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  • $300 USD
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    Feb 19, 2012

    The project started with freelancer wanting me to release the milestone, but unfortunately I ignored this red flag. But now I can assure everybody, Project1111 will probably charge you twice more and will work twice less than you expect and will definitely provide you poor result for academic tasks (can't say anything about other areas of service). And then will still remain very proud of themselves. I trusted and released 100% payment before showing any result. Then I receiveid useless result and was rejected while asking for refund. I am going to dispute this.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
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    Aug 9, 2011

    Outstanding job! The deliverable was thoroughly prepared and I could not be more pleased. The supplier will be getting more calls from me...

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $175 USD
    Profile image for Seller wingwinglin


    Apr 21, 2011

    Thank you.

    Project Description:I have a business plan written for fundraising and presentation to investors. There are areas need to be add, perhaps 3-4 sub-titles such as Strategy. All the content to be filled can be found on the business plan I already have...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller A2B


    Apr 18, 2011

    Attentive and Intelligent

    Project Description:The appropriate executive will be familiar with the high level expectations of what is required. Your capabilities will be equal to that of a senior manager employed at Ernst & Young or Deloitte Touche...
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller Auratoday


    Mar 25, 2011

    The service provider, as always, produce timely and quality work. His professionalism is remarkable, full of integrity and vivid values. It would be my pleasure to work alongside him once again in future endeavors. Thank you, Aura

    Project Description:Need professional and experience contractor to file the 501(C)-3 application for a new non-profit start-up company in the state of Georgia.
  • $400 USD
    Profile image for Seller Auratoday


    Jan 28, 2011

    The contractor was excellent in commuication, timing and deliverance of business plan. The contractor's expertise was proved to have been the best selection for my project and will continue to utilize the contractor's service for ongoing business endeavors. The contractor has very good ratings with the me. Thank you.Aura

    Project Description:seeking strong brainstormer and creative writer to write strong/solid business plan for start-up organization. The business writer will have experience in business gathering, business analytics and have...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller steamflex


    Jun 2, 2010

    Well done business plan. Very professional and informative. Fast responses to questions and suggestions. I highly recommend hiring Lee for market research and business plan development.

    Project Description:I am finishing a patent for my invention. Some parts are going to be produced in China, some in USA. Pricing: China: to make 1 unit-$21 USD Shipment- 100 units $25USD To make 2nd part $10...
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  • $300 USD In Progress

    Objective : Market Research to identify and recommend the best location for a MMA/Cross Fit Gym Service Offering within the Denver, Colorado Metropolitan Area.The methodologies by which the objective would be accomplished are summarized below: Research Methodologies:1.Market: an investigation of the Denver area MM/Cross Fit Gym Market size , target market demographics and customer profile will be conducted to determine the following:1.1.Market Size 1.2.Local Market Demographics1.3.Target Market1.4.Customer Profile2.Competition: The largest and potential direct competitors will be studied to identify niche, underserved and unserved sectors, competitive diferentiator and the potential effect on profitability2.1.Largest Competitors2.2.Potential Direct Competitors3.Target Customer Profile: The target demographics would be studied and analyzed to identify and estimate the number of customers that have the need for the service , the means and ability to pay for it.4.Deliverable: Based on the findings of the research, a report on the market size, target market and its demographics, competition, target customer profile and market survey questionnaire will be prepared. The Report will include Recommendation s about the best place to locate the Gym based on the following factors:4.1. Target Market Size and estimated Compounded Annual Growth Rate, Population Density , particularly service offering need of the General Fitness Customer base within the cross fit/MMA Training Style Sector.4.2. The Market Demographics featuring distribution by population, gender, race, household income, marital status, age, education, home ownership, distance from the business location, employment type, new and future growth opportunities and growth areas.4.3.The unique type of service that will be provided by the Gym that either is not currently being provided or being underserved.4.4.The Target Customer Profile: need and want for the Gym service and ability to pay for the services; who will buy and how they buy, i.e. method of payment (cash, credit, online, etc…) , why they buy (convenience, price, quality, reputation, quality, location, selection, brands, impulse) and the frequency of their purchases of Gym Services; what complimentary services and/or products they are likely to buy.4.5.The Competitive Landscape: largest competitors, what the nearest competitors are offering or not offering that will have an impact on profitability and how to emphasize the service offering’s Competitive Strengths, maximize its Opportunities and mitigate its Competitive Weaknesses and Threats.

