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Flash 3d expert

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Location: Warsaw, Belarus

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  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller financecatalyst


    Oct 29, 2011

    Good work. Few misunderstandings, but eventually it worked out well. Very Co-operative.

    Project Description:Hello, I would like someone to make a flash movie to demonstrate working of a remote switch. I have selected one sample online I have the photo of my remote which...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller i1patrick


    Jul 19, 2011

    OnlineD did some very good work on my Flash animation! OnlineD used the Google SketchUp files I started with to create a 3D animation in Flash. The end results were very good.

    Project Description:In Google SketchUp, I made a simple render of a vehicle and a garage door. What I want is to animate a 45-60 second movie of some action using these objects: 1. The vehicle (forklift) approaches the...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller microcomit

    microcomit [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 27, 2011

    no communication and no knowledge of what has to be done this was a complete timewaster. Please dont bid on my project again.

    OnlineD's reply:

    He is a freelancer too. This project it open for negative comment about me. He is a my competitor. He not paid, not give me a description about project

    Project Description:We require a website for a music dj company. This should have a unique touch and include a video player and photo gallery with some light flash maybe on homepage. This site could be done in wordpress...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller Robertfsm


    Oct 26, 2010

    Thank you!

    Project Description:Hello, I need 18 high quality banners made asap. I currently have 3 300x 250 banners and I need the same banners in the following sizes: 336x280 120x600 160x600 728x90 468x60 250x250 I also...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller LancBoss


    Jul 13, 2010

    Very fast an creative graphical artist

    Project Description:I am looking for talented graphical artist to create nice and creative logo and favicon.ico for 3 my websites. Logo sizes has to be 100px height and 300px. Each logo I want to have in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats...
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller Liguidsoul


    Nov 29, 2009

    Great work!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $10 USD
    Profile image for Seller gyanverma

    gyanverma [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 23, 2009

    1. not easily Reachable.2. he accepted to do this project in 30$ but not showing interest in it.3. Never listen what i want just doing by himself only.4. Every time use to forget what he told yesterday i have to remind him every time.5. he have give me some design two times and both time every thing is same, i explained in details what i want.6. Not able to follow time limit.

    OnlineD's reply:

    Sorry, but hes desires are unrealistic! He not agree with my works and took, not pay. He said, that project included only logo. BUT!I do for him 1. BOOKLET. 2. CD. 3. CD COVER 4. FLASH HEADER FOR WEBSITE 5. LOGO! ALL IN ONE DAY FOR FREE!

    Project Description:i like your design very much. we have to talk once.
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller Yoohan


    Nov 11, 2009

    OnlineD did a great job with the logo. I recommend the services of OnlineD who need logos designed.

    Project Description:Logo design project
    OnlineD has not completed any projects.
  • $250 USD In Progress

    We are lookign for a creative designer who will create a 3D animation of a working low pressure steam boiler, used to heat up a building. We need to show all the process details, supplying heat to the radiators/ apartments, and heating them up. Each heating space will send a feedback back to the controller of the boiler which will decide to turn the boiler burner on or off.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $70 USD In Progress

    Complete project description is below. Paiement will be made only when job is done and visible on demo server.Can get the project start quick if price if very good, and will pay quickly if it"s done correctly.Here are specifications :Re-use one template fron (it will be provided)1.On loading page and on top left, replace the logo but keep similar effect. 2.Keep music but put it lower and add possibility to mute 3.Bottom right replace the credit « Focus 2011 » by « will be provided All right reserved ». 4.Top right menu : rename and re-organize the tabs to have this structure ABOUTGALLERYCONTACTSRemove the ‘links’ tab from current template5.When arriving on the site, you must arrive on ABOUT page6.On ABOUT page: A.Remove « read more » buttonB.Keep the WelcomeC.It must be possible to edit the content of this pqge through a WYSIWYG interface for administratorD.For the left image, it should also be possible to replace it online through an upload module for administrator. Please send exact specification of image that should be used when uploading to replace it. 7.CONTACTS page :A.On the left replace « STAY IN TOUCH » by « CONTACT US »B.The image just below should be modifiable through upload interface for administrator. Please send exact specification of image that should be used when uploading to replace it.C.On the left, replace « THE COMPANY NAME INC. » by « will be provided – Name (will be provided)», no need for an adress. Instead of a phone number and email address in a column, place them below will be provided – Name « Telephone : will be provided and on another line: « Email : will be provided » .D.On the rightm remove the word feedback but keep identical contact form with same buttons etc. 8.Gallery page : A.Before accessing gallery page ie when clicking on Gallery, coming from contacts page or abut page, ask for a password to access the page. This passoword request page should be in the same design as all website. There is one field to fill : password and one submit button.Password will be unique and the same for all users. It will be communicated later. When password is correct then access to gallery page. If not correct error message B.On the left, rename the categories and sort them this way: will be provided1will be provided2will be provided3will be provided4One button has been deleted compared to template but the global height of the frame should not be reduced. To keep current height of frame, increase height of buttons of all categories. C.As names of current categories is shorter than the one that are needed, reduce font size to get a nice visual.E.Each category gives access to photos that have the same size. It should be possible to upload new pictures, remove existing pictures and choose order of display from administrator interface. Please send exact specification of image that should be used when uploading new pictures D.On hover of each photo, and top left of the photo it should be possible to add some lines of descriptions through a wysiwyg interface for administrator. Possible to choose font color : black or white depending on background of photo, size of font 10 and identical font used in the pages. It should be possible to edit this text and to add it for new photos listed.9.Additional infos : Generally, Logo must not be modified, font is « Augustus » and will be sent to you if needed. But some effects can be made on some part, these details will be explained.

