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Software development

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    Mar 3, 2011

    Igor proved willing to devote any time and effort necessary to compile the information and produce the deliverables. Due to his efforts, the project moved forward on time and according to the milestones. I would have no problem engaging RSOutsource for any custom projects of this type in the future.

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  • £1900 GBP Sep 4, 2012

    Development of an iphone app for social networking.Features are: Sign in, log in screen, 3 screens of intro to the app, users will post photos, comment, "like", and follow other users, private message between mutual followersHome page, profile page, search option (followers or favourites etc)I am looking for an experienced app developer in this area to produce a high quality, contemporary, slick app with quality graphics and "easy to use" functions for the users.

  • $3000 USD Aug 1, 2012

    I need a social website for doctors only. dentist will be the users of this site. every user has right to put post and pictures on it.different awards will be given to the winner of each competition. kindly provide your quotation and work experience. the budget is flexible.kindly revert back for more details.

  • $3000 USD Feb 6, 2012

    I have most the graphics done, so basically need a developer to help me create a game for android.I have started coding the game in flash and was export to android and package as a flash app, but would prefer if it was coded natively for the android platform, so knowledge of both flash and java is ideal (so you can take what I have so far and convert it to android language). Bonus if you are good at graphics/drawing or can do artwork.Must be very good with the followingWe are using PHP for the back end, as the game requires database storage for each user. Game is an online game and each action communicates with server (like farmville, but it is NOT a farmville type game, it"s a lot simpler). Game consists of mostly dialogues and interfaces.You need to be familiar with JSON and MYSQL. The game is about 50% complete, need someone to help me finish it. Also the game will use IN APP PURCHASES and ADMOB so please know how to use those.This is a game only for ANDROID OS. Please bid only if you have experience with the platform. If you have any examples of past work, please show me.Very generous budget for a relatively simple game that has a lot of the stuff already completed for it. I just don"t have time to complete it myself. Only those that look capable will be considered so please be convincing in your bid (hopefully you have read all the above..).There is no deadline, we can work slowly or quickly, I don"t mind. I"m located in AUS, so hopefully we have timezones that are compatible, but communicating through email is fine.

  • $2700 USD Feb 6, 2012

    This is a project for international banking which manages their banking loans. Typical portfolios of banking are from $5 billion to $15 billion. The project has to monitor manipulate and report on these loans.The system will programmed in C# ASP .NET and will consist of 9 plus screens. There will also be some exposure to Excel with VBA to a database running in SQL Server. Exposure to Telerik (.NET library) is also a plus.

  • $3000 AUD Nov 22, 2011

    Design and setup of an online store to sell imagaing consumables,plus information on service and display information on printer/copier hardware. Site will need to be able to cater for a range of pricing structures as different types of clients receive special pricing. In addition to this we would like: A) The ability of clients to save the products they order regularly as favouritesB) Search by machine type, We have a current site that performs these functions to an extent ( but are looking at a redesign and enhancements. There is an attachements which clarifies how we want the front end and the back end to work. Please specify hourly rates. Thanks Jonathan

  • $2700 USD Oct 4, 2011

    Hello , I want to do a chatting program project with C++ And Java ... Video code should be Flash , Voice code should be GSM or something better , (No Speex) . i"m looking for a team do make this project for me as soon as possible i"m also looking for a Php programmer to make the website for me , website should connect between server database and website , so users can login to see some information about thier nicknames on the program ... i hope i find this team as soon as possible .. Thanks you

  • $2500 AUD Sep 2, 2011

    Needed, video sharing platform with wiki functionality. Must be designed to be as light as possible on Drupal platform. It is necessary that the developer has vast knowledge of database design and development, content delivery networks, caching, load balancing. Also someone that has worked on video sharing and wiki projects in the past.The website will be a cross of YouTube and Wikipedia. It has to be easily scalable, able to run on multiple web and database servers.Website will have 2 menus, top menu and side menu. Top menu will compose of home, video, upload, channels, wiki section, and groups. Side menu will be categorized channels.Users will be able to create accounts, upload videos, create groups and wiki articles, send/receive messages, subscribe..There will be search and advance search functionality. Website will allow for integration of advertising material on pages as well as the video player.Backend will allow for full website user and content management.Freelancers chosen will have to sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving detailed information about the project.

