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Software Testing Tester, Software Architecture Designer & PHP Developer

Username: QuiqhiqPS

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Location: London, Poland

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  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Hi I have a browser game you can find it here (note: this is the temporary domain for the game i will change the domain lator) i want to convert it into native iPhone app(with all the game features and it must have in-app purchases).you can find all the inforamtion about the game in this link (

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    hi, i"m looking for a seriose campeny that is enviable to start working today an this projectbefore i will give the project i need fuel detailed working plain inclouding all the reqoustes i ask for here and on privet messege of course , if the working plain will be short with details the deal will be off and i will never work with this campeny again so be aware of that.also you should know that i"m going to brike the project into mailstone whan the first mail stone is offter i will see some work donethere will be no advancesthe project is too build a secured social network system with credit card charging system with PCI standard security (not a paypal integration) and shopping cart.the script should be build from scratch with php .i will give you a design scratch for every page of the web site and you will need to design from it the all system.the company team have to have at list one design and 2 php technetium available to start working right now with a java script and my sql skills. [The Administrator removed this message for breaching our Terms of Service]

  • €250 EUR In Progress

    I have to insert a list on an ipad customized software...

  • $300 AUD In Progress

    A site which has a simple security login (username/password) able user to access ip webcam (a max of 4 only), it"s accessible by only a mobile web based platform irrespective android/iphone/etc. There are 3 live ip webcam that needs to be embedded in this central site. So that user can control these cameras - pan/tilt/zoom/and capture images to mobile.Also, to be able view captured images from the domain server sent by the webcams (has been set already). The domain name and site is already available and ready to be used. The webcams uses with 3 different ports and has been running live in the cloud. An example of Workflow as shown attach similar concept as in iphone app.

  • $499 USD Mar 6, 2012

    This app will allow users to post items that they want to sell on listings divided into categories. The two main categories will be "Stuff" and "Books". There will be a load screen once the app is accessed (see mockup with the Rollins College emblem on it). After that, the home screen will load. The home screen is the mock up that has the two big buttons labelled "Stuff" and "Books". "R-Bay logo design" means that you can create a simple design for our name. As you can see, there will be a search bar that will match whatever is searched in both the "Stuff" and "Books" listings. Each page, besides the load up page, will have a scrolling advertisement at the bottom. The recent posts at the bottom of the home screen will be items that were most recently listed by time and date. It will only show the 4 most recent posts and will be able to scroll. The "Add Listing" buttons above the large category icons will take you to a screen that will allow you to post a listing. When you click:"Books" screen number:1. Will have a button that allows you to return home. The search bar will be at the top and will allow you to search all listings under the "Books" category. This page will also show instructions as to how to find your books. 2. Will have a button to return to the "Books 1" page. It will also show all results for your search. If there are no results, it will say "No matches found". 3. This is the screen that appears when you choose a listing. It will show a picture as well as all the book information and price, as well as a button "contact seller" that will show the seller"s contact information. The up and down arrows will allow you to scroll through the listings. See mockup pictures. "Stuff" screen number:1. Will have five buttons labeling different categories (appliances, electronics, supplies, furniture, and misc.)2. Choosing a category will bring you to a screen that has the name of that category at the top of the screen and a back button to return to the previous screen. It will contain a search bar to search through that category specifically. Underneath will be the 5 most recent posts, able to scroll up and down and click on. 3. This page will display the search results and postings that match your search. 4. This is the screen that appears when a listing is chosen. It will show a picture of the item as well as the information and price. There will be a button to "contact seller" which will show the sellers email and phone number. The up and down arrows will allow you to scroll through the listings."Add Listing" screens: see mockup screens labelled "Add Listing books" and "Add Listing stuff". They are different. You will be able to add a photo from your library or will be able to access your phone camera to take a picture. After 30 days of being posted, the listing will automatically be terminated. The information that you upload will be sent to a back-end-server, which we already have.Once again, scrolling advertisements will be on the bottom of every screen EXCEPT the load up page. We are leaving room for you to be artistic and make it look good yet SIMPLE. Preferred colors are blue and yellow, but nothing too bright and not too much of each color. **We will own all rights to the code that is made. No money will be released until the application is 100% finished and successfully uploaded to the app store. The developer is responsible for uploading the application onto my account.** We are looking to have an iPhone app made and will also need a simple backend server. It is a simple listing site like Craigslist. There are no logins. Users simply post information ..... And after 30 days, it is automatically deleted. Users don"t interact inside the app, they go to email and call each other outside of the appBackend admin to allow us to delete any listings.This will be a FREE app with scrolling ads at the bottom.

  • $99 USD Feb 27, 2012

    Home Screen: Displays a list of Countries•Lists the countries in alphabetical order for the user to select which they would like to explore. •User may scroll through the list by dragging their finger up or down the screen. Post Home Screen (Sub Menu - Country Selected)•Have a sub menu with other categories which you will also be able to select with your finger and scroll through them as well.Country Menu (Selection of Category)•There will be a picture of the countries flag, description about the category selected.Lower Menu Bar•Countries (Redirects to Country Menu)•Hofstede (Gives a generally overview of text)•Contact Us (Allowing the user to Contact Us via a submit box with contact information about themselves, which would redirect to an email established) •Settings (Loads an application settings where you can edit Font Size, Font Type, Language, White on Black - Black on White)*We would like to have a back button on the top left corner of every screen except Main Menu"s.*We would own all rights to the code written.*We will supply all information that would go into the categories and menus. *There will be a back-end server to where everything can be updated without the need of a programer.