  • $250 AUD In Progress

    the website will have animated, realistic graphics representing the solar system with buttons the click and new sub-sites to enter over the planets

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Business logo for a business that services birthday parties, church and community events, game competitions. Includes: Mobile Video Game Theater, Mobile Laser Tag, Mobile Golf Simulators, Karaoke, 3-D Gaming and more.The name of the Business is We BRING IT parties. I need a logo designed for the business name and for the website name, which is webringit2u.comPrefer mock up.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hi, I am looking for an experienced designed to design me a Business logo. 6 gif banners and a flash bannerIt is an easy job for someone that knows what there doing. Will Want to see examples of previous work. Thanks, Dave

  • $8 USD/hr 23 days ago

    Need an Adobe Flash Builder expert to work on an existing app, the contractor should have working knowledge of interfacing third party libraries and GUI Please come up with your latest projects and samples regarding adobe flash builder

  • $18 SGD 25 days ago

    I need to mak.e an autoloading screwdriver that looks like a revolver.

  • £9 GBP/hr 25 days ago

    Hello,mperialMedia s.r.o. is an advertising and marketing agency with a presence across the whole of the Czech Republic. We provide complex services to regional, national and multinational companies in the realisation of advertising, marketing communication and sales support.We are going to find some externist staff to 3D graphic, 3D visualition and 3D video.Our pages are

  • $277 USD 25 days ago

    I will tell you an idea and you would help by creating a 3D model of it.

  • $15 USD 25 days ago

    need this in 3d modeling but without furniture

  • $15 AUD/hr 25 days ago

    After a creative mind with experience and an extensive portfolio to work on some animated videos for our company Establish Me. We are after a "vector" style animation rather that stop motion and typography.

  • $250 USD 25 days ago

    i am looking for some one can do for me 3d animation similar to this work and create photos

  • $3000 USD 29 days ago

    Require hair cutting trainer .Design a model head,3d animation for the head. It will show how the hairs will be cut from every angle of the head.Every base cut type has some predefined angles and directions for the hair to cut.1 standard man head and 1 standard woman head.1 standard type of hair with fixed initial length. Woman’s hairs’ initial length would be half way to the back and man’s hairs’ length would be up to the shoulders.Also give an option to put a beard on man’s face and it should also be trim able. Animation will start with selecting man or woman profile. Then you can chose to put on the hairs and beard. After that you will select the type of cutting from 4 basic types. Then you pick up the individual hair stands and cut them. Then you leave the strand and it will fall back to its natural position. You should be able to rotate the head in all dimensions means in all 6 directions.There will be 3 difficulty settings, beginner, intermediate and expert. In beginner level when you will be cutting hairs you will get color and angle tips. Means if the hairs are held in wrong angle their color will change to red and if they are in the right angle they will turn green. Moreover you will get a pop-up tip displaying the angle. In intermediate level you will just have the angle text alongside the hair strand in focus. In expert there will be no help at all.While you are cutting, you will divide/part the hairs in different parts. In most cases 4 parts. Then you will put the holding pins to hold the parted hairs in their place so that you can focus on one part at a time.When you are done with the cutting, it should show the result and if it’s right cut or wrong. You should also be able to rewind the steps one by one to see where you went wrong. Wrong steps would be highlighted in red. More details will be shared to the bidder who can show us the Demo or sample work..P.S: Sample work will help in winning the bid.thanks

  • $35 USD 29 days ago

    We are a Education and Training company that is in need of a e-learning course. We facilitate teaching on various subjects such as Language, Science History and other focused subjects like sales training, management, problem solving and communication.Our goal is to offer our customers:* A stand alone e-learning course on each subject that is broken up in multiple sessions* Courses by subject that our customers take after taking our facilitated courses to reinforce their training.We are looking for a fun and informative e-learning experience for our customers.It will have to be done in Articulate Storyline (That is the program we own).We will start with one course (English Parts of Speech Course) and follow with other courses after they are complete.This project is strictly for one sample course only. To be done with Articulate Storyline software.Desired SkillsAnimation, Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Articulate

