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Username: Rajkalyan

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Location: Chennai, India

Member since: July 2012



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  • $590.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Burnnotice1


    Apr 28, 2014

    Best freelancer i've met, great with communication, quick deliveries of work, will hire again if needed.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone to make me a fairly simple iPhone app. If you have lots of experience with Objective C or just making apps in general, please make a bid.
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SalesGuyBD


    Mar 4, 2014

    Rajkalyan went the extra mile and delivered an excellent PHP app which dovetails into the SQL DB and Android app very nicely. I'll use him again. Thanks.

    Project Description:Helpdesk web app in PHP which gives a "safe" interface for helpdesk admins into the server DB.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SalesGuyBD


    Feb 21, 2014

    Rajkalyan did a great job again. he can solve any Android issues you throw at him!

    Project Description:Milestone payment after "background syncing" and "user-product" issues have been resolved.
  • $177.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller hanttila


    Jan 31, 2014

    Excellent freelancer with very quick delivery. One of the best developers ever worked!

    Project Description:Dear talented developer, Short job description is always beautiful: We are looking for talented and quick developer to create us three different kind of test versions by using Phonegap. We have created...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller creative4you


    Jan 30, 2014

    absolutely phenomenon! Keep it going...

    Project Description:this project is for govind only. This project is for govind only. this project is for govind only.
  • $199.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller edmiidz


    Jan 29, 2014

    If you can't afford a huge budget on your project, allow for a longer time for it to get done, and Rajkalyan will squeeze it in.

    Project Description:Please quote days and cost. A communication tool for when you're sitting in the dentist's office or quiet section of the train, and you can listen, but not communicate via voice. Instead you will click...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller hanttila


    Jan 22, 2014

    Great project and great freelancer. High quality application delivered.

    Project Description:MASTER OF STEPCOUNTER APPLICATION NEEDED! Dear programmer, we are looking for quite quick help for the our demo application. the application is quite easy: application should count steps based on the mobile phone move...
  • $491.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller marionmay


    Jan 14, 2014

    Excellent work! Thank you very much!

    Project Description:I m looking for a great developer that is capable to custom design and Iphone APP. I need the APP to access a DB prototyping and video is needed to show clients.
  • $600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller HassleFreeIndia


    Jan 10, 2014

    The project was a complicated one and Rajkalyan was able to do a good work on that.<br/>

    Project Description:As discussed, I am opening another project for the App that you shall need to complete. I presume that you would provide me the complete package of the app (including the rating and FB like option).
  • $197.25 USD
    Profile image for Seller RickLoco


    Jan 8, 2014

    He is a good programmer and knows what he does. We had a problem in the project because he missed (twice) the PSD files, but beyond that, he is very polite, very fast and very smart programmer. If he solve his communication issue, I believe he will get 5 stars from all his employees and a extremely &quot;hire again rate&quot;.

    Project Description:The client hosts a web-radio using shoutcast. The webapp should: - The application, HTML-5 compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, should play the music from his radio - When a music is...
    Everest IT Services has not completed any projects.
  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Make Ios & Andriod and connect it from woocommerce when he finish andriod I will release first payment $400when he finish Ios I will release first payment $400when he upload it and approval I will release final payment Project budget $1400Any dealy he I will charge him

  • $1168 USD In Progress

    Create a Testing Application that can allow me to load the questions in bulk via csv or excel or .txt.The application must support different examinations (Also configurable)Each examination will have multiple subjects cataloged by Year (e.g 2010 Mathematics)Each year will display questions which can be timed or un-timed (e.g 60 mins)Each years exam will be multiple choice based with one of the answers being correct. A button will indicate if the user is ready to be scored. Once selected all the questions will be graded.Admin must be able to set benchmark for passing grade. (i.e. 150/200 means passing grade)This application must be publishable to Google PlayTarget is android 7 inch and 10 inch tablets however would want rendering to be dynamic.Licensing is a must. Want application to download free but must activate license via cloud. Please recommend cloud based provider for this modelOptional: Will factor into who gets the project. We want the option to have a link when the exam is scored for each question which will link to a video showing how the questions was answered. We also want to be able to auto load this video. This video may be copied to the tablet via sd card or via download of the entire application. Please also budget 4 to 6 hours of transitioning the application to us. We will provide the questions and content in bulk load format you define. Please help load it the first time.Please have last milestone be transition and question loading. We are currently working on content and that will take about a month.