  • $1200 USD In Progress

    Grant Proposal This project consists of the following:Project award based on proposals submitted by bidders detailing the means and methods they will use to successfully obtain funding for our endeavor in the amount of $ 5,000,000.00. I am requesting that all bidders submit a detailed proposal on how they would successfully complete this project if awarded. Payment based on the Successful Candidate obtaining funding in the amount of $ 5,000,000.00.This is a grant research and writing proposal project. I am seeking an individual to research federal grants. The successful candidate will research all possible sources of funding for the endeavor, make all necessary applications to request, and obtain required funds. Candidate must possess creative thinking on how to approach companies, foundations and how to target companies with similar interests. Decide what the company will get in return. Create different levels of sponsorship ect.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    project as agreed

  • $833 USD 7 days ago

    I am a Chinese and now living in Pittsburgh, PA, US. I want to register a management consulting firm. The exact details of how to register are unclear, so, I need some help.

  • $500 USD 8 days ago

    Create a business plan proposal. This business plan must contain the following required structure: AN OUTLINE OF YOUR BUSINESS PLANEXECUTIVE SUMMARY Opportunity Statement Business Concept and Product or Service Description of the Target Market Competitive Advantage Essence of Marketing Approach Economics and Breakeven Technology and Operational Issues The Team Financial Highlights Financing Needs and How the Entrepreneur or Team Proposes to Raise the MoneyI. THE INDUSTRYA. Define Industry, Its Size and Growth RateB. Industry StructureC. Industry TrendsD. Key Success FactorsII. THE COMPANY, CONCEPT AND PRODUCT(S) OR SERVICE(S)A. The Company and the ConceptB. The Product(s) or Services(s)C. Entry and Growth StrategyIII. MARKET ANALYSISA. Definition of Your Relevant Market and Customer OverviewB. Market Size and TrendsC. Buyer Demographics and Buyer BehaviorD. Market Segmentation and TargetingE. Competition and Competitive EdgesF. Estimated Market Share and Sales FiguresG. Ongoing Market EvaluationIV. THE ECONOMICS OF THE BUSINESSA. Revenue Sources and Gross and Operating MarginsB. Fixed and Variable CostsC. Operating Leverage and its ImplicationsD. Start-up CostsE. Breakeven Chart and CalculationF. Overall Economic Model : Logic of ProfitG. Profit Potential and DurabilityV. THE MARKETING PLANA. Overall Marketing StrategyB. PricingC. The Selling CycleD. Sales TacticsE. Advertising and Sales PromotionsF. PublicityG. Customer ServiceH. Warranty or Guarantee PoliciesI. DistributionVI. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN (also called R&D)A. Development Status and TasksB. Difficulties and RisksC. Product Improvement and New ProductsD. Projected Development CostsE. Proprietary Issues/Intellectual Property (patents, licenses, copyrights, brand names, trade secrets)VII. OPERATIONS PLANA. Operations StrategyB. Operating Model and Cycle (front stage and back stage)C. Geographic Location and Physical Location RequirementsD. Facilities and ImprovementsE. Equipment RequirementsF. Employee (non-managerial) RequirementsG. Capacity Levels and Inventory ManagementH. Legal Issues Affecting OperationsVIII. MANAGEMENT TEAMA. Key Management Personnel and ResponsibilitiesB. Organization StructureC. Management Compensation and OwnershipD. Other Partners and Current InvestorsE. Employment and Other Agreements, Stock Option and Bonus PlansF. Board of DirectorsG. Other Shareholders, Rights, and RestrictionsH. Supporting Professional Advisors and ServicesIX. OVERALL SCHEDULEX. CRITICAL RISKS, PROBLEMS, AND ASSUMPTIONSXI. FINANCIAL PLAN (3 - 5 years of statements go in appendix)A. Highlights of the Financial StatementsB. Months to Breakeven and to Positive Cash FlowC. Key Financial Assumptions (unless covered in preceding section)D. Key Cost ControlsE. Pro Forma Income StatementsF. Pro Forma Balance SheetsG. Pro Forma Cash Flow AnalysisXII. PROPOSED COMPANY OFFERINGA. Desired FinancingB. Proposed OfferingC. CapitalizationD. Use of FundsE. Investor’s ReturnXIII. APPENDICES (including one on key sources used)The business plan will be for a new startup business that primarily produces grilled cheese sandwitches and soups and delivers to locations on a university campus. Therfore, the menu will contain different types of grilled cheese sandwitches and so forth. Attached please find a pdf that outlines the entire project in details. I can provide sample business plans but please look at the required number of pages for each section described in the document attached. THIS PROJECT NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY APRIL 12th.