  • $50 USD Mar 10, 2011

    Hello.This is aimed at UK freelancers with skills and a money making brain, entrepreneurs and the such like. Bidding amount is very much irrelevant on here so bid whatever you want as this is purely a method to open up discussions.So essentially I"m looking to get involved in a new project with the potential to operate a lucrative online website/business...................aren"t we all!I"ve been invloved with some online ventures in the past although I"m currently only running a hobby website but I"d like to see if anyone out there has some ideas they need investment and/or some help with.I have a few ideas of my own and have even tried launching sites in the past which haven"t quite made it for one reason or another - lack of funds but mainly peoples lack of commitment.I own several adult domains which would be ideal for tube like sites and I have some ideas to create huge sites without hosting the videos, also I have fluttered with online adult dating in the past and I still think there are avenues in that market that can be exploited.PM to chat about any ideas or opportunities you think could be beneficial to both of us.

  • £1700 GBP Feb 25, 2011

    Hi allAt present we have a requirement for building a HRA (Health Risk Assessment) Survey website. That"s has a user admin area for customization etc...The site will be deployed to over 300 clients worldwide and therefore needs to allow of content localization for up to 8 languages.We have a development team at present, but can not add to their work loads.The site needs to be written is ASP.NET, using a SQL Server 2008 database and needs to comply with our security / password policies. More details will be given to the winning bidder.Many thanks and good luck.G

  • $2800 USD Feb 22, 2011

    Who: National Healthcare Consultants LLCWhat: Need a great website designer who can create a site much like freelancer but for healthcare professionals (RNs, CNAs, and LPNs) The site would allow individuals, hospitals, rehab facilities, or any entity with the need for a healthcare professional to post a contract job/need. Nurses and other healthcare professionals such as physical therapists, nursing aides, respiratory therapists, etc could come to the site and accept the jobs. Additionally each freelance nurse or nursing consult group would be able to have their own profile with their info/qualifications much like freelancer. Since the industry requires the healthcare professional to be with the patient the contracts would be posted by geographic location, type of job, etc. Vision: is to create an accessible site that would allow seamless ease of use for all parties involved, the contractor, and contractee. We believe that each healthcare professional is capable of managing their own careers and should be able to function independently and directly with those who need their services.The current paradigm in the industry is the use of a middle man, known as a staffing agency. The agency gets the contracts and then hires RNs, CNAs, or other healthcare professionals to fill the positions and takes a cut of the wages the nurses work hard for. Here at NHC LLC we believe this system is obsolete. This site will remove the staffing agency and give freedom for nurses and the patients they serve.

  • [Sealed] Feb 1, 2011

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $2500 USD Jan 27, 2011

    This is a new build of a web site that will offer the following:Allow an employer to upload text of job description, search db of Candidates (once registered and logged in).Also they must be able to save Candidates for later viewing and consideration.provide a user section for the employer to type in description of a job.Employer must be able to use a payment system (Our (BMS) PayPal and traditional Bank account).Employer needs to be able to register as a special User, log in with a password, and be identified to us with a special numeric number for tracking all user accounts and select pricing from a pull down.Employer will need a user page (later phases will build tools and other servers there for that type of user).Job candidates (Candidate) must be able to register, login and search job DB. Candidates must be able to tag jobs and save for later viewingUpload documents (resumes etc) to their profile and make updates at will upong returning (logged in).Candidates must be able to use other services that will be built out in later phases.Guest users must be able to use search (simple and advanced) And all links to free services from the Home page.Other things that will need to be built:Chat (invites between Employers and Candidates, BMS, etcemail (receive email upon registration, password reset, etc.Ability to upload ArticlesAbility to upload VideoAbility to tie in Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, linked-InAbility to link to Internet news sources other then our own (CNN, MSNBC, WSJ, etc.)Ability to allow merchants to advertise on select pages within Users sections.Service Panel to update code and add additional codeAnd other typical web site capabilities.we are looking for Web 2.0 features in this site. Utilizing PHP, mySQL, CSS, Java, etc. and the most well recommended technologies. We are no mimicking other sites but the tops sites on the net like Linked IN, Monster, Facebook, are utilizing the tech we are looking to build our site with. Not all of them but the most well known, secure and build-able with growth in mind tech is desired. Some Droople and WordPress is also desired for certain sections.Note: this is the initial phase, thus the site MUST be built in such a way as to add on services for the type of users listed above for growth.Additionally: we are open to design and development consultations that could result in changes (slight or major) that will yield the servicee to consumers we desire.We will expect (individual and organizations) to sign a Non-Disclosure and Non-compete as a condition of acceptance and BEFORE discussions and work begins.

  • $2500 USD Jan 26, 2011

    We are a startup looking for some help in launching our Drupal website. It is 90% built but we need some help with final bug fixing, QA in different browsers and theme development as well as integration of various modules such as Magento shopping cart, live auction bidding, Avatar creator, etc. There is maybe 100-200 hours of work. We can probably engage you for hourly rate or fixed cost once we have a list of fixes needed. Under NDA we can provide more details of the project. We would prefer if you had two or three individuals you could source for this, including experienced QA resource.

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