  • $105 USD In Progress

    Screen and logo design plus layout for an opinion collection mobile application. App will operate somewhat like Thumb or Poutsch.- Logo design for the app- Screen layout including common menu, icons and ad space on iPhone and iPad for up to 15 screens and 3 additional &quot;tutorial&quot; screens using previous layouts- IA is done and needs only design work and layout.- Iconography for menus and screen actions- Design practices and color recommendations for future screens.- Motion development for screen changes if needs (tabs, new sections, alerts, etc.) (Up to 5).- Animations for IAP actions and other user actions if needed (up to 5)I will require layered Photoshop files as well as vector graphics as a final delivery.In your proposal, please give examples of your work as well as why you think you are qualified for this job. Lastly, what version of Photoshop you use.Proposals without that last item will be considered carbon copy responses and ignored. File is an example of the IA which will be used (7 more of these pages).

  • $684 USD In Progress

    Want an app to monitor different types of data usage done by users and create a small dashboard for him to see his utilization in different categories like email, browsing,video etcThe app should also be able to convert the data usage in units of time, to set alerts when the user exceeds a particular amount of usage.

  • $375 USD In Progress

    Need to create the iPhone application. The requirement is as per the document I sent to you individually. If you have my documentation, please bid for it. Happy Bidding. Thanks.

  • $421 USD In Progress

    Description of check cashing business.Check cashing is a business where a customer comes to the retailer check casher with the paper check to convert it for a cash currency. Retailer charges a small fee to the customer for cashing this check.Hi, I came across your profile. I am looking for someone to develop a simple check cashing application. Below is the brief description of the app more info will be provided in chat. Purpose of this app.The app will help the retailer to save customer name, phone number, ID photos, check photo to be used for check cashing business. This information will be searchable using name, phone number, customer #.

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    Extend Android APP and then Port tp IOS 900$

  • $721 USD In Progress

    we need someone to create a mobile app based on our magento site for customers.FeaturesCustomer must be abble to login to their current accountBrowse, Buy, Search Products!Custumer must be abble to view order details, account details, App must accept the payment options like their are available on the online versionContact us page, send mailMagento site is already running, current version Magento no magento setup is needed. only need to create mobile apps. pure objective C and android sdk onlyno flex/mobilewebapp version. it must be pure mobile applicationApp must be abble to be adapted in the future to other stores that we own!

  • $144 USD In Progress

    We need loads of ratings and reviews for our apps regularly.Please bid with a number of ratings and reviews that you can provide at certain rate.Please note:1.Reviews should be written in good English.2.Reviews should not get deleted by GooglePlay.Happy Bidding :)

  • $106 USD In Progress

    all text(words only) into IOs app just like this: work on iphone and ipad.

  • [Sealed] Today

    I want one News website & Mobile App in 2 Languages (English/Telugu). We cover news categories only Movies & Politics.We want in urgent, experienced people welcome..

  • €1500 EUR Today

    I would like to create a mobile app for a customer of our company. He wants to gather offers from local store owners and send push notifications to the end-consumers who have his app installed and live in the region of the store. The mobile phone end users should be able to select which type of offers they would like to receive (clothes, food, restaurants, supermarkets, cinemas, etc) and also from which regions they would like to be informed on offers. For example if someone lives in New York he will select the region &quot;New York&quot; in order to be notified. He will have the ability to select more than one regions. Also, if he is traveling to Los Angeles the app should grab his coordinates/location and send him also push messages/notifications for this region automatically if he has given permission in the configuration of the app to do so. The app should have a backend where our client will be able to insert data about the local shop owners (Catalogue - Name, Brandname, Street,City, Category/categories/type of shop, Images, Offers, Telephone, email, coordinates/map, etc). (Offers)Also he should be able to insert from this backend the offers from the shop-owners and link the offers to the stores. One offer is for example: &quot;Marks & Spencer - Today 10% off for all our T-shirts&quot; . The push notifications should be sent either automatically or manually at a scheduled time to all the apps installed on the end users mobile phones. The offers could include also pictures (if possible). The customer will charge the local store owner periodically (monthly fee) or based on how much notifications were sent or read by end users . So he should have data on:- Number of views per sent messages/notifications per offer per shop owner- Number of sent messages/notifications per offer per shop ownerHe should have the ability to specify Charge per view and the system should calculate of monthly fees to be paid by store owners .There will be a free package with no monthly charge for the local store owners, but if they subscribe to another package (silver, gold) their stores and their offers will be promoted more intensive and will be charged with a monthly fee besides the charge per sent notification.The administrator of the backend system (cms) should be able to enable or disable a local store if they don&quot;t pay their monthly fee, change their package plan etc.The described functionality is a draft and probably could be extended (user managment, etc...) since the functions of the backend are described very simple. -All source code for the mobile app and the backend should be delivered.-Our customer requested to have unlimited downloads and installs on mobile devices and also ability to send unlimited push notifications.-Quote should state price for Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPad , iPhone separately.-Also testing and deployment should be icnluded in the offer.

  • $1583 USD Today

    Please read the attached brief describing the application. Although this is listed as an app, we could also be interested in having the interface be a responsive website. We look forward to your suggestions on how to best create this connection between text message and online interface.

  • $1055 AUD Today

    After someone to build a fishing phone app. Must be able to use geo location information and alert user if in certain exclusion zones. Pull information from web pages (tide times).

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    Hello, Good night!My name is Santos Reinan am Brazilian and I am looking for a developer to create an application in android. It is simply an application that showed users the trades of the city such as bars, restaurants, shops, gyms, pharmacies and also forms of payments, hours of operation and customers can post reviews about businesses can connect to the chosen location, chart a course where he&quot;s up to the site. Want to have a few more items to the application will be implemented, if you were interested please contact.Note: I need a committed, skilled and serious developer.

  • $1488 AUD Today

    I would like an App that turns your Smart phone into a Marine raido for people who go boating, fishing ect. and maybe an Eperp single for emergence, if possible.

  • [Sealed] Today

    I need a program for smartphones that can record telephone calls. The same should have a settings of options for language selection, data to delivery the attachment using the e-mail or wi-fi for sending files saved in MP3 after the recorded call. During recording, the application should allow the use of the dial pad for possible selections during the call, without it interfering with the recording. We need the source codes to personalize the screens and add some features in the future.

  • $1583 USD Today

    The app will be called &quot;MAKO Program&quot;The requirements I need for this project are as follows:-MAKO needs to have a login screen starting off when the APP is launched (connected to my mySQL database by SQLI)-MAKO needs to have a signup button on the loginscreen when MAKO is opened-MAKO needs to have a voice waveform, so when MAKO talks the threshold wave moves up and down.-MAKO on android needs to be able to have a widget and run in the background so when clicked you can say a command-MAKO&quot;s commands on android should be able to open applications-MAKO needs to connect to our self-aware server so it can carry out conversations(I will tell you how it&quot;s done)-MAKO needs to be able to connect to our tts servers(able to change between 14 voices)-MAKO needs to have a functional speech recognition engine(I know android provides one, not sure about apple.)-MAKO on ios and android source code need to have comments for my development team to understand to make changes on-MAKO should have a settings option when swiped to the left in the app to configure payment details etc.-the app will be free and give a 7-day trial on first download(not sure how to implement this in game center maybe?or store it&quot;s device ID)-the app will be 4$ a month to continue use on android and ios(so after 7days a popup message should come up and notify the user the benefits of upgrading MAKO)-the app will feature ads as long as they&quot;re on the free trial.Pictures of how the app will look like are attached to this.The payment will be made through 2 milestones.

  • $3055 USD Today

    Hello Guys,I need a proven and expereineced iOS/Android programmer to assist with a small project. Project details below:- A simple &quot;Deal&quot; App (same idea as groupon or similar deal platforms)- Will have basic features (will be glad to share details with eventual candidate.)- Integrate with existing app already present on Apple Store and Google Play Store.I have limited resources and i need quality job, i hope i can find exactly what i need around here. this is an urgent project, i hope to fiind someone ASAP.BR,

  • $11 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need an app for android and may be ios later. The app take pictures and upload to the public like airport, hotel, Disney world, restaurant, park....just like you left a foot print where you went. Those pictures also saved in the account like dairy and user can see it in order where and when they have been with a link show all the pictures for that places. Another tab to add name of child, for example if I have 3 children, I can add+ and enter name of the child, this feature is to keep track of all the memory since the child was born to grow up, so they can look back when they was young

  • ₹72500 INR Yesterday

    We need to get developed a software package that works on line on android. It should produce a simple outstanding statements in respect of our customers and suppliers. No ageing analysis is needed. Customers should be tagged to agents and places. Report for a specific agent or a town is a requirement. Option for creating companies and facility to generate multi company report is needed. Specification and sample reports are attached.

  • €1055 EUR Yesterday

    An Minimal Viable Android based Point Of Sale application, requirements are described in the attached documents. I.e.: &quot;To make sure that you&quot;ve read this project description and the attached docs, please use the word &quot;Qaswa&quot; in your bid

  • ₹72500 INR Yesterday

    We are looking for a developer with experience in developing financial and e-commerce apps. This opportunity is for developing an innovative solution on android and windows phone. This would require a detailed engagement with the developer on workflows to design the app and eventually develop it.

  • $3055 USD Yesterday

    To develop IPhone and Android apps (two apps) for a Pintrest-like, fashion related website.

