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The BEST Unity3D, Kinect, Vuforia PRO | IOS, Android, Windows, Macos and WEB Multiplayer Developer.

Username: ProfessionalBoss

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Location: Zivinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • $298 USD
    Profile image for Seller redbeardsl


    Mar 17, 2014

    second project... happy with delivery

    Project Description:Hi, I need a game very similar to the following game: I need all artwork done i will need it ready for ios, android and windows as well...
  • $720 USD
    Profile image for Seller NaruTasarim


    Mar 14, 2014

    Very fast professional. thank you.I'll work again.

    Project Description:Hi We need an interactive project Projects must be compatible web, android and IOS We have our 3d model and texture and we will send you (architactural and natural gas installations) We have 50 pieces...
  • €25 EUR
    Profile image for Seller rafiraf75


    Feb 3, 2014

    just AMAZING. If i need something i know who find :) great job

    Project Description:je recherche une personne capable de me fair un petit tuto pour me permettre de crée sur un jeux 2D pour mobile un bouton qui me permettra je lancer une boule de feu avec mon personnage (donc creation...
  • $148 USD
    Profile image for Seller eghaconsulting


    Jan 10, 2014

    I was under pressure to finish a project, ProfessionalBoss help me complete my project and also provided different options to finish it more efficiently. Project was delivered in time and was within my budget.Highly recommended!!

    Project Description:Hello, I'm looking some help with a very simple project. I need to have a video with a 3D model of some apartment units. The apartment don't need to have any texture or any details, they can be simple squares or boxes...
  • $539 USD
    Profile image for Seller pvegalozano


    Jan 6, 2014

    great freelancer i highly recommend him, and i will work with him again

    Project Description:i need 6 shirts to be design in 3D i have the jpg of the shrits i need someone to make the 3d of them
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller cmilian


    Dec 30, 2013

    Very fast review and bugs fixed.

    Project Description:Review talking application
  • $1898 USD
    Profile image for Seller pvegalozano


    Dec 12, 2013

    great freelancer, he exceed my expectations i am really impressed and happy with the project he deliver

    Project Description:Kicking the soccer ball, this game is based on the game in the link below Using kinect camera the user my control an avatar this avatar will kick up the ball and try to keep the ball in the air without...
  • $489 USD
    Profile image for Seller railercorp


    Dec 3, 2013

    Good job, a real specialist

    Project Description:I need a simple demo unity3d kinect project that works with unity free version. A nice world, some sprite, touching something will cause something amazing with 3D text. Discuss the project details with me...
  • $130 USD
    Profile image for Seller cmilian


    Nov 26, 2013

    another onetime and successful project!

    Project Description:Scope: 1. Create movement controls as in - Left WASZ and left on-screen thumb Stick for Left, right, forward and reverse movements. - Arrows and right onscreen thumb stick for rotation and hight...
  • $530 USD
    Profile image for Seller niederman


    Nov 24, 2013

    Once again ProfessionalBoss has done an outstanding job. This project was completed on time and done expertly. He always impresses.

    Project Description:The main goal is for a camera that will respond to the action of an object. In this case, when an object collides with another object, the camera will shake horizontally. When the object is picked up and...
    ProfessionalBoss has not completed any projects.
  • $1998 USD In Progress

    Hello!We require to create a new application "Virtual Fitting room" for Kinect and install it in museum. The application has to have an ability to see yourself in one of the 5 picked costumes (I will proved 3D models of the costumes). The application has to capture user movements and display them on the screen. Also a user can take a screen shot (picture of the screen). To see the example of this application please follow the following link requirements:- Xbox Kinect (or Microsoft Kinect) support- capturing user movements in real time and displaying them on the screen- auto resizing depends on a user dimensions (height, weight)- Ability to choose one of the five costumes - Ability to take the screen shot and save it to the specified folder

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    need a game where you have to be the goalkeepr of a penalty kick simulator using kinect, this game has to be ready before april 15

  • $550 USD In Progress

    This is for the project completed "Bloons". Compatible with IOS, Android and web.