  • $400 USD 13 days ago

    Hi. We have to finish business plan for hardware startup. We already made a lot of work on it and we have to finish it. So thats why we need you.

  • £150 GBP 13 days ago


  • $2500 USD 14 days ago

    I need some one who can give a business plan for a Tourism company in Dubai. Need to know full details, need some one not only can make ties with UAE companies, help recruiting clients but it will be great if he can personally take up the operations. I have previous experience in this field and have good cliental, but need professional help and assistance.

  • $500 NZD Jan 24, 2013

    Hi we have a promotion proposal, letter to request to host nights at a club and a few other documents. I need someone to proof read them, correct the grammar, make them more business and technical. Do a little research and shape the documents up

  • $600 USD May 28, 2012

    This is a relatively simple research project that involves utilizing the web to produce research results on various trends in sectors across the US. You will be researching for trends and data so that you compile your findings onto a excel spreadsheet. Research background per say is not necessary but it does help. You should be excellent with researching online through search engines and other means if needed and utilizing spreadsheet documents for compiling results. This is a very straight forward project and you won"t be doing any in depth analysis per say just research, simple analysis, and compiling.

  • $500 USD May 24, 2012

    We need someone to write a business plan for our businessOur website name is but It is currently not working but you could find similar information at are a furniture companyI need Executive Summary, Business Overview,Company History, Business Goals,Marketing Plan, Implementation Plan, Research,Competitive Analysis, Description of Management Team, SWOT analysis, 3 year financial forecastsI can give you more information later.

  • $500 USD Feb 20, 2012

    Dear all of you, I "m creating a new group buying site for student in the UK. Hence, I require a detailed business plan for a group buying e-commerce business model. The writter needs to be familiar with Group buying sites such as Groupon, Buywithme, Living Social etc. I have a limited budget, reproduced copy is ok as long as it will conform to the specific instruction written below.The plan will have at least the following areas.1) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY- The Business Concept- The marketing opportunity- Marketing Activities- Business Operations- Service Offerings- The Company and Mission2) THE COMPANY- Mission of the Company- Company Structure2.1) Legal Status2.2) Physical Location2.3) Intellectual Property2.4) Company Location2.5) Company History3) GROWTH STRATEGY- Business Objectives- Targeted Customers- Key Initiatives- SWOT Analysis- Competition and Competitive Advantages- Size of the Market- Marketing Activities- International Opportunities- Sources of costs- Sources of revenue5) MARKETING STRATEGY- Distribution- Pricing approach- Marketing goals- Choice of target market segment- Positioning- Allocation of resources- Marketing Mix- Website features/functionalities & Technology used6) CORPORATE MANAGEMENT- Management Team/Members7) KEY FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS- Financial Needs and Use of Funds- Projected Profit and Loss- Projected Balance Sheets- Projected Cash Flow- Break Even Calculation- Summary of Investor Return and RiskWe can discuss more in details if you "d like to work with me ! Thanks !

  • $750 USD Jan 24, 2012

    Want clear, professional, detailed research and report on the current food safety industry, primarily in United States. All facts and data must be cited. Need the current landscaope of the industry, particularly what companies are in the field, their basic profiles, techniques, level of participation. Report need be only in the range of 15 pages, written in English, w/ again, bibliography of sources. Illustrative graphs, statistics, images, etc. are welcome, if clear and illustrative. Not looking to publish this material, for personal work/curiosity. I am a multi-degreed liberal arts academic and look for this work to be produced by an educated, advanced degree graduate or graduate student.