  • $1500 USD Yesterday

    Objective: The objective of assignment 2 is to create an app that will keep up with a student’s grades of a single semester but for all courses of his/her semester. On the home screen, the student should be able to see a list of all his/her courses. If the student wishes to add a course they can by click the add button and the app should allow the student to enter a name for the course. The course should also display the overall grade of the course. If the student wishes to see more details about the course they can click on the courses name and the app should display a list of grade categories. What is a grade category? A grade category is a group of grades that are associated with one overall grade. (For ex. You may have a homework grade but you may have more than one homework under that one grade. Therefore you would have a homework grade category and have multiple homework grades under the one homework grade category.) Like the course, you should also be able to see the overall grade of the grade category. The grade category should display the average of the grades under the grade category. You should also be able to add a grade category and let the student associate a name with the grade category. Similar to the course, the student should be able to click on the grade category and view all the grades under the grade category. Similar to the course and grade category, the student should be able to see all the grades, be able to add a grade (associate a name), and also be able to edit the grade’s grade.

  • £944 GBP Yesterday

    We have a very simple app in the iPhone app store, called SnapBook We would like to have it made on the android storeUsing the android keypad, contact form and user interface obviously instead of the iPhone one.Download the iPhone version so you can see how it works then you will understand what we want for Android and how easy it is to develop,iTunes:

  • ₹83611 INR Yesterday

    Hi Developers,Need a mobile chat facility to be integrated in my Mobile commerce site and Ecommerce site the features will include :1. Text messaging2. Voice messaging(record and send) and calling3. Picture sharing4. Video messaging and calling.5. Adding removing vendors from subcategory.6. Customer registration is not must to chat however if they try to chat with any vendor they must be asked to use facebook id,google+id, or registered user id to talk with vendors.7. Whole screen locking is not must but as soon as any customer selects vendor to talk it should be notified to us and there transcript must be saved at our end (text,voice,video) so that we can use it for future reference. However if they don&quot;t push deal done or chat complete button the website should be locked for them to talk to any other vendor or to see any other product.8. The vendor as he has already registered with us can login on this chat facility using the same id and password.9. This chat function will be included in website as well as mobile app.10. The main function to be i.e instant shopping feature where a customer can just come to category and subcategory and send a message that what he or she require that message will go to all registered vendors in that subcategory then they will send pictures of product to that customer and if customer likes any product he can talk to the vendor of that product. Once they finished they press deal done or chat done or else till then they cannot use any other feature of app or website.11. We can use this chat facility as a messenger(app and desktop) too.12. Will provide coding of messenger to us.13. When a customer is talking to any vendor a notification must be send to other vendors to stop sending pictures and prices to customer as he is in talk with one vendor and once he press deal done notification must be send to all vendors in that subcategory.14.when a customer clicks on product to chat with vendor there should be a value deduction from vendors base value for example when vendor creates a account he should be by default given virtual value like 500 every time when a customer click on product or instant shopping product picture of that vendor to chat a value say 10 is deducted from his 500 and he should be intimated that 490 remaining and show him also the detail with whom he has talked with.

  • $3611 USD Yesterday

    I want to build a social media app for further questions contact me

  • $2722 USD Yesterday

    Hello this is importantWe want only bids from freelancers who actually have built a driver app - we do not care of someone who can do it but has nit done itWe want exp IOS developers who actually developed in past similar drivers/Taxi like apps in Englishwith great interface design and application is working and on ITunesPlease send us link to the Itunes store so we can check your appWe plan to build something similar but with different features.Bids without link for downloading your taxi/driver such as lift or youber side kar type apps.bids not related or with other apps and not what we asked will be deleted. so only driver taxi apps so do not apply if you have not done that in pastWe will give more detail specs but bid on range include programming and design and tell us if for IOS and Androis or only IOSSee attached general specsThx!

  • $1583 USD Yesterday

    Hi we have a web site we want to develop that will work with an Iphone APPWe can give more details with exact specs after sign of NDA and non CompeteSend us your samples and you overall budget for an Iphone app that work with site DBbased on user contacts on phone - need to sync back and Fourthwe can not disclose much herebut application is simple and user friendlyif you do only programming and need design let us know..if you recommend top iphone designers let us know too- but this is only programmingthe transfer of data is one directional for now- from server/DB/site to phone and not vice versa in this versionthe app is basically sync phone with data from site and user account..PHP/MYSQL is sitegive us estimate +/i and work samples for what u have donewe need someone with very low cost offer but smart and can do as good as the US counterparts can doYou can give us estimate for only Iphone or android phonesPlease show Itunes link to check your apps from best most related to project we needotherwise any attahments or others we would not check and delete your bid.Thx!

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Android and Iphone App developer

May 2011 - Jun 2012 (1 year)


I worked as Senior Android and iPhone Developer There


Btech Information Technology

PSG College of Technology



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Silicon Certified Java Developer

Certified for java with percentage of 80


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I have written the paper to help the students to acces FB