  • $998 USD In Progress

    Cross-Platform Unity-3D Teleprompter AppDescription:The goal is to create a High-sensitivity, low-latency, Cross-Platform 2D Unity Teleprompter App. This application needs the ability to be displayed Full Screen on(4:3 and 16:9)Screens with the ability to change font/size properties. There must be the ability to make changes to the presenter’s script while presenting(ie changes made to the source script can be updated dynamically by external programs with no disruption to the flow of text). It should also be able to send messages to the presenter in a subtle yet readable way(a footer which rises from the bottom to display a couple of lines of highlighted text). Ideally there would be a way to have the Presentation Screen on an external monitor, with a Control Panel on a local display for easy editing. This should also work in mirror mode, with the ESC key bringing up Control Panel.Presentation Screen:1. Up/Down Page Navigation using 4 selectable modes(User can choose default): a. "Keyboard Control" - Up/Down(or scroll wheel), and Left/Right keys controlling the rate of scrolling through a text file(ie script.txt). Keyed number entries followed by a return key, jump to the corresponding line numbers in the text. Keys can be re-mapped(WASD). b. "Horizontal Mouse Control" - (Default Mouse setting )As the Mouse moves down, the page scrolls down. The larger the change relative to the horizontal(y-axis" increase the rate of scrolling c. "XY Mouse Control" - Using xy coordinates of the mouse, movements up and down(y-axis)control the direction of scrolling, while movements to the left and right adjust the rate of scrolling(ie all the way to the left would be stopped)d. “TouchPad Control” - using input from xy values of a Touchpad to control Scroll-rate and directione. Caps Lock - Enables Presenter Message mode in which a text bar comes up from the bottom(with the data from messages.txt highlighted), horizontal mouse control is enabled and any subsequent typing erases the current text and displays the inputted message. As the Caps lock is disengaged, the message disappears, and the default control settings are re-applied.2. There should be an adjustable “Highlight Bar Magnifier” which increases the size of the text for that specific horizontal line to fill the horizontal width of the screen. The rest of the text should be able to be adjusted as a percentage of horizontal width( ie 90% by default). The effect should appear as if Convex Bar Magnifier were held on top of a sheet of paper being moved up and down. The text file containing the ‘script’ needs to allow external editors the ability to change the file live(with error handling of illegal text characters).4. There should be a dynamic text field at the bottom which displays text from a file(ie messages.txt) with the ability to edit live(ie edited by external applications or by the user). It is displayed and hidden with the Caps Lock.5. Must be able to go Full Screen with adjustable H/V border.6. Flexible design for 4:3 and 16:9(no circles or squares that distort with changing aspect ratios) Logo maintains aspect.7. Must be a portable product(that can run on a default install of Windows or Mac OSX) with no external dependencies(php or other backend).8. A Control Panel(Accessible via ESC key and/org could be operated on a Local Display with the Presenter Screen outputting on a separate display) :a. Allows live editing of the data.txt and messages.txt files.b. The ability to control font, size, bold, text justification etc.c. The ability to change the Title text. d. Adjust overall sensitivity of the scrolling speede. The ability to activate and disable keyboard or mouse control(Horizontal vs XY) independently. Also be able to toggle Y-Axis control for mouse.....Out of Characters Full Description Here:

  • $1443 USD In Progress

    Hello everybody,What we"re trying to do is something like this: As you can see, the video shows a 3D character talking and reacting to people around him. As far as we know, this can be made using the avatar technology (sort of remote control of the entire character body using kinect) and augmented reality (to place him right on the stage).We will buy the Darth Vader model from here: In ths case we"re going to need to use a specific 3D model from StarWars and some little background animations. Face recognition is a must (if we don"t use Darth Vader).* The person that is using the Kinect won"t show up on the stage, so the application must be able to use a HD camera pointing to the stage and a Kinect pointing to the person doing the movements.* The 3D model should have an intro animation (example: fade in).* We don"t need the model to turn around (I mean, we don"t need the model to rotate 180º), maybe turn to the left - right (90º) would be fine so the model can "talk" with the people. * When you"re using avatar and Kinect you can see some funny bugs happen when it doesn"t track a person correctly, we need to make an animation to cover this bugs when those happen (example: fade out and fade in again).The deadline for this project is March 13th (around 20 days)We would like to work with experienced people who had used Kinect and augmented reality before.Please bid only if you have experience.Best,Carlos Marruffo

  • $90 USD In Progress

    Make one conversion of a Flash based animation to Unity format, as a test part of "Convert Flash to Unity" project.

  • $548 USD In Progress

    I need an image calibration program to get .4 cordinates points.Image projection must be scaled with kinect detection.

  • $690 USD In Progress

    I need an application for android of a building directory. It needs a 3d menu with a video intro and cameras going to certain area. and layer selection for visible items. This is a small project which is audition for big project. Also pay by the hour is available. I have assets for many things in environment. Thank you.

  • $617 USD In Progress

    Hi,I need a game very similar to the following game: will provide my own characters name etc...i will need it ready for ios, android and windows as well as web based.