  • $700 USD Mar 18, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $500 USD Mar 4, 2011

    I need someone to write me a business plan .My English is not so good and also i never wrote a business plan .It is about a Home Improvement business .My company will buy a house and will change the exterior look ( garden , exterior paint and will add new features ) and interior ( ex :new tile , painting the walls , ad new features , new faucets, new furniture , paintings , flowers )This kind of stuff . I need this to be madeI want this business plan containing all the points that a business plan usually has .Thanks

  • $250 USD Mar 1, 2011

    Looking for individual to assist with writing content for our business/marketing strategy and services content.

  • $200 USD Jan 21, 2011

    Urgent need of somebody who can write a project plan (similar to Executive Summary of a Business Plan). 3 to 4 Pages. Idea has to be described, research has to be done. Financial analysis. Please estimate how many hours it could take you to finish this project in worst/best scenario. As it is urgent, please just apply if your specialty is writing business plans.Has to be finished this weekend. Contact via Skype or G-talk. Please write" I will be available this weekend" to be considered for this job. Please send a sample. In Asia located candidates are preferred. Plus are German language knowledge, apps/ online game industry knowledge.

  • $500 USD Aug 28, 2010

    I need a business plan written for a geothermal start up in California. I would like to include all of the items covered in this article

  • $500 USD Aug 27, 2010

    Hi,I need a Strategic Business implementation plan for a custom writing company.Our Vision is “To offer all kind of writing services to all levels of students and businesses in 5-7 years”. The rough notes and templates for some of the parts are ready. You only have to put everything together, add whatever is required in a professional and realistic way. The plan should include the sub plans for 1)Strategic Implementation Plan- what strategic objectives, mission, goals, task, timescales, and resources should be required to reach the company vision. (some of the rough notes are ready on it)The company has got its basic web portal ready with 10-12 custom writing services offerings to students. From this position, the company wants to develop a web portal and business systems so that, it can offer all kind of writing services to all kind of students and businesses. The strategic plan should include the business development phases. It should demonstrate that, how the company would develop from current position to the desired level step by step within the 5 to 7years time frame.2)Operational Plan- designing an Operational System & Virtual Organisation including different sub systems like- HRM, Project management, Customer support, billing & accounts, CRM, R & D, Team collaboration, new product development, legal requirements (copyright, data protection, privacy policies), cash flow projections and so on.3)Sales & marketing plan- (Implementation plan in phases)It should include the current UK and Global custom writing services market research, at least 2-3 pages (I will provide some research questions). Marketing strategies, budgeting, marketing mix to generate more leadsSales- strategies for how to get a higher sales conversion rateYou can make it in 20-30 pages or more if required. The number of pages and words does not matter much. The most important things are, the plans should be easy to understand and implement (more realistic), should cover all the above mentioned points and should help to achieve the company’s long term goals. The purpose of this plan is not to arrange funds or to show anyone. It should be like a reference tool or a GUIDE to company directors to have a clear understanding about their current and future things to do in stages.You can take any assumptions regarding the prices, estimates, budgets wherever required according to your knowledge, experience and judgement.The winning bidder will be provided with whole lot of templates, samples, reference literature, and website links. Please, only experienced freelancers should bid. It would be quick and easy to accept your bid, if you can send some samples while bidding.

  • $200 USD Jul 14, 2010

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Aug 2010 - Present (3 years)

NUSA Chamber of Commerce

NUSA Chamber of Commerce is a non profit international business and legislative advocacy organization.


Jul 2007 - Present (6 years)

Business Solutions including but not limited to Business Development, Business Plan, Operations Management, Case Studies; Needs Assessment and Value Enhancement Auditing; Market Study and Social Network Demographic Research and Analysis; US Government GSA Schedules, Procurement Support; DBE,SBA 8a, HUBZone Advisory; SBIR, STTR, ATP and Private Foundation Grant Writing; Non Profit Management and other IRS Section 501(c)3 & 6 Advisory.



Youngstown State University



The University of Akron



The University of Akron



Institut Des Arts et Metiers, Brussels, Belgium



Industrial Sensors

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio