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Username: Parisgujrathi

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Location: Nashik, India

Member since: October 2011



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  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller Geekthrill


    28 days ago

    Delivered as promised. Very quick and polite. Thank you!

    Project Description:Hi! I need help in customizing this After-Effects project on Videohive: I have a soundfile around 1 minute long with a woman reading a poem...
  • ₹3850 INR
    Profile image for Seller brijeshdalmia


    Mar 24, 2014

    Thanks for your creativity. Appreciate your work.

    Project Description:I need 5 Videos of around 3-4 minutes each. Each video will have around 10-15 quotations which I will give you. ( It will be of 2 lines each ) Video will have light music in the background. You have a create a suitable background for each quotation ( scenic / people / etc )...
  • $82 AUD
    Profile image for Seller lindabryant


    Mar 3, 2014

    Thanks again!

    Project Description:Only changes are to change the background of the photos falling at the end, to pink, same as logo. And also add a few extra photos. Everything else the same :)
  • $100 AUD
    Profile image for Seller timstar


    Feb 28, 2014

    Great Work!

    Project Description:HI I'm looking for someone to animate a 2D credit card and make it look 3D. Here is an example of the type of 3D animation I'm looking for: Slight movement and rotation required...
  • $31.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller danreyes


    Feb 12, 2014

    He did a splendid job on this micro project.

    Project Description:Need you to add 3 photos to this video while maintaining the same music throughout. I want the photos to start at 3 mins 33 secs into the video. After the shot of the adult male shown swinging a baseball bat...
  • $45 AUD
    Profile image for Seller lindabryant


    Feb 11, 2014

    Very happy with the work done on my project. All done to my requirements. Would definitely use again :)

    Project Description:I'd like someone to be able to add final details on video projects. I am creating tutorial videos for photographers as well as business videos - just some basic music and logos at the beginning and end of videos...
  • $100 AUD
    Profile image for Seller retrokat


    Jan 27, 2014

    Animation was done very promptly and well. Would definitely recommend and hire again when I need a team of animators.<br/>

    Project Description:N/A
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller mgsfreelancer


    Jan 25, 2014


    Project Description:Create AE video for website using
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller nivlaoet


    Jan 23, 2014

    Great work and very impressive fast turnaround!

    Project Description:PLEASE NOTE: This project is only for those who can deliver based on the timeline described below. I will be filming 2 events that are part of a launch of a new car model. I need the footages to be edited into 1 video of about 5 minutes long...
  • $75 USD
    Profile image for Seller iseo2000


    Jan 17, 2014

    good work.

    Project Description:this is a special project to Parisgujrathi. please don&#039;t bid if you are not Parisgujrathi.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller RakebackLV


    Jan 9, 2014

    Did a video introduction for me and performed well - will use again for similar jobs! :)

    Contest Brief:Hi all, I'm looking for an intro animation that we could use when creating various poker related videos. It should include our logo that I have added as an attachment and ideally would be a couple of seconds long. This is what we currently have (terrible quality). Feel free to approach this project with fresh mind and innovation. I had an idea that the chip would appear and roll in a similar fashion, as we already have, but would then hit the logo letters that could potentially appear from the other side. Also feel free to use any effects that might seem fit. Some sort of a sound would be appreciated too and will be preferred! Happy creating and this is a guaranteed contest, so the money will be paid to someone! :) Thanks, -Ed
    INFINITY ARCS has not completed any projects.
  • $30 USD In Progress

    I have a customisable video hive project called &quot;Pictures & Doodles&quot; that I need to complete. It&quot;s already roughly 2/3rds complete but I&quot;ve come across a few issues when moving scenes and videos around inside the project with my limited after effects knowledge. I have a power point presentation that outlines each scene with timing changes and text amendments. The overall video will be around 3 minutes maximum and we&quot;re roughly two minutes into the project already. Would like to get this complete in the next 2/3 days.Video Project:

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Hello,I have raw video from video,I need you to do two things:1. Edit it according to the script the various parts. total video would be around 2 minutes according to script.2. Add a logo Video in the begining (Provided )3. Add a few images / smaller video in a small window, like a news brocast (Similar to this: )I will provide you teh files using dropbox: total raw material is about 3 GB.

  • $125 USD In Progress

    Simple Video Compilation + YouTube (Basic LoL Knowledge preferred) - $125 I need someone who has decent Video editing capabilities and YouTube know how. The pay: $125 It&quot;s a fairly easy job. - I need exactly 9 videos, around 5 Minutes in length. - The length won&quot;t really make the job harder for you as I just want random League of Legends clips easily obtainable online - Each youtube Vid needs to have a button on it overlay, that links directly to a specific URL - (I will create the button with the button logo) It really is about copy pasting clips, putting that overlay button linking to a URL, and uploading to youtube.I am not asking you to record your own video or create something entirely new. Take free clips from the internet and use it in the youtube video. Each video showcases 1 league of legends skins. So essentially, you will have:- Clips of the Skin in game- The skin&quot;s wallpaper/loading screen art- Anything that helps show the viewer what the skin looks like or is all about. Not too easy, not too hard. I was gonna do this myself but I&quot;m busy, and I&quot;m sure someone out there could use the $125

  • $900 AUD In Progress

    Hello,I am needing the post production done for 6 x kids fitness DVDs. Each DVD will be about 35 minutes long.This will involve:- Synching all music and microphones with the footage.- Applying the music that I supply and applying it to the appropriate footage.- Editing the footage, combination of long and close ups- Creating samplers for each video (short 45second preview videos that show what will be included on the video)- Editing some extra educational footage.The raw footage will be supplied in about 2 weeks. Just looking for interest at the moment. BIG job so only serious and quality freelancers need apply.Thanks,Jack