  • $3500 USD In Progress

    Hello! My Name is Marvin and im a game designer from germany - and i really need your help.We started to develop a 2D fighting game on gamemaker. Now we refreshed everything in 3D and want to do it in Unity3D because of the multiplatform support. So im looking for a Unity3D programmer for the whole game. You only need to program everyhing else like models,menu and interface sprites are already done. For Animations of the models we use our one year full acess mixamo account.Few details of the game: (what you have to do)- programming of the known gameplay of simlear games - as stages we want to use images with unity image effects- ingame map for stage selction- menu programming (main menu,options,pause and stuff)- soundeffect and music programming- ingame character customizing (change clothes)- 2 Player Modus- Online Modus (just play against random online player)Deadline: 35 DaysBudget: 3000 $If you do this job u will get a full paper with all explanations of everything and of course all data for the game.We did another Job offer here on freelancer for the 3D characters. That means that you will get all character models,already rigged,during the programming progress.Maybe you can use free models as placeholder.Important:Please only make an offer if you are sure that you can meet the requirements.No Timewaster.No changes to deadline or budget.Other offers do not interest me.If budget is not sufficient for this work and you are still in interest write me a short messagewith your proposal.Maybe we can agree on a co-payment on day of game publication because our budget is higher on that time because ofsponsorship money.

  • £526 GBP Today

    Good Morning All,Currently we"re looking for a programmer to support us with our application for unity. We"ve got some small/medium size issues to solve in programming way. The current task is about fixing blending weights limitation from "four" to "seven/eight" bones per vertex in Unity 3D.We"re looking forward for your offers.Kind Regards,Crazylogic.

  • $315 USD Today

    The script would swap mesh/material when an object reaches a rotation while in game. Example, when a wheel on a car reaches a higher rate of rotation, the script swaps out the material where the texture is pre-made to look like the wheel is spinning. I have attached an example screenshot how I would like the script look like.Under "Swap Data" you would have items I can change, "Mesh" and "Material". For each I can set a new mesh or material to use when the object reaches the set rotation speed. But if the row is left blank, that wont cause an error. In some cases I might not want to change the mesh, but only change the material.Under "Rotation Speed" is an object called "Set Rotation Speed". This is for setting the rotations per second. When the object reaches or goes above the set speed, it will use the swap data information. When the mesh rotation drops back below the set rotation speed, it will go back the default mesh and material. The script should be efficiently monitoring X,Y,Z speed of the object it is associated with.

  • $1184 USD Today

    PLEASE READ WELL, AND DON"T BID BEFORE FULL UNDERSTANDING...A very simple penalties shooting game, best described by the attached image.Continuous soccer penalty shots. The player will have certain number of attempts and score calculated.As a start, this game will be developed for Windows PCs to be played through Kinect Gaming Control. So the player will not use any controls, only body movements to shoot the ball.The developer will have to get all possible measures for the player"s body movement.We will provide all the design elements needed as per the developer"s request with the specifications he states, and later - for confidentiality - we will provide the branding design elements needed.The selected developer will have to deliver all the open source used to develop the project and all resources used.

  • $1000 USD Today

    Hello! We require to create a new Eyewear Virtual Fitting room for Kinect. The application has to have an ability to see yourself"s face with eyewear that will be chosen from a list of model (I will proved 3D models of the eyewear).The application will first use FaceTracking to extract some measure (distance between eyes, eye to ear...)The user will then select a pair among the list. The model will then be automatically adjusted to user"s metrics. and display on his face live. Also, the application has to capture user head and display it with the glasses on the screen. The user will have then the possiblity to take a screen shot (picture of the screen). A file of the selected model adjusted to client"s metrics will be generated. Application requirements:- Xbox Kinect (or Microsoft Kinect) support- capturing user face (front and side) metrics (maybe use Kinect face tracking) (distance between eyes, distance eye to ear, etc.. full list will be provided).- user will then choose a pair of glasses from our list- Then the frame will be adjusted based on user"s metrics from step 2- User can virtualy try the model / movements in real time and displaying them on the screen- auto resizing depends on a user dimensions- Ability to choose one of the x eyeglasses - Ability to take the screen shot and save it to the specified folder- Generate a file of the 3D model scaled on customer metrics.PLease let me know if you feel comfortable technically for the development and whether you would be able to deliver it in the next two week or so. Of course we will work along with you by step. This project is part of a broader one that will be allocated after successful completion of this part. Thank you for your interest and response,Julia

  • $231 USD Today

    i need 15 sec broadcast child program identity. with small child charachter animations

  • $4421 USD Yesterday

    Skilled programmer needed to write an educational desktop application. The application needs to be deployed in Windows as well as Mac, and if possible, mobile versions are desirable. The application itself is pretty simple: it"s basically a graphic novel textbook application so the UI needs to be simple and very intuitive for the student users (primary and lower secondary school). Important functionality includes the ability to hover the cursor over a speech bubble to hear the words, click to listen, internal as well as external hyperlinks. Anti-piracy measures are also important since the software will be licensed to a third party. Further details will be given to shortlisted bidders. *** Important: This bidding process is the first step in awarding the project. When we select an applicant, we will make a request for payment to the company. This usually takes about 10 business days. As soon as we receive notice that the funds have been allocated, we will officially award and start the project. In effect this means that if we award you the project, it won"t officially start for about 2 weeks. Please do not bid if you are not available to start at that time.

