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Passion for Perfection

Username: Perfexus

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Location: Bangalore, India

Member since: April 2013



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  • [Sealed]
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    Dec 27, 2013

    My project was extremely complex and involved scraping data from the web to fill a database (3000 rows by 234 columns), calculating numerous ratios, producing back-end and front-end, and the ability to select data using various criteria. From the outset, the Perfexus team were the only bidders to give me a professional proposal, providing me with a work plan explaining exactly how they would provide a solution (none of the other bidders did this). They demonstrated at the start that they fully understood my requirements and gave me confidence that they knew how to satisfy those requirements. The quoted price was also reasonable and represented value-for-money. They were professional, showed great customer service and project management skills, and went out of their way to ensure I was happy with their work at every stage. They did an excellent job. I am thoroughly satisfied with the final product, have no complaints and would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $161.00 USD
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    Jul 4, 2013

    The Perfecxus Team has fulfilled all requirements of this project quickly and professionally. I’m very happy to have worked with them again. After finishing a Java project with them first, they now have shown to be proficient developers in JavaScript as well.

    Project Description:We are developing a cloud-based storage framework ( with a rich client library for JavaScript. In order to test and improve this library we would like you to implement a version of ToDoMVC ( using our framework...
  • $154.00 USD
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    Apr 21, 2013

    The Perfexus Team have completed the project successfully and quickly. They are super-organized, professional and very systematic. They work both transparent and independent, which is the best combination one can ask for! Recommended!

    Project Description:== Summary == Implementing a simple 'Hello, World' Java application with our platform. Detailed specifications attached! == Background & Motivation == We are building a service to enable easy data storage and synchronization for Java and JavaScript applications (
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  • [Sealed] 11 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $2222 USD 11 days ago

    This project is for the development of a custom Joomla component. Please review the attached files for detailed requirements.

  • $1444 USD 12 days ago

    Attached are the documents.1. AEC form 2013 is the form to be captured. We need to design an interface exactly like the form with "Previous" & "Next" buttons. We can use "Step By Step Wizard" of this template: 2. Migrate old data for all previous forms currently stored in Oracle database into the newly created database in 1. I will write SQL scripts to pull data for previous form per year into csv from the old databse so that you import it into newly created database in 1.3. We have then to generate reports that will export data to excel as in "EMIS Statistical Yearbook 2011.pdf" for "EMIS Statistical Yearbook 2013.pdf".TASK 1BackgroundCurrently, there is java web application build on top of Oracle database for capturing an old version of the AEC form for 2012 (I attached below the AEC form for 2013). This application does not have all the fields of the AEC 2013 form as they were few that were recently added. Work to be doneWe need to add the missing fields on the java web application forms to accommodate new fields. I will indicate later the all the fields missing.TASK 2BackgroundPart of the AEC 2013 form, there are grayed fields that will need to be pre-printed. There is currently a PHP web application build on top of Oracle database that was doing this work but not doing it properly. To be doneWe need to re-develop this pre-printing application either using Java or . Net or PHP so that it can do the pre-printing. We can re-use the SQL Queries being used by the current application.NOW for us to understand all the requirements, we need access to these applications and database. I have had access to the Oracle database in the past and I understand it. 1. You and your team need access to the server so that you can see how this java application can be changed to accommodate the new changes.2. You and your team need access to PHP application to see how it is doing pre-printing.In order to do 1 & 2, we have to find tools to connect to the server as it cannot be made available outside. I can put my 4G Internet dongle to have the server have Internet and maybe we connect using tools such webbex, etc.No Choice for DB : I must need oracle as DB. and I want task-1 first.

  • $1111 USD 12 days ago

    Full stack Ruby on Rails development

  • $5555 USD 14 days ago

    We are looking to build a simple but very modern video blog where we will publish training courses both free and paid access. With one off payment or monthly membership option. Whole website needs to work on mobile devices. The main website “shop” would look like: We would like to use for shopping script.To do:Graphic designShop:-Training videos search based on categories-Free, based on price, last minute etc-Reviews option for clientsClient’s panel:-Access to videos-Purchase history etcAdmin:Monthly access and members’ managementEmail and newsletter optionsVideo uploadsEcommerce:Installation of magentoInstallation of paypal and transferuj.plInvoice generating optionMarketing options:-Limited sale like: 5 products left etc-Time limited sales with watch countdown-Recommended products selection based on each main product-Upsell for each purchaseAffiliate program:Simple affiliate program with option for earning money for promoting our videos based on % sale and simple statistics (clicks, history etc) which will be seen in client portal

