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Location: Mumbai, India

Member since: July 2010



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My projects:

  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Dion7474


    6 days ago

    Sadhna worked very hard to get this project right. Sometimes a bit of a communications problem but we worked it out. I would definitely hire him again on future projects.

    Project Description:Take my hand sketches drawings of a proposed building and surrounding neighborhood, create several high quality color renderings of what the completed construction project would look like from the various...
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nola1999


    Aug 19, 2013

    Very good lancer..Prof. and flexible...Got talent will hire again.

    Project Description:Hello, I simply need the Coffee Shop 3D design I have in mind done. The file source is not stckly by a software or another. I will send you chairs table pics floors walls as inspiration. you will need to create it...
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller RenatsMC


    Aug 11, 2013

    The animations was made as it was shown in the job description. Thanks for animations. Recomended.

    Project Description:Im looking for person who could animate and make rigging for 13 models. Requirments. -basic movement -attack movement -recieving damage movement basic. I include images .
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kule80x


    Jan 29, 2013

    I am very pleased with the work, very professional and will work again in the future.

    Project Description:I need someone to make me a 3D character that that will dance. The character will have to be dressed in the outfit something like this. (images provided in attachment) It needs to be as natural...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller TTom911


    Sep 4, 2012

    Excellent service all around, highly recommended! Will sure work again with him ! THANKS A MILLION !!

    Project Description:please send me quick response here, I will prepare a story boards for you today as requested from you
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kripto1


    Jul 28, 2012

    Great job! Amazing how an idea materializes from paper to a 3d animation without being able to speak face to face. Sadhna really grasped what we wanted and made it better! Thank you for your efforts and your patience with us. (for accepting our changes during the project).I will definately use her next time again!

    Project Description:we need to get a demo greeting card animation for mobile market. It's for testing our new technology. Once tested succesfully, we will ask for more designs. The animation needs to be designed for different...
  • $499.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller soundnstyle


    Jun 4, 2012

    Although they did have some technical problems which caused a delay in completing the project, the project was completed with the expertise that I needed! Great job!

    Project Description:I have a client who would like to animate this picture: Here's the deal. The background doesn't change. The bird will flap its wings and fly up from the bottom right, and get larger as it flies up and through the image...
  • $110.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jorgefuentes


    Apr 23, 2012

    Sadhna is very profesional and delivers jobs on time. Would hire again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jorgefuentes


    Mar 28, 2012

    Thanks for the 3d characters and animations. Good work!!! will definetelly hire you again. It was nice working with Sadhna on this project.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller soundnstyle


    Mar 7, 2012

    2nd project with him...great work again!

    ProSadhna's reply:

    Thank you very much sir. It was really great to work with you and always in future I want to work with you. It was great experience and stimulating. Thanks

    Project Description:We have an existing opening / closing animation. This was produced years ago in 480p: We would like this updated for HD (1920 x 1080p, 30 fps). I can provide a flat (2d) PSD of the logo and do not have any extruded files...
    ProSadhna has not completed any projects.
  • $20 CAD In Progress

    I need a swf file and the animation size will be 960px; width: 1280px;height: it must be on a transparent background.Your animating the blue smoke in the png file. You can create your own version of it if it is easier to animate. The bg.swf file is a copy of an attempt at making the animation that was not good enough.Untitled-1(2) shows a red box around part of the blue smoke, that part of the animation can be flag waving style and stay within the box.I will want more animations done after this project is complete.

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello, you guys applied to a job earlier for me so I am proposing a modeling job. I need a 3d textured model made base off of a few scans and a 3d model. I have the scans however they contain a few holes so I would need holes filled and blemishes corrected. I would need it textured base off a series of photos. I am sending you a link to download the model so please write back with your thoughts on how long this may take. We have several more models similar we may work on in the future. Ok the link is: the scan is in 2 pieces I have tried to combine it myself but it may not be accurate so hopefully your team can do this. The textures are at this link

  • $357 USD In Progress

    Hello, we need 3d art for a zombie game for iOS and Android; we need the following characters:1) Hero2) Zombie small size (dog)3) Zombie normal size4) Zombie large size5) WeaponsSpecs:1) Models must have a cartoon look (as the attach example) and must be low poly.2) Hero model must have 5 animations: run, walk, dead, shoot, jump.3) Zombie models must have 4 animations: run, walk, dead, attack.4) Weapons: shotgun, machinegun and handgun5) The 3d models must be in .fbx6) Is desirable submit a design prior to the 3D modelingIf the game sees the light someday I"ll add you or your team in the credits.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I am producing a short Christmas film and require 5 minutes of 3-d animation of snow covered rooftops to be used in a green screen effect to make it look like Santa is flying above the rooftops. It must also be snowing and appear as if Santa is flying at night without being too dark.

