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iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad Development

Username: Octetis

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Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

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  • $900.00 USD
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    Mar 11, 2013

    Professional, efficient, very satisfied.

    Project Description:Currently has an application developed (iOS). Looking to outsource portion of evaluation. This involves refactoring of codes and increasing efficiently as well as checking for memory leak. Will need someone professional, not just out to earn the quick cash...
  • $900.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ArtemSH


    Oct 22, 2012

    I'm really exited to work with Octetis! They have done good work right in time! Strongly recommend to hire this guys!

    Project Description:We are looking for a team of professionals to finish and customize existing back end+mobile front end application. Application is done for 90% and we need to finish this work with some out f the box customization...
  • €1500.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller GregoireS


    Oct 22, 2012

    Octetis have a highly professional team of developers with a proactively offer elegant solutions both in terms of techniques and business knowledge.All the work was deliverd on time and I will surely hire this team again.

    Project Description:I want to develop native iOS application. Here are main issues: Core Data Core Graphics Geo location service & integration with Google Maps More detail will be provided to a winning bidder
    Octetis has not completed any projects.
  • $600 USD In Progress

    We require an INDIVIDUAL FREELANCE *no companies!!** to produce an iPhone/iPad friendly appPlease provide past work references and PROOF so we can check out your work and then if we feel you are good enough, we will disclose information to you on the project once an NDA has been signed. Upon completion, payment will be made and we will have all rights to source code.

  • $526 USD May 14, 2013

    I have a photo sharing app that I need to add the following features to:1. I"d like to add a public feed for the users, so it would essentially be a separate tab on the app for all the activity that is going on for all users and not just the users friends.2. Can we make the sharing of the photo on Facebook so that the photo can be played inline for the audio without the user having to click on the link to open the photo and play. Rodney indicated that it was working like this before, but Facebook made a change to it.3. Can we add hashtags to the photo for an optional step before the photo is shared and then we can take the hashtag data to use on searching, top photo trends, etc.?Please download and familiarize yourself with the app here: should be done in a few days and you will also take care of submitting the app to Apple and getting approved through my developer account.

  • $1260 USD Apr 25, 2013

    I have an source code of instagram like app with all the functions but without photo effects i want a developer who knows how to add this things effects and some little things and desgin

  • $525 USD Apr 20, 2013

    I am creating an iphone application and need a quick bit of help with part of it. We need an iphone page which has a wheel of cards.The user can click and hold on any card and spin the wheel . There is an arrow which will tell what the card is, and change the title at the top depending on which cardthe arrow is facing.When the user clicks on any card it will take him to another page which has the information of that card.

  • [Sealed] Apr 13, 2013

    We need a software package that we can track our vehicles using Ipad"s, Iphones and a PC. Trucks will use IPADs in order to provide a GPS transciever. We would need to be able to track each individual Ipad on the truck. Full details of features needed below:-Track individual Ipads on trucks and provide real time data such as stop time, drive time, and speed. This should be done using IOS MAPS API built into the APP.-Be able to send messages to individual Ipads on truck. Trucks can send messages back. Nice if we could use Imessage or a similiar platform or even SMS as AN API IN OUR SOFTWARE-Allow the truck to run a navagation system using Google Maps API/IOS API with traffic in the same app. Along with alternative route options due to traffic. NEEDS TO USE TRAFFIC AND PROVIDE ALTERNATIVE ROUTES.-Allow base to push new routes to individual truck Ipads-Must have break crumb tracking. I should be able to replay past routes.-Need to option to adjust the track upload, every 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 minute, etc-POD (Proof of Delivery) system that accepts PDF, XLS, WORD, JPG, and TIFF formats. Must access drop box,, and google drive and allow signing of invoices, followed with upload of signed invoices. Drivers need to be able to sign invoices on the IPAD and we need to be adjust the signature size. We would like to be able to add photos from the camera that get tagged to the invoice.-Accessable on PC, IPAD, Iphone, and web based android-Easy to use and rebust. MUST BE ABLE TO DO ALL FEATURES ON AN IPAD AND PC-PROVIDE TRUCK LOGS WITH TIME BETWEEN STOPS, and TIME spent at stops and able to provide easily printable reports. Along with total drive time.-DESIGN AND EASY TO USE IS KEY. MUST BE IDIOT PROOF. It must look nice and design should be very clean.-Be able to get a list of stores from Quickbooks without double entering. We should be able to export our customer address lists and vendor lists from quickbooks along with provide update exports when new customers come along.-Can access database for routing address so driver only has to select the names, not input addresses every time.-Fluid access to dropbox/google drive/ folders, along with reupload to folders after delivery is compete.-All source code belongs to us when completed.

  • $4000 USD Apr 11, 2013

    We are a company that wants to make a phone app for android and iphones. We are based within California which deals with bars, lounges and clubs. The app we want will basically be made to be simplified for the customers where they can purchase tickets to venues and get deals on are application. App will be similar to (hotel tonight).

  • $500 USD Apr 9, 2013

    We recommend bidding if you are familiar with the requirements and can fulfil them within 2 weeks from order. 1. Location data logging:- Pull locations every 5 minutes by Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks localization (GPS is kept off) as background process. - Save locations in local db (preferable in SQLite db) containing following fields: ID, TIME (UTC), LATITUDE, LONGITUDE.2. Display locations from db on Google Map: - Display one button to select the day to be used to select locations from db.- Draw on Google Maps the first location of the selected day as a small red dot. - Display on the map a seek-bar to show selected dots: scrolling seek-bar from left to right will make appear the dots in same order as they were registered (TIME). Seek-bar at left will show the first location/dot of the day, seek-bar at right will show all locations/dots of the selected day.- Use as minimum zoom the one that contains all selected points.- Display a "settings" button with following options: 1. select type of map: streets/satellite, 2. generate e-mail containing screen image.The App file, the code and the primary key to be given to us.

  • $30 USD Apr 9, 2013

    I need an iPhone application for a website of mine that contains many custom features along with a general forum and a wordpress side of the site. I need this to be developed within 3 weeks.

  • $500 USD Apr 8, 2013

    I want to create an IOS app.It should mainly stream sound from an url - i want to stream sound from a police scanner.You have to help me create this app, design, technical and add it to App store - in my name. I want to take payment from people buy this app.I have everything ready here with url that have police radio sound.This url should be hidden in app, i only want users to listen by app, not any computer. Therefore is url link hiding very important in this app.Please contact me if any question.

  • $750 USD Apr 7, 2013

    Create a mobile application to display multimedia messages and notices from school to parents on their cell phone or tablets. Each parent may see general notices or even the particular messages about their children. The administration of the communications will be made from the principal to the teacher, including the director of each area or section. The school can upload notifications using a web application, each user has access account and system. The system must have the ability to manage content for several schools.

  • €140 EUR Apr 7, 2013

    I need someone to finish and upgrade the iOS application. It should not take you more than a day, but it should be upgraded on newer version and corrected with the design according to my wishes.Copyrights stays with me for all the work.IMPORTANT!!!! Scammers, please do not bid, since I will be very strict with this job (both will just loose our time) - this is not the first time I am looking for someone to finish this job. 2 scammers already failed with the work - absolutely nothing has been done. I will file a dispute if you will not finish the application in time immediately!!!

  • $1500 USD Apr 7, 2013

    Please ensure you read through this whole brief, and ensure you know how to do ALL items, prior to submitting a quote.MUST HAVE experience in App development, and launching onto Google Play Store and Apple App store, experience in Freemium functionality and in App billing set up and experience in in App advertising set up.There will be a lite version and a standard (paid) version of the App (for both Android and Iphone). The lite version will include all the same buttons, but some of them will lead the user to a screen saying, ‘Standard version function only. To enjoy these features, ...’ And this leads them through to be able to buy the Standard version from their App store.Lite version will include advertising. Standard version is advertisement free. The advertisements will only appear on the pages indicated in the Page layouts document.Graphic art styling guidelines for App will be provided.SCREENS There are 29 screens in total. 10 of these are button/menu screens that take users through to other screens. There will be 5 screens that require information to plot on simple charts, graphics for these charts will be provided.App needs to store photos and video in a gallery, for user to draw/access images/videos from. At any time, user needs to be able to select the photo from the App gallery area, and edit any of the details, or update the photo.App needs to be able to send notifications to user, at preset points in time. These points in time will be linked to a date, provided by user when they first start using App.SHARING:User will log in via their Facebook account.User can select an image and type a small caption, to load into a preset postcard template that can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Tap to Print. Some postcard templates are free, some are Freemium. Postcard template graphics will be provided.Share a single image/caption on Facebook option. Should insert image, heading and caption in the preset frame and then shares to users Facebook wall.Create a simple movie of selected gallery images that appear as a slideshow, with royalty free music in background, that shares to Facebook, is able to be emailed, or can be saved. SHARE WITH LINKED CONTACT - Sends notification to pre-entered linked contacts, letting them know they can open App and view latest content. MAKE MY FULL BOOK - Users can make a PDF book. User should select a front cover image from their collection of photos, then they choose to load their images – which load in date order and charts. The images all load into a preset template format. They can then review their book, and remove any images they don’t want included. Then when they hit submit, they go through to a payment screen, once they pay, then the book is emailed to them, in PDF format, so they can print it themselves.Things to consider/remember:- User’s collection needs to be able to back up somewhere/somehow, so the user can ensure they don’t lose their content, if they lose their phone.- Needs to be able to allow others, who user gives permission to, to view their content – LINKED CONTACTS- Needs to have a loading App indicator on opening – graphics will be provided for this.- Once App is complete, need to make a brief Take the Tour screen shots style video that gives users a quick snapshot of how the App works. Can either sit within App, or on YouTube.- App needs to be suitable for various mobile screen sizes- Need both an Apple Iphone and Android version of the App, in both Lite and Standard versions. Developer will need to follow the project right through to Apps going live on both App stores.- Need to load our SEO data, to ensure we appear in the App store’s searches.- Needs to have secure Freemium charging component set up. PayPal is our preferred payment gateway for Freemium components.IN APP ADVERTISING:Need to integrate the appropriate sdk to allow us to have in App advertising –Android – AdmobApple - iAd

  • $250 USD Apr 3, 2013

    Need to write an iphone application - shopping list based with additional details to be discussed and after NDA is signed.Must know how to write iphone apps and connect to databases.upgrades on an ad hoc bases.

  • $100 USD Mar 29, 2013

    I need an Instagram account creator. I want the accounts to be usable right when the bot is finished making them. I am not very good with computers so being able to sign in, and use them directly when finished would be great. I don"t want to mess with proxies. I need the bot to make 5000 usable accounts in 24 hours. I"m fine with it only making 1000 in 24 hours if it means less work for you. basically my problem is Instagram only lets you create 2 accounts per 3 hours, and as you know that"s not the greatest for mass producing accounts. thank you very much.

  • $3000 USD Nov 30, 2012

    I would like to add some more app to an existing app I have The additions will beCable Installer appMetal Price app, which needs to be in USD/MTSteel App