  • £80 GBP In Progress

    Hi Paris... love the name.Hope you are well. I require a clean fun animated intro to a series of Youtube videos I will be doing all on haircare.I am a curly and afro haircare GURU! however Youtube is flooded with how-to hair care videos in film. We would like to do a few videos in that mix anaimation with film We do not have a huge budget, however we are launching a new website at the end of April and would like to have some videos done by that time.The first task I would like is the animated Intro. That can be a simple intro with the animated me and our logo. The tagline to be scrawled across the screen in typewriter fashion is Hairducation with Sal from Root2tip- Helping you to love your hair!the logo would kind of knock into the animated character of me and then stop, you can add hearts and sound effects you see fit, to complement the intro.Can you a) design an animated character of me for the intro. Attached is the logo&quot;s to be used an picture of me. that can be used for reference.the second intro is for our kids hair series. The characters would run across crenn- The words- Kinki Coili Kurli would drop down and be stable as the logo- Tag-line to appear in colored letter- childrens style is @ Haircare SOS! - Help them to Love their Hair!I know you can do this, as I have seen your great work! 2d animation required.

  • $842 USD In Progress

    i would like to promote for my new book by using after effect typography and dynamic motion video

  • $60 USD In Progress

    Need someone to edit this file using a one page text document that we have. mostly text revisions. Winning editor must use After Effects CS4. I will provide the template file.

  • $80 USD In Progress

    private project for Parisgujrathi

  • $100 USD Yesterday

    convert picture to a youtube video and sync in voice to narrate the video. see example below

  • $200 SGD 3 days ago

    1) 3-4 days & nights video to be combined.2) 100+ Photos (if needed for effect in video)3) video camera (GoPro 3 black edition)4) Video in mp4 in High widescreen resolution.

  • $150 USD 3 days ago

    I need a short clip around 10 seconds long, of a battle. This would suit someone with Golaem for Maya, Miarmy or Massive jet software with ready to run agents. I need a distance shot of 2 army&quot;s (one to the left and one to the right) in an open landscape. Then for the army&quot;s to charge towards each other. Here is an example video, go to 24 seconds in on the video to see what I mean

  • $450 AUD 4 days ago

    I have a spec ad that I have filmed and I would like some compositing of graphics done and a 3d model created of the product.will talk more with the winning bidder on the scope of the project.

  • $100 USD 4 days ago

    I have video clips and i need to editing them and splice some to put one together..

  • $120 USD 5 days ago

    Hi, I need to combine digital video into a slideshow with music and do all necessary editing.Thanks...

  • $30 USD 5 days ago

    I have a 30 minute interview video. Need to have the answers to the questions cut from the original video with a new front and back. I do this in Camtasia. I add a title slide with the question, have the client&quot;s answer to the question then add a last slide with a call to action and phone number. This fairly easy video work if you know what you are doing. With 5 question/answers, there will be a total of 5 new videos. These must be produced at a minimum of 480p. Here is a sample: you are good, there is a LOT more work available for the right price.

  • $200 USD 7 days ago

    Looking for someone to make Anitmated Plane Take off from island for our game, importat that its animated graphics Example: something like that.Its a clip for anbout 10-15 sec that we need.regards

  • $250 USD 8 days ago

    i have an wedding video and the groom is wearing a radio mic inside his jacket pocket which is visible during some parts of the video. I would like this microphone cloned from the video

  • $150 USD 11 days ago

    Hi,I have created a short video using Green Screen technology. I am looking for some one to edit, by placing a &quot;Office&quot; background on the video and a title introduction slide.I am looking for a quick turnaround of 24 hours, I need to see samples of previous green screen work.Thanks,

  • $750 USD 17 days ago

    Hi, please I need someone who is familiar with after effect to customize the after effect template used in making this video The task is to make the wood board bigger in size so that video can be seen better inside the wood.

  • $8 USD/hr 17 days ago

    I have a video of a woman talking with green background. I just want you to remove the background and make it transparent. Can you do it for me?

  • $250 USD 17 days ago

    Hello.I need someone who can create a dragon, castle, and medieval village.Budget is flex deepening on skills + what I get. Could you give me an estimate with only the dragon as well?Example:

  • $400 USD 18 days ago

    Edit videos:1) add titles to the screen2) put logo in moving object3) video cropping, cut & trimming4) upload to YouTube200 videos @2~18 minutes each

  • $10 AUD 21 days ago

    Hi again Paris, I just need to change the text on my intro video to &quot;growing your business from the inside out&quot;shouldn&quot;t take long at all. can you please quote?

  • $500 USD 22 days ago

    I have a collection of videos i would like to get better quality video playback . I need some to do what ever is necessary to improve overall quality and playback of them . total of 400 hrs of videos . All individual organised and in folder . Please review the uploaded sample . Videos periodically sticks during playback.

  • $30 USD 25 days ago

    I need someone to edit my YT videos for me, recurring offer.

  • $250 USD 26 days ago

    A simple video needs to be created, it will not take to long...You can put animation in the video if you like...

  • $30 USD 27 days ago

    Hi, I am battling to get videos from a website. please could someone assist. I will only pay once you are successful.

  • $30 USD 27 days ago

    I have this Template: will give you all the pictures, sounds, fonts and texts to fill the template. You will create the video and render it in different formats OGG, MP4 each in HD 720p, 480p and 360pWe will work together for many videos in the future.

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