  • $125 USD In Progress

    In the past 2 months I have designed a website and I created 2 videos which I did not integrate yet. The first movie is me introducing the second movie, I will need you to do something with the background to make it look good, I might also want to do something move creative for example: based on user click I get to press a button and the second movie appears. The Second movie was done in flash and I want to convert it to an apple friendly format and of course compress it. It would also be nice if it appears in an interesting format like it has been projected. If you are someone who can just integrate the movies feel free to post, it seems for someone who knows what he is doing and has the right software it should take no more then an hour but for someone who doesn’t it could take a day If you are someone who has some animation skills to do something more interesting with my movies then it would be even better  Happy Bidding

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

    We are looking for high quality 3D view/video and broucher designing for our new project of apartments buildings. We are a construction company and looking for professional and highly qualified freelancer who can provide us the design professionally. We will be giving regular work to you.We will provide you architect design of auto cad and you will be creating the 3D view of apartments and also will be sending us the broucher.I would like to see your previous samples you have done for some aparments and malls. Let me know if you are availble for this. Thank you

  • $750 USD 2 days ago

    Looking to see some mock ups sent to me so I can choose the best animator. $750

  • $99 USD 4 days ago

    HiLooking for a creative and experienced 3D designerwork will be logo, clothing, accessories this could be on going too if you are good.

  • $80 USD 4 days ago

    I need a intro video just like the one Jimmy Kimmel uses () but with different words.

  • [Sealed] 6 days ago

    We want an experienced 3D designer to make realistic designs. please bid to get more details

  • $100 USD 6 days ago

    Do some 3D design editing and graphic design.All necessary information and active files will be provided.

  • $5 USD/hr 8 days ago

    Hello, I am looking for a partner to make a 3D game with. I am a programmer and I"m looking for a designer.I just want to state early that the payment model I have in mind is that we split the profits 50% 50% once we start selling the game.You would do all the game design parts of it while I do all the programming and marketing. If you"d like to apply for this please post what type of game you"d like to make and a portfolio and if you can only work on this for limited hours please say how many hours. I am pretty much open to any game idea and I have some good game ideas in mind.Thanks for reading.

  • ₹6100 INR 17 days ago

    I will create animationWith the help of flash Macromedia

  • $10 USD/hr 18 days ago

    Hi there I have a 3D Animation file and like to put into video and have it edit with call out of text, background music, voice over. So what type of 3D file do you need to create the video? And how much will it be for a 30 sec or 1 minute or 2 minute? We want something like this as an example: Our product is a cycling saddle seat so not too advanced as the computer case.

  • $200 CAD Aug 30, 2013

    I need a 3D models for my game. It should like a cartoon penguin dancing (with eye, mouth, should have some animations in the face) I attached a sample penguin which I need (the taller one on the left), I want it exactly the same, you can get a feel of facial expression what I am expecting. It should look more creative and should look attractive.

  • $2444 USD Aug 24, 2013

    Hi there. I am a children"s music artist looking to get a number of music videos made to add to my video catalogue. Specifically for this listing, I"m looking to produce two music videos using creative animation and graphics. I"m open to Flash, 3D, 2D, etc. Whatever is the right fit for the song/video. "HOW BIG": A song about the relative size of the universe. Think of the "Power of Ten" type of videos that zoom into single cells and also way out into the universe, and that"s what this is about. But there"s also a human/spiritual connection between the characters of a tiny bug and a little girl who are observing their worlds from their perspectives, which happen to cross paths in the middle of the song. I have a basic outline/storyboard pretty well fleshed out for this, but I"m looking for the right person or team to bring it to life and add their own character and style to it, and I am always open to your ideas. My budget for this video is $2,200."WHAT A RIDE": An upbeat folk/rock song about the different ways we travel through life, literally and metaphorically. First verse is "life is like a train," then "life is like an airplane", then the bridge is about driving and sailing, then "life is like a roller-coaster" and "life is like a boat." The animation for this doesn"t necessarily need to be involved or detailed, but depicting the motion of each thing (train, plane, etc.) in a fun way and being fluid and creative is what I"m looking for here. I don"t have a specific storyboard in mind for this one... Ideally you might have some ideas and be able to add your own creativity to the project. The budget for this video is $1,250.MP3s for both songs are attached as files to this listing. If you are interested and feel like you would be a good fit for making one or both of these videos, please respond back with some specific video links to work of yours that might be similar to what you could produce. Additional thoughts, ideas or sketches about how you would approach these videos will also be appreciated and may help.As a frame of reference, if you go to YouTube and search for "Eric Herman" you"ll find my channel and can check out some of the different videos that have been produced (esp. "The Elephant Song," "Steve the Superhero," "Ants in Your Pants #99" and "Blackbeard, Bluebeard and Redbeard"). I"m not looking to reproduce any of those styles, but it might give you an idea of the kind of visual style and humor I like to go along with my songs.