  • $715 USD Yesterday

    This is a small task to program a module that will capture accelerometer data, so that other programs can use that data, within Unity 3D.

  • $21 USD/hr 2 days ago

    We are looking for an experienced Unity 3D game developer. We have more then 5 games we want to develop. Developer must have:- more then 3 years of experience developing games for mobile phones- at least 5 games available on market- great skills in mobile games development

  • $673 USD 2 days ago

    Greetings,Seeking an animator experience with football (soccer) related work. We need over 20 custom animations done and several scenes for goal celebrations, injuries, substitutions etc...Football is more complex to work with in terms of animations. We are aiming for something of this quality: can view our latest game build at: are offering $20 per loop animation (1-2 seconds)Please have Skype, thank you.

  • [Sealed] /hr 5 days ago

    Creating data visualization functionality using the Unity 3D engine with animation walk through of city using Unity 3D . i can buy the assets for you from applink store ...................1. Real Data is mapped to different heights of the skyscrapers 2. High rise buidings can denote peaks 3. A Chopper can navigate through the city streets PLUS: Must exhibit strong rigging and animation skills and be able to demonstrate that knowledge with Python in Maya • Solid understanding of polygon modeling, UV editing, character riggingso happy bidding.

  • $49 USD/hr 5 days ago

    We have been building a game in Unity for about a year. We have been working with a developer who has let us down. We want someone to help us to get to the end of the job in the next 2 1/2 - 3 weeks.It"s a game for summer camp kids where the play dodgeball for their camp.We need help refining the game and also creating a camp selection system where the kids playing can type in the name and it self populates itself intsead of it being a scrolling list.

  • $473 USD 6 days ago

    We need someone to help us develop a mini game inside of Unity3D. Successful implementation of the first phase will lead to assignment of second phase of project. The game will be a simple table shuffleboard game. For this phase, you will be responsible for designing and programming all basic gameplay mechanics for a single player, including a score keeping system. In addition, you will design and build all necessary GUI elements, which will include 1) the main menu system, 2) a instructions module (tells User how to use controls), 3) high score module [for single player]. We have the 3D model for the shuffleboard table ready and will provide it to you to use in for development of the game. Please make sure you are familiar with the rules of table shuffleboard and are confident you can implement accurate physics and mechanics in the game before bidding. [To learn about table shuffleboard see]Deliverable: - The whole game delivered as a Unity package.- All supporting assets (models, textures, etc) - All code related to the game

  • $432 AUD 6 days ago

    We currently sell 3d models on the Unity asset store e.g. and would like a charater controller developed to demo the charaters animations.

  • $2368 USD 7 days ago

    Software designe for a platform game need to be realised

  • $284 USD 7 days ago

    I rewrite reports over and over again. I wanted to find out if it was possible if a programmer could set up software where I could just punch in the numbers and what I have written for those numbers would come out for as report. What I do not is rewrite, copy and paste at the moment. The computer program is my head.

  • $284 USD 7 days ago

    Looking for someone to make Anitmated Plane Take off from island for our game, importat that its animated graphics Example: something like that.Its a clip for anbout 10-15 sec that we need.regards

  • zł3552 PLN 7 days ago

    I need two animations showing how my company"s products work, what they give to the customer and why they are fantastic.Im looking for something like this - have two products - a bicycle front gearbox and a bicycle hub. Both are very innovative and have a very positive feedback from the customers from all over the world. More info about one of the products (a gearbox) on our site (we are now preparing a quite new, more professional site, but this one shows the idea of the product).I will send more info on both products by e-mail.Im looking for someone really creative.

  • $151 USD 8 days ago

    map showing the civilisation expanding in jeddah city

  • $2368 USD 10 days ago

    We have need in a long term development savvy (can be a company as well) to create an ad bar for us.The ad bar should work in PC, Android and iPhone.The ad bar will show banners and text ads on users" machines, and will track ad views for the advertisers as well as the software users.For instance, if user X sees ad with ID 331, it will be recorded that user X saw ad with ID 331.The bar will show in 468X60 in PC, and in smartphone banner sizes for smartphones.

  • $2526 USD 10 days ago

    We have a casual game project that we want to have on both Android and iOS platforms. It will have a top-down view in a 2.5D environment with ~10 human characters and ~100 levels with very similar designs. It will use gyroscope and touch controls and will have comic style cut-scenes. The game has a logic very similar to maze games but with a very different gameplay. It can be coded separately or with a game development IDE like Unity 3D depending on the developers expertise. We expect to have the basic code ready for testing within 4 weeks and want to get regular weekly reports on the progress during that time. After the first stage, we will provide the level designs and expect to have them coded in another 3 weeks. At the end 2 weeks will be added for testing and bug-fixing.

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