  • $499 USD Dec 29, 2011

    I need a app for iPhone and Android for a service of suggest food delivery services (It is not a delivery Service itself, It is a search engine of the restaurants with delivery services near the place the person is).I need 1 app on both Android and iPhone platforms.The app should have a main menu with the logo (I need suggestions of the logo), and buttons for navigation: a section of promos (could be like and Ad but one that I can control), a section of favorites that the clients can select any restaurant to award it as a favorite, a search button to the option of search, a section of settings with the information of the owner, and the option of add, include or enroll any restaurant.The app must have the option of store locally some information (ej: The favorites and the featured ones).The apps must have the option of have the navigation in spanish or english. We can work the iPhone app first, and the the Android app.Sections: Promos: A section for ads (or something like that) to put special offers that some selected restaurants want to offer the the clients and Latest news - To be be pulled from a MSSQL database. Favorites: A bookmarking feature that allows users to add a future release and save to their list for reference. A section to have the restaurants selected by the user as favorites. (those selected must be stored locally in the phone, and refreshed on each connection of the phone to the webservice) Search: Please see the attached doc, with the details. Include a search by a keyword. Settings: Information of the client, language, phone of home, phone of the office, address, email addresses, url, type of payment, ID, all the preferences required by the app. Add a Restaurant: Option to suggest a new restaurant, send an email to the administration to negotiate and include a new restaurant in the app.Restaurant Item: Country of the Restaurant, State or Province, City, Food Type, Country of origin, price range($, $$, $$$, $$$$)Map, Photos(Pictures), reviews, name, telephone number (2 or more), address, email address of the manager, email address of the delivery service, url of the website, hours of service(Textfield, because of the weekend and weekdays schedule), description, and a field for locations in case of having more than 1 location,I need the DB Definition in MySQL, the deployment and the webservice too. A complete solution, with implementation in my hosting service. Source code and implementation, and need the definition of what do I need to run the whole app in order to look the things needed.How does it work: when a client install the app the phone and want to look for a food delivery service, launch the app. The app will suggest one or more featured restaurants with delivery service, and then go to the main menu. Can go to the favorites, the promos or look for a restaurant by name or any of the diferent views. Can search by distance, then the nearest restaurants will appear. Google Maps will pinpoint the locations of restaurants and delivery services.Optional: Each branch will be identified by a pin on the map which once clicked on will display the restaurant name, with a summary address. the map will also display a pin of the user current location using GPS technology. This will allow users to view the locations of all store branches in relation to their current location. - To be be pulled from a MSSQL database (inc long/lat values)All visuals and data will be supplied. Data can be read directly via a web service via a MS SQL database and some info must be stored locally and refreshed on each connection as defined in this In this stage of the project we will not catch delivery orders, we will only call the restaurant and record each call selection of the user, then send emails to inform to the restaurant and the app admin in order to have a good control of usage of the app and what are the most selected restaurants, hours, locations, etc. read doc

  • $1200 USD Mar 8, 2011

    I need an application for Apple ipad and Apple ipad2 working as an hairdresser simulation. There must be a easy-to-use interface that let users to take a photo with the device or upload their portrait photo from a picture folder and place on it a large range of virtual wigs to choose from. There must be the possibility to change color (from a predefined palette with colors of hair and as ) and style of the selected wig, moreover adjust position, proportions and size to make it overlap as best as possible on the portrait image. The backgroud color must be solid or another image selectable from the ipad. So real hair in the original portrait will be totally covered. In addition, there must be the feature to save the merged picture as jpeg. Application can be realized in portrait device status (there"s no need of landscape device status). Wigs models will be provided by me in according to the format and resolution needed by the app. Another feature of the app is photogallery. There must be a picture gallery mode with images selected from a predefined folder with some subfolders. Picture must be browsable in full screen mode and must show those pictures from those folders and subfolders only. For this reason, there must be a simple configuration tool to set folder and subfolders to be shared with the application and picture to be used as background.App must be developed with featured apple platfoms (no emulators) and work fast without issues. It will be submitted to apple store by me. All rights must be reserved and owned by me, included code sources and original design.

  • $750 AUD Mar 8, 2011

    Existing website requires upgrading and also to include new avenue of business offering. We are a national lighting maintenance company operating in Australia serviving mainly the retail sector. Company is making a major change in direction by offering supply and install of LED Lighting to retail, residential and commercial. Need website to convey the message of energy savings and dollar savings to customers along with including our current offerings. Existing logo and yellow wave must be retained within reason as they are part of our fleet signage. Also want assistance setting up google adwords campaigns. Further works may also lead to graphic design for DL Flyers based on new website layout

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