  • $50 USD Sep 16, 2012

    I need pretty simple shape, a hexagon with simple rounded corners/edges rendered from one material andwithin that, grid of small hexagons, rendered from another material. Also, the hexagon is divided in two in termsof materials. So alltogether basically just bunch of hexagons, in 3 materials, maybe small symmetrical tweaks to overallshape, that"s all. If I knew 3D myself as well as I know Photoshop,I"d probably do first stage (the shape and render) in half an hour or less. Second stage is to get lighting and overallpicture look nice. That"s it.After this I have also few other similar things coming up.

  • $276 CAD Aug 15, 2012

    Im looking to design a short animated video for my small business. I have the script, just need to animate it.

  • $599 USD Aug 8, 2012

    ================ PLEASE READ =================================DO NOT BID WITHOUT READING IT OTHERWISE I WILL NOT CONSIDER THE BID ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello , we are looking for an animation to explain what our site is about .It have to be a video 3D with a length between 0:30 and 0:45 seconds.This is few exemples and have to be similar :! similar to have to be a 3d animation video , as i said between 30s and 45s explain our new site .Our new site is a gaming website , where people can bet again each other on xbox , ps3 and pc . The people bet x $ and the winner will win the pot after the online match with the xbox , ps3 or PC . ( Online player on xbox is XBOX Live , Ps3 isn playstation network etc...).The video will have to explain this the 30 or 45 s.If any question please contact me , But usually after you get the project.I WILL 50% of the milestone , before the start of the project and the rest after the Delivery of the video . You will need to accept to get rewarded with the project. If IT"S over 750£ then i will release a milestone of 35 to 40% and then the rest of the delivery.You will need to show us previous video that you done already , Please be serious i am not here to loose my time. Thanks also if you are french , then it"s a plus as we are based in uk with french working people . thanks

  • £175 GBP Dec 22, 2011

    Hey, i"m a third year student at London South Bank looking for a person to model characters at a low - medium poly amount. To then texture the models to a certain design, which then need to be rigged and animated in particular ways according to the brief.Characters: (Brief to character descriptions later)Elderly Male Surgeon (Semi transparent with slight glow - Spirit)Little Girl - 5 years or so (Semi transparent with slight glow - Spirit)Low poly nurse (Semi transparent with slight glow - Spirit) - To be seen from a distanceProtagonist a police officer {constantly holding a torch} (Poly count focus on this - good quality for price) To be placed into Unity engine for a small game project. I require a freelancer as I have no time after focusing on environment, mechanics, sound and story.The brief will be sent to the highest bidder and a contact address to set up a work connection (You will be working to a deadline - Communication will be key). I require your character portfolio"s for previous work or what you have done in spare time beforehand.Hopefully will be with you working soon.

  • [Sealed] Nov 26, 2011

    Creation of 8 characters from 2D sketches provided by us into 3D models with the following for each model:- Full 3D modelling convertable low poly to HD quality- full rigging and facial expression morphs including phonics.- Fully skinned utilizing CAT as base to allow MOCAP application smoothly- All characters created for 3Ds Max application.- texture template should be provided.- models to be created naked and full set of clothes for each will be required

  • $175 USD Nov 22, 2011

    i have a flat black and white logo that i would like animated in 3D in a very similar style to this... to add some figures to this background... 7 figures are photoshop files with transparent at a time, the figures need to be animated as if they are on one of the steps, ascending all the way from the bottom to the top of the staircase.

  • $799 USD Sep 23, 2011

    Hello, I"m looking for a very talented After Effects animator to help us create a 2 minute video for the medical industry. The selected applicant will be provided rough storyboards, audio voice over and a soundtrack. We have many more of these movies that need to be created once this one is completed. We"re looking for a long term relationship with a highly skilled, creative, motion designer. The selected applicant must also have great graphic design skills to fill in the gaps that aren"t represented in the storyboard. Must speak English.Applicant"s need to show at least 3-5 examples of their best work.Here are some examples of the quality of work we"re looking for:

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Creative Head

Nov 2010 - Jul 2011 (8 months)


3D Artist

Dec 2008 - Oct 2010 (1 year)

Crimson Vortex

Work as 3d Artist on various international projects.



Delhi University


B.A(English Language)

Delhi University



Diploma In 3D Animation and VFX

FrameBoxx Vfx and Animation

Gold Award in Degital Painting

FrameBoxx Vfx and Animation

Frameflixx Best 3D Animation short Award

FrameBoxx Vfx and Animation

Higher Diploma in 2D animation and Graphic Design

Artoonz Media

Higher Diploma in 2D animation and Graphic Design. including 2D animation, Preproduction, Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator.



Trithangli Group

Kids Educational series for a group of school.