  • $1666 USD 14 days ago

    MATCH MAILING Our website is built in joomla - iproperty search and select favorite propertiesClients fill in their search criteria:*:2. Address:3. Telephone:4. E-mail*:5. Country:____________________________________________1.Type* (select one or more types):- Newbuild- Resales- Apartment- Townhouse- Villa- Golf properties- Luxury homes 2. Location* (select one ore more regions)choice list as on the website (region)3. bedrooms*4. bathrooms*5. builded m2*Min. 50m2Min. 100m2Min. 150m25. Price class*Choice with a line - adjustable until...6. Other wishes Admin receive the leads and utilize useful tools for managing the leads- CRM automatic lead managementCRM automatically suggest the “matching deals” to the clientsFEATURES1. Advanced Form Creator for managing fields of contact details and requirement details2. Adjustable privacy levels and ownership over contact details3. Ability to define different tags and criteria that will be used in forms, events, contact management, etc.4. Contact Management Control Panel 5. Activity monitoring of registered users through the login history, list of bookmarks and saved searches 6. Integrated to RPL Email Notification System for sending alerts and automatic email notifications to the clients, agents and admin. 7. Client property visit historyContacts & Forms The main element in each CRM is the "Contact". Contacts can be entered into the system by different forms:1. By clients through "Property Contact Form"2. By clients through "General Contact Form" 3. By agents through "Contact Form by Agent." Each form consists of 2 sections:‘Contact Details’‘Requirement Details’CRM is based on an advanced and dynamic ‘Form Creator.’ The website admin can manage all the fields of ‘Contact Details’ and ‘Requirement Details’ and can add new fields if necessary.

  • $833 USD 14 days ago

    Need Expert PHP Developer for my ongoing Project.

  • $222 USD 14 days ago

    I would like to hire a person who is not just a person who thinks that they can do testing. I need a professional!!That person will be hired on permanent basis if the work was done as per standards.The person will be testing my websites on request and producing reports for errors BOTH DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT ERRORS.The person will perform testing on the website request on timely and continuous basis or as instructed.The person should be able to test the website for:ALL RESOLUTIONSALL BROWSERSALL OPERATING SYSTEMSALL DEVICES (such as Ipads, Notepads, Mobiles, Smart Phones, Laptops, Pamtops, Desktops EVERYTHING!!)The person will produce report my testing the website in all of the above list and then produce reports that shows errors in the website from all perspectives such as design issues, development issues, usability issues etc.THE WEBSITE SHOULD BE ERROR FREE!!!The tester will work closely with my website development team on day to day basis to make sure that the website is error free.

  • $777 AUD 14 days ago

    I"m looking to build a chrome extension for my business. Please see attached functional overview.

  • $277 USD 15 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $1666 USD 15 days ago

    I have an existing website. I"m looking to complete the project in a short amount of time. I need someone who can create pricing for e commerce. Build on an existing application by adding a system that tracks spending on individual user profiles. Adding a system that allows users to place advertisements on accounts and adding a system that allows links to be paced by admins to be seen by different user profiles.

  • $35 USD/hr Jan 2, 2014

    I am looking for a male business analyst proxy for an interview who has strong programming and worked as Project manager/ analyst. Please contact me ASAP through email :- kevinitsolution@gmail.comthanks,

  • £1111 GBP Dec 10, 2013

    I am looking for somebody to build me a system, a website built with PHP coding, this website should be connected to an internal database built using MySQL, the system should be where a user (customer) can buy a product or service online, the payment and purchasing should be through PayPal, once an item is sold it should automatically be reduced from the database in the background so the stock levels will reduce by how many products are purchased. There should be internal access to editing the site and also accessing the background database for users like administrator and employees, There should be features or functionality where I can track stock and stock levels and sales, so there should be some sort of graphs to represent stock and sales and profits etc, this should only be visible for internal users and admin team. I would also like CONCURRENCY CONTROL feature or validations within the system where 2 or more users cannot edit or update info at the same time until one user finishes editing and saves the work then the other person opens and edits the work. Also some parameters and validations to keep track on the stock, so if there is too less stock then users should get notified that stock is low, also if stock is too much and not selling user should be notified that stock is not selling well. MORE IN DEPTH INFO WILL BE DISCUSSED ONCE SYSTEM DESIGNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN.... Thanks for reading.

  • $1111 USD Dec 10, 2013

    Deliverable: Primitive Prototype.Deliverable type: one html page with js-code that starts a tennis ball exchange, a js-library for the court rendering, a js-lib for the ball exchange. Preferably three.js is used (court and ball must be rendered in 3D because perspective on court may change).Examples here: Create a primitive 3D model of tennis court. In that space, a ball exchange should be rendered according to an array of absolute position. Absolute 0 point should be where the centre line meets the baseline on one side of the court and up a meter. In spacial coords that is x,y,z. Thus it"s 0,0,1000 to express in millimeter. This coords need to be mapped, of course, to a virtual and displayable unit that can be rendered in HTML5. Functional acceptance requirements for the prototype- a ball must rendered to fly from one side of the court over the net to the other side and back (one ball exchange).- the perspective must changable to any angle of the court, but start from point 0. Same as in this example: acceptance requierments for the prototype: - court size must be in relation to real size. It is okay for the net to be straight (which is not in the fact in real models).- size of ball must NOT deviate more than 30% of real size in comparison to the court.- do NOT focus on stellar graphics. Primitive is fine.- the ball must NOT turn.Constraints for the prototype:- Do NOT use native libraries! However, it is okay to use libraries like Three.jsThis is a piece of software that is discarded anyhow after the prototype is done, so do NOT add nitty gritty things to it.