  • $3000 USD Nov 5, 2012

    Project Description/RequirementsWe are a quarterly magazine that showcases established and emerging creative talents in fashion, design, and culture, with a focus on features, photography, and illustration. We would like to put together an iPhone and iPad application for Sketchbook Magazine. We would like the following features to be included in the app: Mobile Augmented Reality - using the camera on the device to interact with the outside world. (Ex: holding your iPhone camera to a certain drawing/poster and a short video or messages plays) Check out Blippar for more examples. Integrating Social Media - Flipboard does them really well. Integrates your social media stories into the rest of the content. Feed Management - To allow users to customize their feed based on interest. If a reader is interested in Fashion and Culture, there would be an option to filter everything under those categories, or to read more of them. Annotation - this feature would allow readers to scribble, sketch, highlight, and write on the pages of the articles, to give the whole look & feel of Sketchbook. An option to save the annotation, and be able to hide/retrieve it when needed. Profiles - the ability to have separate profiles for separate readers in one household. This way, the app would store different preferences and annotations, etc for each individual reader. Integration with Social Bookmarking Services - Examples such as Read it Later, Delicious, Google Reader etc. Important for readers to bookmark the articles to continue reading later on on another device (laptop for example). My Sketchbook - this is an extension of the annotation feature, but a section should be dedicated for Sketchbook in digital format, where users can save pages and come back to them, submit illustrations to us through them (for competitions perhaps).Project Budget & Deadline We have a budget of £ 1649 = (1000 Bahraini Dinars), and we would like to see 2 different options of the proposed app. (One option with the above budget and another option that you would ideally create). We have an overall vision of what we would like achieve but are very open to ideas. Please email me back with a quote and a proposal of 2 iPhone/iPad app options as soon as possible, should you be interested in this project opportunity.

  • [Sealed] /hr Oct 31, 2012

    I need someone to help develop my iPhone App (Game)Game is currently 70% completed, I already have all images needed, so I just need someone with Game Development Experience to help finish developing the game.

  • $3000 USD Oct 30, 2012

    A librabry type application which will allow people to accept files from our kiosk - media files such as mp3 music and mpg movies and ebooks (epub format) the library should also be equiped with a media player and epub reader and be ble to run cross platform on ipad, iphone, android and windows 7/8 once completed the project developer will be giving an ongoing maintenance and update contract to be discussed during development. The reder and media player will need to use encryption/decryption to read the media and epub files loaded on the users devicethe library will be required to handshake in some wy with our kiosk to accept files to a local folder, download from our website to a local folder and to browse titles and play / read them easily.

  • €750 EUR Oct 30, 2012

    Hello All.I apologize for the older project about the eye tracking.In fact i just need a Head Tracking on the standard webcam.So the real work i need is just a precise head tracking. A little server that give the Head position and give to a client via TCP/IP the current head position.That"s all.Thanks all for the previous projects.renato t.

  • $3000 USD Oct 18, 2012

    We are looking for a programmer to build out our iPhone/iPad app.The app is mainly a scheduling app that will use items like tasks, calendars, notes, etc. but in a basic format. It will be placed in the productivity category. We want a version for both the iPhone and the iPad that can sync together via iCloud or another solution. The apps will function the same on the iPhone and iPad, but each will have a slightly different layout.We have specific characteristics and designs we already can point you to in other apps that we would like to use or emulate.We will discuss specific details of the project during the selection process.Programmer should speak good English and provide timely responses and status updates of the project as it moves forward. We are looking for someone to add to our team as a long term provider. If you do this project well you can certainly expect more work.Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • $4000 USD Oct 17, 2012

    We"ve designed a mobile app for crowdfunding community projects and need programming help to make it live. Have created layered PSD files of the designed iOS app, ready for programming and posting to app stores. Features needed include:-Payment integration via Braintree or similar -Web service integration including creating a profile (login with facebook), capturing credit card information ( integration) and pulling project info from web database and rewards from database, then sending rewards to email. -Databases need to be created. -Mobile functionality includes GPS and push notifications.

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iOS development

Mar 2009 - Present (5 years)


Almost 5 years of iOS development. We have used all technologies you can imagine. From cloud services and social networks to augmented reality and 2D games. More then 50 apps successfully done.


Master's Degree

National Technical University of Ukraine 'Kyiv Polytechnic Institute'



9L0-252 FRS iOS


Professional Apple certificate


Cocos2D development in iOS6


Long story about using Cocos2D game engine in iOS 6