7 days ago

    Hi,we use salesforce to manage our Sales and now need Data from our IO´s (insertion orders) in our backend (php).We need a script where we enter the IO Number and get back all details for that IO as array.Also we need detailed instructions what we need to do to activate the salesforce api.Please describe shortly how this can be done and how long it takes roughly.

  • $1578 USD 9 days ago

    We want to capitalize on the power of Fondations for non-profits to building a platform that will help us assimilate people into our church by using information from Pastor Rick warrens book THE PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH in which he talks about reaching The crowd, the community, the congregation, the committed, and the core. We currently use but its not as user friendly as we would like.

  • $21 AUD/hr 9 days ago

    The company has launched Saleforce, and now requires an experienced project manager to undertake some staff training, 1st level internal support to the business for saleforce related issues and trouble shooting with 3rd party help desks and maintenance of issues logs as well as reviewing, configuring third party saleforce apps as identified by the company.

  • $10 USD/hr 10 days ago

    I am about to start a major ongoing sales project for a large ICT multinational. I need assistance with processing meeting notes to distil action items out of these, keeping project plans up to date and keeping up to date. I may also need my email inbox cleared and filed and organised, and basic responses made to standard requests. I will also need updates to my diary processed and conflicts resolved.I also need expenses managed (claimed and updated).

  • $4210 USD 10 days ago

    For this project, we are seeking an experienced and innovative team to redesign our existing website (, adding many additional features. Our current site, a career webinar delivery platform, is built on a Salesforce platform, so apex / visualforce expertise is essential. We have built a wireframe in which is attached as a PDF (the links and anchors are not active). We will personally walk you through if need-be before you formulate your quote. It contains approximately 12 stand-alone pages. The wireframe is just a placeholder and is not meant to be an exact design guide in terms of look and feel. Key new features that need to be incorporated:1. E-commerce capability, preferably with PayPal tie-in. Should tie in seamlessly with Salesforce so we can track accounting data for each customer. We’re open to your recommendations for ready-made apps we can incorporate. 2. Two different types of dashboards with information fed by data from our Salesforce account. Lots of other fields throughout site linked to data from Salesforce account (much of exists currently and needs reformatting)3. Ability for external “account administrators” to upload logos and fill in other templates so they can customize certain pages for their users.4. Internal chat function (there are Salesforce apps) so users can rate and comment on our webinars, as well as continue to share information on the subject. Looking for a modern, clean, easy to use design with plenty of space, with broad swatches of color throughout. Examples would be Skype, Mailchimp, Salesforce. Design team would have support of, and need to maintain open lines of communication with, the President and CTO of Career University—as many of your questions will need to be answered by us along the way. We will also look to you to suggest improvements, apps, customer service add-ins, etc. To be considered, please message us and provide links to projects that contain similar key functions. We will allow you to revise any initial bids, if necessary, once we’ve had our first discussion and you have a better understanding of scope of project. We are aware that our initial range for the bid may be low. THANK YOU!

  • $1578 AUD 14 days ago

    We have a custom app on We would like to make a mobile app for this.This could use salesforce sdk. The app is around scheduling and giving access to mobile workforce to:1. Sites they need to visit on a specific day2. Checkin on the site when they are in the site.3. Update job as completed when its done.All the services for use cases already developed. Therefore you only need to worry about giving a cool friendly ui.

  • $105 USD 16 days ago

    Help me with CRM i have 7 questione becasue i new whit this

  • $2631 USD 19 days ago

    NPC is looking to improve our business process flow by creating a customized user interface using our current Salesforce account that is optimized to user and opportunity types and provides the following functionality: 1) Simplifies the collection of data with a wizard type process with progress bar(s) that track projects through each stage and the entire NPC pipeline.2) Clearly hand off responsibility from one party to another at each stage3) Track the time each project stays with a given team member and how many projects that team member process within a given time based on Key Performance Indicator (KPI) evaluation criteria.4) Based on a series of “button Clicks.” When the end of stage is reached a large button is clicked. This click ends a KPI tracker, starts another KPI tracker, transfers responsibility for the project and may automatically send emails to sales reps, customers or team members. 5) Customized live NPC pipeline Pictogram that shows exactly how many projects that are in each stage with an average turn time6) Update the GENERATE PROPOSAL tool

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