  • $15 USD 29 days ago

    Hi, I need a stylish flash gallery for small images with link option to contents.The size i required by width should be 300 pixel in width. and in hieght 300 pixel. so it will consist 9 small images at a time.But I need a frequent change of these images in a translucent form or any other effect.Thanks

  • [Sealed] Mar 19, 2014

    Go to home pageThe requirement is to add attractive flash animation and/or pictures on the top or side of the page to convey what we are doing. It should appear as a running slide show with animated text messages appearing and fading. We would be willing to buy a java script based slider for this if required, from any additional source you recommend.A mock up or example at the beginning of the project would be appreciated. For mock up you may using your own pictures and text to give us an idea oft the design you have in mind. We will provide some paperwork (for copyright release, non disclosure etc) for you to sign and return by email if selected for the job.

  • R776 ZAR Mar 19, 2014

    We require artwork to be vectored in order to animate selected scenes from our books.Please see attached documents for further information!

  • $166 USD Mar 19, 2014

    write code in as3 for starling gamejust for operational nape car,balancing buttons and possible scrolling background

  • ₹12500 INR Mar 19, 2014

    Hello, I want a small Flash Tool (AS3) where users can upload interior room images, select floor and walls with easy to use tool and crop them. Check this link for example, you need to register first. they can select the new floor and wall-papers from the library, change the x,y,z position (3d transform) and scale the new floor or wallpaper. You can use ready-made plugins for it. Use Public Clarification Board if you have any questions.Thank you

  • $10 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Hello,I have purchased some fla template with separate xml . I would like to embed that xml in to fla so I would be able to export to swf file and not to use xml.

  • $30 USD Sep 11, 2012

    All information here: the file attached.Can you do it?

  • $750 USD Jul 31, 2012

    We are looking to create an online Kitchen Design tool for our online customers to use to create a graphical lay-out of their Kitchen/Laundry/Bedroom design, very very simular to this type of one: http://planner.wrenkitchens.comThis link is a brilliant example of the type of thing that we are after, it"s very easy to use -No software to download for the Customer (which is what we want), just open page and start designing.we would also like a 3d view of the finished design utilising software already on windows or the option of being able to download required software by the customer We also want to get the "List" report so that prices can be imported directly from our on-line site shopping cart (, creating dynamic pricing for the Customer, rather than asking them to email the design to get a quote. We already have the shopping cart done, The other thing with this example site is that you can"t seem to save a job, so we would be looking at needing a "save" option question. once the design is done a customer list can be databased by us .We will supply the Product graphics, it"s really getting the software written and tested that we need.We also require the source code as part of the project.I hope this is enough information,ThanksTom Armstrongthis is a reposed project as i ran out of time to fully evaluate past replies

  • $40 USD Nov 22, 2011

    I need help creating a Flash file that allows the user to drag and drop text items into two different columns and provides a "correct" or "incorrect" response.See the following link for an example of the functionality: need to FLA file to be set up so I can go in and create several different customized SWF files. I am familiar with Flash but I am more of a designer and can only edit code, not create it.

  • $500 USD Nov 14, 2011

    Please pm for details as I cannot share the idea with everyone.

  • $250 USD Nov 13, 2011

    We are looking for a flash + graphics designer to help us construct effective google adword ads that will draw in our target market.The website you will be designing theses ads for is Education town: website provide an environment where teachers meet students and teach them using virtual classrooms.Important notes you should know about them before you agree to do this job:1- The ads will be in Arabic ( We will help you with the translation )2- It will be 3 types of adsA)for teachers•728 x 90 Leaderboard•336 x 280 Large rectangle•300 x 250 Inline rectangle•468 x 60 BannerB)for students•728 x 90 Leaderboard•336 x 280 Large rectangle•300 x 250 Inline rectangle•468 x 60 BannerC)for the site.•468 x 60 Banner•728 x 90 Leaderboard•250 x 250 Square•200 x 200 Small square•336 x 280 Large rectangle•300 x 250 Inline rectangle•120 x 600 Skyscraper•160 x 600 Wide skyscraper•600 x 803- we want the source files after you finish so we can do minor changes if needed. 4- The ads should plan as a small video , 5- We want to make it clear so user will understand what kind of serveries we provide. That way we are not wasting money in Google for non-qualified leads. are the Google requirements for the ads, we are wanting to create the animated image ads in the above sizes.Please send samples of your work and We are open to suggestions

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