  • $1666 USD Dec 6, 2013

    We need a UI designer/developer for Our Web Development project (described below - Web Development Project)We have a detailed schema of our project and would like the designer to refine our project as follows:1- Look at the project schema and refine it or develop further.2- Evaluate processes described in the schema and provide better solutions if possible3- Design a professional UI for the project, Improving current design4- Ui design should be based on - Ease of Use (First Priority - we would prefer Ease of use even if the UI Design has slightly less Functionality)- Practical (Second Priority)- Functionality5- The UI designer/developer will help choosing a Developer/coder to code the project6- The UI designer/developer will NOT do any coding but will supervise the project with the code developer7- The UI designer/developer should have have thorough & good coding knowledge to evaluate coding done by the code developer.8- If the code developer is not up to standard then project will be pulled and given to another code developer. The project can not be coded by the UI developer must be given to another code developer to prevent conflict of interest. The Ui developer can however assist the code developer on mutual understanding basis.9- The code developer will liaise with the UI developer for all issues. The UI developer will liaise with us if required.10- The UI Developer will work on our project schema and present a detailed schema or list which the code developer will work on and which will be checked by the UI Developer.11- The UI developer will also be responsible for designing a striking Home page and related pages for the project.12- Based on the quotation received and samples of work provided we will select the required UI Developer for the project. We have provided a fairly accurate description of the project. The UI Developer will sign a non-disclosure agreement through Freelancer after which we will provide the Project Schema to the UI Developer. The Ui Developer will be required to provide certified registration certificates and sign a legal contract for the project.WEB DEVELOPMENT PROJECT1) HTML page design via dragging and dropping elements on page for Blog/Site- Detailed page elements and description provided for placing image, text, sliders, map, menu, buttons etc (using ready made code- samples provided)- includes incorporating elements that use scripts bought from codecanyon- Includes incorporating templates which user can select and modify (template samples provided)2) Forms- includes incorporating form fields using drag drop elements described above- Form elements include tables, drop down menus, input field etc - description and samples provided.3) Email signature- This uses HTML page design to design email signatures- Includes incorporating email signature Templates (signature samples provided as images)- Includes incorporating email Newsletters Templates (some templates provided)- email signature is inserted in email and sent to recipient- email campaign management using ready made code which may need some modification4) Shopping cart - includes adding shopping cart and feature for displaying sale items (template samples provided)- Advise & sourcing a shopping cart code that can be implemented5) Booking System- Integration of Booking system using ready made code (Code provided, however you may advise using another code)6) Messaging System- Online messaging and appointment system (description and details provided) with chat using ready made code (code provided, however you may advise using another code)

  • ₹22222 INR Nov 28, 2013

    We want a HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE,It has to be web based.we have domain and hosting, so dont worry about those aspect.the attach document would show the features we want

  • $1333 AUD Nov 16, 2013

    I"m looking for a website developer who can help design a suitable e-commerce site for my digit data. I will be selling subscriptions to data the I can generate which holds significant investment value. I will also be looking for ongoing support when the site is running and may lead to other website creation opportunities. Technically I require the website to be able to perform checks (to see if a certain IP address has already visited the website in the previous 7 days) I hope to provide a free sample of the data to the customers every 7 days in order to generate business. I want customers to be able to register to this website and receive email offers. Please contact me if you can provide this service at a reasonable cost.

  • $558 USD Aug 6, 2013

    We need some one to develop an Accounting tool, similar to wave-accounting or front accounting using mySQL db, PHP and other required tools...designed pages are ready to review...Step-1 submitting the data base development process and modify the designed pages as neededStep-2 Work with web page designers to integrate the web pageSeep-3 Development and deliver.This is an Accounting tool will be used by accounting professional to create statements, GLJE, and Meaning full data analysis, so source document creation is optional, data will will be directly uploaded to database using via spread sheet or from the banksSound understanding or prior knowledge in developing accounting tool is a mustGood Luck

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Group of Highly skilled experienced Software Professionals with industry experience of around 7 years

Mar 2013 - Present (1 year)

Perfecxus Global

We are a group of professionals having industry experience of around 7 years. We have people who have previously worked in large software firms like HP, AMD, TCS. We have created software products with cutting-edge JAVA technologies. We also have created websites and hosted them with a 100% customer satisfaction. We have database experts who have successfully created and implemented database designs in popular databases in top MNCs over past 5-7 years.


B. E.(Computer Science)/ B.Tech.(Electronics)



Sun Certified JAVA Programmer

Sun microsystems